I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 143

The shopkeeper was happy and closed for a week

A notice was posted in front of the newly opened cake shop. The two hearts close to the notice implied the specific content of “Youxi”.

The shop was not as quiet as expected. The cake makers were still busy making cakes. The clerks were all in readiness. They took the cake and slipped out of the alley at the back door to deliver it.

When someone made trouble outside the store, Sheng Guangming simply asked the clerks to call one by one according to the phone left by the customers and inform them to stop buying in the store, all of which provided delivery services.

Thinking of buying cakes without waiting in line, customers naturally readily agree. With permission, the clerks will send the “menu” hastily made to the customer’s home with small biscuits. When they come to the door, some neighbors will be attracted by the sweet aroma and considerate service and ask curiously. In this way, the flow of customers will not decrease but increase.

The closed shop is busy.

The man in black guarding the door disappeared two days later.

The shop assistants were pleasantly surprised to ask Sheng Guangming if he wanted to reopen. Sheng Guangming rejected the proposal, “let’s adopt the current model before the holiday.”

In fact, if Qin yubai really wants to follow and kill all, this sneaky underground mode can not last long, that is, it can drag on day by day.

Sheng Guangming knows in his heart, but his energy is now focused on another more important thing.

“Does it look good?”

The curtain “Shua” opened. Yan Shuang was wearing a formal suit and stood smiling in front of Sheng Guangming.

Sheng Guangming always knew that Yan Shuang was very good-looking, but he couldn’t help his heart beating at that moment.


His little groom.

Sheng Guangming’s face turned red quickly.

Although the decision was made on impulse, he did not regret it after calming down.

It sounds very difficult in this society, but he wants to try.

Meeting Yan Shuang, for him, was God’s destiny.

He wants to catch it.

At the most turbulent time of his life, he grasped a certain thing.

“Good looking.” Sheng Guangming whispered.

Yan Shuang fiddled with the bow tie. “I can’t beat this bow tie well. It’s a little crooked.”

“I’ll come.”

Sheng Guangming got up and walked slowly to Yan Shuangshuang. When he stretched out his hand to tidy up Yan Shuang’s bow tie, he found that his hand was a little shaking.

The black silk bow tie always couldn’t adjust its position as if it had its own will in his fingers. In addition, Sheng Guangming was a little shaking, and it became worse and worse in panic. The bow tie that was a little crooked was getting more and more crooked under his adjustment.

Yan Shuang lowered his head and chuckled.

Warm breath sprayed on his fingers with his smile. Sheng Guangming was embarrassed and said, “my hands are stupid.”

“Nonsense,” said Yan, with his hands on his back and a light smile, “you can fight and make cakes. Your hands are the most skillful.”

Sheng Guangming blushed and tried to calm down. After a while, he finally adjusted the bow tie to the most correct position. He was relieved, stepped back and looked at Yan Shuang carefully.

… like a precious young master.

Sheng Guangming thought to himself.

“All right.”

Yan Shuang turned his face and faced the mirror on the wall. Sheng Guangming stood behind him, wearing a uniform suit, but wearing a tie. They were half a head taller. Yan Shuang was thin, and Sheng Guangming looked very strong. The formal dress seemed to have a perfect body proportion and looked very well matched in the mirror.

Both of them were laughing. Yan Shuang suddenly said, “it’s crooked again.”

Sheng Guangming was a little distracted. When he heard the speech and looked intently, Yan Shuang’s bow tie was indeed crooked again.

“Forget it, maybe it’s just not suitable for clothes.” Yan Shuang said casually, stretched out his hand to untie the leader’s knot and took it off.

Wearing a bow tie, Yan Shuang looks very clever and lovely. Without the ornament of the bow shape, his beautiful face vaguely shows a little romantic affection in the mirror.

Sheng Guangming’s heart beat inexplicably fast.

Too nervous, marriage will always be nervous, Sheng Guangming said to himself.

“Forget it, change it.”

Yan Shuangzheng was about to put the removed bow tie into his pocket. Sheng Guangming pulled the bow tie out of his hand, “let me see.”

“The cloth on both sides is a little uneven. Just adjust it a little.” Sheng Guangming fiddled with it and soon saw the problem.

