I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 151

Ji Yao clearly heard what Yan Shuang said.

Every word came into his ear clearly.

The meaning is somewhat vague.

Ji Yao slowly turned his face and looked at the thin and slender figure like a fragile flower branch. The breeze was blowing Yan Shuang’s hair and sending his unique aroma to the tip of his nose.

Light citrus flavor.

It’s his dream, his love, the beginning of his fall.

Yan Shuang looked at Ji wensong with joking eyes and a playful tone. “Mr. Ji, you’re too surprised to speak?”

For a moment, Ji wensong wanted to strangle the smiling boy in front of him.

However, the other party seemed to be aware of his intention. His eyes glanced carelessly over his arm and picked on his eyelashes, which seemed ironic and clear. The look on his face seemed to say “don’t be so unable to play”, and Ji wensong could even guess his tone.

Must be extremely contemptuous.

He laughed at their arrogant superiors with his invincible heart.

At this time, Rao Shi Ji wensong had to admit that he really underestimated him.

Ji wensong stretched out his hand and made a gesture forward.

The bodyguard in the car behind Ji Yao immediately got out of the car, trotted to Ji wensong’s side and said cautiously, “sir.”

Yan Shuang glanced at the little bodyguard with Yu Guang and smiled at him calmly without surprise.

“Get him in the car.” Ji wensong said sternly.


The bodyguards in a circle in front of the car scattered a road.

Yan Shuang followed the man to the car on the far left.

After he sat down, he said to the man sitting in the front row, “how many of you are undercover.”

“Just me.”

“Oh,” Yan Shuang said plainly, “I’m lucky.”

The people in the front seat don’t think Yan Shuang is really just taking a chance.

The terrible degree of this man really made him feel frightened when he followed Ji wensong’s father and son.

How can you stay sane under such circumstances?

How can he act so watertight that everyone has no doubt about him?

How can he be indifferent to the people who love him deeply and push them into the abyss?

He swept the rearview mirror with his residual light, but it was right with his eyes in the rearview mirror.

The man in the mirror was calmly sorting his hair in front of the mirror. After looking at him, he even smiled at him gently and as if nothing had happened.

The little bodyguard turned his face and looked intently at the window. He didn’t dare to look and think.

In front of the car, the two father and son are facing each other.

“Have you had enough of children’s tricks?” Ji wensong said faintly.

Ji Yao bowed his head with no expression on his face.

He tried his best to strive for his own life and threw everything out. In his father’s mouth, it was just a “child’s trick”.

What is in Yan’s eyes?

A few months suddenly turned into a huge river. No matter how to fish, the water died in the palm of my hand. I can’t remember anything and catch anything.

Vaguely in his mind, there was a strong pride in his chest. Ji Yao raised his face and he looked at his father.

His father, who had always been a cold dictator, looked at him without the cold anger he had expected.

He rarely saw “pity” in his cold eyes.

It turned out that his father had such soft feelings.

He is pitying him.

Pity his stupidity, arrogance and disobedience.

“This is a game.”

The mood of the stormy waves passed, and Ji Yao’s tone was surprisingly calm.

Ji wensong said faintly, “I said earlier that he played with you as a fool. You don’t believe it. You have to hit it. I’m tired. Just go with you. In any case, only when you know the pain can you never suffer from it.”

They were all smart people. Ji Yao immediately understood what Ji wensong meant.

He nodded, “no wonder Qin yubai came after you, but you didn’t move.”

Ji wensong was noncommittal. “I don’t want to stand here and talk nonsense with you. You get in the car. I’m ashamed to accompany you for a child.”

Ji Yao stood where he was. If Qingsong’s straight back didn’t bend down, it became more and more straight. It was reminiscent of cold and sharp things such as Xuefeng. He stepped away and walked towards the encirclement of the bodyguards. The bodyguards consciously made way. Ji Yao walked towards the leftmost vehicle. The bodyguards looked at Ji wensong. Ji wensong pressed his hand and indicated that it was okay.

Yan Shuangzheng sat in the car with his head down and bored playing with his nails. The cold window was knocked. He turned his face. The little bodyguard in the driver’s seat had rolled down the window on his side.

Ji Yao bent over and looked very quiet on his face. Their distance is not close or far. Taking a step back can break up and kiss further.

“Are you lying to me?” Ji Yao’s tone was faint.

As like as two peas, he probably didn’t notice it, but Yan Shuang felt that his tone of voice was almost the same as Ji Wensong’s.

No matter how surging the mood is, they are just icebergs hidden under the sea. They are a calm sea without waves, broad and deep.

Yan Shuang lowered his head and continued to play with his nails, “yes.”

“You’re not in love with me.”

“Of course.”

“I haven’t been crazy.”


So far, the south wall has been broken and blood is pouring.

Ji Yao finally asked, “why?”

Why provoke him? Why make friends with him? Why make him fall in love with him?

Yan Shuang picked up his eyes, bent his eyes and smiled, “it’s fun.”

After the car went down the mountain, Yan Shuang’s car and other cars parted ways. He asked the bodyguard to borrow his cell phone and dialed Ji wensong.

