I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 139

The dinner was very rich. For two people, it was too rich. A full table was set.

Sheng Guangming was sweating when cooking. The short T-shirt was soaked a little transparent, revealing the full muscle outline. He pulled the T-shirt, “it’s a little hot.”

Yan Shuang bit the tip of his chopsticks, looked at him lightly and said carelessly, “take it off when it’s hot.”

Sheng Guangming slowly put his hand down, “take a bath after eating.”

Yan Shuang lowered his head and smiled, “all right.”

Qi Feiyun’s appearance obviously lowered Sheng Guangming’s excited mood.

Yan Shuang knew it and did not deliberately comfort him.

An honest man’s emotional line moves slowly in a long stream. He is too lazy to accompany him over wine. He wants to make him jealous, drive him crazy, worry about gain and loss, make him at a loss, and make him obsessed with him.

In the bathroom, Sheng Guangming splashed a handful of water on his face and secretly scolded himself for being mentally ill. How can he really think that Yan Shuang is as interested in his chest muscles as the chairman of the Boxing Federation?

A famous college student studies literature and likes classical music. Walking, sitting and lying have a natural natural natural elegance. The men he has a relationship with are either rich or expensive, or they are social elites… It seems that he is the worst

His hands slowly hung down, hot water poured down from his head, Sheng Guangming was silent, and his chest heaved heavily with his breath.

No inferiority, because there is no clear want to pursue.

As long as you compare with others, you will always win or lose.

Love is like a battlefield, but it is not won by brute force.

Appearance, family background, occupation, personality and so on, which can be compared and measured.

In terms of appearance, he can’t compare with Ji Yao.

In terms of his family background, he is an orphan and has no way to talk about his family background.

Career… It doesn’t seem strange.

Personality? With such a disciplined personality, it should be boring to associate with him.

“Dong Dong -”

The door of the bathroom was knocked, and Sheng Guangming recovered.

“Brother Sheng?” Yan Shuang’s puzzled voice came from outside the door, “are you okay?”

“… nothing.”

“You washed a little long today,” Yan Shuang’s voice smiled. “Are you nervous?”

“Don’t worry, in the supermarket, I’m just kidding you…”

The door of the bathroom was opened, and Yan Shuang’s face showed a look of consternation.

Naturally, some slightly curly hair hung wet on both sides. There were drops of water on his face, neck and even large breasts. He only wrapped a bath towel around his lower body and hurried barefoot to open the door. His face was stiff and hurt, “… Just laughing?”

Yan Shuang was stunned for a moment, and then recovered his usual smiling appearance, “you can do it if you want.”

Sheng Guangming was not comforted.

Yan Shuang’s attitude was so casual that he felt that he was unimportant at all. It seemed that there was no difference for any other man Yan Shuang could see.

Sheng Guangming looked at him. The water droplets meandered down from his eyebrows and flowed through the bridge of his tall nose. He said difficultly, “Shuangshuang, do you really like me?”

He couldn’t find a reason why he could be loved. Sheng Guangming was painfully and soberly aware of this. He couldn’t compare with the men around Yan Shuang. In that case, why did Yan Shuang choose him?

The hot air in the bathroom came, and a hazy fog lingered between the two. The smile on Yan Shuang’s face slowly faded, “why do you ask such a question?”

Sheng Guangming clenched the door frame in one hand. He was almost numb and felt no pain. He lowered his head. “If you don’t like it, you don’t have to be with me.”

The bathroom suddenly became quiet. Sheng Guangming was waiting for a sentence with his head down.

“Yes,” Yan Shuang said softly, but his words were extremely cold. “I really don’t like you.”

The drops of water on his body seemed to turn cold at once. At the beginning of the confirmed love relationship, his lover said to him – he didn’t like him. Sheng Guangming’s brain rumbled like a bell pounding back and forth in his mind, repeating the cold three words – “No.”

“You want to break up, don’t you?” Yan Shuang held his arm and stood straight with a proud face. “Yes, I agree.”

