I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 131

With Sheng Guangming, the day will become very simple, which is incompatible with the ancient world. If you have classes during the day and send a text message after class, the hidden delicacies in the city will be sent to the school immediately.

“It’s so sweet ~” Yan Shuang sat on the bench on the campus with roasted sweet potatoes in his arms and ate happily. “Which friend of yours roasted it?”

Sheng Guangming said he was not popular and didn’t have many friends. However, every time Yan Shuang went out to dinner with him, Sheng Guangming naturally introduced – “this is my friend’s shop”. From roadside pancakes and fruits to high-end Western restaurants, Sheng Guangming’s friends seem to be everywhere.

“A very good friend.”

Yan Shuang licked the corners of his mouth and hesitated, “who?”

Sheng Guangming said, “friends who grew up together and are inseparable from each other.”

Yan Shuang’s expression was a little stunned. He doubted Sheng Guangming’s smiling eyes: “male or female?”


Yan Shuangjing looked at him for a moment, took the baked sweet potato in his hand, got up and left without saying a word.

Sheng Guangming totally didn’t expect Yan Shuanghui to turn over suddenly. He hurriedly followed up, “what’s the matter?”

Yan Shuangmei was indifferent and concentrated on eating baked sweet potato.

“The friend I’m talking about is myself,” Sheng Guangming explained bitterly. “I bought new equipment. I think it’s the season to eat sweet potatoes. I baked you a stove and chose the best one.”

Yan Shuang listened to the explanation. His attitude was still very cold. As he walked, he said, “so?”

Sheng Guangming walked beside him, “what?”

He still didn’t understand why Yan Shuang was suddenly unhappy.

Yan Shuang stopped, turned his face and looked at Sheng Guangming, “do you deliberately joke with me to see if I will be jealous?”

Sheng Guangming was stunned. “I’m just kidding. I didn’t think so much…”

“You didn’t think so much, so did you.” Yan Shuang’s voice was clear and clear, and his attitude was very serious. “You just saw me like that, and you smiled. You think I care about you. You’re very happy and proud, aren’t you?”

Sheng Guangming was stunned by Yan Shuangmian’s pressing question about hiding a needle. He really felt a trace of joy just now

“Sheng Guangming,” said Yan Shuang, “I hate such temptation.”

Sheng Guangming was at a loss. He just got well. Yan Shuang smiled and ate sweet potatoes and sat close to him. The atmosphere was so harmonious that he couldn’t. how could he be ruined by his open-ended joke?

“If so, don’t like me.”

“How did the problem rise to this height?” Sheng Guangming smiled bitterly.

“I don’t like it. Brother Sheng, I don’t like it. I don’t like the relationship that is uncertain and needs to be suspected all the time,” Yan Shuang also smiled bitterly. “Just think I’m selfish. You know, I’m such a person. I don’t have a heart and want others to pay attention to me. Brother Sheng, you’re a good man…”

“Stop -”

Sheng Guangming paused on the palm of his hand and made a stop gesture.

After several love experience teaching and communication with love experts, that is, his agent, Sheng Guangming finally knows that the word “good man” is about equal to “rejection” in love

“I’m wrong,” Sheng Guangming said simply. “I shouldn’t joke about that. I shouldn’t subconsciously tease you. I’ll never mention it again because you’re worried.”

Yan looked at him with blinking eyes, “but I still don’t like you.”

“Yes, I like you, not you like me.”

Yan Shuang was happy, and a relaxed smile appeared on his face. “Your sweet potato is so delicious.”

Sheng Guangming was originally a gentle man. When he fell into Yan Shuang’s hands, he lost his temper at all. Seeing that Yan Shuang’s anger disappeared, he was relieved and smiled, “can it be regarded as the balance of merits and demerits?”

“No.” Yan Shuang turned his face and walked briskly. The heat exhaled from his mouth mixed with the heat from baked sweet potato, steaming at the tip of his nose.

Sheng Guangming smiled and shook his head. His eyes gently stared at the wayward boy.

He wants to like him. Of course, he is qualified to be capricious to him.

What Yan Shuang has experienced, he has participated in, watched and investigated. He dare not make a conclusion on what kind of harm those complex things have caused to Yan Shuang. No one in the world can feel the suffering of another person. All he can do is try to like Yan Shuang more and more.

He is not Qi Feiyun, but he wants to cure him.

“How can you forgive me?”

“Do you know what day it is tonight?”

Sheng Guangming racked his brains for a long time and said, “the day of supermarket discount?”

Worthy of being a home-based man, Yan Shuang directly laughed, “today’s supermarket is on sale?”

“Yes,” said Sheng Guangming. Of course, he knew he was wrong. He was just a poor student filling out the examination paper. Whether he got a score or not, he filled it first. “Today’s vegetables in the supermarket are on sale.”

Yan Shuang couldn’t laugh. “Isn’t there a discount on meat?”

“Yes, but it’s not very fresh.”

