I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 152

The room space of the hostel is narrow, and the upper and lower bunks are no different from the dormitory in the University. Yan Shuang sat comfortably on the bed, put the bag of sugarcane in his hand on the stool at the head of the bed, drew one from it, and said to Wei Yichen standing opposite him, “do you eat sugarcane?”

“No, thanks.” Wei Yichen smiled.

Yan Shuang said “Oh” and chewed his sugarcane. He tilted one leg. His posture was as casual as the unemployed vagrants wandering in the street, “it’s very sweet.”

Wei Yichen smiled without saying anything, and quietly watched Yan Shuang eat sugarcane without image.

He knew Yan Shuang was a kaleidoscope, so he was not surprised by any side of Yan Shuang and was deeply fascinated by the new brilliance he showed.

Yan Shuang finished eating a piece of sugarcane and felt a little sticky in his hand. A packet of wet paper towels was handed to him.

“Thanks,” Yan Shuang said objectively, wiping his hands with a wet paper towel. “You are more calm now than before.”

Wei Yichen said, “is this a compliment?”

“Look, you can’t hold your breath again.”

Yan Shuang threw the wipes into the dustbin, “come on, what can I do for you?”

Wei Yichen has a lot to say, but he doesn’t think it’s necessary to say so much in front of Yan Shuangfang.

It’s no use.

He had tried to cut his whole chest open in front of him, but he was still indifferent.

No matter how much you say, you just move yourself.

It’s better to say your desires honestly and ask for a happy one.

“You quit school.”


“Do you want to leave?”

Yan Shuang pondered for a moment, “you can say so.”

This is Wei Yichen’s expected answer.

Yan Shuang knows how persistent he is in his studies.

Even gave up this.

Where is he going? Are you wandering around like this, or are you looking for a place where no one knows him to start over?

Wei Yichen stooped slightly. It was hot here. He wore a beige short sleeved shirt. He looked very gentle and looked at Yan Shuang with smooth eyes. “Can you take me?”


Yan Shuang refused him without a second’s pause.

“I like a person.”

This is Wei Yichen’s expected answer.

I can’t even talk about being unwilling or sad.

“Being rejected” was something he could no longer get used to before Yan Shuangfang.

Well, the only way to go is to show his cards obediently. He doesn’t play tricks, he just wants to do his best to stay with him.

“If I say…” Wei Yichen takes out his mobile phone and puts it in Yan Shuang’s eyes. “In this world, aren’t you alone?”

On the mobile phone screen is the birth certificate of a pair of twins whose names are yuan man and Yuan Shuang.

“It’s hard to find. I went to your hometown and suffered a lot before I found practical evidence.”

“Shuangshuang, you have a twin brother.”

Yan Shuang calmly looked at the mobile phone. His eyes flashed a little. He whispered, “I know he’s dead.”

“No,” said Wei Yichen, “he’s not dead.”

Yan Shuang raised his face. “It’s impossible. The Dean told me he was dead.”

His brother was born only a minute earlier than him. Because he was robbed of too many resources by his brother in his womb, he was weak and sick at birth and was thinner than him.

They live in the same welfare home and depend on each other.

When they were very young, a rich big man came to the welfare home. The big man wanted to adopt a child born at a specified time.

Two children won the grand prize.

But only one can redeem the lottery ticket.

It’s my brother.

After the reform of the welfare home, the children were assigned to the new welfare home in each city, and he was assigned to the Star welfare home.

“Before leaving, I asked the Dean where my brother went. She said he was dead…” Yan Shuang said calmly, “the Dean won’t lie to me.”

Wei Yichen squatted down, leveled with Yan Shuang and said, “she dares to tamper with your files. Why won’t she lie to you?”

Yan Shuang glanced sharply at Wei Yichen, “she didn’t change the file.”

“I begged her to change.”

My brother is seriously ill. He lies in bed unconscious. He doesn’t know that the opportunity to change his fate has come. His healthy and early brother holds his hand and his voice is gentle. “Brother, don’t be afraid, you will soon have a new father, and the new father will protect you for me.”

