I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 133

Yan Shuang picked up his cell phone and answered the phone.


The other end of the phone was quiet without any response.

Yan Shuang didn’t hang up. Slowly, he heard the sound of breathing at the other end of the phone.

Not Cui Zheng.

Someone borrowed Cui Zheng’s cell phone to get through.

The man on the other end of the phone was silent.

The table suddenly seemed to freeze. Sheng Guangming looked at Yan Shuang with a fork in one hand, but his face looked like he didn’t know where the soul had gone. He was answering the phone, but he didn’t say a word, but he didn’t hang up the phone. His thick eyelashes hung down and covered his eyes.

The silent call lasted more than a minute.

When Yan Shuang hung up, Sheng Guangming noticed that his hand trembled slightly when he put down his cell phone.

“What happened?” Sheng Guangming inquired.

Yan Shuang shook his head slowly as he forked a small piece of apple pie.

The relaxed and pleasant atmosphere of the whole night disappeared.

It was just a phone call. It was only a minute. Yan Shuang seemed to be beaten back to his original shape and covered with that layer of lingering melancholy.

Sheng Guangming has only seen one person with such great energy.

“I’m full.”

Yan Shuang put down his fork and pushed the stool to get up. The foot of the stool made a sharp sound on the floor. Sheng Guangming put down his hand holding his cheek. He looked at Yan Shuang shakily into the room without closing the door.

Sheng Guangming glanced at the mobile phone on the table and followed.

Slippers “patter patter” to the guest bedroom, he tapped on the door, “wash and sleep, here are clothes to change.”

Yan Shuang turned his back to him, curled up and said nothing.

Sheng Guangming put down his hand and walked forward. He saw Yan Shuang bury most of his face in his pillow.

“What’s the matter?” Sheng Guangming squatted down and said softly, “what’s wrong?”

“I’ve had enough.”

Sheng Guangming knew why he was sad, but he couldn’t break it. He followed him and said, “let me rub your stomach?”


With his knee pressed against the bed, Sheng Guangming stretched out his hand and gently covered his stomach. His warm palm rubbed him in the direction. His strength was very light.

Yan Shuang pretended to be dead motionless. He was so obvious that Sheng Guangming should have guessed.

Rare things are precious. The wanderer’s sincerity is very precious. Therefore, he deliberately shows his sincerity to another person again and again to Sheng Guangming to lure him to pick it.

Want it? Then you can only pay a little more and pay a little more. When Sheng Guangming pays everything, it’s time for him to close the net.

Yan Shuang suddenly turned around and hugged the people around him.

“Brother Sheng, can you accompany me for a while?”

There was a rare helplessness in his voice. The boy who had always been natural and unrestrained in front of him suddenly became so pinched. Sheng Guangming’s heart was sour. He patted Yan Shuang’s arm, “I’ll lie down with you.”

Sheng Guangming has broad shoulders, strong muscles and a sweet fragrance. Yan Shuang leans his face against his chest and puts his arms around Sheng Guangming’s waist.

There was no ambiguous breath in the hug. It was like a wounded bird docked in a harbor. He just rested and healed in his arms.

“When I first saw him, I was in our dormitory.”

The warm breath sprayed on his chest through his shirt, and Sheng Guangming listened quietly.

“He’s very proud,” Yan Shuang said with a smile. “He doesn’t look straight at people when he enters the dormitory. All the people in our dormitory hate him.”

Sheng Guangming also smiled silently.

“But later… He was very good to me, very good…”

“He knows everything and doesn’t look down on me.”

“He doesn’t mind me being kept.”

Sheng Guangming’s pupils shook slightly, and Yan Shuang’s arm shrank quietly.

“Every time when I am most sad and down, he will always appear…”

Yan Shuang’s tone is gentle and yearning. Anyone who hears him say these words can feel his deep affection hidden in these words.

“But he’s so kind.”

“Brother Sheng, he’s very kind…”

The man in his arms hugged him tightly, his arms trembled slightly, and the warm moisture came from the thin cloth, “… I don’t deserve him.”

“Shuangshuang -”

“Listen to me.”

