I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 153 (1)

The situation was soon transferred from the family doctor to St. Mary’s hospital.

After Qin Qing was pushed into the emergency room, Qin yubai was still at a loss. Everything happened too fast and too suddenly. He suddenly had a nightmare. His spirit was still in a trance and his feet were a little unstable.

Yan Shuang was very calm. He sat on the bench with some lazy meaning. He supported his jaw, his eyelashes blinked up and down slowly, and didn’t speak very quietly.

Qin yubai returned and asked him, “what did you say? How could this happen?”

“I don’t know,” Yan Shuang said faintly, “maybe I’m too excited to see me. I fainted from a heart attack.”

He didn’t seem to care about his long lost brother.

Qin yubai didn’t know how to react.

Although things are dog blood, they are reasonable.

There are countless examples in the world that look similar but have no blood relationship. Even if Yan Shuang and Qin Qing look very similar, Qin yubai doesn’t think about that.

He was clear about his father’s adoption of orphans.

The time of birth and gender can’t be wrong at all.

At that time, his family was almost at the end of the road. Although he was young, he had abnormal talent. In his heart, he also thought that his father’s practice was like going to hospital in a hurry.

When Qin Qing was brought back, Qin yubai felt even more ridiculous when he saw his father taking a dying sick seedling as a lucky star.

His father didn’t wait for “transit” in the end.

However, Qin Qing survived and became the only spiritual pillar of Qin yubai in the long trough period.

When Wei Yichen handed the dusty and damaged files of the two brothers to Qin yubai, Qin yubai was shocked beyond measure.

Yan Shuang… Is Qin Qing’s brother?

The younger brother Qin Qing talked about when he was a child is true?! His file clearly shows that he is an only child!

Qin Yu was very upset when he was in baidun.

Two brothers, why are they two brothers?

If he knew from the beginning that Yan Shuang was Qin Qing’s brother, he would at least “love the house and the Ukraine” and would never hurt Yan Shuang like that. But if he really knew this, there might not be such a chaotic relationship between him and Yan Shuang

Nature makes people.

Qin yubai can only reluctantly digest this fact.

However, fate, like waiting to see his joke, refused to stop at all and gave them a chance to start again. Instead, it extended its hand to push them into deeper chaos.

Outside the emergency room, Qin yubai waited anxiously. His arm on the bench knocked involuntarily, and Yu Guang swept to Yan Shuang from time to time.

He urgently needs to resonate with Yan Shuang.

The person entering the emergency room is his “brother”, Yan Shuang’s brother. At this moment, their mood should be connected.

Yan Shuang’s face said that he was calm, rather he had no feelings.

Qin yubai is not like before. He doesn’t even know Yan Shuang’s temperament.

Yan Shuang is a mystery. No matter how you inquire, he always has the next question waiting for you.

If you think you’ve seen through him, it just means you’re in it and don’t know why.

What exactly is Yan Shuang thinking now? He can’t guess.

“Wei Yichen.” Yan Shuang quickly named Wei Yichen.

The housekeeper who returned to his post immediately responded, “what’s up?”

“I’m a little hungry and tired. I want to go first. Can you take me back?”

Qin yubai was stunned and said, “you don’t wait for the result?”

Yan Shuang glanced at him lightly and smiled, “I’m neither a doctor nor a God. It’s no use staying here. Can I live there tonight in the apartment you sent me earlier?”

Qin yubai said nothing for a long time before saying: “… Yes.”

Yan Shuang stood up and kindly reminded him, “he is in a coma now. You sit here until dawn, and he can’t see. There’s no need to play affectionate here. Go back and have a rest early.”

Qin yubai choked and had nothing to say. After Wei Yichen sent Yan Shuang out a few steps, Qin yubai stopped him again.


The man in front stopped. Qin yubai took a deep breath and curled up his palm.

“I’m not as ruthless as you think.”

“I’m not trying to play anything.”

On the bus, Yan Shuang sat in the co pilot, holding his forehead with one hand, and his eyes lingered on Wei Yichen’s side face, “are you working for him again?”


“Go around, you are still a pair of masters and servants.”

Wei Yichen held the steering wheel tightly. “Don’t you like it?”