The two exchanged food prices in the supermarket. Yan Shuang finally said, “in fact, today is Christmas Eve.”

Sheng Guangming suddenly realized, “I forgot.”

Of course, opening a store is sensitive to festivals, but recently the store withdrew from the mall and the new store is still preparing. He didn’t think of it, so he said, “where do you want to go later?”

Yan Shuang said, “who said I was going to play with you.”

Sheng Guangming smiled, “if you don’t play with me, I can give it to you.”

“Who wants you to send it.”

“Ha ha.”

“What are you laughing at?”

“Then don’t laugh.”

Yan Shuang stretched out his left leg and kicked it. Sheng Guangming reflexively avoided. After hiding, he reacted. He put his hands in the pocket of his jacket and said awkwardly, “shouldn’t I hide?”

Yan Shuang chuckled, revealing two rows of neat teeth, “yes, you made a mistake again.”

Sheng Guangming stood up straight, “come again.”

Yan Shuang pursed his lips and smiled. His eyes looked into Sheng Guangming’s fundus. “I’m serious.”

“Come on,” Sheng Guangming was also very serious, “don’t hide.”

Yan Shuang deliberately breathed a sigh. His legs moved beside him for a long time. He put on the posture of shooting martial arts films and lifted his foot. When the instep was about to hit the straight legs, he went to the strength again and just pasted it on it, “are you staying?”

Sheng Guangming stood straight and just smiled, “right.”

“I really kick it hard. Will you be okay?”

“No, it’s still very difficult to hurt me with your physique.”

Yan Shuang “cut” and took back his feet, “is it so powerful?”

“Muscles have strength.”

Yan Shuang glanced at him, and his eyes hated that iron was not steel.

Sheng Guangming doesn’t know why.

Yan Shuang earnestly taught, “at this time, you should show the muscles on your arms and say, ‘if you don’t believe it, you can touch it’. You should have that confident expression on your face and don’t always look like a family cook.”

After hearing this, Sheng Guangming smiled, “is that right?”

“Yes, isn’t it natural to exude your physical charm?”

“Oh,” Sheng Guangming smiled and nodded, “thank you. I’ve learned.”

Yan Shuang sighed. Teaching straight men to fall in love is also a technical job. However, after all, he taught Sheng Guangming to serve him. He reluctantly worked for himself. He turned and continued to walk forward, “go to the amusement park. It’s a tacky place that matches you.”

Sheng Guangming was wearing a tacky hat and didn’t have any opinion, “OK, just like it.”

“You like it.” Yan Shuang emphasized.

Sheng Guangming said with a smile, “yes, I’m wrong. I like it.”

The amusement park on Christmas Eve was packed with people. When Sheng Guangming took Yan Shuang to the amusement park, the tickets had been sold. The warning line was directly pulled at the door, and Yan Shuang was stunned. He just wanted to brush some conventional plots with Sheng Guangming. He never thought that most of the logic lines in this ancient world were quite normal except for a few slag attacks.

“What should I do?” Yan Shuang looked at Sheng Guangming with a bitter face.

If it’s the two eggs with money ability, it’ll be solved in minutes.

Yan Shuangxin wants not to call Qin yubai and ask him to raise his hand? Everyone is good friends. He should promise.

“What do you want to play?”

Yan Shuang thought, “I don’t know. What’s more exciting?”


When Sheng Guangming took Yan Shuang into the gym, Yan Shuang was full of only four words – consumption degradation.

“This is my friend’s car. I went out for the festival today. No one. Just play. It’s sure to be exciting.”

The expression on Sheng Guangming’s face was quite serious. He didn’t mean to joke at all.

Yan Shuang was speechless. He put down his broken canvas bag and sat on one of the equipment. “I’ve seen several films about the gym.”

Sheng Guangming leaned against the wall and smiled, “is it good?”

“Not good-looking,” Yan Shuang looked up and down at Sheng Guangming with one hand. “Your figure is not as good as you.”

Sheng Guangming lowered his head. When he raised his face again, his cheeks were a little red and his lips moved. He seemed to want to say something, but he held back and didn’t say anything.

“Teach me boxing.” After accepting the reality, Yan Shuang raised his strength to “fall in love”.


Sheng Guangming has always been a very positive attitude towards teaching Yan doubles.

“Yes, that’s it. Push –”

Sheng Guangming took off his jacket and revealed the short sleeved T-shirt inside. As Yan Shuang imagined, Sheng Guangming belongs to the type of being thin in clothes and meat in strip. The whole arm is thin muscle lines, not the kind that looks good. If you punch down, the other slag attacks will inevitably have a concussion.

“Bang -”

The sound of fists hitting sandbags is deafening in the open gym.

Sheng Guangming, who fights, is different from Sheng Guangming, who makes cakes.

Fierce with wild, the expression on his face changed, quite cold.

Seeing Yan Shuang staring at him, Sheng Guangming smiled and said gently, “am I looking too fierce?”

