I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 134

Yan Shuang bit off the sweet pulp with a “click”, closed the box with a “snap” with one hand, threw it back into the bag, rubbed his hands with ice, and continued to move forward when nothing happened.

It goes without saying who sent the gorgeous, precious and impractical things.

As the two richest of the five slag attacks, Qin Yu gave him things, computers and houses, which are really related to life.

Only Ji Yao, this noble childe who doesn’t eat human fireworks, will stubbornly want to give him a snow.

Qin yubai’s so-called “love” always carries the calculation of weighing the pros and cons. He is not only an adult, but also a businessman. His thinking can never escape the entanglement of interests.

Ji Yao is different. In his bones, he is still the reckless young man like the wind.

He can give valuable jewelry without saying a word or even signing his name.

As far as he is concerned, maybe he just wants to convey a farewell message.

His love, regardless of cost, is surprisingly expensive.

It’s too difficult for “Yan Shuang” to be indifferent to such people.

Moths put out the fire, not that moths are too stupid, but that fire is so strong and hot that people can’t help but want to invest in it and see how bright the fire will be.

The decoration of the western restaurant is simple and warm. The owner of the restaurant is no exception and a friend of Sheng Guangming. He came to the seat and greeted them. Yan Shuang smiled faintly. After the boss said a few words, he went to greet other guests.

Sheng Guangming moved his knife and fork, and the warm smile on his face faded slowly. A concern appeared between his eyebrows, “what’s the matter, the dishes are not to your taste?”

Yan Shuang lowered his head, scooped up some cream mushroom soup and shook his head gently.

He was not in high spirits tonight. He noticed it since Sheng Guangming picked him up at school.

He always looked wan and absent-minded, as if he had something on his mind.

With his appearance, Sheng Guangming didn’t even have to guess who he was for.

Even if you know the crux, you still have nowhere to enlighten.

After talking too much, Sheng Guangming felt very wordy.

“What do you want to do tonight?” Sheng Guangming said, “do you want to go to the gym to fight again?”

Yan Shuang still shook his head.

No matter how hard Sheng Guangming tried to adjust the atmosphere, Yan Shuang always looked like that. Sheng Guangming was thirsty, and he only got a reluctantly comforting smile, “I’m fine, but I’m a little tired.”

Sheng Guangming did not pierce his lie, but also smiled.

The restaurant is very lively. There are couples around. Families will travel together with laughter and laughter. Only the atmosphere of their table is a little out of place.

“I’m full.”

Yan Shuang wiped his mouth.

Sheng Guangming also slowly put down his knife and fork.

“I want to go back to school.”

Yan Shuang put down his napkin and smiled at him, looking a little tired.

“OK, I’ll take you,” Sheng Guangming got up as if nothing had happened. He grabbed his coat hanging on the chair. “Should you have any Christmas related activities in the evening of your university?” Yu Guang glanced at Yan Shuang, and Sheng Guangming stopped when he was ready to dress.

Yan Shuang’s face, which had been camouflaged all night, was broken, and his expression obviously showed a little pain.

Sheng Guangming immediately realized that he had said the wrong thing.


“I’m fine,” Yan Shuang stretched out his hand and looked away. “Let’s go.”

Sheng Guangming didn’t talk all the way.

The car was very quiet. There was a brisk folk song. Yan almost seemed to be paralyzed on the seat. The window was half open, blowing his black hair in disorder. There was no expression on his face. The moonlight and the shadow of trees on the street jumped on his face.

Sheng Guangming said nothing and didn’t choose to disturb him.

When people are sad, sometimes what they need may not be comfort, but just silent company. Just like last night, Yan Shuang needs a warm hug, that’s all.

Sheng Guangming parked his car in a secluded shade in front of the dormitory building.

It’s not too late now, but there are few lights in the dormitory building. It’s about the festival. Even the school has become more deserted than usual. When driving all the way, Sheng Guangming saw the lively decoration, but he didn’t see much lively scene.

After the car stopped, Yan Shuang still leaned against the seat. He seemed to be distracted. A bird flew over the tree and startled many leaves to fall. It was like waking up. After looking back and forth, he said a superfluous word, “here we are.”

He lowered his head and looked sleepwalking. When he reached for his seat belt, his hand was held.

The temperature of the human body pulled him back from his free dream.

“How are you?”

Sheng Guangming’s hands are always so warm. He is not afraid of cold. He comes and goes with T-shirts and coats. It seems that he will always use endless heat.