“Your career has nothing to do with me. I don’t like it or not,” Yan Shuang said indifferently. “Just like it yourself.”

The apartment has never been occupied since it was bought and transferred to Yan Shuang’s name. However, Qin yubai regularly sent someone to take care of it. It was very clean and tidy. As soon as the lights were on, elegant and expensive decoration came into view. Yan Shuang put down his bag, “very good,” and he stretched out his lazy waist and walked in, “I don’t know if there is a guest room here. If you want to stay, you can find a room to sleep in. You can sleep on the sofa, as long as you don’t touch my room in the middle of the night.”

Yan Shuang looked back.

In front of the porch, Wei Yichen was tall and straight, his face was gentle and abstinent, and the frame of his glasses slipped slightly under the lamp.

“I haven’t slept with a man for a long time. I don’t have enough concentration. Don’t seduce me.”

Yan Shuang smiled at him like an old friend’s joke.

His relaxed attitude made Wei Yichen more uneasy.

Qin Qing had such a thing when their brothers just met.

Wei Yichen is ready to be angered by Yan shuangqian.

And Yan Shuang… It’s like nothing at all.

When Wei Yichen discovered the relationship between Yan Shuang and Qin Qing, he was like a treasure.

Finally, there is a person in the world who is closely connected with Bao Shuang. Yan Shuang can’t deny getting rid of that relationship anyway.

One day when Qin Qing was there, Yan Shuang would not leave Qin Qing.

He thinks so.

——But that seems wrong.

With the Almighty housekeeper, Yan Shuang doesn’t have to worry at all. After taking a bath, there are hot meals on the table. The kitchen hasn’t moved, and Yan Shuang hasn’t heard anything. It’s probably Wei Yichen who ordered takeout.

“Thank you.”

Yan Shuang sat down and greeted him, “you too.”

For Wei Yichen, the dinner table where two people eat together is an elusive luxury.

He didn’t even prepare a second tableware.

Yan Shuang took his own dishes and chopsticks before he noticed this, “isn’t there any extra dishes here?”

“Yes,” Wei Yichen got up, “I’ll get it.”

Wei Yichen called and specially asked a nearby restaurant to deliver the meal. He was very clear about Yan Shuang’s taste and explained all his taboos and preferences. Yan Shuang ate very delicious. He probably noticed his intention and thanked him again after eating.

Wei Yichen took the bowl and whispered, “you don’t have to say thank you to me.”

“Yes,” Yan Shuang wiped his mouth, “be polite. This is not what you should do.”

“I’m full and have a rest.”

The table soon became empty.

The leftovers were cold and the lights were dim. Wei Yichen sat in the designer’s customized chair, but he felt no difference from his broken house.

He is still alone.

Still no one wants him.

The living room was too quiet, and even the pendulum on the wall became very noisy. It was clearly an extremely regular voice. In Wei Yichen’s ear, it seemed to be close and far, high and low, disorderly like random bullets hitting his brain.

He sat for a while, put down his bowl, stepped to the bedroom with soft slippers and knocked on the door.

“Can we talk?”

The palm of his hand was stuck on the dark door. Wei Yichen thought, I don’t know what kind of metal the door is. Why is it so cold?

“Come in.”

When his heart returned, Wei Yichen took a deep breath and gently pushed the door open.

Yan Shuang hasn’t slept yet. He is sitting on the bed, wearing soft cotton pajamas, holding his face with one hand, watching TV in a posture that others look uncomfortable but he himself is very comfortable.

What appeared to be a comedy show on TV broke out in spurious laughter one after another.

The light of the screen reflected in Yan Shuang’s eyes and looked bright. He was smiling at the corners of his mouth, “this program is very interesting.”

Wei Yichen slowly approached. He stood by the bed and looked at the changing light and shadow on Yan Shuang’s white face, like wearing a magnificent mask. He whispered, “I’m sorry.”

“Sorry what?” Yan Shuang looked at the TV, his lips wriggled and replied carelessly.

“About your brother.”

“Oh, he has been in poor health since he was a child. It has nothing to do with you. You don’t have to apologize.”

It seems that he really doesn’t care about his long lost brother.

Said surprised, Wei Yichen didn’t seem as surprised as he thought.

For Yan Shuang, everything is possible.

Not surprisingly, he was a little flustered.

