I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 141

A week after new year’s day, Yan Shuang successfully finished the exams of all subjects. After the bell rang for the last exam, he smiled and said goodbye to his classmates in the same examination room, put on his schoolbag and got on the bus.

Sheng Guangming’s new store opened today.

It was originally intended to reopen in two years, but he said, “in this case, the employees have been empty for too long. If they open the store in the last month before the year, they can be given a year-end bonus at that time.”

Such a good boss, no wonder those employees would rather not look for a job after clearing the store and have to wait for him to open a new store.

He’s a good man.

Yan Shuang looked out of the window happily.

The plot of good people is simple and easy to brush. He likes good people best.

The whole city was covered with a strange layer of gray in winter. The cake shop located on the street was bright and soft blue. The door was surrounded by many flower baskets, and exquisite desserts were displayed in the window. Yan Shuang smelled the sweetness when he got off the bus.

The reopened cake shop was more popular than before in the mall, and even had to pull up a temporary cordon at the door to control the flow of people in the store.

The clerk came out with small biscuits and distributed them to the people in line. When he saw Yan Shuang in the line, he couldn’t help staring in surprise, “Why are you here? Didn’t the boss say you had an exam today?”

When the store was decorated, Yan Shuang gave advice in the past. Sheng Guangming directly introduced it to the employees, “this is my boyfriend.” It’s natural to say that, so everyone in the store knows that their boss has a serious boyfriend.

“After the exam, I’ll surprise him.” Yan Shuang smiled.

The clerk said, “then go in quickly. Don’t row. It’s so cold outside.”

When the people in front of and behind the line heard what they said, they vaguely cast some dissatisfied eyes. Yan Shuang smiled and said, “it doesn’t matter. I’ll line up here. It’s my turn soon.”

The clerk couldn’t resist him. After dividing the biscuits, he had to go to the store first.

Yan Shuang lined up quietly in the team, his hands in his pockets to avoid the wind. After a while, the wind bell on the store door rang, and the tall man wearing only short sleeves hurried out in the cold winter.

Sheng Guangming quickly glanced at the team and said in surprise: “Shuangshuang!”

Yan Shuang tilted his face in the crowd, smiled and waved to him slightly.

Sheng Guangming hurriedly walked over step by step. In the past, he first pulled Yan Shuang’s hand. People in thin clothes were much hotter than those in long down clothes. At once, he warmed Yan Shuang’s cold hands. Sheng Guangming frowned, “hands are so cold.”

“Congratulations on opening.” Yan Shuang smiled.

“Go in and talk again,” Sheng Guangming put his arm around his shoulder and bowed down to the people in the front and rear teams. “Sorry, this is my family.”

Yan Shuang was half hugged into the store. Sheng Guangming took people all the way to a place with few people in the back kitchen.

The temperature in the shop was very comfortable. Yan Shuang’s face flushed. Sheng Guangming held his hand. His face still showed a distressed expression, “Why are you waiting outside when you come? What if you have a cold?” He raised Yan Shuang’s hand and breathed hot air.

Yan Shuang smiled and said, “I’m not so fragile.”

Since that day, Sheng Guangming had made a clear distinction with Qi Feiyun. He took care of him like a fragile vase.

Originally, the beginning of this relationship was born on the premise that “one party doesn’t like it”.

It is normal for the favored party to be confident and arrogant.

But Yan Shuang behaved like the most perfect lover.

Every time his smile and his gaze are so focused and gentle.

Sheng Guangming was flattered.

Gradually, he realized that Yan Shuang was fulfilling his promise – trying to like him.

In that case, he should make more efforts than Yan Shuang.

The love that both of them worked hard together made him feel sweet and happy. Every day, he was more certain that he hoped to continue with Yan Shuang and go further and better.

“How was the exam?”


“How did you get here?”

“Take the bus.”

“Why don’t you take a taxi? Or call me and I can pick you up.”

“I think you’re so busy today, I won’t bother you.”

The two whispered very common words. The atmosphere in the corner gradually became ambiguous. When their cheeks were eager to approach, the clerk suddenly looked for them. Seeing the close two people, he slammed the brake and closed his eyes and shouted, “I didn’t see anything…” then he remembered his business and hurriedly said, “boss, something’s wrong!”

The customers who were about to fill the store disappeared.

The long queue outside the door also disappeared.

It’s like someone performed magic in just a few minutes and took away all the anger in the store.

“… after you went in for a while, a group of people suddenly came and drove all the guests away.”

It sounds like a fantasy. Sheng Guangming frowned, “who is it?”

The clerk pointed out the window in fear.

Sheng Guangming turned his face.

Across the street stood a row of men in black coats, tall and upright. When someone wanted to go to the cake shop, they immediately rushed up and scared people away without saying anything.

The people in the store looked at what was happening outside angrily and fearfully. It looked like malicious competition. They had to ask the boss to solve it.

“I’ll go and have a look.” Sheng Guangming said calmly.

“Let’s go together.” Yan Shuang grabbed his arm.

Sheng Guangming said, “it’s all right. Just stay here. It’s cold outside.” He patted Yan Shuang on the back of his hand and walked out in the expectation of the people.

Yan Shuang followed him to the window.

Sheng Guangming quickly walked across the street.

