I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 132

Walking hand in hand in an empty amusement park is really a strange experience.

This is Sheng Guangming’s first visit to the amusement park. The amusement park is very big, like another world, and there are only him and Yan Shuang in this world.

So quiet and plain.

Sheng Guangming held Yan Shuang’s hand and said carefully, “I’m sweating.”

Yan Shuang said “um”.

“Do you feel dirty?”

Yan Shuang glanced at him, deliberately killing the scenery and said, “I’m not a pure little white flower, let alone a man’s sweat, it’s a man’s……”

He stopped here.

Sheng Guangming is looking at him. His dark eyes are full of him.

Yan Shuang twisted his face, sipped at the corners of his mouth, and put on a temper.

Sheng Guangming said gently, “go on, it doesn’t matter.”

“How generous.”

“I’m not being rude.”

“Do you want a place?”

“It doesn’t mean that,” said Sheng Guangming, smiling, tolerant and gentle. “Don’t force yourself.”

Yan Shuang grabbed his hand and kicked the rolling stones on the ground, “I won’t force myself for anyone.”

“That’s good.” Sheng Guangming clenched his palm, his soft hand in his heart.

The giant Ferris wheel in the amusement park was slowly turning. Sheng Guangming said with some laughter, “this is an exciting project?”

Yan Shuang thought that smelly straight man knows a fart.

“That’s it.”

In the transparent cockpit, the two people sit opposite each other. Sheng Guangming is tall and has long legs. A pair of long legs can’t be put down in the narrow cockpit. Their knees are staggered with each other. They still feel cramped when they are being squeezed. It’s almost a closed space, and the smell on each other’s body becomes more and more distinct.

In the sight of Sheng Guangming, the bright lights of this sleepless city only served as a foil to the white side face with a silent smile.

All his friends knew that he was after a boy.

Almost everyone would ask him a question – “Sheng Guangming, what do you like about him?”

I don’t know – that’s his answer.

I really don’t know.

He just wanted to look at the face and smile.

Yan Shuang put his hands on the transparent cabin wall and looked at the buildings on the ground. He became smaller and smaller in his sight. He whispered, “it’s almost the top.”

Sheng Guangming looked at him, “HMM.”

“Do you know… Forget it, you must not know,” Yan said slightly. “There are many legends about the top of the ferris wheel.”

“If you make a wish at the top, it will come true.”

“If lovers kiss at the top, they will love each other all their life.”

“If a friend holds hands at the top, he will always be a friend.”

“It’s all tricks made up by businessmen to cheat money.”

“What magic can the top of an amusement facility have? Don’t be funny.”

He said calmly, but his eyes have been focused on looking out of the window, where thousands of lights are reflected.

Sheng Guangming distracted and looked out. He was really close to the top. He put down his folded arm. He brewing for a while and said, “do you want to hold hands?”

Yan Shuang looked out of the window and said without hesitation, “No.”

His arm fell on his knee and rubbed his pants. Sheng Guangming thought: if he wasn’t with Yan Shuang now… Maybe everything would be different.

Nothing happened.

The ferris wheel has passed the summit.

Without holding hands or kissing, they didn’t even look at each other.

After returning to the ground, Yan Shuang asked Sheng Guangming coldly, “have you made a wish?”

Sheng Guangming paused, “No.”

His idea shouldn’t be a wish? No matter how generous, it’s not like wishing that other men are accompanying Yan Shuang.

“I promised.”

“What did you promise?” Sheng Guangming subconsciously said.

“I won’t tell you,” Yan Shuang smiled cunningly, “it has nothing to do with you anyway.”

Sheng Guangming turned his back and still had his usual gentle smile on his face.

Yan Shuang suddenly said, “carry me out.”

Sheng Guangming was stunned. “I carry you?”

“I’m tired of playing and can’t walk,” Yan Shuanggou pointed. “Squat down quickly. It’s very charming and likable to carry people.”

Sheng Guangming smiled. His laughter was very hearty. At the same time, he squatted down. He patted himself on the shoulder and waved to Yan Shuang behind him, “come up.”

Yan Shuang got down impolitely.

Sheng Guangming easily carried the man on his back. His arm passed through Yan Shuang’s leg bend. After getting up, he bumped the man up. Yan Shuang followed his inertia and threw his face into his neck nest. His lips wiped the green tendons on his neck. Sheng Guangming paused. He turned his face and looked at Yan Shuang. Before he could close his eyes, his face was turned by Yan Shuang.

“What are you looking at? I’m not careful.”

Sheng Guangming smiled dully.

“Don’t laugh.”

The hair on the top of the head was pulled up.

Sheng Guangming held back his smile and walked forward calmly.



“Happy Christmas Eve.”

“… unhappy.”

An angry answer.

Sheng Guangming is used to Yan Shuang’s former appearance of playing in the world. He thinks Yan Shuang is very cute now. He likes it very much, especially, and can’t help it.

“I’m happy.”


The arm around his neck tightened, “don’t be happy.”

“All right.”

“A little hungry.”

“Go back and I’ll make you supper. What do you want to eat?”

Yan Shuang lay on Sheng Guangming’s back and ordered. The more he ordered, the more hungry he became. He wailed, “so hungry -”

Sheng Guangming was listening carefully. When Yan Shuang shouted hungry, he smiled silently and said, “sit down.”



His voice fell and he ran up. Yan Shuang, sitting on his back, shouted, hung his neck tightly and laughed, “drive -”

Their laughter mixed and echoed in their ears. In the open amusement park, the dreamy and warm lights flickered slightly, pulling the overlapping shadows of the two people for a long, long time.

Yan Shuang said he was hungry. Sheng Guangming went back to his new apartment, pointed out Yan Shuang’s room and immediately started cooking.