Yan Shuang smiled at him, “brother Sheng, how can you understand everything?”

“I’ve learned a little before,” said Sheng Guangming. “I’ll go out and let the tailor do it soon.”

Yan Shuang stayed in the fitting room. He sat down on the sofa. His figure was reflected in the whole mirror wall opposite. He untied the button of his suit, put his right foot on his left knee, gently clamped his mobile phone with his fingers and shook it up and down, “system.”

“Hello, I’m here.”

“Look at the data.”

The system immediately calls up the character data in the world.

Yan Shuang didn’t look at it and said, “are you kidding? What’s good? Look at the data of those planets in my shopping cart.”

System: “… Wait a minute.”

While Yan Shuangjin was enjoying the image of the fruit planet, he heard a voice that seemed to be arguing outside.

“… can’t you just have this?”

“No, sir…”

When Yan Shuang came out, he saw the shopping guide frowning and negotiating with Sheng Guangming, “what’s the matter, what’s the matter?”

The shopping guide was speechless. “Sir, if you are not satisfied with this bow tie, we can change it for you for free, but you asked us to open it for you and redo it. Is it a bit difficult?”

“Don’t you have a master who changes clothes?” Sheng Guangming Road.

“The tailor has a lot of work. You don’t have to do this at all.”

“Well, well,” Yan Shuang understood. He came forward and hugged Sheng Guangming’s arm and said to the shopping guide, “then change it for us.”

On the way back, the atmosphere in the car was a little dull. Yan put his bought clothes beside his feet and whispered, “brother Sheng, are you unhappy?”

Sheng Guangming said, “no, you think too much.”

“Just now in the store…” Yan Shuang paused and turned to Sheng Guangming, who was driving. His eyelashes flew up and down, as if hesitating. His expression was seen by Sheng Guangming’s remaining light, and Sheng Guangming frowned slightly, “I didn’t mean to quarrel with him. I just thought… At the beginning, you chose that suit with this bow tie. It’s a set of things that can be adjusted. Why should you change it?”

After Sheng Guangming finished, he felt his tone seemed a little urgent, and added: “I just discussed with him. I’m not unhappy about it.”

Yan Shuang didn’t speak. He turned his face and looked out of the window.

Until the car stopped downstairs, Yan Shuangcai said, “do you regret it?”

Sheng Guangming was reflecting on why he was so sensitive today. Hearing Yan Shuang’s words, he immediately resolutely denied: “I didn’t!”

Yan Shuang covered his side face with one hand and said softly, “it’s time to go back now.”

“I didn’t, Shuangshuang, I really didn’t go back…” Sheng Guangming was confused and incoherent. “How can I regret it? The only thing I regret is that I proposed too hastily… No, I don’t mean that the decision was hasty, I mean that the ceremony was not very formal…”


Yan Shuang interrupted him directly.

“We’ve only known each other for a few months.”

“Getting married is really a big decision. I think you were really in a mood that day. You were too angry…”

Yan Shuang was suddenly hugged.

It’s the way the whole person is held in his arms.

Sheng Guangming held him tightly.

The intense uneasiness about gain and loss was revealed from this hug.

Even with the promise of marriage, I still can’t feel at ease, even more and more afraid

“I’m afraid you’ll regret…”

The man’s low voice scattered in the car.

Yan Shuang was silent. After a long time, he said, “the probability of regret for marriage is very high.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the air pressure of the people holding him dropped again.

“Maybe one day for the rest of our lives, maybe one of us will regret it.”

“I don’t…”

“Shh,” said Yan Shuang, “don’t rush to deny it.”

Yan Shuang put his hand around his waist and said softly, “but at least we don’t regret it now, do we?”

“Brother Sheng, don’t think too much,” Yan Shuang loosened his hand and looked at him with clear eyes. “The moment I promised you, I really wanted to go down with you. Trust me, okay?”

After talking in the car, Sheng Guangming’s heart calmed down a little.

He believed in Yan Shuang and their determination to stick together.

More importantly, Yan Shuang’s enthusiasm for him in some way also made Sheng Guangming feel more at ease.

He still has something that Yan Shuang likes.

Grab his stomach, grab his body, and one day… He will grab his heart completely.

