I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 154

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“I’m not sure what this egg will hatch, but it must be a dinosaur.”

Yan Shuang touched his chin and looked at the holographic view of the egg.

Damn, ready-made dinosaurs are too hard to buy!

All the people who came to contact his archaeology bureau came to ask him about the treatment of the bookstore.

Ask them about dinosaurs.

Archaeology Bureau: “the eggs are boiled as soon as they are delivered.”

Yan Shuang: ”

People from the archaeological Bureau: “it’s all fooling people. It’s not dinosaur eggs at all. Mom forces it. The archaeological Bureau forces the unit. Brother, can you be more specific about the treatment of the book office?”

Yan Shuang: it turns out that all units in the world are the same.

Social animals, miserable.

He squatted for a long time before he found a dinosaur egg in the second-hand market. The seller brought it back from other worlds.

If the price is expensive, it’s also very expensive. It’s in seven figures.

Yan Shuang glanced at the balance that could not be counted in the backstage and leaned lazily on the recliner, “cheaper.”

After some bargaining, the frugal planet Lord bought a 90% new dinosaur egg with six figures.

Directly to the “vegetable” on the planet.

“Take it and let me know when it comes out.”

The cauliflower shaped villain just reached Yan Shuang’s knee, held a huge dinosaur egg and saluted Yan Shuang, “yes, master!”

The cauliflower villain staggers to the hot zone of the planet with an egg.

Yan Shuang hurriedly reminded, “don’t cook it!”

“Good master -”

Cauliflower replied angrily.

Yan Shuang breathed a sigh of relief. The protozoa of this planet are a group of plants. They are good at planting, but their intelligence is not high. After Yan Shuang took over the planet, he gave them classes every day to teach them how to improve the planting technology. The plant villains adored him, the Lord of the planet, and always said, “Wow, master, you are so powerful.”

Yan Shuang: Yes, he can graft. He is the most hanging!!!

“Master, this is today’s freshly picked strawberries. Please enjoy them.”

The pea man pushed a cart of strawberries piled up in the mountains to Yan Shuangmian.

Yan Shuang smelled the intoxicating aroma of strawberries and said with a smile, “thank you. You’ve worked hard.”

“You’re welcome, this is what I should do,” the pea man smiled foolishly, and his two thin hands shook up and down, “it’s a little hot…”

“Don’t –”

Yan Shuang immediately stopped, “don’t take off your clothes!”

The pea man with low IQ often takes off his coat because he feels hot, resulting in his fruit running around. So he looks for his fruit on the planet all day. He finally finds the green ball, and another pea man jumps out, “that’s my fruit!”

The two pea men tore heads at each other, and finally cried and begged the Lord for judgment.

Lord: “… Don’t take off your clothes in the future!”

Pea people remember the new ban on the planet and go to cool places on the planet every once in a while.

While Yan Shuangmei was enjoying strawberries, the star defense system sent a message – “master, you have visitors.”

Here comes the elder of Chuanshu company.

As soon as the elder saw the picture of Yan Shuang eating strawberries under the sunshade, he broke the defense in an instant, holding Yan Shuang’s thigh and crying, “save the child!”

Yan Shuang: “…”

“So you brought people back from every world?” Yan said expressionless.

The elder huddled up on the recliner moved by the children and said shamefully, “they are very cute.”

“Can’t stand it now?”

“… whining.”

Yan Shuang was speechless and choked.

“Senior, how did you succeed in retirement?”

The elder whispered, “I’m lucky.”

Luck is good enough.

Yan Shuang said, “there’s no way. Since you’ve brought people out, you have to be responsible. Go back and be a good breadwinner.” he patted the elder on the shoulder, “come on.”

The elder wept and stuffed a handful of strawberries in his mouth.

Yan Shuang: “this is for a fee.”

Senior: “…”

Swallowing the strawberries in his mouth, the elder wiped his tears, “did you really take none?”

“No,” Yan Shuang twisted a strawberry and attracted a round pumpkin villain. “Are the cherries cooked? Give me a whole car.”

“OK, master, I’ll go right away!”

Yan Shuang watched the Pumpkin Man roll down quickly with satisfaction.

“Why take them?”

“I like a person.”

Yan Shuang stroked his short hair and put one hand behind his head. He looked a little ruffian, “lone ranger, isn’t it good?”

The elder was in a complicated mood, “said the paladin, who was so handsome with blonde hair and blue eyes.”

Yan Shuang: “too sticky.”

“Mermaids are rare!”

“He’s a dinosaur. I can think about it.”

“What about the magician? How interesting.”

Yan Shuang pointed to himself, “am I not interesting?”

Senior: “you are so heartless!”

Yan Shuang: “that’s true.”

Senior: “…”

The pumpkin man brought a basket of cherries, “master, please enjoy it.”


Yan Shuangmei ate chelizi Zizi, and the elder reached out quietly.

“No eating.”

Yan said expressionless, “I’m ruthless.”

Senior: “… Woo.”

