I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 148

Yan Shuang ran out barefoot. The soles of his feet were stained with a lot of stone dust and scratched. He didn’t shout pain when he was hurt. He just held Ji Yao tightly, as if to draw some strength from him.

Two months.

Ji Yao suddenly appeared and disappeared.

Yan Shuang was left alone in the villa on the snow mountain, like a traveler lost on an isolated island.

There should be servants in the villa and a large number of bodyguards outside the villa, but they treat him like a transparent person, not to mention communication. Even their eyes are stingy to give. They are even more like characters imagined by Yan Shuang.

Under the vast snow mountain, this small villa is as quiet as a grave.

The only thing that can make a sound is a few TVs.

The TV signal in the mountains is surprisingly poor. There are only a few programs recorded in advance that can only be replayed after they are put to the end.

The same TV show.

Silent snow mountains and dense forests.

Servants and bodyguards who look like living people and ghosts.

Yan Shuang is a living dead man trapped in the grave. Only Ji Yao he holds tightly at the moment is the evidence that he feels he is still alive.

Yan Shuang has become “better”.

Ji Yao carried him into the room. He quietly surrounded his neck without crying. The tip of his nose leaned against the side of Ji Yao’s neck and tentatively touched the fluctuating veins on his neck.

The fire in the fireplace was very hot. Ji Yao held him and sat down on the sofa. He touched the center of his feet and whispered, “does it hurt?”

Yan Shuang looked a little bleary, and a little water mist overflowed in his eyes, “… Ji Yao.”

His voice is a little strange.

Hoarse as if a little clumsy.

No one spoke to him for a month. He tried to talk to himself, but he was afraid that he would really become a madman.

So he remained silent and forced himself to stop talking.

Until Ji Yao returned to his world.

Yan Shuang cried. He bent his knees and gathered the whole person in Ji Yao’s arms, “Ji Yao…”

He kept repeating Ji Yao’s name.

As he said before.

He only calls his name now.

It’s like repeating a spell.

The caster lowered his head and peeped into the weeping face through the gap between his shoulder and cheek.

It’s pathetic.

It’s like the disguise he first put in front of him.

Ji Yao reached out and lifted his hair. “It’s so long.”

Yan Shuang’s eyes poked out a little from his shoulder. His eyes were filled with tears and looked very bright. “Don’t you like it?”

“No,” Ji Yao lowered his head and kissed his forehead, “I like it very much.”

There is not enough space in the Milky bathtub to accommodate two adult men.

Almost half of Yan Shuang sat in Ji Yao’s arms.

The wound on his foot had been treated. The faint red mark was slightly dizzy and dyed after soaking in hot water. Ji Yao asked him again: “does it hurt?”

“No pain.”

Ji Yao grabbed his ankle, “don’t lie.”

“… it hurts.”

The tall and straight body stood up from the bathtub. The sound of “Hua La” seemed to frighten Yan Shuang. He grabbed Ji Yao’s arm in panic and hid his hand in his chest, but he didn’t dare to say anything to keep it.

Ji Yao turned back to his face, lifted his long wet hair in front of his forehead, and said to his uneasy eyes, “I won’t go.”

Yan Shuang pursed his lips. Although he didn’t speak, he was expressing his distrust with his own eyes.

“You won’t lie to me again,” Ji Yao bent down and put his forehead on his forehead. The steam in the bathroom blurred their eyebrows and eyes. He said faintly, “I won’t lie to you again.”

He gently took Yan Shuang’s hand away, went to the washing table and picked up a glass.

Yan Shuang lay down in the bathtub and looked at him, his eyes a little suspicious.

Ji Yao smashed the glass.

The debris splashed on the ground. Yan Shuang said timidly, “Ji Yao, what are you doing?”

The glass smasher stepped on the pieces himself.

Yan Shuang held the edge of the bathtub and watched Ji Yao walk towards him with some fear. Several faint red footprints were left on the ground.

