I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 13

After nearly eight hours of high-intensity work, Qin yubai has calmed down from the rage at noon and is determined not to invest a little extra emotion in Yan Shuang.

“Pa -”

The folder fell at Yan Shuang’s feet.

“Open it yourself.”

Qin yubai’s voice was cold.

Yan Shuang knew what was inside without looking.

In the car, he figured out that Wei Yichen appeared in the street less than ten meters away from the hotel. 100% of them had been to the hotel and investigated him.

Yan Shuang pretended not to know anything, picked up the folder, opened it and glanced at it. He was immediately attracted by the content inside.

It is said that Wei Yichen’s working ability is really strong.

The structure is clear, the wording is accurate, illustrated and vivid.

Aesthetic is also good.

The picture composition cut from the hotel surveillance lens is perfect.

Yan Shuang and Ji Yao handed in their ID cards to open a room, and a little couple who stood not far away, bowed their heads and hanged their hands. The atmosphere was infinitely close to the little couple who came to the hotel to taste the forbidden fruit. Although the situation at that time was not that at all, it did look very ambiguous in the photos.

Yan bilaterally looked at it and expressed his appreciation in his heart.

Cow, cow.

He wants to mount this picture and give it to Ji Yao as a gift in the future.

Seeing Yan Shuang staring at the contents of the document, his eyes were straight and motionless, which seemed to be frozen. Qin yubai’s anger, which was not easy to calm down, showed signs of rising again.

He pressed the table firmly, got up suddenly, and walked to Yan Shuang step by step. Almost every step, his anger rose a little.

On the one hand, he told himself that he must be calm, but on the other hand, he couldn’t restrain his inner irritability.

How can he allow others to touch his things?

The chin was suddenly raised, black hair scattered from the forehead, and the eyes behind the lens were calm.

These eyes are so similar to Qin Qing that Qin Yu is confused.

It is as clear and peaceful as a pool of water, but why can Yan Shuang’s eyes always make him feel the undercurrent surging under the water, hiding dangerous unknowns, resistance, provocation and temptation.

“Tell me,” Qin yubai said gently to cover up his violent mood at this time, “what did you do in the hotel?”

In Yan’s ears, his peaceful tone was very cold and fierce, just a thin ice that broke with a poke.

Yan Shuang decided to help him.

If you hold your anger, it will hurt you more.

“Let’s go to bed…”

Before he finished, his neck was pinched.

“Shut up.”

The two words squeezed out of his teeth and the terrible strength from his neck show that Qin yubai has indeed reached the edge of explosion.

Yan Shuang was forced to tilt back and sneered. “It’s funny. I said we didn’t do anything. You don’t believe it. I said I slept with him, and you told me to shut up…” Yan Shuang tried to raise his eyes, and there was a little water color in his eyes because of difficulty breathing. “Qin yubai, are you so low self-esteem?”

“Bang -”

Yan Shuang seemed to hear the sound of something exploding.

He thought: it’s probably Qin yubai’s fragile nerve.

Over the years, Qin yubai has worked continuously, almost day and night, reviving a broken Qin family to half the glory of the past. For this reason, he gave up everything he could and struggled to earn himself a decent job.

But that’s not enough.

He was still trampled under his feet.

For example, Ji’s.

In the past, the two families were on an equal footing, but now the Qin family is constrained by each other everywhere.

There are no friends above the mall.

Qin’s once downfall was also half the credit of Ji’s taking advantage of the fire.

Qin yubai can’t accept losing to anyone, especially Ji.

It almost became his devil.

Qin Yu and Bai Song opened their hands.

Yan Shuang covered his neck and bent over to cough.

The wound in the palm burst open because of the force just now, and the gauze was dyed light pink. Qin yubai stared at his palm and clearly understood that he was out of control again.

——Because Yan Shuang.

Yan Shuang coughed for a while, and his ears paid attention to the movement in the room.

The room was so quiet that I couldn’t even hear my breath.

Yan Shuang was shocked. Qin yubai wouldn’t have fainted with his anger, would he?

I have to brush the plot tonight, brother! Don’t pull your crotch like that!

Yan Shuang quietly swept it with Yu Guang. Qin yubai was still sitting beside him with his palm on his knee. Silence became a handsome statue.

Yan Shuang noticed that Qin Yu’s white palm was also injured.

Oh, I knew he was a little introverted when he just spoke. Why did he get hurt? Is this story finished tonight?

Yan Shuangzheng hesitated to coax him. Qin yubai twisted his face, looked cold, and looked calm. “Take off your clothes.”

Yan Shuang breathed a sigh of relief.

Qin yubai, good job! You’re holding on!

Yan Shuang has never been hypocritical in this matter.

Ji Yao took off his shirt, his T-shirt, trousers, underwear, including socks.

The traces left last night have not dispersed. They are like chains on the jade carving body.

Qin Yu watched quietly and suddenly said, “do you hate me very much?”

Yan Shuang: ”

It’s hard to say.

Of course, he has no feelings. It’s normal to meet anyone. He has met many more outrageous people.

Can Yan Shuang hate Qin yubai?

I don’t think so.

Qin yubai also helped him solve his adoptive father’s debt.

——Of course, Yan Shuang has not found that the “debt” is actually designed by Qin yubai.

