I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 146

When Yan Shuang was eating, Ji Yao sat aside to bandage his wound. His posture was very calm. Compared with Yan Shuang when he first met him, he had changed a lot. He was still arrogant, but he had less sense of inhumane fireworks floating in the clouds, and had a trace of stability after quenching.

It’s true. It’s even worse.

Yan Shuang didn’t look at him and ate by himself.

I don’t know where Ji Yao got the cook, which is quite in line with his taste.

Hunger strike? It’s a hammer. Hey, come on. Anyway, Xiao Ji said that.

Yan Shuang ate a delicious meal. Ji Yao sat beside him and basically didn’t eat much. He watched him eat all the way. Yan Shuang wiped his mouth and left when he didn’t exist. He went up the stairs without delay for a second.

Ji Yao didn’t catch up.

Yan Shuang walked slowly to the second floor and saw a plain vase at the corner of the second floor of the stairs.

In a place of ice and snow, it is rare to insert several fresh and fragrant white roses in the vase.

Yan Shuang reached out and stroked the tender petals. His fingers slowly traced the elegant bottle body downward, and said softly, “it’s a pity.”

“Bang -”

The crisp cracking sound suddenly exploded in the quiet villa.

The water poured down the crack of the debris. Yan Shuang stood in a pile of debris and counted down silently in his heart.




The sound of hurried footsteps came from downstairs on time.

As the footsteps approached, Yan Shuang bent down and picked up a fragment from the messy water.

“What are you doing!”

The usual cold voice changed tone when seeing the scene in front of us.

Yan Shuang held the vase fragments and looked back leisurely.

Ji Yao supported the wall on one side of the stairs with one hand. His face was gloomy and frightening. His eyes stared at the vase fragments held in Yan’s hands, “what are you doing?”

Yan Shuang looked at him coldly. He didn’t respond. He turned his face silently and stretched out his other hand to the pile of debris on the ground.

Before his finger touched the debris, his wrist was pulled up, his other hand was tightly fastened by Ji Yao, and the whole person was pulled away from the pile of debris by Ji Yao.

“I asked you what you were doing.” Ji Yao’s tone was cold, and his anger was as thin as the undercurrent under the ice surging on his face.

Yan Shuang seemed unaware of his anger. His fingers still held the fragment and wrote lightly: “nothing. I accidentally broke the vase. I’ll clean it up.”

The atmosphere was almost eerie.

The two people who looked at each other were expressionless and looked as if they were light.

Yan Shuang: whoever feels bad knows.

After a long time, Ji Yao released Yan Shuang’s hand and took the vase fragment from Yan Shuang’s fingertips.

Yan Shuang tried to rob him. His fingertips clamped slightly. Ji Yao simply curled up the fragments with the palm of his hand.

A faint smell of blood immediately filled the air.

Yan Shuang looked at Ji Yao’s face.

Ji Yao’s face remained unchanged, his eyes implicit with anger, and his palm shook with a “clang”, sharp fragments stained with blood rolled down the stairs, and a bright red and full drop of blood scratched in the air along his fingertips and fell on the handrail of the stairs.

Yan Shuang stared at the falling direction of the debris. A moment later, he turned around. The moment he raised his feet, he was lifted up in the air.

His hands subconsciously grabbed Ji Yao’s shoulder. Yan Shuang turned back and said, “what are you doing?”

Ji Yao didn’t say a word. He held him and walked step by step. He kicked his left slipper and then continued to go up. Holding Yan Shuang barefoot, he crossed the corner full of debris.

Yan Shuang looked over his shoulder and stopped on the slipper on the steps.

Running so fast, I lost one of my shoes.

His knees arched open the bedroom door, and Ji Yao threw the man directly onto the bed.

Yan duo played on the soft bed. As soon as they were about to bend their arms and get up, their shoulders were pressed.

Ji Yao looked at him condescending. His eyelashes covered his eyes and hid the emotion in his eyes. He said slowly, “are you intentional?”