Sheng Guangming breathed hard, pressed down what he wanted to say in his throat, and gently rubbed Yan’s double headed hair with his palm. His heart was sour and painful, but he didn’t know how to discharge it. He ran around in his body, making his chest and throat gradually become dry and painful.

“I should stay away from him. People like me are people of two worlds with him, but I’m too greedy…”

“I can’t bear to leave him.”

“I begged him to be good friends with me all my life.”

“I begged him to be friends with me all my life…”

The wet feeling felt in the chest continued to spread, and the thin body could not help shaking.

“He promised me, he promised me -”

Sheng Guangming hugged the tearful man in his arms.

“It’s his fault,” said Sheng Guangming with a twinkling of an eye. The warm liquid slipped from his eyes. He gently pressed Yan Shuang’s hair and said softly, “it’s his fault…”

Yan Shuang was crying with Sheng Guangming in his arms and was about to collapse.

Sheng Guangming can only hold him and pass his temperature to him, “it’s okay, it’s all over, it’s okay…”

Yan Shuang cried for a long time before stopping his tears. When he lifted his face from Sheng Guangming’s arms, the whole face was already red, the eyes and the tip of his nose were even more red, his cheeks were all wet, and there were tears on his eyelashes. Sheng Guangming looked down and saw his appearance. In addition to his broken heart, he didn’t know how to describe his feelings.

The thumb gently wiped the tears from Yan’s eyes, and Sheng Guangming looked at him gently, “you’re good, you deserve anyone.”

Those tears soaked eyes were still in pain. Yan Shuang looked up at him with a cold tone, “kiss me.”

Sheng Guangming was stunned.

“Kiss me.” Yan Shuang repeated again, but what was hidden in his tough tone was all fragility.

Sheng Guangming thought: is he taking advantage of people’s danger?

Well, he’s going to be a bad man again.

The warm and dry lips gently covered the moist lips, and only touched them lightly, as if through this kiss that was not a kiss at all, healing the invisible wounds of the people in his arms.

Yan Shuang put his arms around Sheng Guangming’s neck and put his face on his neck socket.

“Like me more, will you?”


“Even if I don’t like you, you should like me, okay?”


Yan Shuang held him tighter, like grasping the last straw in his hand.

Sheng Guangming patted him on the back and stroked his back with his big palm from the soft hair on the back of his head. His action was as soft as comforting a child.

For a long time, Yan Shuang said, “you’re ready to change my clothes. Do you want to live with me?”

Sheng Guangming stroked his back, “no…”

“Oh, don’t want to live with me,” Yan Shuang’s tone immediately became bad. “It’s so fast to change your mind.”

Sheng Guangming couldn’t laugh or cry, “that’s not what he meant.”

“What do you mean?”

“I didn’t think so much when I prepared my clothes.”

“Ha ha.”

Yan shuangqu pushed away the man with his arms and turned around as if to hide his crying face from the other party, “where is the bathroom?”

Sheng Guangming sat up, “I’ll take you there.”

When Yan Shuang washes out, Sheng Guangming has cleaned up the table and is changing the quilt cover for Yan Shuang’s guest bedroom.

When Yan Shuang entered the door, Sheng Guangming was shaking the quilt by grasping the two corners of the quilt. The quilt was shaking by him. It was winding like a wave. With a powerful sound, it became very neat in an instant.

“Sleep, clean.” Sheng Guangming and Li Luo Road.

Yan Shuang stood at the door, wearing the long haired slippers prepared for him by Sheng Guangming, blocking the door, with a slightly coy look, “tonight, can you… Sleep with me? I don’t mean that, just pure sleep, static sleep…”

Sheng Guangming was shy and awkward when he first saw that the corners of his eyes and eyebrows were all wild people.

“Yes…” Yan Shuang turned away from him. “You hold… It’s very comfortable, cough…” he suddenly became vicious again, turned his head and glared at him, “can you give me a word! Don’t grind haw!”

Sheng Guangming grabbed the quilt and looked at him quietly with soft eyes, “OK.”

Yan Shuang’s face slowly turned red and his feet kicked out, “come back after washing.”

