I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 153 (2)

153 (2) - The End

Qi Feiyun fainted when he finished.

Or “sleep over” is more accurate.

Yan Shuang was almost knocked down by him. Fortunately, he stood at the door and held the wall with one hand to avoid the tragedy of two people falling together.

After confirming that the other party was just asleep, Yan Shuang transferred the person to the sofa and lay down.

Qi Fei has long hands and feet, and Yan Shuang is very tired.

Qi Feiyun lay on the sofa. Yan Shuang looked at him closely and found that his face was a little pale. At present, it was also green and black.

Probably didn’t rest well.

When Yan Shuang lived with Qi Feiyun, Qi Feiyun often worked night shifts or overtime. He had never seen Qi Feiyun so tired.

But also dressed so handsome and bright, strong support the scene.

Yan Shuang shook his head and dialed the assistant’s phone.

“Hey, um, it’s me. Yes, he’s here… He’s fine, but he’s asleep… OK, I’ll send you the address.”

Yan Shuang sent the address to the assistant and sat on the sofa waiting.

I don’t know whether the assistant was intentional or really far from where he lived. He sat on the sofa and read half a book before someone rang the doorbell.

Yan Shuang went to open the door. The assistant looked a little cautious. “Yan Shuang, long time no see.”

The last time I saw them in the hospital, they met each other face to face, but they didn’t speak. The assistant was a little hesitant at that time, and Yan Shuang didn’t care.

“He’s still sleeping. Do you want to wake him up or do you stay here with him?” Yan bilaterally said that he took his shoes from the shoe cabinet and looked like he was going out.

The assistant hurriedly said, “let Dr. Qi sleep. He hasn’t closed his eyes for days.”

Yan Shuang said, “well,” then you stay here with him. ”

“Ah…” the assistant looked flustered. “Well, wait, don’t go yet. I want to talk to you.”

“What? Go ahead.”

Yan Shuang threw a pair of casual shoes on the carpet.

“That box, I mean, you took the box containing osmanthus?”

The assistant finished carefully, but he saw Yan Shuang look as usual and replied carelessly, “yes.”

The assistant breathed a sigh of relief. At the same time, he felt nervous. “That, that, you can, can…” he couldn’t organize the language well. After typing the abdominal manuscript several times, he decided, “can you send it to Dr. Qi again?”

Yan looked at him calmly.

“Well, Dr. Qi, he has been looking for the same money, but he can’t find it. I adjusted the monitoring and found that you took it…” the assistant hesitated, “Dr. Qi really wants it.”

After all, he was just a bystander. If he spoke too openly, Dr. Qi would lose face. He thought Yan Shuang should understand what he meant.

“Sorry,” Yan said briskly, stepping into his shoes, “I threw it away when I went out that day.”

“I can’t send him any more.”

“I’ll go first. You can watch him and let him pay attention to rest.”

Yan Shuang dodged out and left the house to them with confidence.

The assistant stared at the elevator door open and waited until Yan Shuang entered the elevator and the elevator door closed. He still stood stunned and couldn’t return to his mind for a long time.

When the door closed with a “click” sound behind him, he quickly turned back as if waking up from a dream. As soon as he turned back, it was Qi Feiyun, who was well-dressed, who closed the door.

“Dr. Qi…”

Qi Feiyun nodded slightly, his eyelashes drooped, looking a little haggard. The assistant couldn’t help beating the drum in his heart. Didn’t Qi Feiyun hear his conversation with Yan Shuang just now? He couldn’t say it clearly, so he had to carefully say, “Dr. Qi, do you want to go to work or go home to continue to rest?”

“Go to the hospital,” Qi Feiyun said. “There’s not so much time to rest.”

They went downstairs together. The assistant brought his car and could take him to the hospital.

Along the way, the assistant was afraid to speak.

His mind is actually quite confused.

For Yan Shuang, he couldn’t figure out the relationship between Yan Shuang and Qi Feiyun.

What is certain is that they broke up, and Yan Shuang… Has no intention of looking back.

