I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 144

The church was silent.

Sheng Guangming knew what he should say or do, but he couldn’t say anything, just stood rigidly on one side.

It was clear that he was the protagonist of the wedding, but he felt like a redundant person for no reason.

The constant fear and uneasiness finally had its foothold.

——Yan Shuang doesn’t love him.

The hand holding the white Platycodon grandiflorum dropped slowly.

“Go on.”

The cold voice echoed in the empty church. His eyes lightly glanced at the hand in front of him. Yan Shuang turned around, his palm still pressed on the bright red Bible, smiled at the bright light of the soul around him, “the ceremony is not over yet.”

The voice fell, and the arm pressed on the Bible was vigorously pulled up. Yan Shuang stumbled and was directly dragged down from the stage by the hand behind him, and fell into the arms of Lengxiang overflowing.

Ji Yao glanced coldly at Yan Shuang’s innocent face if nothing had happened, “go.”

Yan Shuang: what drag? That’s the attitude? Why are you dissatisfied with the emotional line? It’s not exciting, is it?

Yan Shuang: “I won’t go.”

He ignored Ji Yuanxiang’s eyes and directly extended his hand to Sheng Guangming, who was still in a daze, “husband, save me!”

Sheng Guangming was still confused. He subconsciously stretched out his hand before he knew the situation. However, before he touched Yan Shuang’s hand, Yan Shuang was stopped and dragged away.

Yan Shuang, who was dragged out of the church, said: lying in the trough, Xiao Ji has great strength, and his arms are hard. Your childe is idle at home. Do you lift iron every day?

“Husband -” Yan Shuang raised his voice to summon the soul. The next second, his mouth was blocked by his palm, and he could only make a “hum” sound.

Sheng Guangming stood in place like a fool. When they were about to leave the church, they threw the flowers in their hands and chased them out.


It was dark outside. Yan Shuang was dragged outside. He immediately felt a strong sea breeze coming from behind. Fortunately, Ji Yao was blocked by him and wouldn’t be blown down.

The warm breath leaned against his ear, “I’m not Qin yubai.”

Yan Shuang thought nonsense, No.

“I won’t target his shop,” said his voice gently, with his unique cold and arrogant tone, “I will directly let him disappear.”

“Shuangshuang -” Sheng Guangming chased him out. The sea breeze shook his hair. He untied the buttons of his suit, his face was dark, and his hand directly pointed to Ji Yao. “Let him go!”

Having made preparations to rescue people in the hospital, Sheng Guangming rolled up his sleeves directly.

To his surprise, Ji Yao really let Yan Shuang go.

At the moment Ji Yao let go, Yan Shuang turned around and raised his hand without any pause.

“Pa -”

The crisp sound of slaps falling was scattered by the sea wind.

Yan Shuang didn’t look at Ji Yao’s expression after playing. He turned his face and said loudly to Sheng Guangming, who was shocked to aphasia again: “I’m sorry, I’m not married anymore. I’m going to go with this bastard.”

He then turned his face again. Ji Yao’s face was also very handsome in the night. His white face was fanned by him, and he was staring at Yan Shuang.

Yan Shuang compared his middle finger to him, walked to the sports car against the sea breeze, turned back and said loudly: “the wedding robber, do you get on the bus?!”

Sheng Guangming watched the car disappear in front of him.

The short-term luck left him after all

As he expected.

Like that crooked bow tie.

A mismatch is a mismatch.

Yan duo shrank in the sports car and it took several minutes to relax.

Shit, the sea breeze in winter is so cold that he messed up his carefully combed small parts today.

The car drove very fast. The seaside road on New Year’s Eve was empty and empty. The speed was so fast that Yan Shuang felt floating in the car. He turned his face and said, “stop.”

Ji Yao turned a deaf ear, still turned his eyes to the boundless night, and his speed did not decrease at all.

According to the direction of Gu Zao’s dog blood plot, Yan Shuang should now reach out to grab his steering wheel, and then the car trembled back and forth on the road like Parkinson’s disease. After walking out of the S-type, they hit a tree with a “bang”. The two people were sent to the hospital for rescue. After waking up, there must be a loss of memory and deep sadistic love.

Yan Shuang: Da baa, he still wants to keep his kidney and cornea.

Yan Shuang took back his eyes and grabbed the seat belt with pity.

All the way, Ji Yao didn’t speak. There was a faint light in the dark night. Yan Shuang leaned against the window and looked forward laboriously.

In the dazzling light, there were faint people running and huge wind.

Getting closer, Yan Shuang finally got closer.

This is the suburbs.

A plane stopped in front of him.

Yan Shuang: lying in a trough is worthy of being a super expensive childe Xiaoji! It’s a big gray machine!

The vehicle stopped in front of the plane under the command of the person in front. Ji Yao got out of the car, went around to the side, opened the door for Yan Shuang personally, and dragged the person out of the car.

“Young master, everything is ready.”

The back collar of Yan Shuang’s suit is held in Ji Yao’s hand like a kitten whose neck is only held by fate. He recognizes that the little bodyguard around Ji wensong who has great eyesight and has cooperated with him before is greeting Ji Yao. At this time, he is showing great respect to Ji Yao.

He looked up in shock and saw only Ji Yao’s angular chin.

Yan Shuang was almost taken on the plane.

“Ji Yao…” Yan Shuang was pressed to his seat. Ji Yao was wearing his seat belt and listened to him. His eyes stared fiercely, “shut up.”

Yan Shuang: “…” don’t ask me to speak after you have the ability.

This is a small private plane. After Ji Yao settled Yan Shuang, he immediately sat down in the seat next to Yan Shuang.

