I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 14

Qin yubai spent an extremely difficult half hour.

It can be said that he is entirely to blame.

Yan Shuang is too green and harsh.

Compared with his magical body, his soul is astringent and frightened.

Confused, Yan Shuang put his hand powerlessly on Qin yubai’s shoulder. The white skin on his face dyed red inch by inch, biting his lips, and warm tears fell from his eyes.

Qin yubai didn’t see Yan Shuang cry in bed for the first time.

This tear is somehow different. It doesn’t represent pain, it only represents shame.

When Qin yubai reacted, the tear had fallen on his thumb.

He held out his hand and picked up the tear.

Tears slid down his thumb to the palm and merged with the blood in his palm.

Qin yubai suddenly impulsively pressed Yan Shuang deeply into his arms.

A short scream exploded in his ear, which contained an unknown smell.

Qin yubai felt numb from his scalp to his toes.

The palm of his hand pressed hard against Yan Shuang’s waist. Qin yubai was stiff and ended the scene. It was a punishment of torture for both of them.

Yan Shuang lost his strength in a moment. He was lying on Qin yubai’s shoulder, breathing restrained, but he was shaking all the time, so that Qin yubai would shake with him.

When reason announced his departure, Qin yubai directly picked up Yan Shuang.


Yan Shuang protested faintly.

This is the second word he said to him in bed.

Although it is a refusal, it is a light vibrato.

Sometimes saying no in bed can arouse people’s desire for destruction.

Every time Qin yubai meets Yan Shuang, he makes up his mind never to spend the night with Yan Shuang.

Failed again and again.

It was morning when I woke up.

This time Qin yubai woke up first.

Last night, he pretended to say a word of mutual respect to coax Yan Shuang into the game, so Qin yubai really didn’t leave too much trace or ignore Yan Shuang’s feelings according to Yan Shuang’s words.

Yan Shuang didn’t force himself to be dumb any more. He would shake his voice and whispered in Qin yubai’s ear to ask for “slow down”, and Qin yubai responded by magic.

No, it can’t be said to be a ghost. He has a purpose.

Children who lack love are the easiest to cheat.

For the final result, some necessary sacrifices are needed.

Qin yubai stares coldly at Yan Shuang, who is still sleeping. His eyes are gradually gentle – he looks more like Qin Qing when he is asleep.

Yan Shuang was awakened by the alarm clock at 7 o’clock. Qin yubai was no longer in the room.

Well, save a play.

Yan Shuang checked Qin yubai’s progress. The plot line was 6% and the emotion line was 12%.


Yan Shuang is about to cry with joy. After retirement, his autobiography must mention the great achievements he has achieved today.

Employees who are proficient in human nature, how to use three days to let iron stingy men brush 10% of their emotional lines for him.

Sales are bound to explode.

The person who sent Yan Shuang back to school became a strange driver. He looked like an honest middle-aged man. He didn’t even dare to look at Yan Shuang more. “Mr. Yan, I’ll take you back today.”

Yan Shuang thanked, sat in the back, took out his mobile phone, turned to Wei Yichen’s number and sent a message to Wei Yichen.

——”Why didn’t you send me today?”

After five minutes, Wei Yichen didn’t return.

Yan Shuang checked the progress of Wei Yichen’s emotional line, 1%.

Oh, roar, what a cautious man. He just hid when there was a sign. He wouldn’t even see his face?

Yan Shuang finds out Wei Yichen’s private phone number from his address book.

Before, he called himself when using Wei Yichen’s mobile phone and conveniently saved the number.

“The progress of the project on the south side is too slow,” Qin yubai said. Qin yubai was disassembling the gauze on his hand. He didn’t take care of it at all last night. The injury inside was more serious. The blood stains on the gauze had turned black. Qin yubai threw the gauze away and said to Wei Yichen, “You go and run in person and take care of it up and down. The personnel should drive and change. You don’t have to report to me. I allow you to cut first and then play.”

“Yes, Mr. Qin.”

Wei Yichen stooped slightly and was stopped by Qin yubai when he turned to leave.

Qin Yu wiped his palm with alcohol cotton, frowning slightly, “find someone to keep an eye on the fake.”