The sweet scented osmanthus tree, whether sent or received, was not cherished.

Only he, a bystander, glanced hastily and thought he had caught a glimpse of “love”.

The assistant was a little hurt in spring and autumn. He was always depressed. Qi Feiyun looked as usual. He seemed to have recovered from working overtime for several days and nights and stepped into the hospital vigorously. The other doctors had been waiting for him early. Several people welcomed him. Qi Feiyun discussed Qin Qing’s operation plan with them as he walked.

“I disagree -”

“You don’t have to say, I don’t agree! You go back now!”

“Now! Now!”

Qin yubai’s roar echoed in the whole corridor. When Qi Feiyun came up, he was seeing Qin yubai’s arm pointing to the direction of the elevator. He could see Qin yubai’s hand shaking a few meters away.

The man who made him furious was sitting on the bench, his legs crossed, his side face was blocked, and only his toes were exposed.

“Why don’t you agree?”

“It’s been a week. Have you heard from abroad?”

The voice is casual and loose, revealing an indifferent momentum.

Qin yubai’s face was livid.

News comes every day.

Just no good news.

The probability of suitable organs with Rh negative blood is lower than that of medium and large lotto.

At this time, Qin yubai really realized how “incompetent” he was.

Even if he had more money, he couldn’t change a kidney out of thin air.

In this world, money is not doing whatever you want.

“I asked the doctor when I came,” Yan Shuang said lazily. “The doctor said that his condition was very bad and he was almost racing against death.” he looked at Qin yubai and thought about it. “Qin yubai, you love him so much that you can’t bear to touch him. But you can’t bear to think that he hurts day by day in the intensive care unit?”

Qin yubai choked, blushed and said coldly, “bullshit!”

“I understand,” Yan Shuang put down his legs and changed his direction. His toes tilted, and the corners of his mouth raised a little arc. “Now you love me more than him, so you can’t give up me again, can you?”

Qin yubai didn’t think he could say anything good. He keenly felt that his mouth was about to say something ugly, “well, don’t say it. There’s no discussion on this matter.”

“We are like your two stocks.”

“Which one has high value and good prospects, you can increase your position.”

Yan Shuang held his face and looked at Qin yubai with a smile. “Are you going to throw away that rotten stock now?”

When the voice fell, Yan Shuang was picked up by Qin yubai with his collar.

Qin yubai’s arm was immediately buttoned on the other hand, “Sir, please calm down.”

Qin yubai glared at Wei Yichen, “go away.”

“President Qin is really great. He has the power of life and death. Everyone can shout. He’s so powerful. He wants to hit me,” Yan Shuang raised his face. “Fan hard. Whoever doesn’t fan is a dog.”

“You –”

Qin Yu was so angry that his head began to hurt again. He only vented his anger at Wei Yichen, “do you want to rebel? Let go!”

“Sir, please let go first.”


“This is the hospital.”

With the a low male voice, Qi Feiyun came with the a group of the embarrassed doctors. “Please obey order.”

After leaving the apartment, Yan Shuang went straight to the hospital and collided with Qin yubai who came to the hospital to receive the matching results.

Qin yubai has his channels. Of course, he knows that the matching results of Yan Shuang and Qin Qing are quite appropriate.

However, he lied directly that their matching results were inappropriate.

Yan Shuang exposed him on the spot.

So they had a quarrel in a hurry. Even if they sat in Qi Feiyun’s office, Qin yubai still had a black face. Looking at his expression, they wanted to catch Yan Shuang and teach him a lesson. They looked angry and depressed.

Qin yubai’s eyebrows haven’t stretched these days. It looks like a lot of vicissitudes.

Qi Feiyun told the truth, “the matching result was very successful, and the operation plan was also done.”

“What is the operation plan? I don’t agree.” Qin yubai flatly refused.

Yan Shuang ignored him completely and said to Qi Feiyun, “then arrange the operation as soon as possible.

“I said I didn’t agree

Yan Shuang also frowned, “Qin yubai, don’t you agree with this?”


