I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 128

I haven’t finished watching the film.

The assistant picked a horror film and said it was very suitable for couples to watch.

When the two checked in, Qi Feiyun did find that almost all the people who came to see the film were young couples in pairs, and only a few men like them came to see it together.

The two were in a remote corner in the back row.

Within a few minutes of the opening of the film, Yan Shuang stood up and looked coldly at Qi Feiyun, the panicked protagonist group on the screen. He turned his face and followed the figure in the dark and quietly walked out of the cinema.

Qi Feiyun sat in his seat for a while, raised his hand and stood up after seeing the time through the dim light on the screen.

Lovers clutching their hands in the cinema didn’t notice that two incompatible big men left one after another.

Qi Feiyun went out of the cinema and turned on his mobile phone. He didn’t see Yan Shuang’s message. He sent a “where is it?” he didn’t hesitate to return to the opposite, “milk tea shop on the second floor.”

The cinema was in the mall. Qi Feiyun went down the second floor and saw Yan Shuang in the milk tea shop team.

Yan Shuang came out of the crowd with a cup of milk tea and smiled at Qi Feiyun, “how did you come out?”

He left the field first, but he asked Qi Feiyun preemptively.

Qi Feiyun was silent. His smoke gray eyes quietly looked at the people who drank milk tea as if nothing had happened.

“It’s very sweet. Would you like to have a bite?”

Yan Shuang looked innocent, as if he couldn’t notice Qi Feiyun’s bad mood at the moment.

He asked him to accompany him to the movies. He did it for three minutes. Is there a problem?

Yan Shuang took a big sip of milk tea. “I’ve seen the film. It’s time to go back.”

Qi Feiyun looked at Yan Shuang as he walked by. His eyes were fixed on that face. He hadn’t made any response for a long time.

Yan Shuang didn’t urge him either. He turned and lay on the railing of the mall. While drinking milk tea, he looked down at his head. He bit the straw between his teeth and twisted his face. His eyes were joking, “Mr. Qi, if you are angry, push me down. At such a height, I can break two legs at most.”

Qi Feiyun still didn’t move. After Yan Shuang drank the milk tea, he stepped forward and wiped Yan Shuang without saying a word.

Yan Shuang threw away the garbage and followed him, naturally holding Qi Feiyun’s arm in his hands.

The vehicle sped at night, and no one spoke, allowing silence to spread in the vehicle.

Yan Shuang shrunk on the car chair and chatted with Sheng Guangming.

He chatted happily and deeply. From time to time, he hooked his lips and gave out an uncontrollable laugh. His fingers “clicked” on the mobile phone keys.

Qi Feiyun drove all the way silently, and Yan Shuang chatted with Sheng Guangming all the way.

When the car stopped steadily and Yan Shuang got off the car and pushed the door, he was still lowering his head to send a text message.

Qi Feiyun got out of the car. He said across the driveway, “you don’t have to use others as props.”

Yan Shuang turned his back to him. After answering the text message, he looked back and smiled at Qi Feiyun. “Qi Feiyun, I told many men this, and now I’ll tell you again – don’t take yourself too seriously.”

They looked at each other across the car. Their eyes were anxious. There seemed to be a smell of gunpowder.

“Since you want him,” Qi Feiyun closed the door, “what are you waiting for?”

Yan Shuang took back his eyes and continued to send text messages in a contemptuous tone. “Do you think everyone is as good as you?” He said and walked, urging: “hurry up, what movie to watch, a waste of time.”

Generally speaking, there is a question that can not be raised between two people. This question is of no value, and the answer is actually self-evident. The most important thing is that once it is raised, the questioner will naturally fall into the disadvantage.

The question was, “what do you think of me?”

When Qi Feiyun asked this question that night, Yan Shuangzheng was lying on his bed, his eyes blurred, smelled the speech, raised his rosy lips, smiled, looked up, gave him a kiss, and replied tenderly, “fool, of course I take you as my baby.”

“Impression is impression…” the assistant was very worried, “but Dr. Qi, I’m not sure I can find it. I’ll use keywords to find it on the shopping website.”

Qi Feiyun nodded, “it’s hard.”

The assistant returned to his seat. He probably knew why Qi Feiyun asked him to find something like that.

When Yan Shuang gave Qi Feiyun a gift at that time, Qi Feiyun completely ignored it. Who knew that the two would become such a relationship now?

Speaking of their relationship, even the assistant who has been with Qi Feiyun is difficult to define.

Said it was a couple, but Yan Shuang has directly denied it.

Not a couple, Dr. Qi asked him to help book movie tickets.