Yan Shuang watched TV for a while and saw that Wei Yichen had been standing beside him. He turned his face and swept Wei Yichen’s face first. There was a fragile loss of soul on Wei Yichen’s face.

Yan Shuang had seen a similar look on his face.

“What’s the matter?” Yan Shuang waved and smiled, “is it going to cry?”

Wei Yichen lowered his head along his arm.

He was patted on the head.

“I don’t blame you.”


Even if Wei Yichen doesn’t do so, he will jump out and recognize his relatives by himself.

Wei Yichen just did what he should do in the plot.

He doesn’t blame him. It doesn’t matter.

The bed was soft and fragrant. Wei Yichen could feel Yan Shuang’s arms around him. Across his shirt, he had a temperature that made him incomparably in love, but in such warmth, he still felt cold.

It’s like some kind of reflection.

Yan Shuang rubbed his hair and said briskly, “almost. It’s not cute to be coquettish again.”

Wei Yichen sat up straight.

His neatly combed hair was a little messy by Yan Shuang, and his glasses were crooked when leaning against Yan Shuang’s shoulders. Without the usual meticulous and rigorous taste, he looked like a confused young man.

He’s only in his twenties.

When the book is “over”.

He also has his own life to go.

Yan Shuang has no good intentions and no evil interests. His attitude towards work has always been “work is work”.

The people and things he met were just a small episode on his way forward.

It may ring in his ear for a while, but he always only listens to his inner voice.

“Go out,” Yan Shuang smiled at him, “I want to sleep alone.”

The hospital’s diagnosis call came the next morning. Wei Yichen stood on the balcony and listened attentively. He turned to Yan Shuang who was having breakfast in the living room.

“I see. I’ll inform him right away.”

Qin Qing’s condition is very serious.

Wei Yichen didn’t hide it and conveyed it to Yan Shuang in a straightforward way.

Yan Shuang took a sip of porridge. After listening to Wei Yichen’s words, he stirred the spoon and said plainly, “OK, wait until I finish breakfast.”

Wei Yichen was no longer surprised by Yan Shuang’s ruthlessness.

He even achieved an alternative peace.

Even the blood brothers had no place in Yan Shuang’s heart.

What else can he argue about and feel aggrieved?

Two calm people went to the hospital together.

Qin Qing has been transferred to the intensive care unit. Yan Shuang is not surprised to meet Qi Feiyun outside the ward.

Dr. Qi, who hadn’t seen him for a long time, wore white glasses, rolled white paper on his hand, raised his eyes and looked at Yan Shuang. The gray eyes behind the lens were like vast smoke and dust. He nodded slightly as a greeting.

Yan Shuang also nodded to him.

Qin yubai looked a little haggard. It was estimated that he had a beard on his chin after watching all night. His eyebrows were locked and he said in a deep voice, “then arrange the operation as soon as possible.”

“When I can operate doesn’t depend on me,” Qi Feiyun covered the case and handed it to the doctor in the side emergency, “it depends on when I have the right kidney source.”

“Didn’t your hospital?” Qin Yu Bai said anxiously, “money is not a problem.”

“Mr. Qin,” Qi Feiyun said faintly, “money is not a problem for every patient who sees a doctor here.”

“What’s the problem?”

Qi Fei put his hand into his pocket and lowered his eyelashes. He looked a little inexplicable. He didn’t answer. Qin Yu’s expression on his white face became more anxious. Just when he wanted to ask further questions——

“What’s the problem?”

Yan Shuang said.

Qin yubai heard the voice and turned back to find that Yan Shuang had come.

“Shuangshuang…” Qin yubai subconsciously called his name. Although Yan Shuang was extremely ruthless last night, somehow, he felt calm when he saw Yan Shuang.

Yan Shuang ignored him and looked straight at Qi Feiyun. “Mr. Qi, can you answer our question?”

As a doctor, Qi Feiyun was used to life and death and never biased, but when he saw Qin Qing’s face combined with Qin Qing’s illness, he hesitated for the first time.

In fact, there is nothing to hesitate.

He is a doctor.

“His blood type is very special. Rh negative blood. The prerequisite for kidney transplantation is to match the blood type. Our hospital and even the whole country have no matching kidney source for him.”