“Don’t jump in a hurry,” Yan Shuang turned his face calmly. “As his twin brother, I volunteered to donate kidneys for him. What’s the problem?”

Qin Yu frowned. “Problem? The problem is big. You donate a kidney, not cut off your tonsils. Do you know how much this will affect your future life?!”

“You’re right,” Yan Shuang said, “but now the situation is that he’s almost gone.”

Qin yubai doesn’t know how bad Qin Qing’s condition is and how quickly it deteriorates.

While waiting for the matching results, Yan Shuang’s proposal flashed in his mind many times.

Even Qin yubai has dreamed of several operations.

In the dream, he was the chief surgeon, holding a sharp scalpel to cut Yan Shuang’s snow-white belly. A bloody kidney trembled in front of him. After waking up from the dream, he was covered with cold sweat.

no way.

He can’t let Yan Shuang do that.

Qin yubai still didn’t let go, “… Not yet…”

“It’s not that you haven’t reached this step, but you don’t want to take this step at all,” Yan Shuang interrupted. “Qin yubai, you’re too selfish.”

Qin yubai suddenly stared at Yan Shuang’s face.

In fact, like Qi Feiyun, he hasn’t rested for a long time.

The work in the company will not be reduced by half because of his private affairs.

The hospital and the company are on the front line at two points. He also has to take time to take a look at Yan Shuang’s apartment. Yan Shuang can’t be aware of it, lest it will be another war.

Even when his father had just died, he was not so tired when he carried a broken Qin family.

Occasionally taking a nap in the office, I was worried about their two brothers in my dream.

What does Yan Shuang say now? Gently say “selfish” to him?

His bloodshot eyes became more and more red. Qin yubai bit his teeth and couldn’t even speak.

Yes, he is a businessman. He is selfish. He loves himself the most. Yan Shuang is right.

… but he did his best.

Do you think it’s wrong to try your best to get everything right and save everyone?

The people on the sofa suddenly got up, turned around and rushed out of the door. The turned up clothes rolled up a gust of wind in front of Yan Shuang’s face. Yan Shuang looked unchanged, turned his face and said to Qi Feiyun: “when is the operation…”

Before he finished, the man was pulled up by a strong force.

It’s Qin yubai who has gone back and forth.

He angrily stepped out of the gate, turned around and came back immediately. Even the wind had not dispersed. He held Yan Shuang tightly with one arm. Yan Shuang only felt a heat behind his ears and a little wet slipped along the skin behind his ears.

“I was wrong…”

Qin yubai’s voice was very low. Yan Shuang didn’t hear three words clearly when they floated into Yan Shuang’s ears.


When he repeated again, Yan Shuang finally heard it clearly.

The man who always loves himself most is admitting his mistake to him.

Yan Shuang had no waves in his heart. No matter love or hate, these had nothing to do with him, and he didn’t care.

He didn’t aggressively ask Qin yubai where he was wrong and beat the man holding him in tears. He just patted him on the shoulder.

“Big brother.”

“I’ve paid off your debt, and it’s time to pay him back.”

The light in the ward was dim and the hospital bed was soft. Yan Shuang sat on the bed shaking his feet.

“He was born about the size of a hot kettle.”

“I didn’t see it with my own eyes. I listened to my mother.”

Yan Shuang smiled at Qin yubai on his side.

Qin Yu listened quietly, with some pity in his eyes, “what about you?”

“Me?” Yan Shuang said, “of course I am healthy and strong. After all, I robbed him of all his nutrition in his womb.”

“You are also very thin. Where are you strong,” Qin yubai kicked Wei Yichen’s foot across Yan Shuang, “isn’t it?”

Wei Yichen lowered his eyes, “yes, sir.”

Yan Shuang took a deep breath, “no matter how thin I am, I still live well. Unlike him, I love to be sick since I was a child. In my memory, he has no good time. Hey, has he been ill in these years? How is his health?”

