I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 149

The snow on the mountain has been falling for several days without stopping. Instead, it is falling harder and harder. Outside the door, it is windy and snowy. Yan Shuang sits on the sofa in front of the fireplace, holding a cup of hot chocolate in his hand. Listening to the roar of the wind and snow fan on the door, his eyebrows wrinkle slightly, “it’s snowing so hard.”

Ji Yao sat opposite him, holding a stack of documents in his hand. He didn’t know what it was. After reading one, he threw it into the fireplace. When he heard Yan Shuang talking, he raised his face and said, “do you want to go out and make a snowman?”

Yan Shuang was speechless. Stop it. It’s going to develop into a snowstorm. I’m afraid he’s not making a snowman, but changing into a snowman.

Ji Yao watched his reaction and said quietly, “I’m kidding.”

Yan Shuang: ”

“Not funny?”

Yan Shuang reluctantly hooked the lip corner and half. Seeing the light flashing in Ji Yao’s eyes, he honestly said, “it’s not funny.”

“Oh,” Ji Yao lowered his head carelessly and continued to watch the documents in his hand, “I don’t have a sense of humor.”

Yan Shuang: “…” I’m joking. You have a great sense of humor.

After browsing all the documents in his hand and burning them all, Ji Yao got up and sat down with Yan Shuang. After holding him in his arms, he said, “bear it for a few more days. When the snow stops, we’ll go.”

Yan Shuang was surprised and said, “we’re leaving?”

“Well,” Ji Yao lifted his hair, “find a place to cut your hair.”

Yan Shuang: “…” hold back and can’t laugh.

It was not boring for them to live in this quiet villa on the day of heavy snow and mountain closure.

They are like a pair of friends who come out for their honeymoon. They hug each other in the hot spring pool and watch the sunset fall into the snow peak. The round sun is like a golden plate pierced by the sharp snow peak. The beauty is not what they have seen with their own eyes, and they can’t experience the lonely shock.

At that time, Ji Yao would kiss him. In the rising fog of the spring, Zhang Qingjun’s face was covered with snow, fog and sweat, like a spilled oil painting.

“Ji Yao,” Yan Shuang put down his glass and touched his face, “play the piano for me.”

There is a piano on the second floor, which is placed close to the balcony. The floor to ceiling windows spliced on three sides can clearly see the snow outside.

Before the snow peak and dense forest, Ji Yao sat in front of the piano and played casually.

When he played the piano, he was careless. His fingers stroked the keys, as if with a kind of listless indifference, but his piano sound was very moving.

Yan Shuang lay on the back of the chair with both hands and listened attentively to him playing the piano. He suddenly said, “Ji Yao, can you teach me to play the piano?”

The sound of the piano stopped abruptly. Ji Yao turned his face, his eyebrows and eyes were cold, “why?”

“I want to learn…” Yan Shuang bit his lip.

“Why do you want to learn piano?”

“… I just want to learn.”

Yan Shuang buried half his face in his arm and whispered, “can’t you?”

Ji Yao put one hand on the piano keys, lowered his face, as if he were meditating. After a moment, he said, “learning the piano is boring.”

“But you play very well.”

Ji Yao was silent for a while, “come here.”

Yan Shuang got up, walked to him and sat down.

Ji Yao always does well what he promised.

Although Yan Shuang knew Ji Yao didn’t want to teach him to play the piano.

Anyone who found his mother and piano teacher in childhood would never touch the piano again.

When the bodyguard came up, the second floor was echoing the intermittent sound of the piano, which sounded like a child’s level. He carefully stood still at the corner for a while, “young master.”

The piano stopped.

“Come in.”

The bodyguard walked around the corner. Under the heavy snow, Ji Yao was sitting in front of the piano with his arms around Yan Shuang’s arm. When he saw the bodyguard coming in, he turned his face, “what’s the matter?”

The bodyguard said, “there’s something wrong with the company’s public relations department.”

“I see.”

Ji Yao looked as usual, released Yan Shuang’s arm, bowed his head and kissed him on his side, “play by yourself.”

Ji Yao got up and wanted to go. Yan Shuang grabbed his arm and looked a little clear. “Will you go alone?”