Yan Shuang said softly, “what did I do on purpose?”

The palm of his shoulder was hot. The sticky wet idea was about to dip into Yan Shuang’s shoulder through his clothes. Yan Shuang twisted his face and looked a little disgusted, “it smells bad.”

Strange silence again.

Ji Yao said nothing and his chest slowly fluctuated, as if he were calming his mood.

For a long time, he let go of his hand and stepped back. “There are clothes in the wardrobe. Change them yourself.”

Yan Shuang turned to look at the blood stain on the shoulder of his pajamas, sat up, took off his coat without scruples, and threw it at the man standing at the end of the bed.

The clothes covered his face. Ji Yao reached out and grabbed the clothes. He raised his eyes and saw Yan Shuang lying on the bed, stretching.

“Come on,” Yan Shuang patted the bed, “don’t pretend to be a gentleman. Go if you want.”

The sunlight outside the window shone into the house and made Yan Shuang’s skin more white. He looked like a white jade carving, flawless, and his curves and figure were so beautiful and moving.

Ji Yao didn’t feel the joy of getting what he wanted.

On the contrary, the anger in his chest began to roll again in his chest, his palm tightly clutching soft clothes, and the stabbing wound became the last warning line for him to keep his mind.

Wrap Yan Shuang’s pajamas around his palm, Ji Yao pulls open the wardrobe, takes a pajama and throws it on the bed.

“Put it on.”

Yan Shuang:… Shit, can’t this man?

Yan Shuang raised his face, “don’t you do it?”

Ji Yao’s face became more and more ugly. “Put it on.”

“I asked you if you would do it?”

“I’ll let you put it on.”

“I don’t wear it,” said Yan bilaterally, grabbing his trouser waist. “Not only do I don’t wear it, I have to take it off.”

Ji Yao stood at the end of the bed and watched Yan Shuang clean his clothes.

Beautiful, clean and pure… Ji Yao is willing to use all the beautiful words in the world to describe this body.

He sat naked on the bed, like a drop of dew on a leaf.

Fragile and transparent, it’s frightening for him.

“You want me, don’t you?” Those bright and moving eyes were full of indifference, “then come.”

The soft cloth embedded deeper into the wound. Ji Yao said coldly, “you are cheaper than I thought.”

Yan Shuang smiled, “really? Do you often imagine me?”

Ji Yao frowned lightly, and the corners of his lips closed in a straight line.

Yan Shuang stood up from the bed, barefoot stepped on the soft bed, and approached Ji Yao standing at the end of the bed step by step. He walked very naturally, his eyes always hung on Ji Yao’s face like a hook. He walked in front of Ji Yao and approached him wantonly.

“You always kiss my lips,” Yan Shuang raised one foot, put the soles of his feet on Ji Yao’s shoulder and said faintly, “don’t you want to try kissing other places?”

The fragrance from the skin seems to drill into Ji Yao’s nasal cavity.

He put his hand around Yan Shuang’s waist.

Without the barrier of clothes, the touch is soft and smooth. After the palm is pasted, it is like being sucked. It is a wonderful sense of intimacy.

The next second, Yan Shuang was pushed down.

Then he was covered with oncoming clothes.

“Put it on,” Ji Yao’s voice was as cold as ice, “sleep.”

Yan Shuang: ”

OK, Ji Xiahui, you are cruel enough. He remembered this account!

The next day, Jiyao people simply disappeared.

Yan Shuang originally wanted to use the seduction method again. He had no place to exert himself. He had to live in the villa wrongfully, stretch out his clothes, open his mouth, and watch TV and play games.

By the way, burn incense and worship Buddha every night, and pray for the “good friends” who run away from home to return as soon as possible.

One afternoon about half a month later, Yan Shuang was taking a bath in the hot spring outside his bedroom. The sun set. The snow mountain and snow scene in the distance were just right. He lay down in the hot spring pool and looked downstairs.