“I was always ill when I was a child. I’ve been fine in the past two years,” Qin yubai said with a slight bent back, “… I’ve been negligent.”

“It’s all right,” Yan Shuang pressed his hand. “You’re not to blame for this sudden disease, which can’t be prevented.”

Qin yubai looked at him, but his eyes were still red. He didn’t know whether he was tired or the tear that had slipped off Yan’s shoulders just now.

Yan Shuang is really beautiful.

The lines on his face, eyes and even lips are the same as when Qin yubai first met.

After so much experience, he is still so clean and pure that sometimes Qin yubai is jealous.

He would rather he hated him.

This at least shows that he left a trace in his heart.

Like now, the three sat side by side and talked calmly, but Qin yubai felt more powerless than ever.

A faint sadness welled up in my heart.

His eyes are a little hot again.

“You should blame me.”

“I should treat him as my own brother, but I have a possessive desire for him.”

“I want it, but I dare not,” Qin yubai smiled mockingly. “I really…”

He didn’t speak for a long time. Yan Shuang took it up attentively. “People are addicted to vegetables?”

Qin yubai glanced at him, half helpless and half doting. Finally, he just shook his head and said nothing more.

Yan Shuang lay down directly.

The hospital bed was soft. His arm fell on the quilt and said lazily, “I’ll have an operation in two days. I have to keep up my spirit.”

The men sitting on both sides of him exchanged eyes.

The content in their eyes is the same.

Worry, uneasiness, tension, hesitation

Again, the tit for tat relationship can only be eased and put down for the time being.

They looked at the lying man at the same time.

Yan Shuang had closed his eyes, put his hands on his abdomen, and his face was peaceful.

At this time, he is the only one who can be so calm and indifferent. His posture strangely gives everyone strength.

Qin yubai and Wei Yichen both looked calm slowly, and their eyes contained similar tenderness, like a piece of moonlight on Yan Shuang’s face.

“Stop staring at me.”

The ruddy lips moved, and the snow-white teeth peeped out from the gap between the lips.

“It’s impossible to split with you.”

“Give up.”



It’s settled.

Qin yubai, a workaholic who has to go to work every day, has rarely left his job. He has nothing to do in the hospital, but headless flies run around Yan Shuang. In his words, staying in the company is also a frequent mistake. It’s better to stay in the hospital. When the operation is successful, he can barely settle down.

Things have come to this point, and Qin yubai can only look forward.

Fortunately, Qin Qing’s illness can still be saved, and the price to save him is not life.

Qin yubai consulted numerous experts and reached optimistic conclusions.

People can’t be killed by things. Aren’t there few things in his life? How many difficulties he came over, and God couldn’t help him. Qin yubai thought proudly. Then he didn’t sleep for three consecutive nights. With his red and swollen eyes, he asked Qi Feiyun to swear that the operation would succeed in Qi Feiyun’s office. Before Qi Feiyun answered, he fainted first.

When Qin yubai woke up in the hospital bed, Yan Shuangzheng stood in front of the hospital bed and shook his head, “it’s too much.”

Qin yubai: ”

Yan Shuang: it’s so cruel to rob him of the hospital play with Qin Qing!

Qin yubai also knew that he was too nervous and was really ashamed. His ears were quietly red. Under his shame and anger, his brain didn’t know where to catch a wrong nerve, and blurted out: “should I inform Ji Yao about the operation?”

He regretted the moment he spoke, and felt relieved at the same time.

Although he has been avoiding denial, in fact, he is also very clear in his heart that the only person who made Yan Shuang have feelings is Ji Yao.

At such a critical moment, perhaps Yan Shuanghui wants Ji Yao to appear more than he and Wei Yichen.

“Tell him what?” Yan put his hands in the pockets of his sick clothes. “The child in my stomach is not his.”

Qin yubai: ”

Yan shuangzhen perfectly interprets the meaning of the saying that the emperor is not in a hurry and the eunuch is in a hurry.

The people on the whole floor were nervous. Yan Shuang, the party concerned, was very busy for the upcoming operation. He walked around the whole floor in hospital clothes every day.

