I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 137

After hanging up and saying good night to each other, Yan Shuangmei wrapped Ji Yao’s quilt.

Like his shirt, Ji Yao’s quilt is of high quality and comfortable to his skin. It is really a good product in bed. It is a very practical object in Yan Shuang’s “heritage”.

I hope Ji Yao’s performance will not be worse than his quilt in the future.

Yan Shuang lay peacefully on the bed.

As a former professional boxing champion, Sheng Guangming is certainly not joking. Sheng Guangming must have heard what he and Ji Yao made in the door.

Sheng Guangming is a straight man, not a brain cripple. Coupled with his consistent image deliberately displayed in front of him, Yan Shuang believes that Sheng Guangming can easily guess what happened in the door.

But so what?

Sheng Guangming is a “good man”.

Of course, good people can only choose to leave as if they don’t know anything, leaving a little dignity for Yan Shuang.

Yan Shuang imagined this honest and kind man walking in the quiet dormitory corridor. He clearly knew that the object he admired was entangled with another man in the door.

But he could do nothing and say nothing.

The deep night will release the oppressed emotions in his heart, and jealousy will corrode his heart beyond recognition.

Time is Yan Shuang’s best helper.

It will help him put the good man into disappointment and pain.

When Sheng Guangming was about to be overwhelmed by negative emotions, Yan Shuang made that call in time.

Under the extreme contrast, Sheng Guangming’s emotional line soared as expected.

To Yan Shuang’s surprise, Ji Yao’s emotional line also rose.

Ji Yao’s emotional line belongs to Wang Ba who moves fast in the early stage and doesn’t move in the later stage.

Ji Yao’s emotional line rose with Sheng Guangming… Yan shuangruo thought. Sheng Guangming’s voice on the phone was inexplicably far away. With the vague wind, it was like the receiver was broken, and it was like turning on hands-free

It can’t be true.

Sheng Guangming, such an honest and kind-hearted person, will also do something to show off in front of his rival after blocking people?

Yan Shuang pulled the quilt, buried his face in the soft pillow and closed his eyes.

If so, he should thank Sheng Guangming.

Contrary to Yan Shuang’s expectation, Sheng Guangming, who had just been promoted to boyfriend, was absent on his first day on duty.

“There is something wrong with a batch of equipment in the store. I have to go to other places for coordination.”

Yan Shuang listened quietly to Sheng Guangming at the other end of the phone, saying how important these equipment are. He must hand them over in person, and carefully told him the model of the equipment.

Obviously, Sheng Guangming is not good at lying. The more he lies, the more he likes to whitewash useless details in an attempt to make people believe. Yan Shuang smiled gently after he was dry in mouth, “it’s hard.”

At the other end of the phone, Sheng Guangming stood on the balcony and looked at the scars on his face through his side window. The expensive childe was not only not an embroidered pillow, but also had two brushes, which caused a lot of scars on him.

Yan Shuang must not know what happened last night.

This is out of his intuition.

At this moment, Sheng Guangming only thought that Yan Shuang must not find out that he had a fight with Ji Yao. He didn’t realize that there was a lie on the first day of their relationship.

Yan bilingualism on the other end of the phone was soft and his attitude was very smooth. “Go, it doesn’t matter. Work is important.”

The more sensible he is, the more guilty Sheng Guangming is.

Sheng Guangming would rather Yan Shuang complain and act coquettish with him, or even scold him.

“It’s me.” Sheng Guangming said sincerely.

“What are you talking about?” Yan Shuangyi changed his previous arrogance, like making up his mind to be a good boyfriend. “You certainly don’t want to have such a thing happen suddenly. Go and be busy. I’m fine.”

When the phone hung up, Yan shuangruo looked thoughtfully at the extinguished mobile phone screen.

What kind of situation will make Sheng Guangming absent at this critical moment.

The thin white fingers turned the mobile phone dexterously. The roommate who came back all night came in and saw Yan Shuang leaning indifferently against the wall to turn the mobile phone and whistled, “Hyun, tiezi, be careful that the mobile phone falls off.”

Yan moved on his hands, turned back and smiled gently, “don’t worry, I won’t miss.”

For three days in a row, Sheng Guangming was “out of town”, and the daily “takeout” was delivered on time. They were all Sheng Guangming’s friends.

Now his friends know Sheng Guangming bend. It’s good to go with a male college student.

From everyone’s understanding of Sheng Guangming, we know that he is not a person who likes to play emotionally. It’s serious to say that he is a boyfriend. Therefore, everyone is very polite to Yan Shuang. Not only are they polite, but when they meet Yan Shuang, they should say two good words for Sheng Guangming. Both inside and outside the words express the same meaning – Yan Shuang can find a boyfriend like Sheng Guangming. It’s really smoke on his ancestral grave.

Yan Shuang took all the food orders and farted all those words.

Actually, it sounds good.

Because Yan Shuang is still an innocent college student in the eyes of these people.

In the original book, Sheng Guangming asked his friends to find a relationship in order to cure Yan Shuang who was unconscious. When they were together, everyone knew that Yan Shuang was once someone’s sex doll.

They dare not have any objection to Sheng Guangming’s decision, so they can only vote for Yan Shuang.

Yan Shuang felt inferior and sad, but Sheng Guangming was so kind that he couldn’t let go. He held on and stayed with Sheng Guangming.

