I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 129

Qi Feiyun knew that Sheng Guangming was going to sell his house when he saw the administrator and the intermediary bring people up. Other people’s affairs had nothing to do with him. He pushed the door into the house, but the house was dark.

There’s no one at home.

“Isn’t this a nice place?” Sheng Guangming leaned against one wall with a smile on his face.

Yan Shuang walked around the empty store. “It’s really good. There are so many equipment. It’s not easy to find this place in such a short time?”

“It’s OK,” Sheng Guangming said easily. “They are all in a circle. Where there are stores to transfer, everyone can share the information.”

He said it very simply, as if everything happened by chance.

Yan Shuang knew he didn’t want him to feel guilty.

In Sheng Guangming’s heart, he always regarded Yan Shuang as a kind-hearted person with cold outside and warm inside.

Even though Yan Shuang was ruthless, he was not good at expressing his inner warmth.

Once a person’s eyes are covered with filters, it is difficult to take them off.

This is very conducive to the development of his work, Yan Shuang thought happily.

“The location is also good,” Yan Shuang supported his arm and sat on the empty cooking table. “It should be very expensive.”

“Fortunately, in addition to the house, I have a little savings.”

Yan Shuang:… He is the poorest!

“Brother Sheng,” Yan Shuang shook his feet and smiled, “when the store opens, shall I work for you?”

“You’re still studying. What’s your job?”

“I’ve been working all the time. I’ve been to convenience stores to work as a cashier, to gas stations to send leaflets, and to fast food restaurants to do odd jobs…”

The light of the shop shone on Yan’s head, shrouding him in a bright halo. Sheng Guangming leaned against the wall and listened quietly.

Time is so slow and the surroundings are quiet. In the most prosperous section of the city, Sheng Guangming sees only one person.

“That’s amazing.”

After Yan Shuang finished, Sheng Guangming gently praised him, “Yan Shuang, you are really great.”

Yan Shuang put his hands on the cooking table and smiled calmly when he heard the speech, “that’s true.”

Sheng Guangming also smiled.

They smiled at each other, their eyes shining. Yan Shuang smiled and turned his face to hide his eyes. He looked at the street lights outside the cabinet window, but his eyes suddenly frozen, and the smile on his face was fixed at the corner of his lips.

Sheng Guangming was still jumping in his heart. Seeing Yan Shuang’s abnormal appearance, he also looked out of the window with his eyes.

Shops opened on the street can see the scenery on the street through the window glass along the street. Similarly, people on the street can also see the scenery in the window.

Under the street lamp on the opposite side of the street, a dark car stopped. The white light of the street lamp illuminated the car very brightly, but what was more eye-catching was the person who was determined by the station.

Pedestrians came and went, and he stood by the car, as if he had created another landscape in this bustling ukiyo painting alone.

Sheng Guangming looks back at Yan Shuang, who is looking at each other through the window.

Sheng Guangming licked his lips, lowered his head and looked out.

The beautiful boy who could easily stir Yan’s double heartstrings has disappeared.

The expensive car with the same noble childe disappeared into the boundless night.

Sheng Guangming was slightly stunned and looked at the direction of the vehicle for a long time before turning his face.

Yan Shuang was looking at the street lamp. With a blink of his eyes, the original expression of investment immediately disappeared. He came out of the man’s eyes and turned back to the fickle and unscrupulous Yan Shuang. He bowed his head and smiled at himself, “the street lamp here is too dazzling.”

Sheng Guangming stopped persuading him.

He knew he couldn’t persuade him. What he said just made Yan Shuang more sad.

People like Yan Shuang who seem to care nothing about the world of games will also have a taboo that is really in their heart and buried in their heart and can’t be touched by others.

If you think so, Sheng Guangming feels lucky.

He is not without a heart, but this heart has been given to others.

“Go back,” Sheng Guangming said slowly. “Dr. Qi should be worried.”

Yan Shuang frowned lightly, “can you not mention others when we are together?”

Sheng Guangming felt a trace of sadness for Qi Feiyun.

Forget it, it’s not his turn to pity others. He’s just more open-minded than Qi Feiyun.


They locked the door together and prepared to go back. Yan Shuang said, “where’s your motorcycle?”

Sheng Guangming said, “give it back to your friends.”

“I want to go out by motorcycle tomorrow.” Yan Shuangdao.

“OK,” said Sheng Guangming with a smile, “I’ll take you for a ride.”

When Yan Shuang opened the door, the whole room was bright.

Qi Feiyun was sitting on the sofa, holding the Bible whose cover was old and was about to be torn up by him.

Yan Shuang quietly took off his coat at the door and changed his shoes. After changing his slippers, he went to the sofa. Without saying a word, he threw the Bible in Qi Feiyun’s hand aside. He sat on Qi Feiyun without explaining why he came back late. He simply raised his head and kissed Qi Feiyun’s thin lips.