Generally speaking, Qin yubai settled his adoptive father’s gambling debt for him, but forced him to sign the master-servant contract, so it’s half open.

That’s still senseless.

Subjective and objective unity, Yan Shuang told the truth, “don’t hate.”

“Come here.”

Qin yubai stretched out his hand.

Yan Shuang hesitated for a moment and thought he would argue with Qin yubai again. Qin yubai was really dizzy. He couldn’t leave the plot tonight, so he approached Qin yubai slowly step by step.

When there was only one arm distance, Qin yubai stretched out his hand – the injured hand.

When his hand touched Yan Shuang’s waist, Yan Shuang felt that the temperature of Qin yubai’s palm was abnormally hot.

Yan Shuang glanced and found that the blood had gradually seeped out and even intensified.

Qin yubai pulled the man to his leg, took off Yan Shuang’s glasses and put them aside.

His fingers gently slid over the red mark on Yan Shuang’s neck. He whispered, “does it hurt?”

Yan Shuang was thrilled by his numbness while rapidly turning his brain to think.

When things go wrong, there will be demons.

Mad dogs kill without knives.

Yan Shuang, who had a script in his hand and was experienced, immediately realized it.

The emotional line also accelerated.

Throughout the sadistic history of Qin yubai and Yan Shuang.

In fact, to sum up, it is also very simple. It is probably “he runs, he chases, and they can’t fly”.

First, abuse the body, then abuse the body, feel moved, and start to turn to abuse the heart. When the abuse of the heart doesn’t understand, it starts to abuse the body again. After the abuse of the body, it starts to abuse the heart again. In this way, the two people go crazy together.

Qin yubai is sober.

There was a white moonlight who dumped Yan Shuang before he was completely possessed.

Now, because of Yan Shuang’s stimulation, Qin yubai has begun to be possessed in advance.

Qin yubai found that he had taken the wrong route and abused himself. He couldn’t beat Yan Shuang at all. He tried to use a slightly gentle means.

The storm will only make the traveler’s coat tighter and tighter, and the warm sun and wind may make people take off their guard.

Qin yubai is very smart and knows how to adjust strategies in time. He is worthy of being an old fox in the mall.

Most importantly, Yan Shuang stabbed the most sensitive part of his nerve. He won’t lose to anyone or Ji Yao.

The palm gently lifted the skin. Yan Shuang sat on Qin yubai’s leg and trembled slightly. He gently bit his lips, “don’t do this.”

Qin yubai didn’t speak. He gently pasted his forehead on Yan Shuang’s chest.

Qin yubai’s forehead temperature is also a little high.

It looks like a fever.

“Now that we have signed the contract, we should abide by it. Don’t always make me angry during the contract.”

The tone was faint, even a little tired.

For a man in his late thirties, this is almost a disguised act of coquetry.

When he said evil words to each other and humiliated him, Yan Shuang would instinctively prick his whole body and stubbornly resist.

But Qin yubai is so soft. What will happen to Yan Shuang?

Yan Shuang thought: good guy, is this the folk audition scene of “super actor”?

It seems that Qin yubai is really angry and has used Gong’s scheming against Yan Shuang, a college student who has not been deeply involved in the world.

Yan Shuang decided to cooperate with him.

Accelerate the emotional line together!

Finish early and next.

“I……” Yan Shuang hesitated, “I really didn’t do anything…”

Qin yubai raised his face.

Yan Shuang saw the light in Qin Yu’s white eyes and thought: tiezi, your level has been eliminated at the audition site, you know? When the trick succeeds, your eyes can’t be as bright as a wolf. You’re about to see the blind.

“Neck…” Yan Shuang continued to explain, “it’s too conspicuous in the dormitory.”

Qin yubai has understood.

The kiss mark on his neck is too eye-catching. Ji Yao has a dormitory with him. If he can’t see it, he drives him to the hotel. Logically, it makes sense.

However, Ji Yao will catch up with important people in the winery, which is a little too much.

Something else must have happened between the two people that can’t be investigated.

“Since we are both parties to the contract, I think we should also have a little respect for each other. I will pay attention to it in the future.”

Qin yubai’s concession immediately made Yan Shuang lower his head as if he had done something wrong.

“Thank you.”

Hearing a gentle thank-you, Qin yubai turned his face, and the corners of his mouth flashed a mocking cold smile.

However, a naive young college student, no matter how hard his bones are, will never think that there are many traps packaged extremely sweetly in the world. Once he falls into the trap, he will die without a whole body.

He took the lesson for him.

This is Yan Shuang’s first attempt at navel orange with this body.

Because “both parties to the contract respect each other”, Qin yubai made a request. He promised that he would no longer make traces in conspicuous places, and Yan Shuang should “repay his kindness”.

Qin yubai sat on the sofa in his spare time. He was well dressed and only untied the zipper, while Yan Shuang was as white as a newborn lamb.

“Hold my shoulder…” Qin yubai’s voice was faint. He raised his hand around Yan Shuang’s waist. Blood seeped from the gauze and left a faint mark on Yan Shuang’s waist.

This is Yan Shuang’s first night again.

Qin yubai thought coldly.

It marks that he has fallen into his trap.


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