I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 127

“How did you lose your soul?”

The soft voice pulled Sheng Guangming’s soul back. He looked at Yan Shuangzheng in his pajamas standing at the door of his house.

“How do you stand here?” Sheng Guangming hurried forward, first reached out and grasped the hand exposed in Yan’s long sleeves, “the hand is so cold, why don’t you come into the house?”

Yan Shuang grinned, “the master is not here. How can I enter the house?”

Sheng Guangming opened the door and said, “didn’t I tell you the password earlier?”

“It’s impolite to enter the house without the owner’s permission.”

Sheng Guangming pulled people into the warm room and looked at Yan Shuang with complex eyes, “you never tell Dr. Qi this.”

Yan Shuang was stunned. Sheng Guangming’s red hair was disordered in the night wind. It looked wild and inconsistent with his consistent style. Yan Shuang smiled and stretched out his hand to cut his hair, “you are different from him.”

Sheng Guangming stood with Yan Shuang fiddling with him and galloped all the way in the night wind. His mind was full of this name – what secrets Yan Shuang had hidden and what hardships he had suffered. The cold wind blew his thoughts more and more disorderly, and his whole brain seemed to be blown by a whirlwind, all in a mess.

The red head suddenly hung down, and his forehead fell on his thin shoulder.

Yan Shuang’s hand was in the air.

“Yan Shuang…”

The tone of calling his name was unspeakably depressed.


Yan Shuangqing answered.

The palm of his half gloved hand quietly grasped the soft pajamas on his waist.

Yan Shuang’s hand fell down and gently stroked the back of his head. His voice became more and more clear, “what’s the matter?”

“Do you care if I say your hair is ugly?”

“In fact, I’m used to it. It’s also very good-looking.”

The warm breath sprayed in his ears along the words of comfort, itching, exciting… And heartache.

So hard, but so gentle.

Sheng Guangming hugged him with both arms.

Yan Shuang let out a surprised breath.

Sheng Guangming’s first feeling is that his waist is so thin.

It is more slender and soft than the imagined touch, which is completely different from his body.

A person who usually looks very thin in his arms can more deeply perceive how thin he is than visually.

“Why are you so thin when you eat cake every night?” Sheng Guangming’s voice is a little hoarse.

Yan hung his arms on both sides, smiled and said, “maybe I’m not fat by nature.”

The arm hugged more and more tightly, Yan Shuang’s tone was relaxed, “today has not had a birthday.”

Sheng Guangming was stiff.

Yan Shuang said… He doesn’t know his birthday

It’s April 3rd.

Sheng Guangming opened his mouth. He was stuck in his throat, but he couldn’t say it.

No matter what his purpose, he investigated Yan Shuang’s privacy, which itself is also a kind of harm to Yan Shuang. No one will like his past to be excavated.

As Yan Shuang said.

That’s rude.

He always wanted to be a good man worthy of heaven and earth, and he always did that.

Now he realized that being a good man was lucky enough.

Yan Shuang said “no why” and “you don’t understand” several times. He seems to understand it now.

There are many things that can’t help themselves.

But even if he couldn’t help it, he thought, at least he wouldn’t change before Yan Shuangfang.

Sheng Guangming loosened his arm and stared at Yan Shuang’s eyes. His eyes softened, “eat the cake first.”

Making cakes can make people relaxed and happy, and watching others make cakes is also a very pleasant thing.

Yan Shuang was lying on the table. At first, he looked very cheerful. Slowly, he seemed a little sleepy. His eyelashes were going to doze off one by one, and the whole face was sliding down from his arms.

Sheng Guangming glanced at the clock on the wall.

It’s almost 12 o’clock.

SILK PAJAMA sleeves slipped from their arms, leaving a light red tooth mark on them, like a broken moon.

Sheng Guangming put down the cream in his hand. He walked over, squatted down slowly and whispered, “Shuangshuang?”

Yan Shuang was already dozing off with his eyes closed and gave a nasal “um”.

“If you’re sleepy, go back to bed and eat the cake tomorrow.”

“No…” his lips moved slightly, his eyes were still closed, Yan shuanghan said vaguely, “… We agreed…”

He was too sleepy. His face tilted downward. He was about to knock to the table. Sheng Guangming quickly handed his arm over.