“Dean, please, please change my birthday,” my brother knelt in the dean’s office and kowtowed. The Dean hugged him in a panic. “Xiao Shuang, don’t do this. I’ll tell the gentleman that maybe he will take both of you away?”

“No,” my brother cried out of breath. “I heard him. He said ‘twins are unlucky’, ‘don’t twins’…”

“Dean, I beg you, my brother will die.”

“It doesn’t matter to me. I’m very healthy. I can eat very well. I run faster than my brother. I can read more than my brother. Dean, please, I’ll forget my birthday. Please, Dean…”

Such a small child, for his brother, he broke out all his wisdom and will.

Brother, live.

One day, we’ll meet again.

“I begged her to change it,” Yan Shuang wrote lightly. “I don’t want to suffer in rich families.”

This answer was unexpected to Wei Yichen. He suddenly didn’t know whether to tell the truth or not.

The sun shone in from the window, breaking Yan Shuang’s side face into fine pieces, as if it were to melt in the light.

“… he’s not dead.”

“I think the Dean probably lied to you in good faith because he was afraid of getting into trouble.”

“Your brother is still alive.”

“And you know.”

When the mobile phone screen slipped, a young smiling face suddenly appeared in Yan Shuang’s line of sight.

He and Yan Shuang as like as two peas.

The difference is that he looks more morbid and pale.

“His name is Qin Qing.”

The plane landed and Qin yubai came to pick up people.

Wei Yichen saluted him respectfully, “sir.”

Qin yubai didn’t get used to it. “Well”, he naturally went to carry the backpack on Yan Shuang’s shoulder and smiled, “have a good time this time?”

“Don’t pretend to be cooked.” Yan Shuang put his hands in the bag and didn’t love anyone.

Qin yubai couldn’t help laughing. He and Wei Yichen stood around Yan Shuang respectively. They walked out of the VIP channel together. After getting on the bus, Qin yubai dared to say something. “When housekeeper Wei told me, I was shocked, Qin…” he looked at Yan Shuang’s face and saw that he looked like normal, so he went on, “Qin Qing also said when he was a child that he had a brother, but my father just thought he was confused.”

Not only his father, but even he never took it seriously. Qin Qing imagined himself a brother because he was weak and ill, had no friends and was too lonely.

It was not until that year that Qin Qing sneaked out to “find his brother” and was caught by his competitors at that time. Qin Qing was greatly stimulated after being locked there for a long time. Since then, Qin yubai refused to go out of the door. Qin yubai gradually forgot about “brother”.

“That’s normal,” Yan Shuang said faintly. “After all, he is the only child in the file.”

The atmosphere in the car was a little stagnant. Qin yubai racked his brains and couldn’t think of a topic. At the end of the mountain and water, he suddenly said, “after you left, I donated a lot of money to Xingxing welfare home.”

When his voice fell, Yan Shuang turned his face and showed a faint smile to him.

Qin yubai: as sharp as he is, he is really far sighted and hits the pain point directly.

When the other party filled the money, Yan Shuang was much more pleasant. He even stretched out his hand to pull Qin yubai’s hand. In Qin yubai’s flattered eyes, he finally began to care about him, “how are you recently? Is your appetite good, is your mood comfortable, and your defecation is abnormal?”

Qin yubai: ”

The car finally stopped at Qin’s house.

After Yan Shuang got off the car, he looked up at the big manor and thought that the original setting was really too special.

My brother thought he was dead.

Brother is crazy because of his brother.

My brother became my brother’s substitute and lived in a house with my brother, but it was two miles away.

My brother donated his brother’s kidney. He was stunned before he came on stage. He didn’t even see his brother’s face. The wrong camera will be distorted.

Later, my brother donated cornea to my brother. Before I was blind, I finally met my brother.

It was the last time he saw light in his life.

Everything is just because of the sentence “Shuangshuang, you must protect your brother”.

“Yan Shuang” did it.

Although he had little, he used everything he had to protect his brother.