“It’s all right.”

This is the first time Yan Shuang said it tonight.

With a sense of prevarication.

Of course, “nothing” is not really “nothing”, but Yan Shuang thinks he can’t solve his problem, so he just doesn’t bother to say it. Sheng Guangming can’t let go if he understands.

“Sit down a little longer,” said Sheng Guangming. “Just accompany me.”

Yan Shuang glanced at him, and Sheng Guangming smiled at him. His gentle face was half a tree shadow in the moonlight, but it was as beautiful as a ghost, “don’t think about anything, just accompany me, okay?”

He is trying to pull Yan Shuang out of the emotional swamp called “Ji Yao” in his way.

Yan Shuang led his affection.

He was still sitting in the seat, but his left hand was clasped with Sheng Guangming’s right hand.

Neither of them spoke quietly.

“Sheng Guangming.”


“I miss him.”

Sheng Guangming’s breath smothered in his chest, paused and said slowly, “think about it,” his fingers held tightly with Yan Shuang, “don’t think about it for too long.”

“I can’t control myself,” Yan Shuang said with a decadent look. “I can’t control missing him.”

Sheng Guangming told himself that Yan Shuang had confided in him, which showed that he had entered Yan Shuang’s heart. This was a good thing, but he couldn’t control himself. His heart was still sour unconsciously.

“Hold me.”

After a moment of silence, Sheng Guangming untied his seat belt. He turned to his side, hugged Yan Shuang with one arm and hugged him.

Yan Shuang was not satisfied. He also untied his seat belt, holding Sheng Guangming’s hand in one hand and Sheng Guangming’s collar in the other.

The fabric of the T-shirt is elastic and clings to the body after being grabbed at one corner, outlining almost perfect muscle lines.

Yan Shuang’s eyes changed again.

“Brother Sheng,” the ruddy lips became a little dry due to the night wind, “I seem to have been abstinent for a long time.”

Sheng Guangming grimaced and his Adam’s apple rolled gently.

The distance between them was too close. He could clearly see Yan Shuang’s eyelashes, hanging one by one, with the top slightly tilted up, and the light inside was like a hook.

He stepped back slightly. Yan Shuang immediately noticed his action. His eyes were dark, his hands were released, and he directly turned around and pushed the door out of the car.

Sheng Guangming hurriedly followed and stopped people, “Yan Shuang -”

Yan Shuang directly opened his hand.

Sheng Guangming continued to pull people again. He was a boxer in the end. Of course, it was not very difficult to hold Yan Shuang. Yan Shuang was held by him and stared at him with an ugly face, “let go.”

“Yan Shuang, listen to me.”

Yan Shuang wanted to say a classic “I won’t listen”, but he held it back and quietly listened to what flower Sheng Guangming’s stupid mouth could say.

“I don’t mean anything else,” said Sheng Guangming, frowning. He didn’t seem to know what to say so that he wouldn’t make Yan Shuang angry. “I don’t think we’ll be there yet.”

Yan stared at him with dark eyes, and then smiled. The whole person looked very relaxed, “I know.”

Sheng Guangming was not at ease. “You know what, don’t think nonsense. You’re sad and I’m not comfortable. I can’t do anything when I see you like this. I can’t make you happy. I think I’m really useless.”

In exchange for his sincere confession, Yan Shuang said coldly, “you can coax me happy in bed.”

“Would you really be happy to do that?” Sheng Guangming was rarely angry. “If you exile yourself and are insensitive, will you really feel happy and forget him?”

“Yan Shuang, why don’t you cherish yourself?”

Yan Shuang’s face turned completely black. He seemed to be stabbed in his mind. His eyes burst out of anger, bit his teeth and said, “let go -”

Sheng Guangming also has a calm face and still holds his hands tightly.

“If I count to three and you don’t let go, I won’t know you.”

Yan Shuang’s hair was fierce and his whole body looked like a thorn. His rebellious strength came up again. He counted the numbers fiercely. When he counted to three, Sheng Guangming still didn’t let him go. Before Yan Shuang broke out, Sheng Guangming took his arm and easily pulled the person back to the car. He opened the door in the back seat and pushed the person in.

“What are you doing –”

Yan Shuang fell on the soft leather seat. When his eyes were spinning, the metal button on his waist pants was pulled open.