“Hiss -”

The man who deliberately cried a pain and rubbed his chin, but his eyes opened. He smiled at Sheng Guangming, “brother Sheng, your arm is harder than the table.”

Sheng Guangming looked at the corner of his mouth and suddenly felt guilty.

How could he hide it from Yan Shuang? When Yan Shuanggang opened his heart to him?

“Shuangshuang…” Sheng Guangming said with difficulty, “I went to see someone today.”

The smile on Yan Shuang’s face faded slowly. He seemed to have expected what Sheng Guangming was going to say.

Sheng Guangming thought that Yan Shuang was so smart that he could guess without his saying, but he continued, “I want to know what happened between you and Qin yubai, so I entrusted someone…”

Yan Shuang listened quietly. There was no smile on his face. He didn’t look like he was going to be angry.

Sheng Guangming paused and said, “do you remember what happened before you came to the Star welfare home?”

Yan Shuang said coldly, “I don’t remember.”

“My client found out some information. Do you… Want to hear it?”

The man squatting in front of him is like a loyal dog waiting for orders. He looks gentle and sincere. This is the way he expresses his love for a person. He is naked in front of him, sincere and warm, brilliant like the sun.

Yan’s face leaned against his arm and shook his head, “I don’t want to hear.”

“Have your birthday.”

Yan Shuang smiled and said, “I don’t want to hear.”

Sheng Guangming looked at him quietly, “then don’t listen.”

“I want to eat cake,” Yan bilingualism ordered. “Go quickly. After a little, I’ll never talk to you again.”

Sheng Guangming took the time to spread the cream and wrote his birthday wishes on the cake as usual.

Yan Shuang stayed with him until twelve o’clock, but he just licked the cream on the top of the cake.

“I don’t need to know which birthday,” Yan Shuang looked up and smiled contentedly. “With you, I can have my birthday every day.”

It’s 12 o’clock.

Yan Shuang pushed away the chair, “I’m leaving.” When he turned around, Sheng Guangming said, “Yan Shuang.”

Yan Shuang turned back.

Sheng Guangming was wearing a bear apron when making cakes. His red hair was combed clean. He looked serious and hesitated. When Yan Shuang’s expression gradually began to be impatient, he opened his mouth.

“If you want a home, I can give it to you.”

When Yan Shuang returned to his bedroom, it was dark. He pulled up the quilt and lay down. Before he could lie down, he was hugged from behind.

“So long?”

From Qi Feiyun’s steady voice, Yan Shuang could easily hear that Qi Feiyun had not slept at all and had been waiting for him.

Even the sheets and quilts were changed into clean ones. Yan Shuang lay inside and smelled a little clean wood aroma and said, “I’m sleepy.”

He doesn’t need or need to explain anything to Qi Feiyun.

Qi Feiyun is a smart man. He won’t bluntly say that he wants to give him a home like that fool Sheng Guangming.

Qi Feiyun should know that their relationship, no matter how sweet and lively it looks, is the dew on the grass tip in the morning. When the sun shines, everything appears. It is a fleeting thing.

The arm between the waist passes through the pajamas and caresses the smooth skin.

Yan Shuang closed his eyes and couldn’t help laughing for a while, “Mr. Qi, you still have energy?”

He pulled his hand out of his pajamas and put it back on his waist. “Sleep.”

Yan Shuang muttered a “no provocation” and went to sleep.

When he got up for breakfast the next day, Yan Shuangcai noticed something wrong last night. He looked back at the man who came out of the bedroom with his coat hanging in his arm, put down his cup, frowned and said, “Qi Feiyun, stand there for me.”

Handsome face raised, people really set in place, smoke gray pupils indifferent and quiet.

“Qi Feiyun,” Yan Shuang said in a rare way, “did you check whether I did it with Sheng Guangming last night?”

Qi Feiyun stood quietly. He was ready to commute. He was meticulous from his hair to his shirt. “You think too much.”

“I think too much about anything,” Yan Shuang said coldly, “Qi Feiyun, I can warn you not to move your mind. Our relationship is not like that. Go back and think about it. I was entrusted by Qin yubai to pay you. Qin yubai and I have already shot and separated. It’s just the matter with you these days. Don’t put yourself in the main palace. I’m tired of it. You’d better have points in your heart.”

Without looking at Qi Feiyun’s face, he bowed his head and ate the breakfast prepared by Qi Feiyun.