Now Dr. Qi hopes that he can help him find out what he once lost. The assistant opens the web page and thinks that Dr. Qi is not in single love or pursuing Yan Shuang?

When Qi Feiyun refused Yan Shuang, the assistant thought that no one in the world could make this man like him. Unexpectedly, Yan Shuang did it in the end.

The assistant shook his head and sighed that fortune had made people, and typed the words “Osmanthus fragrans and Pendant” in the search box.

A lot of accessories jumped out of the shopping website. At first glance, they were almost the same, but I always felt that it was not the one brought by Yan Shuang.

After checking for a while, the assistant couldn’t find it. Qi Feiyun suddenly came out of the office. He took an A4 paper in his hand and handed it to the assistant.

As soon as the assistant saw the picture on the paper, he shouted, “that’s it!”

Qi Feiyun said, “look for it.”

The assistant held the picture in both hands and thought to himself, how did Dr. Qi know that the pendant Yan Shuang gave him was so long? Didn’t he even look? Can it be said that when he put the box on his desk, Dr. Qi secretly took it and looked at it?

After the assistant sat down and took pictures of the pictures on the paper, he suddenly thought of something. He hurriedly knocked on the door of Qi Feiyun’s office.

“Dr. Qi…” although it was hard to say, the assistant still said, “this pendant is made by Yan Shuang by hand. It is estimated that you can’t buy the same one.”

Qi Feiyun was silent for a moment and said, “look for it.”

The assistant sighed and thought why he should have known this. In fact, Yan Shuang is really colder to Dr. Qi than he imagined. Unfortunately, Dr. Qi doesn’t want to hear him at all. Maybe he doesn’t like to hear him say that Yan Shuang is not

“He won’t make gifts for me by hand,” Qi Feiyun said faintly. “He should just lie to you.”

The assistant’s face showed consternation.

“Look,” Qi Feiyun lowered his head and continued to look at the plan in his hand. “The price won’t be very expensive.”

The assistant couldn’t say a word.

It turned out that Dr. Qi… Always knew.

Those smoky gray eyes provoked, “what’s the question?”

The assistant shook his head in a startled way. He swallowed his saliva and said, “I’ll try my best.”

“Thank you.”

The assistant closed the door and Qi Feiyun stopped turning over the plan.

There may be a little possibility.

The superposition effect of two hypnosis produced unpredictable side effects.

——”Qi Feiyun, I also want to feel sorry for you, but I can’t do it. Why do you say that?”

The nib paused on the paper.

He wants to have a try.

If the effect of hypnosis is relieved, what will be the result.

When Qi Feiyun came out from the bath, Yan Shuang was no longer in the bedroom. He looked up at the balcony. The man wrapped in a long down jacket was lying on the balcony, his face turned to one side, as if he was listening to someone.

“You want to sell the house?”

Yan Shuang pretended to be surprised.

“Yes,” said Sheng Guangming. He looked relaxed, obviously after careful consideration. “The period of opening the shop has proved that the cake shop has great potential. I am confident that I can take it as my career all my life, so I decided to sell my house and buy a shop.”

Almost as like as two peas in the original, selling the house, carrying the little wretched run away.

The plot of Sheng Guangming selling houses and buying land in the original book is entirely out of career considerations. Taking Yan Shuang is mainly to do good things. He came here so much in advance, thanks to the plot of Qin yubai.

Yan Shuang said, “it’s also very good.”

They began to talk about the decoration of the store across the balcony.

Sheng Guangming is obviously the kind of person full of clear planning and vision for the future. As soon as he talked about the future store, he was in high spirits and talked for a long time. As soon as he looked back, he saw Yan Shuang smiling gently at him. He said a word and said, “I said too much. You’re cold. Go in and talk on your mobile phone.”

“It’s not cold,” Yan Shuang shook his head. “I heard blood boiling.”

Sheng Guangming smiled and stretched out his hand across the balcony.

Yan Shuang handed him his hand.

“So cold.” Sheng Guangming frowned.


“Nonsense, you call it physical deficiency.”

Yan Shuang “puffed” a smile, “body empty?”

He joked. Sheng Guangming didn’t react at first. When he thought about the meaning, he immediately made a big red face.

“It’s very empty,” Yan Shuang said. “It’s too hard at night.”

Sheng Guangming dyed his black hair back, and his hair floated gently on his cheeks. The original dry and warm palm became more hot because of Yan Shuang’s joke, and the palm began to sweat gradually.

Sheng Guangming didn’t want to dirty Yan Shuang’s palm with sweat. When he was about to pull back his hand, he was held by Yan Shuang in turn, “his hand is cold.”