“No,” Ji Yao bowed his head and kissed him directly, looking into Yan Shuang’s frightened eyes, “I won’t lie to you.”

Ji Yao went down and came up about half an hour later.

Yan Shuang sat on the piano bench and was still practicing the song “twinkle and twinkle”.


He played a pianist in a certain world, and his skill points fell clean here.

“Has the matter been handled?”

“Well,” Ji Yao’s face looked very calm. He went to the piano, took Yan Shuang’s hand and kissed him on his lips. “Playing the piano is too boring. I’ll take you out to play.”

Yan Shuang was wrapped tightly in three minutes and was taken by Ji Yao into a camouflage SUV.

The wind and snow were so heavy that they slapped the vehicle shell almost like thunder. Yan Shuang was tightly hugged by Ji Yao. He whispered, “Ji Yao, what are we going to play?”




“If it snows so hard, will there be prey?”


Ji Yao lowered his face. Yan Shuang’s face was in a fluffy hat. It looked white and red. It was very cute, “be careful.”

“Be careful what?” Yan Shuang has a wonderful way.

“Hyenas bite.”

The off-road vehicle sped into the woods, and the wind and snow outside were getting heavier and heavier, which shook the off-road vehicles with solid tonnage. Yan Shuang shook badly in the car. If Ji Yao hadn’t held him tightly, he would have been badly hit.

Yan Shuang thought that he was out hunting. Someone was chasing him.

I don’t know who it is.

The vehicle drove all the way to the depths of the snow mountain in a completely different direction from when it came. I don’t know how long it drove, it got on a highway, and the driving became stable, and it was farther and farther away from what Ji Yao said about “hunting”.

When they got to a certain place, they changed cars, and then they kept changing cars. Yan Shuang’s palm sweated and was tightly held by Ji Yao.

After changing about seven or eight cars, the last car stopped in front of a small helicopter.

Yan Shuang got out of the car and the hat on his head was blown away.

Ji Yao saw it, wrapped him in his coat and quickly got on the helicopter.

The helicopter took off quickly. Yan Shuang’s heart was still pounding. Ji Yao kissed him with his head. Yan Shuang looked up and Ji Yao’s eyes were bright. “Is it fun?”

Yan Shuang could not answer, but blinked slowly, “where are we going?”

“I don’t know,” Ji Yao kissed him again, “go wandering.”

Yan Shuang:… OK, it’s better than going to hell.

In the exquisite villa, Qin yubai reached for the cup in front of the fireplace, put it on the tip of his nose and sniffed, “chocolate.”

The assistant around him didn’t dare to say anything.

The person who went outside to observe came in and reported the situation. “Boss, it’s snowing too hard outside. I can’t track it.”

“I have eyes.”

Qin Yu said coldly.

The bodyguard lowered his head and kept silent.

Qin yubai lowered his head and glanced at the frozen chocolate. He threw the cup in his hand into the unburned fireplace. His face was slightly ferocious, “bastard.”

The new “vacation” site is an island.

After getting off the helicopter, Yan Shuang changed several cars and got on a boat. After a day and night, the boat sent him and Ji Yao to the island.

The island has a completely different climate from the snow mountain. The temperature is very suitable. It can almost be regarded as early summer. The white villa on the island is surrounded by many flowers, as fresh and elegant as in the painting, which is very consistent with the villa style on the snow peak.

Yan Shuang was surprised again that Ji Yao was well prepared.

To make such a big thing under the control crazy eye of Ji wensong, he really paid homage to Ji Yao Ruisi.

Life on the island is a little richer than on the snow mountain.

Because the whole island is under the control of Ji Yao, Yan Shuang can be said to be difficult to fly in the real sense, so he also obtained the right to move freely on the whole island.

After going to the island, Ji Yao really took him to hunt. He found a rabbit, which was not enough to eat. Yan Shuang took a bucket and ran to the beach to catch crabs. He didn’t get anything for a long time. Ji Yao winked at the bodyguard. The bodyguard hurried to the kitchen. A few minutes later, Yan Shuang liked to mention an emperor crab on the beach.

Food and accommodation are all right.


Yan Shuang stared at the TV program “postpartum care of sows” and said blandly, “I’ve learned this.”