His throat swallowed hard, and his breathing rate became very uncomfortable. Sheng Guangming lowered his head, and his head was so heavy that he was about to fall to the ground. He raised his face, and the expression on his face was almost wronged. The tall and strong man showed such an expression, and no one would be moved, but Yan Shuang was still indifferent and cold, “I’m leaving.”

The voice fell and the wrist was immediately gripped.

“I didn’t say goodbye.” Sheng Guangming replied in a difficult voice.

Yan Shuang was still cold and faced him with his side, “didn’t you say that? Don’t be together if you don’t like it.”

Sheng Guangming’s mind was very confused. He couldn’t clear it for a moment. He just repeated, “I don’t break up.”

Yan’s eyes moved and gave him a look, “why?”

The position changed instantly, and the person questioned became aggressive in turn.

Sheng Guangming held his hand, and the water droplets slid down his back bit by bit. The chaotic brain finally stroked out a line, “I like you…”

He looked at Yan Shuang steadily. His eyes were steaming wet with water mist. For a moment, Yan Shuang suspected that he would cry.

After a moment of silence, Yan Shuangcai spoke again.

“I know you like me,” Yan Shuang said softly, turning to face him and gently, “I believe you won’t hurt me anyway, so although I don’t have enough good feelings for you, I’m still willing to take that step and try with you. Did I do it wrong?”

“… you’re right.”

“Then why did you say that to me?” Yan Shuang showed a more wronged look, “we’ve just been together. You’re going to break up with me.”

“I didn’t,” Sheng Guangming explained hastily, “I didn’t want to break up.”

Yan Shuang looked at him quietly. When he was anxious enough, he slowly said, “well, I misunderstood.”

Sheng Guangming breathed a sigh of relief. After taking a deep breath, he had already forgotten what he had negotiated with Yan Shuang at the beginning. Holding Yan Shuang’s wrist, he was still thinking about Yan Shuang’s excellent “predecessors”, and his heart was still sour and uncomfortable.

“Brother Sheng, what’s the matter with you?” Yan Shuang held his wrist in turn. “You’ve been strange since you came back from the supermarket…” he lowered his eyes and his face was a little dark. “Did you talk to Dr. Qi before you cared about me…”

“No -” Sheng Guangming immediately denied.

Yan Shuang immediately retorted, “you are!”

In a sense, Sheng Guangming really cares… He has been exhausted by a lie these days. He really doesn’t have the strength to lie again. There are many mistakes in his face. Yan Shuang sneered when he saw that he couldn’t refute it. “You still dislike me.”

“No -” Sheng Guangming said loudly. His face turned red. He struggled between shame and discomfort. Suddenly, he pulled Yan Shuang into his arms.

His arms were firm and soft. The water on his body soaked Yan Shuang’s shirt. They held it across the wet shirt. The touch was inexplicably strange.

“No, I never despised you,” Sheng Guangming said eagerly in Yan Shuang’s ear. He didn’t allow Yan Shuang to have such a misunderstanding about him. He tangled for a long time. He lowered his voice and summoned up his courage: “I’m just… Jealous.”

It’s so straightforward.

He is so clumsy that he can’t even whitewash his vocabulary.

The arms around the waist show how worried its owner is about gain and loss at the moment.

He has no confidence.

Yan Shuangming said plainly, “I don’t like him.”.

The biggest difference between him and other men is only that he has an identity advantage, but how much practical significance does that have?

Yan Shuang can break up with him at will. Just like just now, he doesn’t have the slightest nostalgia and reluctance to give up. On the contrary, he just hears Yan Shuang breaking up, so he doesn’t know what to say.

Yan Shuang hugged him for a while, put his hand around his waist and whispered, “what vinegar do you eat? Because he slept with me? You can’t eat all the vinegar if you want to.”

The words were not pleasant to hear, but the tone was soft, as if he were kidding people.

