I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 136

Outside the campus in winter, only the branches of the deciduous trees on both sides of the silent street are left. They are shadowy under the street lamps. If they are cast on the ground, they hide their shadows and can’t distinguish them clearly.

Sheng Guangming noticed the abnormality when Yan Shuang hit the door – there were others in the dormitory.

It’s the person Yan Shuang doesn’t want him to see.

He should think he didn’t notice, and then go home as if nothing had happened. When Yan Shuang wanted to tell him, he generously said that he knew it early in the morning, but pretended not to know it out of respect for him.

He did, too, before he saw the car parked on the side of the road integrated with the night.

Black luxury cars are extremely rare in this city.

Sheng Guangming has only seen two.

The masters are all people related to Yan Shuang.

Sheng Guangming sat in the car and stared at the dark car. His palm was on the steering wheel. He wanted to drive away several times, but it seemed that an inexplicable force stuck him to his seat.

He wants to know who it is.

“It’s you.”

The tone was expected to be a little cold.

Ji Yao released his hand to pull the door and turned to look at the man not far away. He looked calm and indifferent. He didn’t mean to answer. He just stood there and quietly looked at Sheng Guangming.

He was wearing a Handcut coat. Even if his chest was slightly wrinkled, he still looked so outstanding. The street lights on the street were not too bright. He stood under the street lights, which were much more dazzling than those artificial lights.

Sheng Guangming has little inferiority complex.

He lost his parents when he was young and worked all the way with his own hands. Today, he realized that he would not lose to others and would not be worse than anyone.

Without such a firm belief, he could not be invincible in the ring.

If he and Ji Yao are in a boxing ring now, he is confident that one punch will make Ji Yao out of the game.

But this is not a boxing ring.

Feelings don’t speak with your fist.

Ji Yao looked up and down at Sheng Guangming, coldly retracted his eyes and pulled the door again.


Ji Yao had opened the door. Half a man leaned behind the door and looked at Sheng Guangming as if condescending again.

“What do you mean to Yan Shuang?” Sheng Guangming’s face was cold and his tone was also very aggressive.

Ji Yao felt that he seemed very funny. He picked it coldly from the corners of his eyes and said blandly, “who are you?”

There is no more provocative than this.

This man has carved arrogance into his bone marrow and become a part of his body. He naturally becomes his weapon anytime, anywhere. His words, deeds and every move seem to despise the people around him. He is so high above the world that he has no dust at present, which annoys Sheng Guangming.

Yan Shuang likes such a person?

Sheng Guangming has never been so angry.

The hand hanging on his side slowly became a fist, and he walked slowly towards the expensive luxury car step by step.

Ji Yao always stood calmly, holding the door with one hand. His eyes seemed to be looking at Sheng Guangming, but he didn’t seem to be looking at him. In the face of the coming pressure, he still had no waves.

The fist on his side had been held tightly. Sheng Guangming used his willpower to control the impulse of boxing, “if it weren’t for Yan Shuang, you would have fallen to the ground now.”

He desperately told himself that this is the person Yan Shuang likes, and he can’t hurt the person Yan Shuang likes… This almost self abusive idea stubbornly blocked his idea of beating the face in front of him.

Ji Yao smelled the speech, glanced at his clenched fist on the side of his body, then hooked his lips, and said in his usual cold and arrogant language: “you can try.”

“Do you think I dare not?” Sheng Guangming squeezed out these words from his teeth. It seems that he has been extremely angry.

“Bang -”

Ji Yao closed the door behind him. He took off his coat and revealed the white shirt inside. The collar of the shirt obviously had some scratched folds, which were scattered on his chest. He lowered his face, slowly untied the gem Cufflinks of the shirt cuffs, and said faintly, “I don’t question your courage.” he raised his face, showing arrogant cruelty, “What I question is your ability to bear the consequences.”

The ice blue gem Cufflinks slipped from his fingertips and made a “clatter” on the ground.

The sleeves rolled up slowly, revealing his white but equally strong arms. Ji Yao moved his shoulders up and down and said coldly, “come on.”

The son of a rich man is very expensive from head to toe.

Qin yubai can get his shop out of the mall in a word.

Sheng Guangming can imagine how much energy this noble childe has in front of him. If he causes any scars on this body, he will face much trouble.

