I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 15

“… that’s all for today’s class.”

There were two classes in the morning. Ji Yao didn’t come. Yan Shuang packed his books and complained about the evil capitalist society in his heart.

Why can children from rich families not come to class! Credit deduction! Grade point deduction! expel!

Then he took out his mobile phone and sent another humble text message to Ji Yao, “Ji Yao, I’m waiting for you in the hotel.”

The stone is still sinking into the sea.

OK, at least not black.

Besides, Ji Yao couldn’t want his ID card. Yan Shuang was not in a hurry and sent a message to Wei Yichen.

“Brother, there’s no money for lunch. Cry.”

Wei Yichen did not return.

Yan Shuang looked up at the sky and sighed. He thought that he was always suffering. Unexpectedly, no slag attack was willing to solve the food problem for him. He had to eat the leftover soup left in the morning. It was really sad to hear it and tears to see it.

You can’t take the initiative to contact Comrade Qin beast.

Whether we should say it or not, the food provided by Comrade Qin beast is still very rich.

And when did he take him to Qin’s house to go? I can’t wait.

Yan Shuang sighed and went back to the hotel. He asked the front desk to help heat up the steamed stuffed bun in the fridge. He went back to his room to chew steamed stuffed bun and surf.

It’s a serious wave.

There’s no time for fooling around.

Qi Feiyun, a man with a Encyclopedia of ten thousand words.

I don’t know when the pictures on the encyclopedia were taken.

The hair is very old-fashioned, but it doesn’t look greasy, but a solemn elegance. The sword eyebrows and stars. The pupils in the photo are a little gray, and the lips are a little serious. It looks very difficult to get close.

Just looking at his face, I can’t see that he is an LSP who likes to engage in extreme sports.

Yan Shuang bit the steamed stuffed bun and his fingers continued to slide down.

Qi Feiyun’s resume is not as gorgeous as carbon based organisms.

It is seriously suspected that the author’s blind golden fingers to this character are for the purpose of digging the kidney and changing the cornea in the future.

Oh, and brainwashing.

After reading Qi Feiyun’s Encyclopedia, Yan Shuang also finished his lunch and sent an email to Qi Feiyun’s mailbox.

Now Qi Feiyun is over Miami. Calculate the time. Qi Feiyun should be able to see his email tomorrow.

He has few classes tomorrow. He just has time to cook Qi Feiyun’s egg.

“Buzz -”

The cell phone was finally found.

Yan Shuang picked it up and looked at it.

“Come out.”

It’s Ji Yao.

Hotel lobby.

The front desk is maintaining a careless and nervous form of eating melons. We should not only listen to six ways and see eight directions, but also look as if we are sleepwalking.

It’s not easy to be true.

When I saw Ji Yao, a handsome guy who was as cold as snow in the sky, the mood at the front desk was not as amazing as it was for the first time.

Young, what a pity.

After a while, the elevator door opened.

The posture of the front desk is still, but the eyes and spirit have been highly focused on the battlefield!

Yan Shuang mentioned a plastic bag. To tell the truth, he met his cleaning aunt in the corridor and asked her for it.

Ji Yao seems to be in good condition. Anyway, Qin yubai is stronger than last night. Yan Shuang focuses on observing whether he is injured.

He still cherishes the five slag attacks.

After all, it is non renewable energy.

If one dies of anger, he won’t finish the task.

After he has painted all the emotional lines and plot lines, he will love how.

“Ji Yao…” Yan Shuang handed the plastic bag in his hand forward, “I washed your clothes…”

Ji Yao didn’t look at him. He really didn’t look. From the moment Yan Shuang stepped out of the elevator, he always looked at Yan Shuang from the side, and his eyes fell on the glass door of the hotel.

“ID card.”

The voice was so cold that Yan Shuang almost trembled.

Yan Shuang slowly withdrew his hand, “Ji Yao, I want to talk to you.”

Ji Yao finally looked at him, but he had an unprecedented and undisguised disgust.

He has always been cultured. Even if he hates a person, he won’t show his face.

Now for Yan Shuang, his patience is officially exhausted.

Originally, because of Ji Yao’s harsh requirements for his friends, people like Yan Shuang are definitely not qualified to enter his social circle. If it weren’t for Yan Shuang’s face similar to Qin Qing, Ji Yao wouldn’t care about anything about him at all.

In particular, this is such a self degenerate person.

Ji Yao stretched out his hand, his tone was cold and fierce, and said again in a non-negotiable tone: “ID card.”

Yan Shuang cried.

Tears rolled down without warning. It can be said that they were ugly and real.

In the face of tears from different people, Yan Shuang also has different strategies.

Qin Yu thought with his lower body and cried enough.

Ji Yao thought with his upper body and cried miserably enough.

Like this, tears fell without interruption, and all the facial features were wrinkled together without making a sound, like enduring great pain.

The front desk has been silly.

Just cry.


Look at the handsome boy for another ten minutes, his face is still cold, so he looks at the boy in front of him and cries.

Just when the front desk thought it was a big break-up play, the cold handsome man reached out and grabbed the boy’s arm, pulling the silent crying boy to the elevator with a rude attitude that was very inconsistent with his appearance.