Qi Feiyun said calmly. Yan Shuang raised his arm without stopping for almost a second, “check my blood.”

His voice fell, and the other two were shocked and called his name at the same time.

“Shuangshuang -”

“Yan Shuang -”

Yan Shuang seemed not to hear. He raised his arm in front of Qi Feiyun and said again, “I may be the same blood type as him.”

“Shuangshuang, I haven’t reached this step yet…” Qin yubai reacted, holding Yan Shuang’s shoulder with both hands and tying his eyebrows, “don’t worry, I’ll contact foreign countries again.”

Wei Yichen could not speak, but looked at Yan Shuang in great surprise.

Yan Shuang doesn’t care.

How could

Yan Shuang still ignored Qin yubai and continued to pass his hand forward, almost touching Qi Feiyun’s face, “huh?”

The arm was directly pulled down, and Yan Shuang turned back like a top.

Qin yubai clutched his wrist and his eyes were full of red blood that had not slept all night. “Are you listening to me?”

“I’m listening.”

Yan Shuang looked indifferent. “Didn’t you say that the blood type is special? Try mine. Aren’t we twin brothers?”

“I said, it’s not here yet.” Qin Yu Bai’s words were solemn, like squeezed out of his teeth.

Yan Shuangchong smiled at him and said with pity, “Qin yubai, you never seem to understand one thing.”

He pulled his hand back from his hand.

“You are not my master.”

He turned his face and said to Qi Feiyun, “I want a blood test.”

Qi Feiyun did not move. “Do you have the intention to donate?”

“Who knows,” Yan Shuang smiled cynically in a frivolous tone, “forget it if it’s not appropriate. If it’s appropriate, our Qin always has money.”

Qin Yu’s heart was empty. After listening to Yan Shuang’s words, he said, “Shuangshuang, will you be angry with me at this time?”

“After a man is too self righteous, he is really not cute at all,” Yan Shuang shook his head in disgust and said to Qi Feiyun, “teacher Qi, don’t do this.”

Qin yubai’s objection is invalid.

Wei Yichen was going to stay with Yan Shuang. “Go and see your real boss. He looks very bad. Don’t collapse if he has such a big company to support.”

Qi Feiyun is very quiet.

I haven’t seen him for a long time, and he didn’t take the initiative to greet Yan Shuang. He just seems to be doing his duty as a doctor.

Although accompanying the patient for blood test is far beyond his duty as a surgeon.

When Yan Shuang sat down to draw blood, he also teased him, “Mr. Qi, why don’t you go in and help me draw?”

The doctor who was tying him a tourniquet was stunned when he heard the speech. He really looked at Qi Feiyun, “Dr. Qi…”

Qi Feiyun stretched out his hand, pushed his finger forward and said to the humanity in the window, “come on.”

The tip of the needle pierced into the blood vessel, and the dark red blood gushed out in an instant. That was originally Qi Feiyun’s favorite picture, and even his initial desire to become a doctor.

But now he’s not excited.

Even… His arm seems to be aching.

It’s like the blood was taken from his body.

“All right.”

When the medical alcohol cotton was pressed, Yan Shuang stood up and said to Qi Feiyun, “thank you.”

Qi Feiyun’s eyes fell on his arm.

The shirt rolled up and exposed half of his snow-white and slender arm. Looking at Lingding and fragile, Qi Feiyun suddenly said, “does it hurt?”

“No pain,” Yan Shuang answered his question honestly, “in fact, I never feel pain.”

Qi Feiyun looked into his eyes.

The eyes were as clean and charming as ever.

“You know, I won’t lie to you.”

Yan Shuang returned to the intensive care unit and found that Wei Yichen was the only one left to guard.

Wei Yichen stood up and took the initiative to say, “President Qin, he went to clean up his instruments. The company has something to deal with when he goes back.”

Yan Shuang said “Oh” and sat down on the bench. After Wei Yichen also sat down, he said, “if I really want to donate, will you support me?”

Wei Yichen just sat down, his waist was not straight, and his half body bowed slightly, as if he had been fixed by some mysterious force.

The head was patted.

“You will support me.”

Yan Shuang’s tone was smiling.

Wei Yichen was unable to move because of the smile and determination in his words.

He believed in him – on such an absurd thing.

