I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 135

The footsteps outside the door are getting farther and farther away, but the kisses inside the door are more and more wanton.

Yan Shuang’s waist was tightly clenched, and his tongue was numb with kissing. He pulled and pushed back with the palm of his suit, but he became more and more tight with the person who kissed him as if he wanted to refuse.

Breathing heavily in his nose, Yan Shuang vaguely made a voice of rejection, stretched out his hand and touched the wall behind him. Finally, he touched the light of the indoor lamp.

With the sound of “pa -” the darkness was dispersed, and Yan Shuang pushed people away at the same time.

His eyes blinked hard in the sudden light for several times before they opened completely. Yan Shuang glanced at Ji Yao under the lamp and was almost dizzy again by his handsome.

Ji Yao has always been dressed up as a student. It’s rare to dress up so formally as today. The light gray suit is frivolous, but it can be held down on him. He wears a sense of abstinence, especially his eyes, which are so arrogant and arrogant. This is the most expensive decoration on him.

“Are you crazy?” In the face of the peerless beautiful man, Yan Shuang was still merciless, and his attitude was extremely bad, “it’s disgusting.” In order to express his disgust, Yan Shuang twisted his face and wiped his lips with the back of his hand.

Ji Yao stood under the light in the center of the dormitory, put his hands leisurely in his pockets, lifted a corner of his suit, and looked coldly at the person who had just kissed fiercely in the dark.

After looking at him, Yan Shuang immediately turned and opened the door. The cold wind poured in from the outside, dispersing the slightly hot air in the house and breaking his words, “get out -”

The kiss in the dark seemed to be ignored by both of them.

They remained faithful to each other as they had said at their last meeting.

Ji Yao watched him quietly for a moment, pulled out a hand from his pocket, walked leisurely to the door, stretched out his hand, but closed the door again, and trapped Yan Shuang between the door and him.

Yan Shuang stared at him angrily. Before opening his mouth, he welcomed Ji Yao’s first sentence after turning on the light – “Why sleep in my bed?”

Yan Shuang’s pupils were slightly shocked.

Ji Yao looked at Yan Shuang. His face showed unprepared panic. His chest approached again. He leaned down close to Yan Shuang’s ear. The sound line was elegant and cold, “isn’t it disgusting?”

The air in the room suddenly stagnated. Yan Shuang was trapped in his arms. His eyes hesitated and flickered. The person who has always been eloquent suddenly became mute. He looked flustered on his face. For a moment, he calmly said, “you have moved out. That’s not your bed.”

Ji Yao stared into his eyes and said, “lie.”

Yan Shuang’s eyes twinkled, “I didn’t.”

Ji Yao didn’t entangle the topic with him as before, but grabbed his arm, pulled people into his arms, and dragged Yan Shuang to the bedside.

The single dormitory bed is narrow and tidy. Ji Yao’s legs move forward, presses the person in his arms against the bed, controls him with one hand and lifts the quilt with the other.

There is no air conditioning in the dormitory. In winter, most people choose to cover two quilts, and Yan Shuang is no exception.

His bed is covered with a quilt issued by the school, and the quilt close to his body… Is the quilt Ji Yao didn’t take away.

The snow-white quilt looks a little old because it has been washed several times. It looks more like the old feeling of the owner’s personal love. It looks shiny, charming and elegant under the school’s striped quilt.

“Why cover my quilt?”

The hot air sprayed on his ears. Yan Shuang avoided it and said in a stiff tone, “it’s cold and there’s no money to buy a quilt.”


Yan Shuang: ah, bah, I think everyone is as tough as you. Everything is true!

The atmosphere suddenly became stagnant again. Yan Shuang bowed his face, did not explain or refute, as if he had acquiesced in his mistake.

Ji Yao put his arms around his shoulder. The people in his arms are still the same as before, with a faint aroma of citrus.

The source should be the cheap shower gel in the dormitory bathroom, which is placed in the most prominent position on the supermarket shelf. It is sold at a discount or bundled almost every day of the year.

Aroma is a pure industrial product without any natural ingredients. The stimulation of human smell is straightforward and shallow. There is no attractive part except that it makes people feel bored.

But Yan Shuang smells different.

The tip of the nose leaned gently against the low neck fossa, and Ji Yao smelled the smell of long absence.

The smell frequently appeared in his dreams and disturbed him.

What about Yan Shuang?

Sleeping in his bed, covered with his quilt, do you also smell his smell and recall in your dream what happened between them?

“What are you doing…”

Ji Yao was immersed in his thoughts. When he recovered, he found that the tip of his nose had leaned against Yan Shuang’s white back neck.

The fragrance poured into him.

He took a deep breath. “You used perfume.”

Yan Shuang sneered, “you are not only sick in your brain, but also in your nose.”

Ji Yao turned a deaf ear to his evil words. The tip of his nose pressed on the skin and deeply smelled the taste of the man in his arms. The tall bridge of his nose rolled over the skin behind his neck. Yan Shuang trembled slightly and pulled Ji Yao’s hands to trap him, “are you sick, you…”

The hands were buckled in the opposite direction.