Both of them are orphans and have no relatives. Yan Shuang said, “I don’t have any friends, so I won’t invite them.”

As soon as he said this, Sheng Guangming was very distressed.

Yan Shuang looked at the emotional line coming to the end backstage and was extremely satisfied.

He said he liked good people.

Sheng Guangming had many friends, but when he heard Yan Shuang, he didn’t invite anyone, and he didn’t want all the guests on his side at the ceremony. He hurriedly said, “then I won’t invite either.”

That’s good. There are only two people at the wedding. Isn’t it also a different kind of romance?

Years ago, Sheng Guangming took a holiday for the employees in the store in advance and booked the church on New Year’s Eve. The church agreed to lend the venue, but there was no priest to preside over it. Sheng Guangming thought it would be better.

“Only that day is empty,” Sheng Guangming said. “I think it will be particularly meaningful for us to usher in the new year with a new identity.”

Yan Shuang smiled and said, “I listen to you.”

During the day of new year’s Eve, there is a strong new year atmosphere in the streets. Sheng Guangming has the real feeling of getting married.

Everything is like a dream.

He is going to marry a boy.

At the beginning of his meeting with Yan Shuang, every bit emerged in his mind. Sheng Guangming came to the church in the evening with a dream like smile on his face.

The city’s Chapel is located by the sea.

The sea breeze in winter is cold and fresh. Sheng Guangming stands by the sea to calm his overly excited heartbeat.

“You can’t meet or contact before you get married.”

Yan Shuang has a strange insistence on this traditional custom, so today they agreed to meet at church in the evening, one from home and the other from school.

Simple, just a wedding for two.

Sheng Guangming looks down at the bouquet in his arms.

He brought a bunch of snow-white Platycodon grandiflorum.

The flowers swayed slightly in the sea breeze, and he protected them slightly with his arm.

After standing for a while, he took out his mobile phone and looked at the time. There was half an hour left at 6 o’clock as agreed.

The winter night came fast and fierce. The lighthouse on the beach soon lit up and threw a light on the Black Sea. Sheng Guangming held the flowers and counted his heartbeat minute by minute.

His little groom, come on.

Yan Shuang was in a taxi. He went back to school and applied to the school for suspension. “I’m getting married.”

The school teacher was shocked, “you don’t have to quit school if you get married.”

“I have some family affairs to deal with,” Yan Shuang smiled. “I may have to go for half a semester. If there is a place for me in this year’s scholarship, please donate it to Xingxing welfare home for me.”

The sky has gradually become dark, and the lights on the street are lit one by one.

Sheng Guangming didn’t fully believe that Yan Shuang was really willing to marry him until the taxi appeared on the highway by the sea

The people who got off the bus were wearing black suits. Their bodies looked slender and thin in winter. Sheng Guangming held flowers in his hands and couldn’t move under his feet as if he had been stuck.

Yan Shuang walked up to him and said with a smile, “you don’t like the new bow tie, so I didn’t wear it.”

Sheng Guangming seemed to have completely lost his language. He looked at Yan Shuang’s smile for a long time before he stretched out his hand.

The petals of Platycodon grandiflorum hit his ears, and the temperature of the human body was incomparably warm. Yan Shuang leaned against Sheng Guangming’s chest and heard the sound of the heart beating.

“Go -”

Sheng Guangming’s voice seemed to bring heat, “let’s get married.”

The two walked step by step to the bright church.

“What flower is this?”

“Kikyo,” said Sheng Guangming, holding his hand in a gentle voice, “the flower language of white Kikyo is’ eternal love ‘.”

“Really?” Yan Shuang gently lowered his eyelashes, “very beautiful.”

Sheng Guangming shook his hand, hesitated for a moment, and said his mood, “I thought you wouldn’t come.”


“I don’t know…” Sheng Guangming took a breath and smiled, like laughing at his own worries. “I’m afraid you’ll think I’m not good enough.”

Yan Shuang smiled and was noncommittal.

The light at the door of the church lengthened obliquely and extended to the feet of the two people. Sheng Guangming stepped into the light. Only then did he feel that his feet were steady and solid. He looked at Yan Shuang around him and smiled, “I’m getting married.”

“Well…” Yan Shuang took his hand and smiled with the same warmth, “I’m getting married.”