Yan Shuang: I really want to see what it’s like to see a man who looks like a colossu in front of me! Can’t wait!

There was still a beautiful piano sound in the house. Yan Shuangshun finally came to the “forbidden area” of Qin’s house – in front of Qin Qing’s bedroom.

Across the door, the sound of the piano became clearer.

Qin yubai and Wei Yichen stood at the entrance of the stairs from a distance and watched Yan Shuang push open the door and enter the bedroom.

In the bedroom, even during the day, thick curtains were pulled, and the light outside the window only came out from the gap between the curtain and the ground. Yan Shuang approached the piano with some excitement.

People who play with their faces down seem to be unaware of the presence of more people in the room and are still playing in the polar region.

Yan Shuang walked closer and closer, and his sight became more and more adapted to the darkness in the room.

Wow, he looks like him on the top of his head.

The eyebrows show – like.

The eyes are exposed – Super like.

The whole face was exposed in his sight – like, but not exactly like, and a little familiar.

Yan Shuang: it’s a little strange, but he can’t say what’s strange.


“What’s up?”

Qin Qing spoke, with a hint of indifference in her tone.

But the strange thing is… He is still playing the piano. He didn’t even lift his head or even turn his eyes. He responded, but it seems that he is not responding to Yan Shuang.

“Can’t you see me?” Yan Shuang was suspicious and thought that there was something wrong with his eyes so early, which saved him the effort of forcibly changing his eyes.

“Get out -”

The other side shouted angrily.

Yan Shuang clearly saw that Qin Qing didn’t move at all except his lips. His facial muscles and fingers moved according to the fixed program like a debugged machine.

If others saw this picture, they would think Qin Qing was seriously ill.

Yan Shuang: “system.”

System: “in.”

“Explain to me,” Yan Shuang resisted the urge to scold, “why is there a hanging up role here! Didn’t you say that there is only ‘Yan Shuang’ in the world?”

“And the hanging up is still the character image I used in other worlds before. Have you paid me the portrait fee?! I want to complain, I want to complain, and I want compensation!”

System: “…”

System: “the missing role is really only ‘Yan Shuang’, and ‘Qin Qing’ can only be regarded as the background board.”

Yan Shuang: “are you special? This is sophistry!”

System: “well, I’m sophistry.”

Yan Shuang: ”

System: “staff, you should know that the difficulty of the role of ‘Yan Shuang’ is far more than that of ‘Qin Qing’. Compiling a hanging role of ‘Qin Qing’ has little impact on the world. If the main role hangs up, this book can’t start.”

Yan Shuang still wants to swear.

He knows everything, but he still feels cheated!

No wonder he said that he looked so familiar with the paintings in Qin Qing’s studio.

This is simply misappropriating props from other worlds!

“I applied for the employee’s portrait use fee very early, and it has been approved.”

The system directly pulled the list to Yan Shuang.

A string of figures slipped from Yan Shuang’s eyes. Yan Shuang’s angry face slowly became calm and smiled: “it’s very polite in the Bureau. As a dedicated employee, I certainly have to challenge the difficulty. The role of Qin Qing, a piano player who is ill, is too challenging. I won’t even look at it!”

System: Fortunately, it has some private money to coax people.

Yan Shuang sat down and enjoyed the programmer playing the piano. He touched his chin. “System, this thing belongs to you now, isn’t it?”

System: “yes.”

Yan Shuang: “very good.”

“I’ll give you a minute to make him kidney failure and blind.”

System: “… I need five minutes.”

Yan Shuang “tut” said, “tell me about your professional ability. Hurry up.”

While waiting, Yan Shuang leaned directly on the programmer and asked the system, “these two brothers are missing together. Do you think they eloped?”

System: “staff, we are serious and do not engage in orthopedics.”

Yan Shuang: “……” it’s a bullshit Scripture.

Five minutes later.

Yan Shuang fell down with a “Dong” sound against the warm human body.

Yan Shuang also lay down beside him. He looked at the inanimate body and gently tapped his nose in a good mood.

Friends, we are about to be liberated.


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