Wei Yichen’s expression remained unchanged. “To what extent does president Qin mean to stare?”

Qin yubai raised his eyes, his eyes were cold and fierce, “just stare as hard as you can.”

“I see.”

The wound in the palm was burning. Qin yubai threw the dirty alcohol cotton aside. “Go to the south. I’ll give you three days. You must solve it within three days. Qin Qing’s painting exhibition is about to open. There can’t be anything wrong.”


“If you really don’t have time to deal with it, let go of the things on the south side and come back first to help Qin Qing run the painting exhibition well.”


Cheerful children’s songs rang out suddenly in the office.

Qin Baiyu gives his hand wrapped in gauze a meal and raises his eyebrows in surprise to look at Wei Yichen.

Wei Yichen’s face also changed.

As a professional housekeeper, he has never changed his color in front of his employer, and the current emergencies are not of any kind he has encountered.

Almost flustered, he took out the cell phone singing children’s songs from the lining of his suit.

It’s his private cell phone.

Caller ID: appointment lover.

“The bell is childlike enough.”

Qin yubai felt a little funny about the unique taste of his serious and capable housekeeper and joked.

Wei Yichen immediately hung up the call, “sorry, President Qin.”

As soon as the voice fell, the phone called again.

Qin yubai chuckled and waved, “go out and answer the phone.”

Wei Yichen immediately withdrew from Qin yubai’s office. Instead of answering the phone, he turned off his mobile phone after refusing to answer. When he was about to push the door back to continue listening to Qin yubai’s account of going to the south, his personal work mobile phone shook again.

Wei Yichen frowned. He guessed who it was. He hesitated for a moment and took out his work cell phone.

It’s a text message.

“If you don’t answer again, I’ll call Qin yubai and ask him to transfer it to you?”

Last message “why didn’t you send me today?” Still up there.

Wei Yichen lowered his eyes and returned a message with his work mobile phone – “in a meeting.”

The reply will arrive soon.

——”Do you still like the ringtone I set for your mobile phone?”

——”What’s up?”

The evasive attitude of not answering positively made Yan Shuang hook his lips. Why don’t these people understand that such an evasive attitude is actually another signal of care?

——”It’s all right. I miss you.”

Wei Yichen clutched his mobile phone with such strength that he almost clutched his hand red.

Little bitch.

As soon as he got out of his boss’s bed, he couldn’t wait to seduce him.

But why?

If it’s for money, whether Qin yubai or Ji Yao, it’s enough to satisfy him.

Is it

The phone screen lights up again.

——”You drive more steadily than him, so I miss you ^ ^.”

The smiling face looks like mocking Wei Yichen’s momentary confusion.

Sure enough, she’s a little bitch. She makes fun of teasing and seducing men. She doesn’t have any special meaning at all.

Wei Yichen will not be fooled by Yan Shuang. In any case, Yan Shuang is judged as dangerous here. Since it is dangerous, there is no need to take risks. He wants to ridicule and let him ridicule.

The palm of his hand gripped the mobile phone, and Wei Yichen calmly put the two mobile phones together… Close to him.

The driver sent Yan Shuang to the hotel. Yan Shuang entered the room, changed his clothes, checked the timetable, and packed all the textbooks to be used today in his schoolbag at one time.

There are two valuables in the bag.

A new cell phone.

An ID card.

Yan Shuang flipped up and down with Ji Yao’s ID card between his fingers.

He also brought back the folder Qin yubai threw in the hotel yesterday.

The monitoring screenshot must be given to Ji Yao at a suitable opportunity.

Throw the ID card into the air and catch it with two sharp fingers when it falls. Yan Shuanggou smiles. What will happen next, we should thank Qin yubai for his assists.

The two waiters in the hotel restaurant gathered together and whispered about the cheeky student.

But the two palm sized trays were full of almost all the breakfast items you could hold.

Because most of them are limited and can only take one, Yan Shuang can only regret to end the morning sweep.

Qin yubai’s presidential suite. Wei Yichen is not in. He has no authority to order breakfast.

Damn it, iron is better than man.

Fortunately, the hotel Ji Yao opened for him is not high-grade, and the appearance of breakfast is really bad, but it is large and full. Yan Shuang doesn’t choose food. Anyway, it is better than that of the authority.