Yan Shuang shook his head, “very handsome.”

Sheng Guangming blushed again.

“Go on,” Yan Shuang chuckled. “It’s fun.”

They had two serious boxing classes. Yan Shuang didn’t feel pain. The more he practiced, the more brave he became. Even Sheng Guangming praised him for his talent, which once again verified Sheng Guangming’s theory that “smart people are powerful in everything”. Sheng Guangming’s eyes at Yan Shuang were full of surprises.

Yan Shuang: don’t worship him too much. He is really omnipotent.

After taking a bath, Sheng Guangming came out with his mobile phone. He was already waiting for him, “come on, I’ll see you off.”

Yan Shuang said to himself, “this is definitely the most special Christmas Eve I have ever had.”

Christmas Eve, gym, boxer, fierce man, three hours of hard exercise avi。

Sheng guangming: “if you learn to bully you, you’ll give him a punch.”

Yan Shuang thought that he didn’t have to work hard. Who did he ask to slap himself in the face? Who didn’t dare to slap himself hard? You need him to do it himself?

He smiled without saying, “thank you.”

When he left the gym, it was very late. Yan Shuang looked at his mobile phone and it was almost ten o’clock.

“No, the dormitory is closed.”

Sheng Guangming opened the door and said, “stay with me tonight?”

Yan Shuang glanced at him.

Sheng Guangming said, “nothing else. I moved to a new house and have you a room.”

“Why?” Yan Shuang sat in the car, his face was happy, and his mouth was still unforgiving. “Why should I want your room.”

Sheng Guangming also got on the bus, “it doesn’t matter.”

Yan Shuang looked out of the car with his face. As long as Sheng Guangming saw him, he was laughing.

The neon lights on the street outside the window flashed one by one, and those gorgeous colors jumped on the white face. Sheng Guangming felt so clean and beautiful.

When the vehicle was driving and approaching the destination, Yan Shuangcai noticed something wrong. After the still bright building in front came into view, he slowly opened his mouth in shock, “Why are you back?”

“Get off.”

Sheng Guangming took people over. Someone was waiting at the gate of the amusement park, “how about, man? I’m loyal enough.” The other party’s suit was straight and looked like the person in charge. He looked at Yan Shuang and said with a smile: “Yan Shuang?”

Yan Shuang said “ah”.

“I’ve heard a lot about you.” The other party looks like they know him.

Yan Shuang was stupid. He was pulled into the amusement park by Sheng Guangming.

“What’s going on?” Yan Shuang looked at the man on his side, “is it your friend again?”


At ten o’clock, the place where the garden should be closed is still flashing lights, but it is empty. Only the two people wandering here holding hands. Under the dreamy light, this place is like a frozen fairy tale castle.

Yan Shuang was shocked. He was not shocked by the amusement park, but by the sudden romance of straight men.

“When did you prepare it?”

Sheng Guangming said, “before boxing.”

“Then why didn’t you tell me?”

Sheng Guangming said, “it’s good to learn boxing.”

He wants to teach him self-defense and make him happy. The two don’t conflict.

Yan Shuang was silent for a moment and said, “then I still don’t like you?”

His tone was a little low and depressed. Before he lost, the palm he held was pulled up, and the palm was pasted on the thin cloth that showed the temperature of the human body. Yan Shuang raised his eyes and looked at Sheng Guangming in shock.

Under the short T-shirt, the abdominal muscles are clearly defined and the touch is very clear. Sheng Guangming’s face is already red in the dream light of the amusement park, “touch it.”

Yan Shuang’s face turned red. His eyelashes drooped. His palm was pasted on his strong abdominal muscles through a layer of cloth. After a while, he whispered, “it’s very strong.”

Sheng Guangming was also open-minded. Although he felt ashamed to show off his muscles in this way, he did so. The palm close to his muscles was warming up bit by bit and moved to the ground. It seemed that he wanted to count how many abdominal muscles he had. Sheng Guangming’s breath stagnated and simply held his breath.

“Six dollars.” Yan Shuang raised his face, his eyes full of the light of the amusement park.

Sheng Guangming was holding his breath. As soon as he opened his mouth, his muscles rolled elastically in Yan shuangzhang’s heart, “eight pieces.”

“Lie, I only touched six dollars.”

Sheng Guangming said nothing, but his face became redder.

Yan Shuang looked at his face red to the tip of his ears and suddenly understood, “there are two… Below?”

The abdominal muscles in the palm of his hand suddenly shrunk. Yan Shuang looked down at the belt on his waist, threw his hand and scolded in a low voice: “obscene.”

They stood opposite each other, and the cold wind blew a little bit, but it did not dissipate the heat in the air.

Sheng Guangming turned his face, licked his lips and tentatively stretched out his hand. He grabbed the hands that fell to one side, “I’m sorry, I made a mistake again.”

Yan Shuang held hands with him and gently hooked his fingers. The corner of his mouth was slightly hooked, “stay.”


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