“Don’t you come in with cold hands?” Sheng Guangming said softly.

Yan Shuang didn’t say a word, and his eyes and eyebrows showed a little cold boredom. “It’s better to chat here to see people’s faces.”

Sheng Guangming was stunned. He knew that the relationship between Yan Shuang and Qi Feiyun was far from stable, not to mention how serious it was. However, when he really saw the signs of breaking this relationship, he still felt a strange sadness.

“Did you quarrel with Dr. Qi?”

“No,” Yan Shuang said coldly, “it’s just annoying.”

“Playing together is playing together. It’s boring if you cross the border.”

Sheng Guangming holds the cold hand in his palm and doesn’t know what to say.

“Don’t you agree?” Yan Shuang narrowed his eyes.

Sheng Guangming hesitated for a moment and said, “I think Dr. Qi is actually very good.”

Yan Shuang: “it’s only a few days. You don’t like me?”

Sheng Guangming hurriedly said, “of course not!” Yan Shuang smiled bitterly in his questioning eyes and said, “I’m just telling the truth. I can’t maliciously belittle him because he is my rival in love.”

Yan Shuang’s look slowly became soft, “is he better than you?”

Sheng Guangming said, “better than me.”

“Who said that.” Yan Shuang immediately said.

Sheng Guangming hooked his lips and smiled, and made a rare joke, “otherwise your body is so empty?”

Yan Shuang’s white face bit by bit dyed bright red in the night. He withdrew his hand and entered the balcony without looking back.

Sheng Guangming stood on the balcony and looked back at the curtain of the French window next door falling. Recalling what he had just said, he couldn’t help laughing.

He seems to be learning a little bad.

The sound of mobile phone keyboard keys continued to ring in the dark.

In fact, it’s not very loud… No, it should be said that it’s almost none.

Because Yan Shuang is sending a message under a quilt.

Qi Feiyun lay flat. “It’s late. Go to bed.”

A stuffy response came from the quilt, “it’s bothering you?”

Yan Shuang poked out his ruddy face from the quilt, “I said I went to the guest room to sleep, but you refused.”

Qi Feiyun lowered his face.

It turns out that separation has a progress bar. When you feel that the other party wants to get rid of yourself, the progress bar will naturally appear in people’s heart. As long as you look at that face, you will know where the progress bar is.


It’s almost there.

“What are you talking about?” Qi Feiyun said.

Yan Shuang was lying on his stomach with his mobile phone in his hands. “Talk about life and ideals.”

Qi Feiyun didn’t expect this answer. When he was judging whether Yan Shuang was perfunctory or telling the truth, Yan Shuang took the initiative to put the mobile phone screen under his eyes.

Yan Shuang didn’t lie.

He and Sheng Guangming are really talking about the “future”.

Sheng Guangming asked Yan Shuang what he planned to do after graduating from university. Yan Shuang replied that he wanted to be a teacher. Yan Shuang asked him if he would only open a cake shop in the future. Sheng Guangming said yes. He wanted to open “light” into a chain in the future. Yan Shuang asked him if he could join his cake shop at that time

There was nothing ambiguous or provocative about the topic they talked about. The words of both sides were very serious and revealed unspeakable warmth.

They may have no physical connection, but in some places they are so close.

It’s the opposite of him.

“See,” Yan Shuang took back his cell phone and began to reply to the message, “suspicious, can’t even talk? Qi Feiyun, I find you like to take care of me more and more,” he dived into the quilt again and muttered, “let’s break up as soon as possible and don’t end up badly later.”

“Do you think I’ll make trouble?”

Yan Shuang in the quilt smiled.

“Who knows, I always thought decent people would be decent when they left, but so far, I seem to have never met anyone who is willing to get together and break up. It’s ugly anyway.”

“It’s funny to say that he loves me. It’s none of my business whether he loves me or not. It’s like if he loves me, I’ll love him.”

“Does it match?”

The tone is idle and lazy. There is no malice. I don’t care.

“What about Ji Yao?”

The quilt was quiet for a moment, and even the annoying sound of buttons stopped.

After a while, Yan Shuang opened the quilt. He looked extremely unhappy, stared at him fiercely and said, “don’t mention his name in front of me.”

Qi Feiyun thought to himself: no wonder Qin yubai thought of hypnosis.

He is really desperate and has no skills.

Yan Shuang’s concern for that person is still engraved in his bones even when he forgets everything.

It is almost self-evident what will happen if hypnosis is relieved.

“OK,” Qi Feiyun lowered his eyes, “then don’t mention it.”


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