Ji Yao picked up his chin, bowed his head and kissed his lips, “I’ll hurt with you.”

“In the future, I will always be with you.”

He squatted and looked very serious on his face. His delicate and beautiful face was as cold and clean as ice and snow, “would you like to?”

“… I will.”

The wide bath towel wrapped Yan Shuang tightly. Ji Yao held him like a child. After holding him to bed, Ji Yao sat down and wiped his hair while talking to him.

“Do you remember the first time we met?”

Yan Shuang turned his back to him, leaned in his arms and grabbed his clothes with one hand, “I don’t remember.”

“In the bathroom.”

Yan Shuang turned back and looked a little surprised, “bathroom?”

“Well,” Ji Yao lowered his head and said faintly, “you seduce me.”

Yan Shuang: “…” bullying him “amnesia”, right.

Ji Yao reached out and pressed his lips, “hit me in my arms.”

Yan’s eyes showed an innocent look.

“That’s it,” Ji Yao commented coldly on his eyes. “Pretend to seduce me with a very pure look.”

Yan Shuang: “…” seems to be true.

Ji Yao lowered his head and pecked and kissed his lips.

“I’m stupid.”

“I was seduced by you immediately.”

Yan Shuang: “….” Xiao Ji’s mouth really doesn’t spare any room to scold himself.

Yan Shuang said, “what happened later?”

“Later,” Ji Yao paused, “… We will be together forever.”

The unpleasant parts in the middle are not important.

Yan Shuang didn’t ask knowingly. He turned and hugged Ji Yao’s waist, “don’t leave me again this time.”

His tone was very calm. He tried his best to hide his trembling and panic, revealing only a little, so that his “Hunter” could feel at ease for his achievements.

Ji Yao continued to wipe his hair with a towel. His tone was equally calm. “I can promise you first, then leave quietly, disappear for three months, and then come back. Maybe you will be completely obedient and won’t show off your careful thinking in front of me…”

With his words, the people in his arms began to tremble slowly.

“But I won’t do that,” said Yan Shuang, with a towel on his head. Yan Shuang’s raised eyes had quietly soaked in tears, and Ji Yao’s thumb stroked his cheek. “It’s true.”

“Really?” Yan Shuang cried.

“Well,” Ji Yao’s thumb wiped the corner of his eye, “really, I said, I won’t lie to you again.”

“Then kiss me.”

Ji Yao stared at him, holding his face in his palm, “why?”

“Why should I kiss you?”

“There’s no reason,” Yan Shuang looked a little anxious. He grabbed Ji Yao’s collar, tightened it, and let go of his hand in some panic. He frowned, lowered his head, bit his lower lip, raised his face again, and his feelings in his eyes were inexplicable, “… I miss you, Ji Yao.”

Ji Yao stroked his face, his palm was warm and dry, and his expression finally showed a gentle look.

He bowed his head and kissed Yan Shuang’s lips, just a dragonfly.

Yan Shuang continued to look at him, with a touch of nostalgia and reluctance in his eyes.

Ji Yao kissed him again.

Like soft snowflakes falling on people’s lips, with a clear aroma.

Yan Shuang closed his eyes.

He behaved like a sacrifice.

He stopped “showing off” his careful thinking and honestly retained Ji Yao’s lips with the tip of his tongue.

“Ji Yao…” he opened his eyes, his voice was a little anxious, and a blush of anxiety and shyness appeared on his face. “Hold me, will you?”

“Why?” Ji Yao said again.

He seemed to ask Yan Shuang and himself.

Yan Shuang met his eyes, his lips trembled, and the expression on his face was struggling in secret pain. He closed his eyes and his eyelashes fanned hard. Ji Yao heard that his teeth were fighting, and squeezed out four words in his throat.

“… I like you.”

There was heavy snow outside the window.

The snow has not stopped since the first day it landed, and continues to this day.