From Yan Shuang’s judgment of Sheng Guangming’s force value, the group of men in black opposite should be able to fight with Sheng Guangming, but after all, there are so many people against one person and in the street, so they shouldn’t do it in broad daylight.

Sure enough, the two sides seemed to be negotiating.

It seems that the negotiation is not going well.

Yan Shuang saw Sheng Guangming’s face was livid across the window, and his hands hanging on both sides had quietly clenched into fists.

“I’ll go out and have a look.”

Yan Shuang threw down a word, calmly pushed open the door and went out.

“… who the hell sent you?”

Sheng Guangming restrained his impulse to punch and asked again.

The leading man in black looked disdainful and deliberately provoked in his tone, “don’t you know who you have offended?”

“He offended someone.”

Yan duo came from behind Sheng Guangming. Their chin shrank in their down jacket. Sheng Guangming hurriedly said, “Shuangshuang, what are you doing out? Go in quickly.”

The leader suddenly put away his contempt and respectfully said, “young master Yan.”

Sheng Guangming wanted to lift up and pull Yan Shuang’s hand suddenly froze.

“Where’s Qin Yu?” Yan Shuang said directly.

“President Qin is in the company.”

“Others hide in the company and ask you to come out and smash the field? It’s really despicable.” Yan Shuangleng said.

The leader didn’t dare to refute, bent down and didn’t speak.

“Go, don’t stay here.”

“I’m sorry…” the leader hesitated. “Our task today is to stay until the store is closed.”

“It doesn’t work if I let you go, does it?”

“… sorry, that’s what President Qin meant.”

“Where’s the car? I’ll go with you.”

“Shuangshuang -” Sheng Guangming, who had been silent for a long time, finally couldn’t help holding Yan Shuang’s wrist. He frowned. “It’s cold outside. I’ll take you in.”

Yan Shuang looked at him with a calm look on his face. “It’s nothing. I’ll just talk about it.”

“Your hands are frozen again. Hurry in.” Sheng Guangming turned a deaf ear and pulled the man into his arms and walked to the store. Yan Shuang was hugged forward by him and said coldly: “brother Sheng, this is something I caused. It’s my turn to solve it.”

Without saying a word, Sheng Guangming half hugged the person and wrapped it all the way to the store. He said to the clerk, “get off work. Take a half day off today. Go back and have a rest. It’s hard.”

The faces of the people who got the holiday were not happy, they all looked worried.

“Don’t worry, I’ll fix it.”

The tall man stood upright in the store and looked very persuasive. The clerks who had experienced a similar incident were somewhat shaken, but they had to pretend to be calm and obey the arrangement.

The originally bustling opening became deserted. The clerks left one after another. Everyone looked worried when they left.

All the people in the shop were clean, leaving only Sheng Guangming and Yan Shuang and the sweet cake aroma in the room.

Sheng Guangming glanced across the street from the window.

The men in black still haven’t left.

“Let me go.” Yan Shuang whispered.

Sheng Guangming suddenly turned his face and cut the nail: “No.”

“It’s all right. Maybe I made a terrible remark last time. He deliberately came to fix me. I apologized to him and took a soft suit, and the matter passed.” Yan Shuang took it all into his own hands.

“He’s targeting me.” Sheng Guangming Road.

“That’s also because of me.”

“It’s not your problem,” Sheng Guangming held his shoulder. “I’ll solve it. Trust me, okay?”

Yan Shuang’s eyes were a little sad. He was silent for a long time and said: “… Good.”

Sheng Guangming held him in his arms, “don’t worry, it will be all right.”

It happened suddenly and not suddenly.

The love with Yan Shuang was so smooth that Sheng Guangming subconsciously ignored the reef hidden under the water.

Qi Feiyun came. Yan Shuang drove them away.

Now Qin yubai is here. Do you want Yan Shuang to come forward?

Now that he has become Yan Shuang’s boyfriend, he is ready to meet these.

Sheng Guangming sent the man home and told him, “have a good rest at home and I’ll cook for you in the evening.”

Yan Shuang sat on the sofa, blinking and hesitating. Under Sheng Guangming’s eager gaze, he still reluctantly nodded.

He watched Sheng Guangming go out, sat quietly for a while, and picked up the cell phone on one side.

“Hello? It’s me.”

The other end of the phone was silent for a while, sighed slightly, with a complex helplessness, “of course I know it’s you.”

“He’s here now. Be careful and be beaten.”

“… I see.”

“I’m sorry to trouble you.”

There was another silence on the other end of the phone. The man breathed lightly. After a long time, he said with a bitter smile: “Shuangshuang, where did he make you unhappy?”

“He didn’t annoy me.”

Yan Shuang lay down on the sofa and tilted his feet. “He didn’t do anything wrong, but I want to set up some obstacles for him to realize how honored it is to have me.”

There was another long silence on the other end of the phone. Yan Shuang didn’t hang up. He entrusted someone to handle affairs. Of course, he should be polite.

“… are you free this evening?”

“No time,” Yan Shuang said lazily, “don’t go too far, Qin yubai. Haven’t you learned well yet?”

Qin Yu clenched his pen with his white fingers and gathered his long eyelashes. If his eyes were as gentle as nothing, “I’ll do whatever you want me to do. Isn’t it good enough?”


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