In the woods not far away, a pure black off-road vehicle sped in. The missing person Ji Xiaoyao came down from the driver’s seat.

Ji Yao, who had disappeared for half a month, was dressed in a dark green hunting suit and tied a belt around his waist. He looked wider and thinner. He stopped by the car and talked to others. His face was very serious. He seemed to notice something and raised his face.

Yan Shuang looked at him.

Ji Yao took one look at him, then took back his eyes and turned into the villa.

After a while, Ji Yao came up.

He pushed open the bathroom door and his boots fell to the ground. “Take a hot spring?”

Yan Shuang didn’t give him a good look, and didn’t ask him where he had been for half a month. He said coldly, “nonsense.”

Ji Yao was not angry either. He took off his gloves and threw them aside. He squatted down and soaked his hands in the water. After a moment, he pulled out his hands, flicked his fingers and said, “don’t soak for too long.”

“You care about me.”

Ji Yao was silent for a moment, picked up his gloves and sat on the chair by the hot spring.

Yan Shuang confidently buried his neck into the hot spring, “can you not sit here staring at me?”

Ji Yao patted his gloves in the palm and said faintly, “Qin yubai is looking for you.”

Yan Shuang: is there a problem for my son to find his father?!

“Wei Yichen is also looking for you.”

Yan Shuang: is there a problem for the dog to find its owner?!

Ji Yao raised his eyes with a faint look. “There are really many people looking for you.”

Yan Shuang looked innocent. “What about my husband?”

Ji Yao sat in his chair and quietly looked at Yan Shuang. A moment later, he turned his face and looked at the snow mountain not far away.

The setting sun set quickly. The sky was more gloomy every second than the previous one. The clouds in the sky were repressed and thick gray, like brewing a storm.

That night, when Yan Shuangzheng was lying in bed to sleep, the door of the bedroom was pushed open.

Yan Shuang only glanced at Ji Yao and continued to sleep with the quilt. The man was playing around every time. He didn’t accompany him.

Ji Yao went to the window in silence, stretched out his hand to open the curtain and stood in front of the French window.

There is a different kind of peace in the bedroom.

Ji Yao stood still and looked out of the dark window. In the night, the outline of the snow peak in the distance became a little blurred.

I heard it would snow tonight.

In the dark, there was a lump in the quilt.

Ji Yao sat down beside the bed. His sight had gradually adapted to the darkness. He clearly saw the outline of Yan shuangrouhe.

His eyes fixed on the face, and countless sparks of joy jumped out of Ji Yao’s brain.

The fingers stopped in the air as they approached the sleeping cheek.

He likes Qin Qing.

His favorite is appreciation, yearning and not disturbing.

What about Yan Shuang?

He hated his deception.

He resented him for forgetting everything as if nothing had happened.

… but anxious at every moment when I can’t see him.

When I can’t see, I keep thinking of him.

When he saw it, he felt happy for no reason. Sometimes, he would be very angry. He was almost crazy. He had to stay away from Yan Shuang temporarily, but he thought day and night in his active separation.

How to define such contradictory emotion?

Ji Yao drooped his face and meditated for a while. He inadvertently looked out of the window, and his breath suddenly stagnated.

It’s snowing.

Large snowflakes float in the wind and are still white and dazzling in the night.

Ji Yao watched quietly for a while. He turned back and looked at Yan Shuang’s eyes, which he didn’t know when to open. Yan Shuang was also looking at the snow outside the window.

“It’s snowing…”

Yan Shuang’s voice was soft.


“How beautiful.”

Ji Yao looked out of the window again.

The snow was fast and sharp. It was overwhelming, as if it was going to drown the whole world. Ji Yao turned back and looked at Yan Shuang’s face for a moment. He stretched out his hand, his cold fingers provoked Yan Shuang’s chin, and his lips pasted gently on Yan Shuang’s lips. There was no other meaning. He whispered, “yes, it’s beautiful.”


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