“Sheng Guangming -” Yan Shuang reacted and began to resist. However, Sheng Guangming’s strength was amazing. He could firmly control him with only one arm, and his pants were directly pulled down. Yan Shuang thought he was still wearing autumn pants. Fuck, directly scolded, “fuck your mother, let go of me!”

Got a punch in the ass.

Yan Shuang is not sure how strong he is.

There was no pain, but the voice was quite clear. The flesh rolled up and down like waves. Yan Shuang trembled and his voice was low, “you hit me…”

“It’s you,” Sheng Guangming said in a harsh tone, not as gentle as usual. “Yes, I can’t manage you, nor do I manage you, but I manage it today. You scold me, when you don’t know me, and with me, I just can’t see you practice yourself like this.”

Yan Shuang was lying on the back seat, breathing heavily in his chest. After a long time, he calmed his breathing. He turned his face and his eyes were red. “Be reasonable. Why hit me? You’re domestic violence…”

Sheng Guangming was blocked at the door of the car like a mountain. Listening to Yan Shuang’s voice, he softened his tough attitude and loosened his strength. “Does it hurt?”

Yan Shuang got up, put his hands under his ass and muttered in a low voice, “you let me have a try.”

Sheng Guangming saw that he seemed to recover a little. His heart was relaxed and his face was still stiff. “I hit you. It’s my fault. Call back.”

Yan Shuang glanced at him, “you are full of muscles. You don’t hurt when I hit you.”

“Then what do you say?”

“Where you hurt, rub it for me.”

Sheng Guangming blacked his face again. “I don’t think it hurts enough.”

The final result was that Sheng Guangming went upstairs with Yan Shuang on his back.

Yan Shuang lay on his back, pulled his ears, and his lips leaned against his ears to blow, “Sheng Guangming, you were so fat just now. Dare to spank me.”

Sheng Guangming didn’t care. He pulled his ears and said, “no matter how sad you are, you can’t spoil your body. Don’t easily invite people you don’t like. Men are animals in this regard. They won’t pity you. They will only vent their desires on you. In the end, you will only be more sad.”

Yan Shuang played with his earlobe and suddenly got up and kissed the tip of his ear.

Sheng Guangming’s footsteps, Yan Shuang said, “I just want to kiss, not because I’m sad.”

Sheng Guangming held him forward and put the person down at the gate of the dormitory. He looked at Yan Shuang and said, “when you really like me one day, you’ll inform me and I’ll accompany you to the end.”

Yan Shuang looked awkward, “then you can’t wait in your life.” With that, he pulled the door of the dormitory in and ran fast. Sheng Guangming still didn’t miss the blush on Yan Shuang’s face.

He stood outside the dormitory door and whispered, “I’ll wait for you when you don’t like him anymore.”

“Shuangshuang, I know I’m not good enough to make you forget him, but I’ll try my best. When your heart is empty, I’ll fill it so that you can’t remember him again.”

Across the door, without seeing each other, Sheng Guangming’s language became much more fluent. He whispered love outside the door. Inside the door, in the dark dormitory, Yan Shuangzheng was forced to lean against the door. The tip of his nose was full of elegant cold fragrance. His neat and slender body in the dark was enveloping him. His eyes, which were more expensive and colder than gemstones, firmly locked him in the dark.

Lengxiang suddenly approached, and a cold and cynical word came from his ear, “he is dead to you.”

Behind him was a man who really wanted to accompany him through the years, but in front of him was an unattainable son who repeatedly abandoned him.

Ji Yao probably came from a banquet. He still had a white rose on his chest, emitting a faint aroma. A moment later, Yan Shuang’s drooping chin was raised.

Those eyes looked at him indifferently, with examination, hatred, pain… And lingering infatuation.

“Shuangshuang, I like you. I like you more today than yesterday.”

The cold breath intruded into his mouth in the advertising words outside the door. His palm tightly grasped his predecessor’s suit. The soft petals were crushed and fell finely from his fingertips. Yan Shuang’s back was close to the door. He couldn’t help pressing the thin and brittle door behind him in the increasingly strong kiss in front of him.

“Bang -”

The loud sound of human body hitting the door echoed in the silent dormitory building.

“Shuangshuang?” Sheng Guangming outside the door said alertly, “what’s the matter? What’s the matter?”

Yan Shuang looked up at Qingjun’s indifferent face in the dark, his Adam’s apple rolled up and down, and slowly opened his mouth under Ji Yao’s condescending gaze, “… It’s all right.”


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