As the only audience of the play, the front desk thought that the next play should be paid to watch.


Ah, no pity!

He’s not gay!

The front desk shook and quickly rearranged its orientation.

Ji Yao has great strength.

Yan Shuang saw his naked upper body and knew that this guy looked like a white faced scholar and beautiful boy. In fact, he was muscular. He could win the championship of the month whenever he went to the construction site to move bricks anytime and anywhere. He was pulled away by Ji Yao. He estimated his strength, adjusted his facial expression and pretended to cry while walking.

Ji Yao pulled Yan Shuang all the way to the room he opened that day.

Yan Shuang probably wanted to talk to Ji Yao early in the morning. He didn’t even close the door of the room.

Without hesitation, Ji Yao stepped into the room where he felt dirty even touching the door.

Along with the man he was holding.

Yan Shuangren was slightly bent and his whole face was buried in his chest. He should still be crying.

Since Ji Yao met Yan Shuang, he always seemed to cry, as if there were countless grievances and sadness.

He said “he is voluntary”. He refused to go with him. In the end, it seems that the victim is still him?

Ji Yao let go of his hand, “say it.”

He gave Yan Shuang one last chance.

For that face.

“My father… He owes a lot of money…”

Yan Shuang opened his mouth with difficulty, and every word had a trill of crying.

“I have no way…”

Yan Shuang squatted on the ground, buried his face in his knees and cried bitterly.

This piece of crying drama is really for him.

Yan Shuang silently counted down in his heart.




“How much?”

Faster than he thought.

Yan Shuang raised a tearful face. In order to better confuse Ji Yao, he pretended to wipe his tears and took off his glasses.

Stealth buff removed!

Avatar mode is on.


“How much is it?” Sure enough, Ji Yao’s tone seemed to soften a little, “how much does your father owe?”

“One, one million.”

Ji Yao’s expression immediately changed subtly.

If it weren’t for a micro expression master like Yan Shuang, I would never understand the meaning of Ji Yao’s expression at this time.

Ji Yao’s expression at this time can be summarized in two words – “absurd”.


What can a million do?

The shirt Ji Yao threw to Yan Shuang was five figures.

With the best materials in the market, the private tailor handed down from generation to generation by Ji family made it by hand throughout the whole process. Be sure to make this precious young master wear comfortable and comfortable.

In Ji Yao’s concept, a million can’t be counted as money at all.

So Yan Shuang sold his body for a mere million?

Ji Yao’s heart is more absurd than sympathy.

The young master who doesn’t eat human fireworks doesn’t understand that some people may not be able to get back a million yuan from the capitalists even if they sell them together with their souls.

He only judged Yan Shuang’s behavior as a poor and stupid decision in his heart.

“Don’t cry,” Ji Yao said stiffly. “I’ll pay you back.”

Yan Shuang almost choked.

I can’t see that Ji Yao is so generous.

Distracted and checked the progress of the relationship line, it is still 10%.

It hasn’t changed since the beginning.

In other words, Ji Yao still stays in “look at this face” to him.

It’s really affectionate to Qin Qing.

A mere 10% of the progress of the emotional line can make Ji Yao pay back his money without blinking, and he doesn’t even need any exchange conditions.

“Don’t meet him again.”

It’s too early to conclude.

There were conditions.

“ID card,” Ji Yao stretched out his hand again and sipped his thin lips, “I’ll meet you here at 8 pm. I’ll bring you a check.”

Xiao Ji, you just give money. It’s really beautiful!

Yan Shuangcai doesn’t care what Ji Yao’s “love house and Wu” is. It’s good. Isn’t it just whoring with a white face?!

I just don’t know if he can get this million smoothly.

This is not the original plot line.

The money produced will be confiscated unexpectedly to a large extent.

For example, the money exchange bank suddenly goes bankrupt, or the money goes into the account but disappears out of thin air.

Wear a book shop, that’s the dog.

However, Yan Shuang slowly stood up and took out Ji Yao’s ID card from his pocket and handed it to him, “I’ll pay you back in the future.”

Ji Yao was noncommittal and his eyes swept Yan Shuang’s neck.

The neck is light red, like a beautiful collar.

He said coldly, “don’t do such a thing again.”

Yan Shuang shrunk by what he said and nodded gently, “thank you.”

Ji Yao was about to leave, but Yan Shuang grabbed his sleeve again.

This time, Ji Yao did not shake off his hand, but frowned, “what else?”

“Your clothes…”

“No more.”

Ji Yao left.

Yan Shuang put down the plastic bag and took out the shirt that had not been washed at all. He had guessed that Ji Yao would not want this dress, so he didn’t waste that time washing it.

This shirt is highly customized. Even if red wine is spilled, it can be sold to some garment studios for their research on technology.

He should be able to earn the money.

As long as the number is small, the bookstore won’t pay much attention.

The cell phone rang again.

It’s an empty number.

Yan Shuang goes to pick it up.

“Hello, takeout. Are you Mr. reservation or reservation? I put your takeout at the front desk. You’ll come down and pick it up later.”


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