Sheng Guangming hugged Yan Shuang more tightly, took a few deep breaths on his shoulder, and then slowly said, “why… He can not…”

He couldn’t go on. He put his face on Yan Shuang’s neck. His face was wet. Yan Shuang didn’t know whether it was water or tears. He thought that Sheng Guangming looked tall and powerful, and his mind was so delicate. He didn’t “cherish fragrance and jade”, and continued to force him to ask, “don’t worry?”

Sheng Guangming raised his face. His eyes were a little red, but he didn’t shed tears like Yan Shuang thought, “… That.”

Yan Shuang smiled directly, “which one?”

Sheng Guangming looked at his smile and knew that he knew what he was talking about in his heart, and his face was even more gray. Yan Shuang didn’t care if he was so sad.

“Well,” Yan Shuang stopped teasing him, stretched out his hand and held his face with bright eyes, “you heard me talking to him, so you’re jealous about this?”

Sheng Guangming pursed his lips and said nothing.

Yan Shuang looked up and kissed his wet lips, “it’s so cute.”

Sheng Guangming’s expression is somewhat complex. Two emotions, happiness and grievance, appear on his handsome face at the same time.

“Want me to explain?” Yan shuangrou said.

Sheng Guangming nodded.

“I don’t explain.”

Sheng guangming: ”

Yan Shuang looked at his expression and laughed with joy. He reached out and rubbed his wet hair. “Look at you. If I don’t say anything, you’re about to cry.”

Sheng Guangming is a boxer with strong bones. He is a tough man who is broken in the ring and doesn’t shed tears. He hasn’t cried since he was 11.

He didn’t expect that he was so embarrassed now. He quickly blinked his eyes. The drops of water on his eyelashes fell on Yan Shuang’s face. Yan Shuang hooked his neck and said with a smile: “if I don’t explain, do you want to break up with me?”

“Don’t break up.”

“If I can’t like you all the time, can I break up?”

“Don’t break up.”

“I want you to wear a t tonight.”

“… don’t break up.”

The tone is getting lower and lower, but the content of the answer is consistent.

Yan Shuang slowly smiled, put his finger on his chin and let him look into his eyes.

“I have a gun friend relationship with him. In order to pursue stimulation, I will have such a habit.”

“You are my boyfriend, you are different from him…” Yan Shuang’s mouth was slightly hooked and his tone was gentle. “I cherish you… Cherish the relationship between us.”

All the bitterness and sadness of Sheng Guangming disappeared in this sentence.

Yan Shuang said “he is different”, and Yan Shuang said “he cherishes him”, which is enough to make him have enough courage to stand beside him.

“I don’t like you…” Yan looked at him with both eyes, “but I’ll try.”

“It doesn’t matter,” Yan Shuang said. What else can Sheng Guangming be dissatisfied with? No, it was beyond his expectation. At least he confirmed that he was unique in Yan Shuang’s heart. With gratitude, Sheng Guangming bowed his head and kissed his eyebrows piously, “I’m waiting for you.”

Yan Shuang smiled and poked his muscles with his fingers. Sheng Guangming trembled, lowered his head and joked with Yan Shuang’s eyes, “did you deliberately seduce me at the table just now?”

Sheng Guangming’s face turned red in an instant.

It’s seen!

“Great muscles…”

The finger slides along the line, and the pulp of the finger feels the unique softness and elasticity of the muscle.

“Hold so tight,” Yan Shuangchen said strangely, “it has wetted my clothes.”

Sheng Guangming quickly let go of his hand and blushed: “yes, I’m sorry…”

As soon as he raised his eyes, he saw Yan Shuang’s shirt half wet pasted on his body, and the scenery loomed. He immediately lowered his face and took a half step back.

“Click -”

Sheng Guangming raised his head like a wake-up call.

It was Yan Shuang who closed the bathroom door behind him.

The thin white fingers were unfastening the button on the top of the shirt. He was smiling at him. The smile was a little careless, and his eyebrows and eyes became more and more vivid in the fog.

“Since you’re all wet, just take a bath…”


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