Ji wensong answered the phone, “what’s up?”

“My cell phone was confiscated by him,” Yan Shuang said. “Can you give it back to me?”

“I see.”

“And…” Yan Shuang hurriedly said while he didn’t hang up, “Mr. Ji, I think I deserve a reward, don’t you think?”

Ji wensong wanted to spread the phone directly in his hand, press hands-free, let the people around him listen, and listen to what kind of person he was planted in.

Looking at Ji Yao in front, he suddenly said, “I heard it.”

Ji wensong glanced at him.

Ji Yao looked calm: “it doesn’t matter.”

Ji wensong’s face tightened. As he expected, he spread his mobile phone on his hand and pressed hands-free, “what do you want?”

“I want a promise.”

“What promise?”

“Promise that you will spare no effort to help me when necessary.”

Ji wensong looks at Ji Yao. Ji Yao’s eyes are also looking at his mobile phone. The mobile phone shows a strange number, but he knows that there is Yan Shuang’s voice at that end.

… is the voice of the person he loves.

“I promise you.”

Yan Shuang got the promise and smiled with satisfaction, “thank you, Mr. Ji. Happy cooperation.”

With that, he hung up the phone.

Ji wensong held his cell phone and said to Ji Yao, “sometimes I wish he was my son.”

After so many things, Ji wensong became kind to his son, who had always looked down on him, and Ji Yao didn’t show his anger at all. His mood seemed to be several years old. He was too old to have the spirit of his father’s competition. “If he were your son, you wouldn’t be so domineering today.”

Ji wensong thought for a moment and said, “you’re right.”

The car was driving quietly. Ji Yao watched the scenery outside the car gradually change back to the city. He remembered the day when he and Yan Shuang came here. Yan Shuang looked out of the window and said that the weather outside was good.

you bet.

It’s a lovely day.

After Ji Yao went back, he was seriously ill.

Repeated fever and vomiting.

The whole body examination was done and there was no abnormality.

The family doctor of the Ji family works 24-hour shifts, waiting in front of the young master’s hospital bed.

Ji Yao is not always in a coma. Most of him are awake. He sits on the hospital bed and calmly explains to his father visiting him: “I’m just tired. My body needs to rest.”

“Are you afraid I’ll trouble him?” Ji wensong frowned.

“No,” Ji Yuanwang looked at the bunch of white roses hanging with drops of water by the hospital bed, “I’m just tired.”

Ji wensong said, “you’d better not continue to be desperate. Do you have to force me to look down on you?”

“Father,” Ji Yao’s side face was white and sharp. He said blandly, “you misunderstood. This is beyond my control.” he turned his face and looked cold. “Don’t worry, I won’t be like my mother.”

Ji wensong was caught in his heart and finally didn’t go on.

He could not bear the risk of losing his only son. He could only hold his emotions in his chest and looked at the bunch of white roses with water droplets.

The white rose blooms just right, and a petal wants to fall but not fall.

The father and son were silent. They both knew who caused all this, and they seemed to play the role of a pusher, but pushed themselves down and could only be silent for a moment.

When they were in a mess, Yan Shuang said, “thank you for your invitation. I’m in Yuncheng and just got off the plane.”.

It was still some time before he asked for leave. Yan Shuang had finished all except the ending. He simply took advantage of this time to travel around the world.

The world in each book has its own characteristics, which is worth watching. Yan bilateral worked while traveling and saved a sum of money.

Yuncheng is his last stop.

The system guide recommended him.

“System, mark all the delicious food points in this place!” Yan shuanghao.

System: “OK, just a moment.”

After Yan Shuang continued to overeat, the system couldn’t help saying, “employees.”

Yan Shuang: “what?”

System: “in this world, you are human.”

Yan Shuang: “I know, so?”

System: “friendly reminder: people… Will die.”

Yan Shuang: ”

System: “don’t forget that you block pain.”

Yan Shuang was so moved that he was about to cry, “thank you. You are worthy of being my good son, Wu Wu.”

System: “…” I really want to violate the system code and watch the employees die.

After a systematic kind reminder, Yan Shuang reluctantly walked slowly to the youth hostel with a bag of cut sugarcane. He pulled his slippers and casually stroked his hair back. “Xiaoji is really true. His words don’t count. It’s annoying to see my hair.”

System: “employees can cut their own.”

Yan Shuang: “what did you say? I didn’t say cut. I said hairpin. He said to buy hairpin for me!”

System: “…”

It doesn’t say that employees can buy it themselves.

The huge amount of money in the background makes it difficult for the system to count, which clearly shows how terrible a miser the employee it follows is.

Fortunately, it’s just an ordinary world.

It will never forget that in the first world, the staff controlled the army of the dead to rob the Dragon treasure house, and innocently said that the magic out of control was the money obsession of the damn dead.


Anyway, according to the procedure, it has nothing to say.

Yan Shuang staggers back to the glass door of the hostel. The wind chimes at the door have been ringing all the time. The people standing at the front desk of the hostel turn their faces when they hear the movement. When they see the person whose face is red in the sun, a ray of sunshine slides through the silver side eye frame. He smiles at Yan Shuang, “good noon.”


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