During the physical test, I gained two kilograms more than when I first came to the hospital.

Yan Shuang: the food in the hospital is too top!

I am too relaxed. Qin yubai, who is nervous and anxious, is finally no longer so tight. In addition to insomnia and hair loss anxiety, Qin yubai’s condition is OK.

Compared with him, Wei Yichen is more nervous and relaxed.

Yan Shuang had no objection to his decision, so he relaxed.

But a strong uneasiness in his body made him produce a strange tension.

It’s not the tension that Qin yubai tries the “rehabilitation meal” like trying the big contract all day.

That tension has no reason at all. It is a precursor fear hidden in human genes.

When bad things happen, people sometimes have the idea of “so it is”, as if they have predicted a bad ending.

Wei Yichen experienced this feeling when he was a child.

At that time, his parents were secretly divorcing and wrangling with each other to get rid of his trouble.

Even if he was nervous, Wei Yichen didn’t show a penny. He still did his things properly, with propriety, grace and distance. At least he didn’t want Yan Shuang to be bored now.

“I have something to say to Mr. Qi alone,” Yan Shuang took the door handle and smiled at Wei Yichen who followed him, “don’t eavesdrop.”

Wei Yichen retreated half a step without saying a word.

That’s good.

Like a dog afraid of being abandoned, he tried his best to please his master.

“I don’t get into trouble” and “I’m obedient” firmly stick these two labels on my body in an attempt to arouse people’s love.


Both the flatterer and the flattered know it’s useless.

Yan Shuangguan closed the door and turned to Qi Feiyun sitting behind his desk and said, “Mr. Qi, discuss something.”

“Cornea?” Qi Feiyun glanced at Yan Shuang faintly. Yan Shuangzheng nestled in his chair, with a smile on his face and a flash in his eyes, “yes, I want to finish both operations at one time.”


Qi Feiyun flatly refused.

“Corneal transplantation does not accept living organisms.”

Yan Shuang smiled, “teacher Qi, there are exceptions to everything.”

Qi Feiyun looked cold. “You don’t have to worry about corneal transplantation. There are many opportunities. He is still very young and in no hurry.” He paused and said in a flat tone, “if you can’t see, you won’t die.”

Yan Shuang: “Mr. Qi, it’s rare to hear you say such unkind words.”

Qi Feiyun didn’t refute. He cast his eyes on the computer screen and rolled his fingers on the mouse. “If it’s okay, you can go out. You should have a rest before the operation.”

Yan Shuang stood up and went to the desk. He put his hands in front of the desk and bent over. “Mr. Qi, I haven’t paid attention to you from beginning to end. Aren’t you angry at all and don’t want to try to revenge me?”

“Did you hear what I said at the door that day?”

“The osmanthus you want to send is actually the goods cleared by the convenience store. I’ll tease you.”

“You really don’t want to teach a bad child like me?”

Yan Shuangyang raised his face, getting closer and closer. Seeing that his red lips were about to touch Qi Feiyun’s jaw, Qi Feiyun stretched out his fingers and leaned against his chin, “what you owe is not a lesson.”

Yan Shuang’s eyes flashed, “what’s that?”

Qi Yun’s eyes slightly coagulated and flashed over his red lips. “Let’s talk after the operation.”

“Well,” Yan Shuang straightened up. He put his hands on his back and made one last request to Qi Feiyun. “After the operation, just give me back the kiss I owe today.”

Qi Feiyun’s refusal was in Yan Shuang’s expectation.

Everyone has his own stubbornness and persistence. Yan Shuang has no time and energy to deal with him again.

He had intended to end his retirement in a milder way.

In this situation, Yan Shuang can only enable Plan B.

Slag attack can’t work, then slag father will come and collect!

Ji wensong.

From the first meeting, Yan Shuang guessed that this person would come in handy at some time.

The light in the ward was dim. Yan Shuang stood in front of the window. The moon was high. He dialed the number in the moonlight.