People must choose to be patient and bear humiliation at some time. That’s a rational choice.

The fist hit the arrogant face with a strong wind, and Sheng Guangming, who beat back the person directly for two steps, sneered, “I’m sorry, you caught up with my irrational time.”

The hurt cheek immediately felt a pain as hot as a needle, and the blood smell came out of his mouth. Ji Yao turned his face and smiled, “that’s a coincidence.”

Such a white and slender young master, Sheng Guangming subconsciously thought that the other party was an embroidered pillow to be treated with dignity, leaving room for his hand. Ji Yao’s fierce counterattack almost made Sheng Guangming think that he had returned to the underground boxing ground where he had been. He was ruthless, didn’t speak about rules and regulations, and just punched.

One did not dare to kill the other, and the other was so cruel that they fought back and forth. The gap was very small.

The silent street is full of the sound of boxing to meat. Men’s heavy breathing is holding their strength. Is it rational? Reason is the bondage of human beings. They have now become beasts and red eyed for a person who is not present at all.

The smell of blood soon spread. The passing wild cat made a light “meow”, skillfully ran past them, whooshed into the dark alley, and dodged and polished by a pair of leather shoes.

Ji wensong raised his feet and said to the bodyguard: “in this weather, animals are more energetic than people.”

The bodyguard didn’t dare to answer. He bent down slightly to agree.

Ji wensong stood in the dark. The two people who were fighting could not see him, but he saw them clearly.

The relative lights and street lights on the street have light and dark lights. He smiled while watching and said to himself, “it’s like a stage play.”

After watching for more than ten minutes, Ji wensong waved. Several bodyguards who had been ready and ready behind him immediately rushed over and forcibly separated the two people who were still fighting.

As soon as Ji Yao was picked up by the bodyguard, he immediately stretched out his hand, motioned the other party to step back and stood up straight.

When the bodyguard in the dark came into sight, Sheng Guangming also calmed down. He dodged the bodyguards’ arms and said coldly, “get out of the way.”

They recovered from the state of wild animals to well-dressed people.

More than a dozen bodyguards rushed out of the dark alley. The street at the back door of the campus became lively at night. It was said that it was not lively, because everyone was very quiet. The bodyguards were separated on both sides. Sheng Guangming saw a young man similar to Ji Yao walking out of the darkness.

Ji wensong smiled as he walked, holding a pair of leather gloves in his hand and patting gently in his palm, “yes, today’s play is very good.”

From the moment when the bodyguard appeared… No, he guessed that Ji wensong would come. He had been here for a long time. He didn’t go to see his father, held out his hand, and his fingertips trembled slightly to tidy up the shirts that had been in a terrible mess.

Ji wensong didn’t go to see his son either. He went straight to Sheng Guangming surrounded by bodyguards.

Sheng Guangming judged that the other party was Ji Yao’s father from his appearance and the memory he had seen on TV.

He thought that if he beat Ji Yao, he would get into trouble, but he didn’t expect the trouble to come so quickly.

Sheng Guangming’s face was expressionless and quietly entered the state of defense.

“Mr. Sheng, isn’t he?” Ji wensong is very gentle.

Sheng Guangming did not show timidity and said with the same gentle attitude as if nothing had happened: “Mr. Ji.”

“Hello,” Ji wensong said with a smile, “I saw you boxing in Jamaica three years ago. You played very well.”

Sheng Guangming was stunned when he didn’t expect the other party to mention his career to him.

“Thank you today,” Ji wensong nodded to him, “teach this useless son for me.”

Sheng Guangming didn’t know whether he was deliberately sarcastic or something. He said, “Mr. Ji, I’m sorry. I’m too impulsive today.”

Ji wensong flicked his gloves, smiled mysteriously, and finally turned to his son.

Ji Yao is wearing his coat. His arm movement is a little slow. It is obvious that he was injured. There are scars on Zhang Jun’s face and blood on his mouth. It seems that he has really been “taught a lesson”.

Ji wensong looked at his son with great interest and said, “when you tried hard to do something, you came out to beg for a fight,” he waved his hand, gave a “shout” in the air with his leather gloves, slapped Ji Yao on the face very loudly, and Sheng Guangming was surprised, Then he listened to the other party’s tone and said with a smile, “you said earlier. Can’t I be a father help you?”