The announcement that the plane was ready to take off in five minutes immediately sounded on the plane.

Yan Shuang couldn’t help saying, “where are you taking me?”

“Go to hell.”

Yan Shuang: “…” said very well. Don’t say it next time.

Five minutes later, the plane took off on time. Yan Shuang looked down through the side porthole and saw several cars coming to the place where the plane took off with lights.

Yan Shuang: it’s private. It’s quite grand.

After the smooth flight broadcast came, Ji Yao around him seemed to be finally relieved and his strength was relieved. However, for a moment, he immediately regained his usual arrogance. He unfastened his seat belt, stretched out his hand and directly pinched Yan Shuang’s chin, twisted people’s face, with a tone of resentment, “can’t you wait?”

Yan Shuang:?

What are you talking about.

“Ji Yao, what are you doing now?” Yan Shuang shook his chin and didn’t shake it. He also untied his seat belt and stretched out his hand to pull Ji Yao’s wrist, “let the fuck go of me!”

Ji Yao’s arm is generally unshakable.

Although Sheng Guangming is the champion of boxing, he has always been obedient to Yan Shuang. Yan Shuang never had much idea of his strength except that he would feel the man’s strong arm strength and waist strength when he walked X while holding him.

Yan Shuang struggled for a long time without breaking away Ji Yao’s arm. He was half tired. He simply gave up the struggle and scolded Ji Yao’s face with his eyes.

I believe a genius like Ji Yao can read his eyes.

——Then Ji Yao kissed him.

Ji Yao’s lips were cold and stuck on his lips. Yan Shuang kissed a piece of ice. His chin was tightly fastened. There was no room for struggle. The warm tip of his tongue forcefully pried open his lips.

The moment the tongues intertwined, each other’s breathing became heavy.

The grip on Yan Shuang’s chin gradually loosened, and stroked along his chin to the small Adam’s apple on his slender neck.

Yan Shuang is swallowing.

Swallow the saliva they exchange.

The Adam’s apple slid up and down his fingertips.

How dare such Yan Shuang, who can’t extricate himself from his kiss, marry someone else?

Ji Yao leaned closer and closer. The whole man leaned out of his seat and trapped Yan Shuang between his seat and his chest, kissing wantonly.

Suddenly, Ji Yao squeezed Yan Shuang’s neck with one hand. He looked at him condescending. His cold and dry lips became bright in the wet kiss. He said coldly, “do you like him?”

Yan Shuang’s face was crimson and half lying on his seat. A light mist appeared in his eyes. He looked a little confused, “which…”

Ji Yao: ”

He really wants to strangle him!

“You want to marry him,” Ji Yao said in a cold voice, “do you like him?”

The mist in Yan’s eyes gradually dispersed. He was silent for a long time and looked distant. It was obvious that he was thinking about the ‘he’ in Ji Yao’s mouth.

Ji Yao asked again, “speak.”

Yan Shuang: Oh, he said he would beg him to speak.

“Yes,” Yan Shuang looked directly at him and said seriously, “I like him and I am willing to live with him all my life.”

His chest was as sour and painful as vomiting and bleeding. Ji Yao pursed his lips and squeezed out two words – “lying.”

Yan Shuang: “I didn’t…”

He didn’t go on because Ji Yao put his knee against him.

“What is this?”

Ji Yao looked cold. “You can treat anyone?”

Yan Shuang was unwilling to show weakness. “How about you? You’re not the same? You see clearly, I’m not Qin Qing…”

“Don’t mention him!”

Ji yaoleng drank.

In Yan Shuang’s suspicious eyes, he paused and said, “you don’t deserve to mention his name.”

Yan Shuang: ”

Don’t force it. Hit it.

Yan Shuang opened his mouth and bit Ji Yao’s wrist.

He bit so hard that he smelled blood almost instantly.

Ji Yao was bitten by him, his face unchanged, and even pushed his knee deeper.

Yan Shuang snorted stiffly. He loosened his mouth, bah, stared at the people above and said fiercely, “this is for my husband!”

Ji Yao: ”

“Say it again.”

“This is for my husband!”

“Say it again.”

Yan Shuang knew that Ji Yao would start to play unlimited monthly reading again. He really accompanied him today. He continued to stare and loudly said, “this is for my husband!”

Ji Yao didn’t repeat. He pinched Yan Shuang’s cheek with his bloody wrist, “who’s for you?”

“Husband!” Yan Shuang gave a vague cry.

“Yes,” Ji Yao covered his mouth with his backhand and bent over to stare at Yan Shuang’s eyes, “I agree to replace him.”

Yan Shuang: “……” go away!

Yan bilaterally picked his hand and kicked him, but he was pressed more tightly. The elegant cold fragrance trapped him from all directions.

When his lips fell, Yan Shuang involuntarily closed his eyes, and another cold kiss fell on his eyelids.

“Happy new year.”

Yan Shuang stopped.

Ji Yao loosened his palm and wisely blocked Yan Shuang’s lips before Yan Shuang scolded.

The plane is passing through the clouds at high altitude. It is dark outside the window. The nebulae are staggered and extremely quiet. Only kissing and heartbeat resonate. The tip of the nose is against the tip of the nose, and the eyes are against the eyes. It is love or hate. It can’t be distinguished under the black sky. Yan Shuang’s face is reflected in Ji Yao’s eyes.

The first time he reached out to him who fell to the ground, he never thought that so many things would happen with him.

Maybe this is the elusive fate.

Ji Yao can’t tell how far forever is.

From the first time they met to the end of their life, that may be “forever”.

Touching Yan Shuang’s face with both hands, Ji Yao whispered, “from today on, stay with me forever.”



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