After he finished eating, he clapped his hands, took the bag Qi Feiyun gave him on his back, and said with a smile: “husband, will you send me to school?”

Qi Feiyun knew that he was deliberately raising him with such a hot and cold attitude – he had no feelings for him.

Hearing the news of opening the door next door, Sheng Guangming, who had been lying on the door, hurriedly opened the door, “Dr. Qi, where to work.”

Qi Feiyun nodded to him, “good morning.”

“Good morning,” Sheng Guangming looked at Yan Shuang again, “Yan Shuang good morning.”

Yan Shuang grabbed the bag with both hands. He wore a fiery red down jacket, which made his face more white. He smiled at Sheng Guangming, “brother Sheng, good morning.”

The three waited for the elevator together. Yan Shuang stood in the middle, with men on the left and right.

Sheng Guangming handed him a paper bag. “I got up early in the morning. I made two puffs. You can eat them on your way to school.”

Yan Shuang took the paper bag, opened it and smelled the aroma inside. “It smells good. Thank you, brother Sheng.”

Sheng Guangming looked at him gently and said nothing, but the expression on his face was very sweet.

The elevator door opened and the people on both sides didn’t move. Yan Shuangli naturally stepped into the elevator first. Sheng Guangming stretched out his hand to Qi Feiyun to indicate that he was advanced. Qi Feiyun nodded to him. He walked into the elevator with his briefcase. After entering the elevator, he was close to Yan Shuang. With a move of his steps, Yan Shuang, who was originally standing in the middle, rushed to the edge of the elevator.

Sheng Guangming stood stunned outside the elevator.

Yan Shuang was squeezed between the elevator wall and others by Qi Feiyun. He turned his face and looked at Qi Feiyun. There was a big question mark on his face. Hello? Was what he said this morning ignored?

Qi Feiyun calmly said to Sheng Guangming, “Mr. Sheng, please come in.”

Sheng guangming: ”

Sheng Guangming is actually a little confused about Qi Feiyun and his position in Yan Shuang’s heart. Although it seems that Qi Feiyun wants to be closer to Yan Shuang, his intuition tells him that he and Qi Feiyun are actually similar in Yan Shuang’s heart.

In other words, all the people in the world were the same in Yan Shuang’s heart. He looked on coldly. It didn’t matter what anyone thought of him or treated him. He just did his own thing.

So… He wanted to give him a home and make Yan Shuang less erratic and unable to grasp it.

Sheng Guangming entered the elevator with a complicated look. He didn’t deliberately fight for anything. Even in the elevator, he deliberately kept a distance from the two people who were crowded together.

In this kind of thing, the initiative is usually on the person who is pursued. Neither he nor Qi Feiyun will count.

Yan Shuang didn’t say anything in the elevator. After getting on Qi Feiyun’s car, he said, “Qi Feiyun, what do you mean? You said you told me not to be amorous. Don’t do such a self slapping thing.”

Qi Feiyun sat down, pulled his seat belt and fastened it. He turned his face and said plainly, “I don’t count in my heart.”

Yan Shuang: ”

“Fasten your seat belt.” Qi Feiyun withdrew his eyes.

Yan Shuang didn’t expect Qi Feiyun to admit it. He thought Qi Feiyun would be stubborn because of his face. For a moment, he had nothing to say and tied his seat belt silently.

There was nothing in the car.

The two did not know how many times they had rolled the sheets. In this case, no one looked at anyone. The embarrassing silence filled the air between them. Yan Shuang looked at the scenery silently all the way, leaving Qi Feiyun a back of his head.

When he got to school, Yan Shuang pushed the door and got off without hitting the ground.

Qi Feiyun didn’t miss it either. As soon as the door was closed, he immediately turned the steering wheel to the hospital. The car drove away smartly, sprayed Yan Shuang with car exhaust on his face, Yan Shuang was speechless, raised his middle finger to the car’s ass, waited, and I’ll dump you right away.


The mobile phone rang and Yan Shuang took it out.

——”Watch a movie together in the evening?”

Yan Shuang: ”

Don’t text while driving!

Watching fart movies.

——”If you watch love action movies at home, you can.”

The doctor who received the reply glanced at his mobile phone and quickly replied with one hand, “on duty or movie.”

About a second after sending it, Qi Feiyun received a reply.

——”Qi Feiyun, fuck your mother!!!”

——”What time is the movie?”


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