“Things… Haven’t come to this step yet,” Wei Yichen twisted his face and looked at him. Yan Shuang’s face was clear, white and flawless, his eyes were dark, and he couldn’t see the bottom. He just said slowly and in a low voice, “not yet…”

Yan Shuang said with a smile, “if you really get to this step.”

Wei Yichen’s eyes were hurt.

In fact, Yan Shuang was injured when he really got there.

And he just imagined that he had taken the first step and felt pain for Yan Shuang.

Yan Shuang put his hand on the bench and was gently held by Wei Yichen with his fingertips. He gathered his fingers like a small flower and put them on his forehead. He breathed slowly, his chest fluctuated deeply, without saying a word, and rarely refused to respond to Yan Shuang’s questions.

When Qin yubai came out of the next ward, he saw this scene. He didn’t even have a fire in his heart. He went straight to Yan Shuangmian. His face was very coagulant and said, “I’m going to the company now. Do you want me to stay here quietly or tie you with me.”

Yan Shuang blinked, “do you want to tie me with you?”

“I know you have the ability to make Ji’s father and son restless. You are used to me and don’t take me seriously,” Qin yubai stretched out his hand, straightened Yan Shuang’s collar and said with an expressionless face. “I’ll deal with this. Qin Qing is also my brother. You called me big brother,” he straightened Yan Shuang’s collar, His hands pressed on Yan Shuang’s shoulders and looked straight at him, “you two, none of you can do anything.”

He said, glancing at Wei Yichen, “look at him. What do I hire you for? You’d better remember.”

After Qin yubai left, Yan Shuang pointed Wei Yichen’s eyebrows with his fingertips, “what did he hire you for? Looking at me?”


“Did I help you find a job?”


“Should you support me?”


Yan Shuang didn’t get a response and didn’t continue to ask. He took his hand and didn’t twitch. Wei Yichen, who kept his head down, raised his face. His eyes behind the lens were no longer indifferent or weighing the pros and cons. At this moment, he was neither a perfect housekeeper nor a “watchdog”. He was just the abandoned little boy who couldn’t find his way home, Holding the warmth in his hand tightly.

“Don’t hurt yourself.”

His voice was deep and gentle, straight into the bottom of people’s heart.

Yan Shuang didn’t promise him.

The blood test results came out quickly and there was no suspense at all.

Both brothers are Rh negative.

“The blood type is the same,” Yan Shuang said calmly, sitting opposite Qi Feiyun. “Then you can do the matching test?”

Qi Feiyun held a pen in his hand, and his thumb unconsciously slid up and down the pen. “Are you sure you want to have a matching examination? I need to remind you that if there is no intention to donate, the matching examination will be more like a joke for patients.”

“It seems that I left a bad impression on Mr. Qi.”

Yan Shuang said with a smile.

He crossed his hands, and the smile on his face gradually faded. “Help me do the matching check, right away.”

The tone is firm and there is no room for turning around.

The matching inspection is quite complicated. Yan Shuang wants to say don’t check it. Cut it directly for me. It’s clean and hygienic. What’s the grinding.

Wei Yichen followed him. Yan Shuang took a tube of blood and saw his eyelids jump. Yan Shuang didn’t feel pain, but he stared at it.

If you have a matching test, you don’t necessarily have an operation.

Wei Yichen can only comfort himself now.

Some deceive themselves and others.

You can only deceive yourself and others.

Why did Yan Shuang do this?

He didn’t care about his long lost brother.

Wei Yichen didn’t understand, but this kind of incomprehension became reasonable on Yan Shuang.

Yan Shuang is so complicated that no one can see through him.

Qin yubai came from the company and only caught up with Qi Feiyun’s announcement that “the matching results will come out in a week.”

He immediately angrily criticized Wei Yichen, “who asked him to match the type?! what did I leave you here for?” Turn around and scold Yan Shuang, “can’t you listen to me once?!”

After he scolded, Yan Shuang didn’t have time to answer back. Qin yubai had already held his forehead with a shaky appearance.

“No… help me into the ward…”

Yan Shuang: ”

Two “brothers” surnamed Qin mention the ward next door.

Qin yubai was lying on the hospital bed. He continued to scold while playing a hanging bottle. His lips were cracking. Yan Shuang was worried that the glucose was not enough for him to replenish water.