An unspeakable cold swam all over his body, and at the same time, a fire rose violently on Ji Yao’s chest.

A thin shadow appeared in the dark fog. She looked at him gently and nervously, her delicate eyebrows frowned gracefully, and her sharp nails were pinched on his neck. “Xiaoyao, my mother loves you and wants you to die with my mother. Why don’t you understand?”

The father took his hand, stood at his mother’s grave and taught him contemptuously.

“You can do anything, but don’t learn from your mother. Love comes and goes, and love is gone.”

“Cowardice and stupidity!”

“Don’t be silent. Do you understand me?!”

On the tombstone, his mother was smiling at him, looking happy.

She asked him, “Xiaoyao, why don’t you understand?”

Ji Yao lowered his face and kissed Yan Shuang’s eyes. The surging tide fell back, and then set off a more surging wave.

“I understand.”

He whispered.

Yan Shuang’s eyelashes trembled slightly. When he was about to open his eyes, he was fiercely kissed by Ji Yao. His shoulders were firmly locked. He couldn’t move, like a butterfly caught by a cobweb.

The handsome and reserved young master is green and savage in the snow night.

The slender fingers were very tight, and the joints protruded one by one, deep into another pair of soft hands.

Rampant and disorganized.

Yan Shuang suppressed the voice in his throat, but was smashed to pieces in the chaos.

Dodder flower and its parasitism are intertwined and tightened in each other’s flesh and blood, just like one.

Sweat flowed down the dark hair tail and dripped slightly into Yan Shuang’s eyebrows. It was the temperature only after the cold people like Ji Yao melted.

He opened his eyes and saw that Ji Yao’s face like ice and snow was full of repressed feelings. He opened his lips. When he could call his name in the future, he was held in his lips.

The snow never stopped.

The sunrise on the snow mountain is brilliant and bright. The sun shines into the room through the French window with the dancing snowflakes in the air. Most of the snow-white silk falls on the ground, forming a black-and-white curtain with the black marble ground.

The shadow shook violently.

The voice of sobbing changed a little.

Yan Shuang’s face was buried in the soft pillow. He grabbed the soft pillow with both hands and was about to break it.

He held his breath.

His chest was inflated and let go. He coughed as hard as he could, and the hair on the back of his neck was gently lifted.


Ji Yao’s voice is still cold and elegant.

Yan Shuang finally knows why Ji Yao’s indescribable plot is second only to Qi Feiyun.

Qi Feiyun had a good time.

Ji Yao played hard.

He suspected that Ji Yao wanted him to die, and he had evidence.

Even if he shielded the pain, Yan Shuang still shivered all over.

“It’s not cold…” he buried himself in his pillow and sobbed in a low voice, “it hurts.”

A moment later, he was turned over and showed a face crying in a mess in the pillow. He pretended to be wronged and glanced at Ji Yao. His sight suddenly stopped, and his eyes and nose wrinkled, “Why are you…”

Isn’t that what just happened?!

No buffer?!

That’s too much. The gun has to be changed!

Yan Shuang directly bothered him. He shrank into a group and hid in. He was caught out by Ji Yao and held up by Ji Yao.

Yan Shuang hung his neck and looked a little timid.

“I see,” Ji Yao said coldly, “don’t do it.”

Yan Shuang listened to his tone as if he was saying, “let you go this time and see how you die next time”. He immediately wanted to cry without tears. He thought tiezi, we have plenty of time. We don’t have to hurry. He leaned on Ji Yao’s shoulder and admonished, “we still have a lifetime of time, we can take it slow.”

Ji Yao was silent. He reached out and touched his back. He said faintly, “are you coaxing your husband like this?”

Yan Shuang: “…” Xiao Ji can really chat.

“Why not refute?”

Yan Shuang: “… I don’t know how to refute.”

Ji Yao took him to the bathroom and said slowly, “you can say I’m your husband.”

Yan Shuang: “…” ha, the humorist is.


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