I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 142

In the lobby of the building, Sheng Guangming has been “resting” for an hour.

The other party seemed to be sure that he would come. The female secretary with several bodyguards waited in the hall early and politely asked him to rest downstairs.

“President Qin is very busy now. He doesn’t have time to see people who don’t have an appointment.”

Since Sheng Guangming came, he was ready to run into a wall. Knowing that the secretary was only passing a message, he calmly said, “then I’ll wait for him here.”

The Secretary smiled and nodded, “please help yourself.”

As soon as I waited, I waited until the sunset fell.

People came and went in the hall, and everyone was in a hurry. Sheng Guangming sat on the sofa. No one cared about him at all. Only when he got up and tried to walk, the bodyguards scattered in the hall would move with him.

It seems that the other party is ready to dry him meaninglessly here.

Sheng Guangming stood up, and the bodyguards seemed to move closer.

Sheng Guangming didn’t care about them and went straight out of the building.

It’s time for him to go home and cook for Yan Shuang.

When he opened the door, Sheng Guangming accidentally smelled the aroma of food.

The smell of the meal entered his nose as soon as he opened the door. Because it was too unexpected, he was stunned there.

In the open kitchen, Yan Shuangzheng turned his back to him and bent his arms. It seemed that he was tasting the taste. When he heard the sound of opening the door, he turned his face. At the moment when his eyes met, he narrowed his eyes and smiled, “brother Sheng, are you back?”

Physical and mental fatigue has been washed in this smile.

Sheng Guangming has never been so eager for a home.

Not just a house belonging to him, but a family who will always support him and wait for him behind him.

Sheng Guangming entered the door, went straight to Yan Shuang, stretched out his hand and hugged him.

“Hungry?” He whispered, “why don’t you wait for me to come back and cook?”

“I’m not hungry. I just want to cook“

Yan Shuang put his chin on his shoulder and said briskly, “I’m tired of always eating the food you cook. Let you try my chef’s craft.”

Sheng Guangming hugged Yan Shuang, turned his face and kissed him gently on the cheek, “thank you, Shuangshuang.” Thank you for being with me.

“Don’t be numb, the dishes are going to paste -”

Yan Shuang pushed him away, put on a pretentious relaxed expression, and Sheng the fried vegetables in the pot, “eat!”

The food on the table is generally sold. Sheng Guangming took a bite. It’s just a very homely taste. Maybe it’s not high-grade, but it has that simple and warm taste that makes the food seem to have the effect of comforting the soul.

“Is it delicious?”

Yan Shuang blinked and looked a little uneasy.

“Delicious.” Sheng Guangming narrowed his eyes and showed a happy expression.

Yan Shuang smiled, “I knew my craft wouldn’t be bad.”

Yan Shuang didn’t ask him whether the day’s affairs had been solved. There was always a mild topic on the dinner table, as if he was deliberately ignoring it. After dinner, Sheng Guangming went to wash the dishes and clean up. Yan Shuang took a bath. After taking a bath, he urged him to take a bath.

“Hurry up…” Yan Shuang pushed the man into the bathroom and tilted his face with a smile. “Wash it clean and come out again.”

When the bathroom door closed, the smile on Sheng Guangming’s face faded slowly.

Never felt so powerless as today.

As he sat waiting in the hall, Yan Shuang’s face appeared in Sheng Guangming’s mind.

At that time, he looked at him calmly and said, “no why.”

He finally understood his mood at that time.

It is the depression and pain that is useless to anyone.

He just experienced two embarrassments in the store and was so unwilling to be angry. What about Yan Shuang?

How did he survive in the face of forces so powerful that he could not resist? How do you slander yourself as if nothing had happened and turn these things into a casual past?

As long as I thought how helpless Yan Shuang was at that time, Sheng Guangming’s heart was tightened and in general severe pain.

He won’t let it go.

He will make the arrogant man pay his due price.

Sheng Guangming frowned.

After taking a bath, Sheng Guangming went back to his bedroom, but he didn’t see Yan Shuang, “Shuangshuang?”

“… here it is.”

The sound came from the living room.

Yan Shuang is bending over to change his shoes in the porch. “My classmates have something to do with me. I’ll go out.”

Sheng Guangming was dressed in his home clothes with a towel around his neck. His hair was still half wet and dripping water hit the back of his neck. It was cold and cold. The water stains were immersed in his pajamas like snakes. He walked slowly over and said in a deep voice, “what’s the matter? I’ll accompany you.”

“It’s a school project. You can’t help.”

Yan pedaled his feet, reached out and took the scarf from the hanger, tied the scarf and said, “I’ll go back.”

“Can’t you go tomorrow? It’s already evening.”

“It’s very important. It’s related to credits. They hurry. I’ll go and get back soon.”

“Then I’ll give it to you.”

“You’ve taken a bath. Just rest at home and I’ll be right back.”

Yan Shuang turned around with a smile as he spoke. At the moment he turned around, his arm was suddenly caught.

“I’ll see you off.” Sheng Guangming said. His tone was flat but firm.