The last time he dialed this number, he sent a pure and beautiful boy away on the spot.

I wonder if Ji wensong is broad-minded enough. Will he hate him so much that he won’t even answer his phone?

Yan Shuangwu said from his stomach, and the end of the mobile phone was connected quickly.

“What’s up?”

The other party was straightforward and crisp. Yan Shuang was not vague and said directly: “did you count last time you promised me that you would help me when I needed it?”

“What’s up?”

The other end of the phone repeated it in a very calm tone. Yan Shuang vaguely heard the gnashing of teeth. He didn’t mind. He easily told Qin Qing’s condition and his upcoming operation. Ji wensong didn’t respond. Yan Shuang continued smoothly, “I don’t know if anyone around Mr. Ji can take charge of the operation?”

“As far as I know, your lovely doctor friend is an authority in this regard.”

“But I don’t want him,” Yan Shuang said slowly. “He doesn’t want to do corneal transplantation together.”

Ji wensong at the other end of the phone was silent for a moment and then smiled, “Oh? Does he respect the wishes of his family so much?”

“Yes, I don’t understand flexibility,” Yan Shuang whispered. “Mr. Ji, can you help me?”

Yes, St. Mary is the only designated hospital in this book, and Qi Feiyun is also the only doctor throughout the plot, but this is only in the plot.

Now the hand that regulates the plot is his.

“Of course.”

Ji wensong on the other end of the phone sounded in a good mood. He even exchanged greetings with Yan Shuang with great interest on the phone.

It seems that he is happy to “help” Yan Shuang.

Ji Yao has gone abroad.

Ji wensong politely asked him questions similar to Qin yubai, “do you want me to inform him? You Bi Yi is also a friend.”

“No,” Yan Shuang said softly before hanging up the phone, “I have long broken up with him.”

After solving all the problems, Yan Shuang was not complacent and waited calmly for the day when the operation came.

On the day of the operation, the weather was not good. It began to rain early in the morning. It was drizzling and the sky was a little gloomy. When Wei Yichen opened the door of the ward, Yan Shuangzheng stood in front of the window with his hands in his pockets. The rain outside the window tapped the green leaves and left a faint shadow on his face.

He turned back to his face, and the overcast sky did not damage the brilliance of that face. It was a vague picture printed in Wei Yichen’s eyes.

“Going to prepare?” Yan Shuang smiled at him.

Wei Yichen put his hand on the door handle. The continuous drizzle outside the window gently infiltrated his heart, which gave birth to a sour and astringent sting. His arms were like green leaves knocked by the drizzle outside the window. The thick green quickly turned into water, dripping into a large pool of liquid, and fell to the ground along the gap of the building.

When Yan Shuang raised his feet, Wei Yichen also raised his feet.

In this way, they seem to be deliberately walking towards each other.

The truth is, they just pass by.

His finger tentatively stretched out, but the hand he wanted to touch was firmly locked in his pocket. His fingertip slipped from the cloth edge of the patient’s clothes pocket. Wei Yichen’s footsteps rotated and watched Yan Shuang out of the ward.

He has been following Yan Shuang like a shadow. Up to now, he suddenly doesn’t want to follow.

He would rather stay in this ward.

This ward full of Yan Shuang’s breath was waiting, waiting for one, and he didn’t know what the result would be.

Qin yubai held the operating bed and stared red. “Don’t be afraid. Soon, it’s like sleeping and waking up. When you wake up, brother will make amends to you and your brothers, okay?”

Yan Shuang lay comfortably and smiled at him. He was noncommittal and didn’t respond.

Someone was busy preparing in the operating room. Yan Shuang swept around and didn’t see Qi Peiyun. He thought that Ji wensong could really do things without leakage. He said he hoped to change the chief surgeon secretly, preferably “dark” until the beginning of the operation. In this way, it’s safest not to disturb anyone.

He doesn’t want to feel out of control for even a second in this world.

Although the body is a replica of the Bureau, he can feel the feeling of lack of kidney and eyes by himself at that time.