“… I’ve been in touch with foreign countries,” Qin yubaiqiang endured dizziness and suppressed his anger, “don’t make trouble for me!”

Yan Shuang: “you do your business and I do mine. We don’t interfere with each other. Just don’t make trouble for anyone.”

Qin yubai was so angry that he was about to have brain congestion. After coughing a few times, he looked slowly soft, “Shuangshuang…”

“It’s no use being coquettish.” Yan Shuang said directly.

Qin Yu and Bai Jian are straightforward and have nothing to say.

When Yan shuangmo didn’t care, he felt uncomfortable. When Yan Shuang actively asked for matching, he didn’t have time to calculate the gains and losses, and instinctively wanted to oppose.

“What the hell are you trying to do?” Qin yubai wanted to surrender with both hands. If he wasn’t playing the bottle now, “I know you’re angry that I hurt you before. What do you want? When this matter is solved, let’s talk slowly at home, okay?”

“I’m not angry at all.”

“Where did you hurt me?”

“In good conscience, although you didn’t play well for the first time, for the sake of being a virgin, I have nothing to be picky about. Don’t worry, I’ve slept with a virgin whose skills are worse than you. You don’t have to care too much.”

Qin Yu’s white face was green and red. After sweeping Yan’s body, Wei Yichen silently motioned him out with fierce eyes.

“Oh, I’m not talking about him,” Yan Shuang waved his hand and clarified for Wei Yichen. “He’s not bad.”

Qin yubai: ”

Yan Shuang prickly pulled one side of the stool and sat down, “isn’t it very clear? The ready-made kidney is here. Why do you want to stay close and go far?”

Qin Yu tightened his white eyebrows.

As a born businessman, he is best at weighing the pros and cons. His brain is like an invisible balance, which can easily weigh the weight of transactions. This is the secret of his success in business and life.

But when he tried to put it on his scale… He failed.

He can’t.

Qin Qing is his younger brother. He accompanied him in his hard struggle and was the spiritual pillar on which he once relied.

Yan Shuang

It is difficult for him to define who Yan Shuang is.

On love and hate, it seems too shallow.

Yan Shuang was more like a sharp blade, which deeply pierced into his flesh and blood and made him beyond recognition from inside to outside. It made him novel, infatuated and painful. Sometimes he felt that he was no longer him.

Yan Shuang’s appearance is like fate.

The most accidental and inevitable.

Uncertain and disappointed.

If you can’t tell clearly, you’d better put it high and never fall down. He wants him to be a dream, a dream that will never break.

No matter what Qin yubai said, Yan Shuang made up his mind.

Victory is at hand. He can’t give up.

The “Yan Shuang” created by him has rich levels of people and uncertain personality. No matter what choice he makes, it is reasonable. He can only say, “it is worthy of him”.

“You don’t have to think more for me or him.”

“This is what happened between the two of us.”

“I thought he was dead, and my heart settled down. I thought that the debt owed to him in the womb was finally over,” Yan Shuang paused and said to himself, “I didn’t expect there were old accounts.”

When he finished, the whole ward was quiet.

In fact, Qin yubai was quite stunned.

Wei Yichen is more like a shadow than a shadow. He silently stands behind Yan Shuang. No matter what Yan Shuang says or does, he will follow him like a shadow.

“I can’t escape the topic of debt in my life,” Yan Shuangqiao raised two fingers. “I really want to have a cigarette.”

This is the only thing Qin yubai wants to agree with Yan Shuang.

He really wants a cigarette!

“I’ve contacted foreign countries. If there’s no accident, there will be news in these days,” Qin yubai said tired. “Just these days, you should be calm. When things are understood, you can discuss whether you want to fight, scold or pay money, okay?”

Yan Shuang was quite indifferent when he heard the word “money”. When he heard the word “money”, DNA couldn’t help moving: No, the Iron Rooster took the initiative to pluck!

Hold it! Just spend enough money. If you are too greedy, something will happen!

“The test results will take a week. You can do it yourself.” Yan Shuang didn’t say anything. Anyway, Qin yubai couldn’t succeed. He stood up, put his hands in his pockets and said smartly, “I’ll go out and have a cigarette.”