There is no need to communicate between them. Yan Shuang has been sending such a message.

He unilaterally cut off the channels, just like an unconscious puppet, just to meet his own wishes.

“Miss Qi, are you distracted?” Yan Shuang hooked his neck and smiled, “are you sure you want to waste your time like this on the last night?”

Qi Feiyun turned his face and stared into Yan Shuang’s eyes, “the last night?”

“Why pretend to be stupid,” Yan Shuang said coldly. “Mr. Qi, you are so smart. Didn’t you see it long ago? – I’m tired of it.”

The cold words were accompanied by the gentle action of loosening the tie.

He’s right.

He has seen the bottoming progress bar.

Logically, the relationship itself began very abnormally.

This is not a healthy relationship, destined to wither at some time like this.

It was just Yan Shuang who put it forward first.

A relationship like this can be re established at any time as long as the body looks good and feels in harmony.

It doesn’t matter at all.

Qi Feiyun opened his lips and held Yan Shuang’s lips.

“Who will be next?” Qi Feiyun stroked his soft and white cheek and whispered, “Sheng Guangming?”

“Well,” Yan Shuang pecked and kissed his ear with a smile, “he’s so cute, you know? He clearly likes me and advised me to have a good life with you.”

“Really?” Qi Feiyun sat quietly, like an unconscious statue, “then he is really a good man.”

The soft lips slipped over the tip of his ears. Qi Feiyun suddenly grabbed Yan Shuang’s hand back behind him and opened the distance between them. Qi Feiyun stared at Yan Shuang’s eyes.

From the first time, Qi Feiyun felt that these eyes were very charming. They were too clean to belong to the world. They were too clear, showing a calm and even cold sharpness. It was not like a mirror, but more like a shining knife tip, reflecting everyone’s reflection.

What is he like in Yan’s eyes?

“You remember something.” Qi Feiyun said faintly.

As for the confusion of the brain, like the relationship between the two people, they are tacit to each other. Yan Shuang never asks, and occasionally reveals some clues, such as Qi Feiyun’s bitter dialogue.

Qi Feiyun did not ask directly because it was like admitting his failure in a disguised form.

Now there is no need to worry about winning or losing.

It doesn’t make sense.

It’s almost over anyway.

“I remember everything I should remember.” Yan Shuang said casually.

The next question should be – do you remember how you got into this situation?

Qi Feiyun looked at those eyes and asked or didn’t he ask?

Yan Shuang smiled in his tight face, “I don’t remember anything I shouldn’t remember.”

It’s so ambiguous again, like deliberately trying to make people suspicious and speculate.

Qi Feiyun loosened his hand, Yan Shuang put his hand around his neck, and he smiled at him, “be happy, be happy, don’t pull your face so long, aren’t you happy with me?”

“It’s like a dream,” Yan Shuang lowered his head and touched the tip of his nose in a low voice. “Mr. Qi, I’ve always tried to be kind. For a good partner like you, I won’t lie to you. If you don’t love, you don’t love. No matter how hard you try, you just embarrass yourself. After tonight, you forget me.”

The lips slowly pasted on the two always calm lips. Yan Shuang’s voice became more and more low, “next time we meet again, I hope it’s on the operating table…”

The rest of the words were blocked by Qi Feiyun’s kiss.

The doctor finally realized how firm the decision to separate was for Yan Shuang.

For the last time, Qi Feiyun picked up the man with his arms. Looking down at him, Qi Feiyun said coldly, “then never see him again.”

Holding the light body in his arms, he walked step by step to the bedroom.

His judgment is so accurate.

When he first saw the young man, he had a hunch that he would fall into hell and be doomed.

As the ancient doctrine says, before suffering from extreme suffering, the devil will precede the temptation of bliss. Everything is a cycle, and all sentient beings cannot escape.

The soft bed fell.

This may be the last time it carries the weight of two people.

They are still in harmony and good. They still hug each other to sleep after kissing, but they both know that this is the last night.

Qi Feiyun’s sleep had never been so shallow. When the man in his arms gently opened his arm, he woke up almost instantly.

He didn’t open his eyes and pretended to be still asleep.

The sound of water came from the bathroom behind.

Qi Feiyun kept his eyes closed.

After a while, the bathroom door opened, the air was filled with a faint fragrance after bathing, and Qi Feiyun heard the sound of dressing.

Yan Shuang was obviously careful not to wake him up.

It’s very considerate at such a time.

Qi Feiyun didn’t open his eyes until the bedroom door was gently closed.

There are still depressions on one side of the gray bed, traces of someone lying down, and even the unique smell of that person remains in the air.

It seems… He hasn’t left yet.

Qi Feiyun slowly closed his eyes.

This may really be a dream he had.

When it was time to wake up, he was still pretending to sleep.


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