Qin yubai is right.

Just wake up.

However, his good should be inconsistent with the good expected by Qin yubai.

“Dr. Qi, I’m ready.”

When the nurse said hello, it was clear that the man on the hospital bed sighed.

Qi Feiyun noticed something wrong as soon as he entered the operating room.

There are too many equipment and too crowded space, as if there were a few more than the scheduled personnel.

Others didn’t react. His shoulder had been suddenly pressed by the people around him. He suddenly twisted his face. The person holding him was wearing a mask and his eyebrows were very strange.

“Dr. Qi, I’m sorry. You’re not the doctor in charge of the operation today.”

The smoke pupil suddenly expanded, and the inhaled gas greatly contracted the mask, “what do you mean?”

His elegant and magnetic voice trembled slightly, and Qi Feiyun felt flustered in his “battlefield” for the first time.

The doctor is not his choice, but it is indeed his territory where he can call the wind and rain and dominate everything.

He has a 100% chance of winning the operation.

“Mr. Yan wants a doctor who knows more about flexibility to operate for him.” The other side said implicitly.

Qi Feiyun looked at the operating table.

Yan Shuang is lying on it. His white face is pale and colorless under the shadowless lamp. He is almost the same as his brother. He seems to notice Qi Feiyun’s eyes. He turns his face and looks at the restrained Qi Feiyun. His eyelashes blink up and down – in Qi Feiyun’s eyes, the cluster of eyelashes blinked very slowly. When the eyelashes blinked, Yan Shuang smiled at him.

Qi Feiyun suddenly felt a creepy panic.


To tell the truth, Yan Shuang is not sorry for this.

Now, there is only one question left.

——Is Qi Feiyun a person who abides by the agreement?

“Get out of the way…”

“Qi… Anesthesia has…”

“Get out…”

The riot in the corner of the operating room was quickly subdued.

Yan Shuang also gradually lost consciousness.

The system woke him up.

“Congratulations to the staff for completing all the plot lines and emotional lines of this book and successfully playing the ending – ‘kiss and pain’.

Yan Shuang’s consciousness immediately detached from his body.

The operation was successful.

As he wishes.

He didn’t feel out of control for even a second.

In the operating room, Qi Feiyun was kneeling on one knee and kissing his eyebrows.

The broadcast of the system continues.

“All the funds obtained from this book have entered the background. Are you sure?”


“According to the regulations of the book wearing company, the completion of the book can take the book role away from the book and enter the meta world. Does the employee know?”


“Qin yubai, Ji Yao, Qi Feiyun, Sheng Guangming and Wei Yichen all come from the world’s original power code named ‘Shangqing’. Employees can choose to take them all away. Do you know?”


“Do employees choose to take away a role or all?”

Yan Shuangmian, who drifted away from his body, showed a freeze frame of five people.

The nearest to him was Qi Feiyun. He was wearing a surgical suit and closed his eyes. A tear mark was rolling down his cheek.

Qin yubai outside the operating room was waiting anxiously, staring at the indicator light in the operating room.

In the ward, Wei Yichen sat on his hospital bed with his back bent and looked out of the window without expression on his face.

In the center of the city, the sun is just right after the rain. The muscular man is carrying a pot of heavy green plants into the cake shop full of aroma.

Further away, the handsome young man faded his childish outline, and his eyebrows and eyes showed a peaceful sharpness. His eyes were following a flower tree in full bloom in spring, and the petals fell and rubbed his shoulder without trace.

The system saw that he didn’t reply and said tentatively, “or… Employees choose to take none like the previous world?”

Yan Shuang smiled.

“What do you say?”

“Yes,” his eyes took back from the five people, and Yan’s mouth curved, “nobody.”


“The body playing the role and hanging up will die within three minutes.”

A brilliant spark broke out of the silver void.

The freeze frame picture flows again. At the moment when the operating room lights up the green light, the two waiting people lose their complexion and rush up immediately. The instruments in the operating room suddenly make a sharp sound, and the lips kissing the forehead suddenly become flustered

Yan Shuang didn’t see those pictures.