Qin yubai was so depressed that he had to greet the virgin with “good technology” and said, “go, follow him and don’t let him mess around.”

Yan Shuang went out of the hospital and smoked beside the flower bed outside the hospital.

Many people smoke here, either frowning or insensitive.

Yan Shuang thought that no matter how outrageous the world is, it is still a world. In addition to them, there are still “passers-by” love, hate and resentment.

Yan Shuang stepped on the steps, put his arms on his knees and bowed to smoke. After he finished smoking a whole cigarette, he said to Wei Yichen, “why do you take such a cigarette with you?”

“I like its taste.” Wei Yichen said.

Yan Shuang licked his lips, “don’t be too bad to yourself.”

Wei Yichen’s Micro syndrome.

Yan Shuang put down his feet and patted his trouser legs, “let’s go.”

“Don’t follow me.”

When Wei Yichen returned to the ward, Qin yubai was calling to deal with the company. He saw Wei Yichen open the ward door and come in, but there was no one behind him. His face changed, “what about others?!”

“Let’s go.”

“Didn’t I let you follow him?!”

“He told me not to follow him.”

Qin yubai pressed his chest and his face was so gloomy that it was about to rain. After taking a few deep breaths, he was angry. “He told you not to follow him. Won’t you follow him secretly? When did you know how to change!”

Wei Yichen closed the door behind him, “Sir, I think I made it clear when I came back.”

“He is my first employer.”

On the desk, white documents are stacked one by one, which have been turned over by people, and some are scattered on the dark desktop.

Qi Feiyun leaned back on his chair and looked up at the incandescent lamp in the middle of the office.

The matching results came out.

The match is amazing.

From the report alone, Qi Feiyun can even imagine the picture of one person’s kidney working harmoniously in another person’s kidney after the successful transplantation.

“Dong Dong -”


“Dr. Qi, coffee.”

“Put it down.”

The assistant had some trouble facing the messy desk with coffee. He didn’t dare to move the documents casually.

Qi Feiyun fell into his own meditation. After a long time, he found the embarrassment of the assistant. He sat up straight and put the documents in a pile on the left.

The assistant quickly put down his coffee and whispered, “Dr. Qi, you have been working overtime for several days. Should you take a rest?”

“I have discretion,” Qi Feiyun nodded lightly, “thank you.”

The door was gently closed.

The unique bitter aroma of coffee wafted in the silent office.

Qi Feiyun glanced at the cup.

The black liquid in the cup is emitting heat curlily, floating on the paper around it along the wind from the window.

Qi Feiyun stared at the smoke scattered by the wind, and his bony fingers held the handle of the cup.

Hands out, thoughts are still running.

When Qi Feiyun recovered, he found that he tilted his coffee cup completely unconsciously.

As long as the angle deviates a little more, the snow-white reports will be destroyed.

With a slight sound, Qi Feiyun straightened the coffee cup again.

He sat in the office for a long time until the coffee was cold, and he still sat in his seat.

The door of the office was knocked again. The assistant looked embarrassed. “Dr. Qi, it’s two o’clock.”

“Sorry,” Qi Feiyun stood up, “you get off work.”

Assistant: “Dr. Qi, are you off duty? I’ll see you off duty.”

The street was quiet late at night. Qi Feiyun sat in the car with no expression on his face. During the day, his neat hair was a little fluffy and messy. Several strands of hair hung loosely in the center of his eyebrows and shook in the center of his eyebrows with the driving of the vehicle.

The assistant drove the car to the downstairs of the apartment. Qi Feiyun asked him to drive his own car back.

“OK, I’ll pick you up tomorrow. Call me when you wake up.”

Qi Feiyun nodded, “it’s hard.”

The assistant was about to start the car when Qi Feiyun stopped him.


The assistant sat in the car. From the rear view mirror in the car, he saw Qi Feiyun open the trunk. It was like taking something from the trunk. It was dark. He couldn’t see it clearly at night.

When the fingerprint lock was opened, the living room was as quiet as the hospital office. Perhaps he forgot to pull the curtain of the French window when he left, so it was open. The cold moonlight outside went straight into the house, stacking a dark shadow on the sofa in the house.

Qi Feiyun stood quietly in the porch with a blanket under his arm.