Yan Shuang went to the room prepared by Sheng Guangming and had a look.

The decoration style of the room is very fresh. There are warm colors from wallpaper to bed. There is a plush toy on the bedside table and a helmet engraved with Yan Shuang’s name.

Sheng Guangming is serious.

This room is specially prepared for Yan Shuang. He said he wanted to give him a home, which is also serious.

It was because of this seriousness that Yan Shuang felt so painful when he separated.

All the others “Yan Shuang” can deceive themselves, because they don’t love him, so they hurt him.

But Sheng Guangming loves him so much, why does it hurt him so much?

Yan Shuang picked up the plush toy and played with it. He had no intention to solve the emotional case set in the original book. It doesn’t matter who is right and who is wrong, who is good and who is bad. What he has to do is to complete his task – to separate from this person before marriage.

“Dong Dong -”

Yan Shuang turned back.

Sheng Guangming was standing at the door with an apron tied around his waist. “If you’re too hungry, there are snacks in the cupboard over there. See if there’s anything you like to eat. Take a bite first.”

He meant the bedside cabinet.

Yan Shuang went to open the cabinet. The colorful packaging inside made him laugh. “I’m not a child. Why are I still putting snacks by the bed?”

“When you are hungry in the middle of the night, who cares whether you are a child or an adult? You choose to eat. Take out what you don’t like and I’ll take it away for you.”

“I don’t like it at all,” Yan Shuang smiled back. “I’m going to eat what you made.”

It was very late. Sheng Guangming still finished the barbecue ordered by Yan Shuang. There were meat, vegetables and seafood, together with two bottles of ice cola. Yan Shuang sat on the table and gave Sheng Guangming a thumbs up. “Cooking is good and charming.”

Sheng Guangming smiled. “I know. Doesn’t it mean that to grasp a person’s heart, we must first grasp a person’s stomach?”

Yan Shuang took a skewer of roast beef and pointed it at him. “So you have a careful machine.”

“Yes,” said Sheng Guangming generously. He patted his thigh and got up. “Eat first. I’ll bake a cake. On Christmas Eve, I’ll make you an apple pie, okay?”

“Yes, I can.”

Although Sheng Guangming played boxing with Yan Shuang for several hours today, went to the amusement park with Yan Shuang again, ran a long way with Yan Shuang on his back, and went to the kitchen again with great energy after finishing a table of dishes.

The kitchen is open. Yan Shuang can see Sheng Guangming working back and forth like a tireless and industrious bee.

Yan Shuang ate the barbecue leisurely, and the mobile phone on the side suddenly shook.

Yan Shuang picked it up and saw that it was a message from his roommate.

The information sent by key NPC must be related to the main line!

Yan Shuang opened it. His roommate took a picture of him. It was a beautiful black box with a white ribbon tied on it.

“Tiezi, your express is under the bedroom building. I’ll bring it up for you. It’s a scary color. Take it away tomorrow.”

Yan Shuang replied, “open it and have a look.”

After a while, another picture was sent.

The gift box was half opened, revealing the shiny leather inside.

“It’s a double shouldered leather bag. It scared me to death. Why should I use it?”

When Yan Shuang left from Qi Feiyun, he left the bag that Qi Feiyun gave him. Let’s make a clean break.

Unexpectedly, Qi Feiyun bought him a new one.

“There’s another card in it. I won’t open it.”

Yan Shuang replied, “thank you. Put it there.”

Today is Christmas Eve. Qi Feiyun believes in religion. It should be a very important day.

Yan Shuang received the gift and didn’t intend to thank him. Isn’t it the greatest comfort to Qi Feiyun that he accepted the gift?

He is so kind and loving.

After a while, Sheng Guangming’s apple pie was also made, and a candle was inserted on it, which made Yan Shuang laugh, “why, this is.”

“Birthday.” Sheng Guangming’s natural way.

Yan Shuang smiled slightly, “you don’t have to be so formal. It’s not a real birthday.”

Sheng Guangming thought of something and still didn’t say it. Yan Shuang said he didn’t want to hear it. Let the past pass. In the future, he hopes Yan Shuang can smile more.

“I pulled it out if I didn’t like it.”

Sheng Guangming said he was going to pull out the candle on it, and Yan Shuang stopped him.

“Forget it, it’s all plugged in.”

Sheng Guangming smiled. He felt that such an awkward Yan Shuang was also very cute.

Yan faced the apple pie with candles on both sides, folded his hands, closed his eyes and looked like making a wish.

Sheng Guangming looked at him quietly, his eyes infinitely gentle.

When Yan Shuang opened his eyes, he happened to bump into those gentle eyes. He was stunned, and Sheng Guangming was stunned. When Sheng Guangming looked down and looked up again, the feeling in his eyes was no longer strong. He knew that would cause a burden to Yan Shuang, so as long as it was shallow, a little bit, as long as Yan Shuang knew he liked him.

“I made a wish.” Yan Shuang took the initiative.

Sheng Guangming didn’t ask about his wishes, but said, “it will come true.”

Yan Shuang smiled and looked bad, “this wish has something to do with you.”

Sheng Guangming’s eyes brightened. “Can I ask?”

Yan Shuang smiled, “I wish you wouldn’t stay like this in the future!”

Sheng Guangming was stunned at first, then laughed, “OK, I’ll try my best.”

Yan Shuang smiled and blew out the candle. Sheng Guangming cut him an apple pie. Naturally, it goes without saying that Yan Shuang was very satisfied. He didn’t eat two bites, and the mobile phone on the table shook again.

Yan Shuang picked up his mobile phone, but it was a call from an unexpected person.

——Cui Zheng.


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