——Because he never looked back.


The spark fell to the ground, and the body of a young man suddenly appeared in the void. He had a slender body, straight shoulders and short hair, which was close to his scalp.

Compared with the “Yan Shuang” in the book, his face outline is harder and sharper. His temperament has nothing to do with weakness and beauty. The whole person exudes an open and unrestrained spirit.

Yan Shuang lazily moved his hands and feet.

He works too hard and hasn’t used his body for a long time. He’s really not used to it. What he wants to do most now is to go to the fighting place and have a good fight.

In between, he had to get paid for his hard work for so long.

Raised his hand and stroked his short hair. Yan Shuang summoned the system.

System: “Hello, employee, thank you for your efforts for the Bureau after joining the bookstore. You have accumulated currency equivalent to 726193618922464371639. Are you sure to withdraw?”


“OK, the currency handover procedure is completed, and I will end my service for you.”

“Congratulations again on your successful retirement.”

There is emotion in the tone of system machinery.

Yan Shuang is not the first employee it serves. Whenever the task of the employee it follows fails, it must change a host until Yan Shuang arrives.

Starting from the first book, no matter what role it is, Yan Shuang can perfectly digest and complete it, never mixing his feelings, likes and dislikes. He is the only person it has seen who can recognize his identity from beginning to end without falling into the love and hate of the plot in the book.

So he succeeded.

As an auxiliary system, it also feels proud.

Although I lost my private money.

How difficult is it for a system to save some small Treasuries? Who knows?!

“Thanks,” Yan Shuang dialed a number to the system backstage. “Take it. It’s not easy for you to save some private money.”

System: “…” it’s so moving!

“Goodbye, employee!” The system said sincerely, “I’ll miss you.”

Yan Shuang: “I won’t miss you. Climb for me quickly.”

System: “…”

A moment later, a golden fireworks exploded on Yan Shuang’s head, and sparks splashed all the way to every corner of the void.

[all announcements: congratulations to Yan Shuang, the employee of Chuanshu company, on completing his retirement task and becoming the first retired employee of the year!]

first place.

Yan Shuang smiled. He liked the ranking.

After seeing this announcement, the social animals in the wear Bookstore were dull collectively, and then boiling in an instant!

Although retirement is the ultimate goal of every employee in the bookstore, the difficulty of retirement can be called ground level. It is difficult to accumulate enough books to enter the retirement world. There are no five bookstores that can successfully survive the retirement world. Retirement is almost equivalent to legend.

It is said that the last employee who successfully retired was three years ago.

Many people already doubt whether it is the fake news used by the book company to catch them.

But now, living in front of them, someone has successfully Retired!

“Who is Yan Shuang? Who are you familiar with? Have you been with him?”

“Look at this person’s retirement data! Lying trough, zero mistakes, too exaggerated, fake…”

“Is this God? Twin brothers… Please take…”

Before the boiling of the Chuanshu Bookstore calmed down, a shining announcement blinded their eyes again.

[all announcements: congratulations to citizen Yan Shuang for purchasing gkd43 and becoming the new planet Lord.]

“Buy, buy the planet???”

“Lying trough, what is the current market value of gkd43???”

“No, I can’t stand it. I can’t see a few zeros behind the transaction price of this planet. How do you make money?”

“Don’t you mean not to make money in books?”

“What’s the hurry? I’ve got a loan. I must have got a loan!”

“Even the down payment is a lot of money…”

Everyone was shocked by each other’s ability, but also dazed by money.

[all announcements: gkd43 planet was officially renamed as’ looking for a Tyrannosaurus Rex, the price can be small knife ‘.]

Everyone: ”

[announcement: gkd43 planet was officially renamed ‘forget pterosaur’.]

Everyone: “…” how much money did you make!

Under the void, Yan Shuang stroked his short hair, stretched his waist, and walked out of the void space.

It’s all over.

And about his own life – it’s just beginning.




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