He wants to marry this man and write his name all his life. For this, he can tolerate everyone’s Secret ridicule and contempt, and pile all his laughter in the light to show Sheng Guangming.

He is really happy and willing. He has been used to suffering. Sheng Guangming’s existence itself is a great gift. He can ignore the side effects.

Yan Shuang does not accept, criticize, support or oppose the plot of the original work. Generally speaking, it doesn’t matter.

He came to this book to fill vacancies, clock in and earn a pension.

The love and hate of the original book is a piece of waste paper for him – he doesn’t care.

Yan Shuang was holding a hot kebab in his mouth and chattering in front of him: “your workmanship is really good. Can you add more pepper next time?”

In the afternoon, the school fired the first shot at the end of the term. The first course opened. Yan Shuang left the teaching building after the examination and was stopped.

The other party is an acquaintance — Qin yubai’s new assistant.

“Mr. Yan,” the assistant was extremely respectful and handed over a document bag, “this is your house. The transfer procedures have been completed. There are all kinds of decoration and furniture inside. You take the time to have a look. If you are dissatisfied, call me and I’ll change it for you.”

Yan Shuang took the file bag, weighed it in his hand and said, “say hello to him for me. Last time I was a little heavy, let him not mind.”

The cold sweat on the assistant’s head is about to drip. If he can admit that “he’s a little heavy”, he should scold their boss quickly.

He said, “President Qin asked me to say hello to you on his behalf and say I hope you have a happy new year.”

New year?

Oh, yes, it’s new year’s day tomorrow.

Yan Shuang said generously, “then I also wish him a happy new year. I hope he won’t be too stingy in the new year and give you more bonuses. It’s not easy for you to accompany him crazy all day.”

Assistant: indeed!

I seem to understand why President Qin likes this one! He also likes to tell the truth!

Yan Shuang said goodbye to his assistant and stuffed the document bag into his bag.

Sheng Guangming will come back from “other places” to accompany him for the new year tonight. Yan Shuang has to go to the station to “pick him up”.

There was a great flow of people at the station on the edge of the city. Yan Shuang stood outside the platform. He was wearing a thick long down jacket, his hands in his pockets, and his scarf and hat wrapped him tightly.

“Shuangshuang -”

Sheng Guangming saw Yan Shuang at a glance. He walked out of the crowd and his face was about to overflow.

This is the first time they have met since they have confirmed their relationship.

In order to make the lie more true, Sheng Guangming really ran to Linshi on the last day. As soon as he arrived at Linshi, he immediately took a bus back.

Such a dusty journey did not make him feel any tired. When he saw the man outside the platform, his heart was filled with an emotion sweeter than any cake.

Yan Shuang was picked up by one, and the other party’s strong arm took him off his feet without effort. Sheng Guangming was probably too excited. This excitement prolonged his satisfaction, so he went even further. He took Yan Shuang and turned around directly.

Yan Shuang was a little dizzy when he was put down. His arm involuntarily hooked Sheng Guangming’s neck. He grinned at him, “welcome back.”

Sheng Guangming knew it was a lie, but he didn’t care about the guilt of cheating his lover. He looked at this face greedily, as if he had never known Yan Shuang. Now he realized that he was so beautiful the first day.

His eyes were too hot. Yan Shuang’s face turned red. He let go of the arm around his neck and said shyly, “go back first.”

Sheng Guangming has never seen such Yan Shuang.

Like a young boy in love.

In fact, isn’t he?

Like a person for the first time, so desperate and overcome all difficulties, just for the smile of the person in front of him at the moment.

Sheng Guangming took his hand and said softly, “OK.”

They walked out of the platform holding hands. Along the way, Sheng Guangming spoke out the prepared abdominal manuscript and made twists and turns about how to solve the equipment problem. In order to make this statement sound credible, he specially consulted a screenwriter friend.

Yan Shuang took his hand and listened with a smile, “fortunately, the problems have been solved.”

Sheng Guangming was still a little guilty. “Well,” he said, ending the lie and turning to the part he really wanted to say, “Shuangshuang, I miss you very much.”

It’s really strange that the relationship between people is just a verbal change, but it seems to have magic, which makes his original love for Yan Shuang more turbulent.

Now he is his boyfriend.

As long as he thought of this, Sheng Guangming felt a different complex emotion in the past. He felt that Yan Shuang had a different meaning to him.

He even thought of further places – he wanted to marry Yan Shuang.

This has always been his fantasy. Falling in love with someone, then marrying this person, and sticking to the same goal is a very good and perfect love.

Now that he has someone he likes and the other party is willing to be with him, he naturally wants to put him into his own plan.

Sheng Guangming’s heart was warm. He clenched Yan Shuang’s hand and couldn’t help saying, “what about you?”

Yan Shuangzheng wanted to answer. As soon as he looked up, a man was standing on the opposite platform, with a black coat, a snow-white shirt collar and a straight line in his trouser legs. He was neat and straight in the bloated winter crowd. His eyes were staring at him through silver rimmed glasses, and his mouth was smiling inexplicably.

Yan Shuang glanced and smiled at the humanity around him: “of course I miss you too.”

The train sped past the platform. When Yan Shuang looked across again, the man had disappeared from the platform.

He came to see him for the last time of the year on the last day of the year.


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