Having had enough of the morning meal, Yan Shuang went to the window and asked, “Hello, do you have fresh-keeping bags?”

The waiter was speechless and thought, “yes,” he glanced at the tray on Yan Shuang’s seat, “are two enough?”

“That’s enough, thank you.”

Yan Shuang packed the remaining hard goods such as steamed stuffed buns, flower rolls, hemp balls and glutinous rice cakes in fresh-keeping bags, then went to the front desk to store them in the refrigerator of the hotel, and came to eat at noon after class in the morning.

The old acquaintance at the front desk, a young man, looked at Yan Shuang with strange eyes. His attitude was respectful with a little worship and a little awe. Finally, he couldn’t resist the impulse of gossip. “Another handsome man came to you yesterday afternoon. It’s so awesome. A phone called our boss. Who is he? Is it your brother?”

The front desk is so fond of gossip.

I’ve been asking about yesterday.

There’s nothing else for the handsome man to come to their hotel. Check this man’s whereabouts.

They discussed for a long time and thought it might be Yan Shuang’s brother.

Yan Shuang pressed his hand and motioned him to bend down to listen. The front desk immediately leaned out and listened carefully.

“He’s not my brother. He’s my boyfriend. He’s here to catch adultery.”


The front desk was petrified on the spot.

“Next time he wants to come again, you help me block it and give me a message.”

The front desk slowly twisted his face and said with a complex look: “man, don’t worry, they are all brothers.” he paused and advised: “you’d better explain it clearly with your boyfriend. It’s not the same thing with that handsome guy…”

“Who says we’re not like that.” Yan Shuang said slowly.

The front desk was shocked again. “Last time he stayed in it for less than ten minutes…”

“Shh,” Yan Shuangshi pointed at his lips, “this is our little secret.”

Front desk: “…” sleeping slot, this secret is too hot!

The front desk could not help but Tucao, “he’s not there in ten minutes. What do you want to make complaints about?”

“He’s handsome.”

The front desk recalled Ji Yao’s face.

Well, it’s really handsome.

For this face, I can endure such speed.

He really doesn’t understand the gay world.

Yan Shuang discredited Ji Yao in front of the front desk and sent a message to Ji Yao when he went out.

At the horse farm in the suburbs, Xiao Qingyang took a sip of tea and pointed to the mobile phone on Ji Yao’s desk. “Hurry back, it’s shaking all the time.”

Ji looked coldly at the hazy rain and fog outside the French windows.

“I said Ji Dashao, you came here yesterday afternoon and didn’t say a word. You took my careful liver out for a toss, which made her tired. I saw that the hair color turned dark, and now I put it here to pretend to be autistic. I said the ugly words ahead. I’m a small temple and can only accommodate you temporarily. When my uncle said hello, I immediately slipped and knelt down to sell my teammates. Hurry… What a big thing, What bad thoughts can my uncle have for you… ”

Seeing that Ji Yao was still immersed in his own world and ignored people, Xiao Qingyang gently shook his head. The city gate fire affected the fish in the pond, so he had to pick up Ji Yao’s mobile phone.

“Eh, who is this?”

Xiao Qingyang was happy as soon as he got his cell phone.

Ji Yao still ignored him.

“Hello, Ji Yao, sorry about yesterday…”

Xiao Qingyang read word for word.

Cold eyes immediately shot at Xiao Qingyang, “put it down.”

It was Xiao Qingyang’s turn to ignore him. He stood up with Ji Yao’s mobile phone and slipped away. He ran and read aloud.

“… it’s not what you think.”

“Xiao Qingyang -” Ji Yao stood up.

“Ji Yao, don’t be angry…” Xiao Qingyang smiled as he read. “Fuck, this is a woman, isn’t it?… and your ID card is here… Fuck,” Xiao Qingyang couldn’t help swearing twice. He stepped back to avoid the murderous Ji Yao and said with a playful smile: “well, you, why is your ID card in someone else’s hand? Did you do something bad?” While seizing the time to continue reading, “are you coming to class today?”

The mobile phone was yanked away by Ji Yao.

“… I’ll keep your seat.”


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