“I’ve arranged for your mother,” Ji wensong said with his fingers clasping his cuffs. “After the new year, you’ll go straight over.”

Ji Yao stood silent and didn’t respond to his father’s words.

Ji wensong looked back at him and smiled like he couldn’t help laughing. “Why, have you made up your mind to pretend to be mute?”

The corridor lanterns hung gently on the side of his face, obscuring the expression on his face.

Ji wensong took back his eyes carelessly and said coldly, “when you meet your mother, say something you can listen to.”

Ji Yao is still silent.

He has been silent for too long and has become a habit.

No one listens to what he wants to say, and he is always forced to say what he doesn’t want to say.

So don’t say it at all.

When he stepped, the mobile phone in his pocket shook. Ji Yao stopped and took out his mobile phone.

“Go to Xiao’s house tomorrow to pay a new year’s call and put away your temper. No one wants to look at your face…” Ji wensong said and felt something wrong. Looking back, Ji Yao stood by the carved lantern, holding his mobile phone.

Ji wensong frowned, “what are you doing?”

The next second, the lantern was shaken by the airflow brought by the people who turned and ran wildly, and the tassels were thrown in the air.

Ji wensong was stunned for a moment before he realized what had happened. “What do you do — stop him –”

The scream sounded in the narrow corridor. Ji wensong repressed his anger and ran after him. The narrow corridor was full of fallen maids, and all the food in the dinner plate fell to the ground. In a mess, when Ji wensong chased to the door, he saw only the passing vehicles.

Rows of seats in the church were empty. There were only two people holding hands and a Bible on the table.

Sheng Guangming held Yan Shuang in one hand and a bouquet in the other. He was so nervous that he didn’t know how to start.

“Let go first.” Yan Shuang smiled.

“Ah?” Sheng Guangming opened his mouth and looked frightened.

Yan Shuang said with a smile, “you should always take an oath with one hand.”

“Oh, oh,” Sheng Guangming smiled shyly, “I’m too nervous.” He released Yan Shuang’s hand and reached out to touch the ring box in his pocket. He was a little determined again.

“Then, let me take the oath?” Sheng Guangming said carefully.

Yan Shuang: “good.”

Sheng Guangming had rehearsed this scene countless times. When he was about to speak, his mouth was still stuck. After repeated deep breaths, he slowly said, “I want Yan Shuang to be mine…”

The roar of the engine interrupted the oath.

Yan Shuang also turned his face. The church door was closed after they came in. His expression was cold, but his tone was a doubt inconsistent with his expression, “is there a car coming?”

Sheng Guangming’s heartbeat missed a beat and then accelerated frantically. He turned his face and reached out to hold Yan Shuang’s face. His eyes were vaguely eager. “Forget it, let’s have a ceremony first.”

“Yes.” Yan Shuang promised and turned his face back.

Sheng Guangming was inexplicably nervous, so nervous that his heart was about to jump out. He put his hand on the Bible again and said again: “I would like Yan Shuang to become my lover, have and support each other from today, love and cherish each other whether it is good or bad, rich or poor, disease or health, and we can’t be separated until death.”

His oath read quickly, like being chased by something. After that, he immediately looked at Yan Shuang implicitly.

Yan Shuang smiled at him and blinked his eyelashes. In Sheng Guangming’s eyes, the two long eyelashes blinked very slowly, almost breaking his soul.

“I’d like to…”

“Bang -”

The sound of the door being kicked open was like thunder in the open church.

The man who was taking the oath suddenly turned back.

The door that was kicked open showed a slanting light. The people in the night stood in the brilliant light, with a picturesque face and a look like a bright blade, cold and sharp, “you don’t want to.”

Complex emotions, both like shock and anticipation, rushed into Sheng Guangming’s chest.

“Shuangshuang…” Sheng Guangming said in fear.

“You don’t want to.”

The man outside the door came in. He repeated it. His voice was not high or low, but his tone was very determined.

Sheng Guangming watched the man approach step by step. He couldn’t move. His hand holding the flower trembled slightly. Somehow, he couldn’t make a response. He could only watch the noble childe who was far from him stretch out his hand to his bridegroom.

“Come with me.”


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