“Miss Qi.”

Qi Feiyun closed his eyes.

When the light was on, the furnishings in the living room looked invisible under the light.

The cold and lonely air rushed forward without cover.

Qi Feiyun passed through them, sat down as usual and unfolded the blanket held in his arm.

The dark blanket was always placed in the trunk. It looked clean, but stained with a little ash. Qi Feiyun brushed the blanket with his fingers and groped carefully. Suddenly, his fingertips fell like falling into a trap.

There is a hole in the blanket.

It’s a cigarette end that someone accidentally dropped.

There were indelible marks on the blanket.

No matter how well hidden, the hole still exists.

Qi Feiyun sat for a long time. He was used to being lonely and unaccompanied. He could keep it very well. Unconsciously, the moonlight shed in the French window turned into wisps of golden sunshine and climbed to Qi Feiyun’s feet.

Qi Peiyun found out that he didn’t change his shoes.

Look back.

The clean floor was covered with footprints.

A string of messy and procrastinating footprints.

Did he walk into the house like this yesterday? Qi Feiyun clutched the carpet in his hand and thought in some confusion.

When Yan Shuanggang finished breakfast, he received a text message from Qi Feiyun.

The text message is very simple, just two words – “where is it?”

Generally, Yan Shuang won’t bother to deal with it when he finishes his work, but Qi Feiyun is not an ordinary person.

This is the signal that the outcome is advancing!

Yan Shuang immediately returned his apartment address.

About ten minutes later, Yan Shuang heard a knock at the door.

Yan bilaterally shouted “coming” and opened the door. As soon as he opened the door, he saw a very “standard” Qi Feiyun.

Qi Feiyun is wearing a gray coat, in which is a shiny black suit. He looks very Qi Feiyun like. He looks like he can immediately enter the office with his briefcase. His face is solemn and dignified, and he still has a faint fragrance.

Yan Shuang is familiar with this fragrance.

It’s the smell of shower gel in Qi Feiyun’s bathroom.

Did you bathe and change before you came to see him?

It’s grand enough.

“What’s the matter with me?” Yan Shuang stood at the door and didn’t invite him in. “Did the matching result come out?”

Yan Shuang was right about Qi Feiyun’s “intention”.

Qi Feiyun was not exposed. His face was still calm. “Are you sure you want to donate?”

As soon as he opened his mouth, Yan Shuangcai found that his superior voice became very hoarse.

“Donating a kidney is not as simple as you think.”

Qi Feiyun stretched out his hand and suddenly put his arm around Yan Shuang’s waist.

“The kidney is right here.”

Qi Feiyun looked at him coldly, and his tone was like the Meticulous Brushwork in a realistic painting. “A kidney is stripped. From that moment on, you will no longer be a healthy person.”

“Maybe you have checked it yourself. Maybe a doctor will tell you that it doesn’t matter to lose one kidney. You have another kidney. The compensatory function of the kidney is very strong. You can still live as before with only one kidney.”

“The fact is that you can no longer be as powerful and active as before. You will easily feel tired and have to avoid eating. You can’t take medicine casually. You have to check regularly. You are worried about whether the remaining kidney will strike overburdened. At that time, your body has retreated and can’t retreat. Only…”

Qi Feiyun didn’t go on.

He knew his tone was already a little aggressive.

However, the person in his sight was still calm.

“I know,” Yan shuangrou said, putting his hands on Qi Feiyun’s arm, “Mr. Qi, I know.”

Qi Feiyun stared at him for a long time before he continued, “… But you still have to do that.”


I should have guessed.

When will he look back on what he decided?

Qi Feiyun has always been an expert on how to cut people open.

He was not complacent about it and never felt noble.

He did not wave the scalpel with the purpose of saving anyone, nor did he have any lofty ideals and beliefs.

He simply enjoyed the pleasure of legally cutting the human body.

That’s evil.

He ignored that evil and spent day after day in peace of mind. He despised God and those stupid beliefs and allowed those evils to expand.

God has been watching him, waiting for a chance to punish him.

He waited.

Qi Yun stood straight and put Yan Shuang’s face on his chest with a slight force on his arm.

His voice was low, his eyes closed, and his lips trembled slightly.

He said, “God bless you.”



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