Sheng Guangming put down the quilt and rubbed Yan Shuang’s hair when he passed by Yan Shuang. Yan Shuang looked like a frightened squirrel and widened his eyes. Sheng Guangming smiled at him, “wait for me.”

Heating was turned on in the room. They only covered a thin blanket and lay face to face, separated by a distance.

“Don’t you want to sleep with me?” Sheng Guangming Road.

Yan Shuang put his hands under his face and looked very clever, “don’t make noise.”

Sheng Guangming pursed his lips and said he would not speak again.

The smell of male hormones came to his face in the bedroom, and his white face was stained with Yan color bit by bit under his gaze.

Clearly, he once said in front of him that he was the one who came out “□□”, but now he is as shy as a virgin.

Sheng Guangming looked at Yan Shuang with both eyes. Yan Shuang seemed to be unbearable. He stretched out his hand to block his eyes, “close your eyes.”

Eyelashes slipped through the palm, and the tall man obediently closed his eyes.

After a while, Sheng Guangming was hugged. When he stretched out his hand to hug the people in his arms, he was stopped, “don’t hold me.”

After such a rude request, he himself held the man tighter.

“That’s it…”

Sheng Guangming lay quietly, faithfully playing the human pillow. After a long time, he opened his eyes when he heard the uniform sound of breathing in his arms.

He lowered his head and the man in his arms was asleep.

But even if he fell asleep, his eyebrows were still unconsciously frowning.

Sheng Guangming stroked the pair of delicate eyebrows across the air.

Don’t be sad.

It’s all over.

The future will be good.

He put down his hand and smiled quietly at his sleeping face.

The next day, although it was Christmas, Yan Shuang still had to go back to school. Sheng Guangming sent him to school. They agreed to meet in the evening, and Yan Shuang entered the school.

The Christmas atmosphere in the school was very strong. Decorations were hung in many places. Colored lights were pulled on the signboard of the canteen. Yan Shuangxian returned to the dormitory.

The black gift box is on the table.

Yan Shuang opened the gift box and saw with his own eyes that the cortex looked more shiny than in the photo.

Should be able to sell at a good price!

There was a card inside. Yan Shuang opened the card and did not write. On the snow-white card, black ink outlined the shape of a osmanthus tree.

Yan Shuang closed the card and put it back in the box.

It’s over.


Yan Shuang still went to class with his old canvas bag on his back. As soon as he entered the classroom, the students around him began to act as NPCs again and sent him the news that Ji Yao was suspended from school for a year and heard that he was going abroad.

Yan Shuang gave a steady “Oh” sound.

Going abroad?

Probably arranged by his over controlling father.

Xiao Ji, I’ve been so angry recently. Ji wensong also poured oil on the fire. Just in time, he saved more for ignition. At last, when he exploded, there was enough fuel.

Last night’s silent phone call for more than a minute and the emotional line progress bar in the background explain everything.

Ji Yao still held his hand firmly in his heart. He was not worried at all.

Yan Shuang turned the page. Sheng Guangming and Ji Yao played a mutually reinforcing role in his plan, and now they are moving forward bit by bit according to his vision.

He likes the feeling of mastering everything with one hand.

After class, when Yan Shuangzheng was about to leave, the Youth League Committee in the class stopped the people, “don’t go. Give everyone apples and small gifts at Christmas.”

Last Christmas Eve, some students from other colleges sent out apples and bracelets. The College of Arts had nothing. They also mocked themselves that the literati were poor. Finally, it was their turn. The students were very happy. The Youth League Committee sent them one by one. They were all small bags of Christmas colors. Yan Shuang took them out and wiped them on the road. He took a bite directly. It was very sweet.

Yan Shuang nibbled at the apple and pulled the small bag. There was a small box in it. He took out the box with one hand, rubbed it with his thumb, and the box opened with a “pop”.

Yan Shuang’s footsteps stopped.

A diamond brooch in the shape of snowflakes lies quietly on the black silk suede in the box. The snowflakes spliced by dozens of diamonds reflect dazzling light in the sun, which is cold and expensive.


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