Yan Shuang kept the posture of turning around. He didn’t move for a long time before he slowly turned his face. His smile was bright, but the light in his eyes was cold and sharp. “I said no.”

The eyes were cold and almost stinging, and the dark eyes were full of precautions.

Sheng Guangming grabbed his arm, and his gentle face gradually sank, “you are not allowed to go anywhere tonight.”

“What are you talking about?” Yan Shuang’s voice was calm, but it seemed to imply a threat.

“I said,” Sheng Guangming held out his hand, grabbed his other arm, and stared at his face, “you are not allowed to go anywhere tonight.”

“Let go,” the smile on Yan Shuang’s face immediately disappeared. He opened his teeth and claws again, looking vaguely surly, “I told you to let go.”

Sheng Guangming turned a deaf ear and picked up the man.

“Sheng Guangming -” Yan Shuangli drank, “you let go of me! I told you to let go of me! Are you deaf? Fuck you, who do you think you are – if you don’t let go, you’ll break up. Do you hear me! Break up, we break up!”

Sheng Guangming carried people into the bedroom. His ears were full of foul language all the way. Yan Shuang cursed him with the most vicious language, clamored to break up with him, and kept repeating

Sheng Guangming held the man directly to the bed, and the palm of his hand was tightly embedded in his, trapping him in the bed.

“You are not allowed to go anywhere,” the tone was arbitrary, but the look and eyes were gentle. “Now sleep well.”

Black eyes stared at him fiercely, “are you fucking sick? I said I wanted to break up with you. Didn’t you hear me?”

“I hear you.”

Sheng Guangming whispered, “so, is this a decapitation dinner tonight?”

The sharp lips were slightly stiff. Yan Shuang pursed his lips and didn’t answer.

“Cook for me, and then break up…” Sheng Guangming looked at him with some sadness and pity. “What are you going to do next?”

“Plead with him? Say you’ve broken up with me. Ask him to give me a hand?”

Every word Sheng Guangming said was like a thorn penetrating into his heart.

Yan Shuang’s expression also showed pain with his words.


Sheng Guangming lowered his head and buried his face deep in his neck.

Yan Shuang felt the moist heat around his neck.

“Don’t fight everything by yourself.”

“Please, come on.”

The tall man hugged the thin figure and couldn’t help himself.

It is clear that they have been so difficult. Why do they always want to protect others? The gambling debt to my father is, and so is he

Sheng Guangming hugged him tightly and choked, “don’t do this…”

The house was very quiet, only the sound of two people breathing alternately.

“… I don’t care.”

“I haven’t slept with him anyway.”

“It’s no big deal.”

Yan Shuang’s tone was so calm that Sheng Guangming wanted to kill Qin yubai.

“No,” Sheng Guangming hugged him more tightly. He raised his face and his eyes were red. He looked straight at Yan Shuang with a calm face and said solemnly, “you are very precious. Don’t look down on yourself like this.”

Yan Shuang was indifferent. “I’m very expensive. Sleeping with him can solve the problem of your store. The price is not cheap.”

“No, not so.”

Sheng Guangming held his shoulder and said eagerly as if to cut out his heart: “Shuangshuang, your precious is because you are the unique Yan Shuang in the world. Nothing is worth exchanging with yourself!”

Yan Shuang was silent and calm in his eyes, “even your shop?”

“Even my shop.”

“He won’t let you go.”

“Then let him come and I’ll fight him to the end.”

“You can’t fight him.”

“Fight if you can’t fight.”

The cold and self defensive sharpness in the dark eyes gradually softened.

“Brother Sheng,” Yan Shuang’s voice was as soft as fog, “is it worth it?”

“Worth it.”

Sheng Guangming cut off the railway.

“I said, you are precious.”

Yan Shuang bit his lower lip, “you may lose everything to you. Have you ever thought about it?”

“I thought about it.”

Sheng Guangming paused and honestly said what he had done this afternoon by Qin yubai, “I sat there and thought a lot. I think some of what I said to you earlier is really frivolous. In the face of such a thing, the so-called strength alone can’t solve any problems.”

“I believe you must have tried everything to save your family.”

Sheng Guang had bright eyes and soft light. “Why can’t I do what you can do?”

Yan Shuang’s eyes turned red, like crying, “I’m not your family, you still have a chance… You can let go of my hand.”

“I won’t let go,” promised Sheng Guangming. He looked into his helpless eyes, and a strong impulse surged in his heart. “I always seem to say something inappropriate at an inappropriate time.”

“… Shuangshuang, will you marry me and become my family?”

The sincere expression was half impulsive, half serious, and some obvious tension.

Yan Shuang looked at the face, reached out and stroked his face. Tears burst into his eyes, “… I will.”

The two hugged each other tightly.

When the wind and waves hit, people in the storm will subconsciously grasp the people around them and try not to sink.

Extreme danger wears away reason.

As long as you reach out and grab something, everything can be used as a life-saving straw. Therefore, you can’t tell whether the hanging hand is going to pull him up or push him into a deeper vortex.

Yan Shuanghuan smiled secretly with excited Sheng Guangming.

He said he liked good people best.

It’s so simple.


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