Ji Yao: “what else do you want to learn?”

Yan Shuang said calmly, “I want to learn the grafting technology of fruit trees.”

“Yes,” Ji Yao sat upright, “I’ll send someone to teach you tomorrow.”

Yan Shuang:!

He suddenly felt that Ji Yao had become more handsome!

The next day, someone really went to the island in a small boat. The other party spoke a non-standard Mandarin and said, “Li Hao, geese are engaged in fire dragon planting.”

Yan Shuang said respectfully, “Hello, you are specialized in dragon fruit planting, aren’t you?”

“No, no, it’s a fire dragon.”

“Ah…” Yan Shuang repeated in confusion, “Fire Dragon…”


Yan Shuangcheng asked, “is the fire dragon…”

“Fruit farmers.”

Ji yaoleng, a bystander, said.

Yan Shuang looked back dully.

Ji Yao looked at him. “He said fruit farmers, not fire dragons.”

“deideidei!” The expert said excitedly.

Yan Shuang: ”

The humor expert invited by the humor master belongs to yes.

Yan Shuang lived a quiet life on the island with Ji Yao. He learned to plant during the day, brush the plot at night, play the piano empty, and sometimes write sketches with a drawing board – this is what Ji Yao taught him.

The sand was snow-white and embedded in the soles of his feet. Yan Shuangshun walked to the ice blue sea bit by bit along the beach. The sea soon flooded his legs and was stopped when he went further.

Yan Shuang looked back. The sea breeze blew his growing hair very messy. He saw Ji Yao standing on the beach from the gap of his hair, “Ji Yao.” He exclaimed.

Ji Yao stood where he was, “HMM.”

“What would you do if I went further?”

The sea breeze blew Yan Shuang’s words a little broken. After Ji Yao heard it clearly, he pulled his hand out of his pocket and walked to Yan Shuang step by step. He lifted the black hair on Yan Shuang’s face with both hands, bowed his head and kissed him on his forehead, “go back.”

Ji Yao didn’t answer this question directly.

At night, Yan Shuang dropped Ji Yao again.

To tell the truth, Yan Shuang even regretted shielding the pain.

The sequelae of no pain will make him wonder whether he is approaching the limit in the endless chaos.

It’s melting all over.

It’s really to the point of fear.

Fear whether he is on the verge of death and will never wake up in the vortex created by Ji Yao.

Ji Yao didn’t embarrass him. He took him to take a bath and fed him fruit.

The fruits are picked on the island. The sweetness explodes and the juice is rich, which makes Ji Yao’s fingers sticky.

When Yan Shuang ate almost, Ji Yao took him back to brush his teeth.

He brushed Yan Shuang’s teeth.

Yan Shuang was already a loser. He leaned against Ji Yao’s arms, closed his eyes and opened his mouth. He looked sleepy.

“Don’t swallow the toothpaste.”

Yan Shuang vaguely “hum”, the corners of the mouth were thumped away with a little froth by the thumb.

“It was too snowy that day, and the helicopter flight was very dangerous.”

Ji Yao’s sudden words made Yan Shuang a little energetic. He barely opened his eyes.

Ji Yao is hugging him. His toothbrush brushes his gums bit by bit. “There is a great possibility of plane crash.”

Yan Shuang: “…” OK, he woke up.

Ji Yao looked at him attentively and his voice was very calm. “So, don’t ask me that question during the day… Don’t swallow toothpaste.”

Yan Shuang: “…” I’m sorry, I swallowed my saliva subconsciously.

Lying back in bed again, Yan Shuang looked a little trance. Ji Yao was crazy. Holding a man who was ready to die and fall in love anytime and anywhere, he could be hospitalized directly. He had to hurry up and finish the plot with Ji Yao, and later it would change.

The waist was stopped from behind. Yan Shuang was stunned, and the breath in his ears sprayed down warmly. “There is a parachute on the plane, and the crash won’t die.”

Yan Shuang: “… That’s also very dangerous.”


“I don’t want to die yet.”

“You said that.”

“When did I say that?”

Yan Shuang dropped a kiss on his cheek, “the fourth time tonight.”

Yan Shuang: “…” climb.


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