Ji Yao’s fight with Sheng Guangming had already overdrawn his physical strength. The slap almost knocked him to the ground, but he just shook slightly and stood up straight. He still carefully buttoned the last button of his coat. He treated his father no different from others. He was still so cold and indifferent. He took a handkerchief to wipe the blood from the corners of his lips and opened the door, He got into the car as if there were no one at all.

Ji wensong said to the bodyguard, “go and drag him out.”

The bodyguards came forward without hesitation to pull the door.

Ji Yao sat in the car and looked coldly at his father.

Ji wensong looked at him with appreciative eyes in his thin anger and said, “you are really more and more like me now.”

Ji Yao finally reacted, “I’m not like you.”

“It’s like you has the final say,” Ji Wensong waved. “Are you coming out or asking someone to come out?”

Ji Yao sat still. Ji wensong said to himself, “it’s a pity that I’m the only audience in this play today. I have to ask others to see it.” He waved back, and the bodyguard immediately came forward to listen to his instructions, “go in and invite people out.” He then looked at Ji Yao again. Ji Yao was still indifferent in the car.

The bodyguard nodded his head and immediately turned to enter the campus. Sheng Guangming immediately noticed something wrong. He took a step forward and said sternly, “stop –”

The bodyguards around him wanted to stop him. Sheng Guangming knocked him down with a direct punch.

Ji wensong enjoyed his bodyguard’s struggle with others with great interest. After watching it for a while, he commented: “he is merciful to you.”

Ji wensong made a gesture. The bodyguard around him whistled between his fingers. Several bodyguards besieging Sheng Guangming scattered again, including the bodyguard ordered by Ji wensong to enter the school.

Sheng Guangming gasped, “Mr. Ji, this is about Ji Yao and me. It has nothing to do with others.”

Ji wensong fixed his eyes on him, lowered his eyes and shook his head. “I really can’t understand young people now.”

The melodious bell broke the extremely tense atmosphere.

Sheng Guangming’s phone rang.

He took a wary look at the father and son in front of him and reached out to take out his pockets. The corners of the mobile phone had been damaged in the fight just now, but it was almost not completely broken. The screen was still faithfully reminding Yan Shuang that the caller was calling.

Sheng Guangming raised his face and looked at them. Ji wensong smiled, “please.”

When the phone was connected, it unexpectedly became hands-free. Sheng Guangming couldn’t press it.

“Brother Sheng.”

Yan Shuang’s voice is very gentle and clear, not sleepy.

“What’s the matter, Shuangshuang?”

Sheng Guangming tried his best to cover up, let his voice sound no different from usual, and kept alert to everything around him.

The other end of the phone suddenly quieted down.

He probably didn’t know this side at all. Dozens of people were standing in the street waiting for him to speak. It seemed that he was caught in a tangle. For a long time, he said, “I’m sorry I lied to you just now.”

Sheng Guangming was highly nervous and subconsciously replied “what”.

“Just now… Ji Yao was in the dormitory…” Yan Shuang hesitated, but still said, “I’m sorry, brother Sheng, I lied to you.”

This short sentence made Sheng Guangming feel as if he had entered spring. All his pain and tense emotions dissipated without a trace. He almost wanted to laugh, “it’s okay, Shuangshuang, it’s okay, I understand you.” He speaks judo.

“Thank you…”

Yan Shuang sounded as if he was relieved, and his tone became light. He smiled. His laughter was naive and natural. After a long time, he opened his mouth again.

“Brother Sheng, I’ve figured it out. I’d like to try with you. What about you? Would you like to?”

“Of course -”

Sheng Guangming was ecstatic and completely forgot all the people and things around him. He repeated loudly, and Yan Shuang’s response was sweet laughter.

When the cold wind blew through the door, Ji wensong lowered his face, looked at Ji Yao, who was expressionless, and smiled low. “It turned out that you didn’t come in a hurry to ask for a fight, but came to be a matchmaker. Yes, I misunderstood you. In this way, you can rest assured to go abroad and don’t worry about him.”

“You think too much,” Ji yaoleng said indifferently, looking through the front windshield at the man who seemed to have the world and was overjoyed to jump up. “… I never cared about him.”


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