It is also ten fingers linked, but Ji Yao’s fingers are slightly cool, like cold jade, with distinct joints embedded between his fingers, so strong and full of a sense of existence.

Yan Shuang dodged and moved his neck. The coat he was wearing fell between entanglement, revealing his white and slender neck. The collar of his sweater was also rubbed down. He seemed to be entangled by a beast and constantly absorbed his taste. At the same time, there were dangerous hints.

The back of the neck was suddenly branded with a kiss.

The strength is extremely heavy, and the lips are hot and powerful. They can be divided at one touch, but they seem to leave a mark.

Yan Shuang’s twisted face was found again, his lips were locked, tentatively touched and separated, and then there was a strong wet kiss.

Unconsciously, Yan Shuang’s fingers had been released, but he didn’t push Ji Yao away. Instead, he took the initiative to hug Ji Yao’s neck, softened his knees and poured into the narrow single bed with him.

When his body fell into the soft bed, Yan Shuangcai woke up. He suddenly avoided the kiss from Ji Yao and pushed back the man who was about to lose his mind.

The dormitory is clearly quiet, but it seems very noisy.

Breathing sounds of different frequencies collide with each other in the hot air in winter.

Slowly, their breathing calmed down.

Yan Shuang lay in bed and covered his eyes with his arms. “What are you doing?”

“What are we?”

Silence spread in the air.

“Ji Yao,” his ruddy lips opened and trembled a few times before he said slowly, “do you hate me… Or like me?”

Still unspeakable silence.


The cold voice came. Yan Shuang was shocked. He moved his arm away, and the consternation on his face couldn’t hide, “you…”

“Are you dreaming?” Ji Yao propped up above him, looked into his eyes, and then finished that sentence indifferently.

Yan Shuang’s stunned look on his face had not faded, so he froze there.

The reason why you are so desirable is not only the excellence of your skin bag, but also the arrogance engraved in your soul. He doesn’t bow to anyone, which is why others are willing to bow for him.

Ji Yao looked at Yan Shuang’s unexpected look. Many thoughts flashed through his mind. He stood up and looked down at Yan Shuang, who still had a stiff face, “you’re nothing.”

Yan Shuang looked at him, and his look gradually changed back to relaxation and disdain. “Since I’m nothing, please don’t come over again and again. It’s a strong kiss and… It’s like a dead pervert…” his face gradually turned red with anger, suddenly stretched out his hand and pointed to the door, “get out of here!”

“This is my bed.” Ji Yao said faintly.

Yan Shuang sat up without saying a word.

“Dong -”

The top of his head hit the upper bunk and made a huge sound. Yan Shuang didn’t feel the pain, but he still subconsciously touched his head. He didn’t touch his head. Ji Yao’s action was faster than him. At the moment Yan Shuang got up and hit his head, the cold and arrogant man had bent down to hold his head.

“Don’t move.”

The tone was cold and fierce, but the action on his hand carefully pushed Yan Shuang’s black hair away.

“It’s swollen.”

After blandly announcing the injury, Ji Yao put down his soft hair.

“Fuck you, I knew it would be bad as soon as I saw you…”

Ji Yao scolded Yan Shuang, pressed his arm on his shoulder and put his face on his chest.

The sound of the heart beating in the chest came from the eardrum.

Powerful and fast.

It seems very flustered.

Yan Shuang looked up, but only saw Ji Yao’s expressionless and indifferent face. “I’ve been in trouble since I first saw you. You really annoy me.”

“… then you go,” Yan Shuang said calmly without any more evil words. “If you go, I will never take the initiative to bother you in the future.”

After Yan Shuang finished, Ji Yao really let him go, and walked without hesitation. He didn’t even look back.

Yan Shuang: “…” get out of here if you don’t close the door!

The suit was cluttered. Ji Yao went downstairs and tidied up his collar. He seemed to be haunted by the aroma of citrus. His eyebrows wrinkled bit by bit. His steps stopped at the last step. He turned back and showed a heat completely different from his indifferent expression.

After gazing deeply for a long time, he left the dormitory building.

Late at night, the campus was more lively than before. One after another, students who went out to play came back. They were hanging shoulder to shoulder in groups, laughing and laughing. Ji Yao glanced at the crowd and inevitably remembered his time with Yan Shuang.

I can’t think about it anymore.

Tonight is out of line.

A black luxury car parked quietly at the back door of the campus. Ji Yao approached and just touched the handle of the car. When the whole car lit up, the strong light on the opposite side also came over.

Ji Yao narrowed his eyes slightly.

A man came down from the car.

In winter, he still wore thin and neat clothes, only a jacket and a T-shirt. He was tall and strong, and his body smelled of oppression. At this time, he was looking at Ji Yao, who was slightly disheveled in the light of the intersection.

The smoke from his fingertips fell to the ground and was crushed by his leather boots. He hissed.

“It’s you.”


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