Finally, the elder applied for refuge on Yan Shuang’s planet on the condition that he helped Yan Shuang hatch eggs and guaranteed that he would hatch Tyrannosaurus Rex with his lucky value.

Three days later.

“Help me – my ass is on fire -”

Cauliflower people have curled up their hair. They are half black. They hold a small dinosaur and smoke in their mouth. “Master, the eggs are hatched.”

Yan Shuang: “…” he knows the truth, but how can this dinosaur spit fire?!

The young shape of the little dinosaur was very cute. It had short hands and feet. It looked like a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Its eyes were dark and round. It sprayed a small flame on Yan Shuang who was watching him. Its cry was a little like… Sheep? Why are you still baaing?

Yan Shuang looked at the elder squatting on one side. The elder panicked and said, “it’s none of my business. It’s Tyrannosaurus Rex.”

“Shua -”

The little dinosaur spread out a pair of flesh pink soft wings.

Yan Shuang: I see. This is a Tyrannosaurus Rex with fire breathing and long wings.

He likes it so much!

Worthy of being a lucky man!

The hatched dinosaurs are so to his liking!

Yan Shuangmei picked up the little dinosaur.

It’s just a little small, about the size of an adult dog.

“Baby.” Yan Shuang affectionately called for a little dinosaur.

Little dinosaur: “Baa Baa.”

Yan shuangwen Judo: “hurry to grow up for your father. Your father wants to ride a dinosaur, okay?”

Little dinosaur: “baa…” baa can’t come out.

Yan Shuang kicked the elder whose use value was drained out of the planet. Before he left, he ate two bowls with tears. “When I die, remember to sprinkle my ashes on the Starry Sea of the yuan world…”

Yan Shuang touched the little dinosaur and said perfunctorily, “OK, OK, I’ll let Baa Baa burn you to ashes and burn it thoroughly.”

The little dinosaur named “Baa Baa” blew a friendly fire at the man.

Senior: “…”

There are dragons and balls. Except that dragons are too small to ride, life is perfect.

Taking advantage of the good weather one day, Yan Shuang took the little dinosaur to the birth tree to repay his wish.

His mother’s pouch hung on the seventh branch of the birth tree.

Yan Shuang found his mother bag, put the little dinosaur on his side, put his hands together and raised a bow.

“Tree, thank you for giving me life.”

“Thank you for guiding me to the wear bookstore. Of course, I didn’t notice your kindness at the beginning. Now I understand that this is a good unit. Thank you.”

“Now that I have wealth, freedom and partners, I feel very satisfied.”

“Please bless me with success and happiness in my life.”

The old silver trees shook their leaves.

“Please bless Baa Baa to grow up healthily.”

The little dinosaur stuck his trouser legs.

“Please bless Baa Baa to grow at least ten meters high, so it’s fun to ride.”

Little dinosaur: “…”

“Please bless its wings. They are not ornaments. They can’t fly when the moon is full… Sorry, Dashu, I shouldn’t swear in front of you. I’ll continue…”

“Please bless those vegetable people on the planet to develop more delicious hybrid fruits as soon as possible.”

“Please bless the daily limit of the Star stock I bought in my pension.”

“By the way, please bless the pigs on my planet. They are fat and thin. It’s best to be seven points thin and three points fat…”


The old voice sounded.

Yan Shuang: “…”

Yan Shuang: “I don’t, I’ll say.”


The birth tree, driven crazy by his own children, can’t control this man in the book store!

After making a lot of miscellaneous wishes, Yan Shuang returned to his planet with a small dinosaur.

The plant people welcomed their master with a spring and dance.

“The master is back, the master is back!”

“The blueberry harvest is good. Does the host want to eat it?”

“Master, the fruit wine has been brewed!”

“Master, master, I’ve learned to bake a cake. Would you like to try it?”


Yan Shuang was surrounded by small plants and returned to the bedroom. The fruit cakes were ready. Yan Shuang and the little dinosaur ate the cake one by one. The little dinosaur was so happy that he “baaed”.

With enough food and wine, Yan Shuang opened the planet forum and logged in to the account – “legendary master”.

“Hello, forum irons. I’m back. Continue today.”

“Wow, the master is back.”

“Master, paste it quickly.”

“Master, finally wait for you! Please teach retirement knowledge. The next is the retirement world. I’m so nervous…”

“Can you ask for information about going ashore to wear books? If you really beg, you can pay for it.”


Yan Shuang glanced at him, and all kinds of complicated information rushed to him. He calmly absorbed it and then output it with his thoughts.

“The most important thing to test through the book company is acting skills. It is suggested to sign up for class.”

“If you retire, the retirement world is usually disgusting… You can’t say that. It’s difficult, and you won’t leave the bones that are not difficult to bite until the end, but in fact, as long as you keep a guideline in mind, I believe you can retire smoothly.”

“That’s two words – ‘specificity’.”

“No matter how charming or scary the world is, as long as you firmly remember your goal and move forward in this direction without being affected by foreign things, retirement can also be a very simple thing.”

The reply will come in soon.

“Master, I understand the truth, but it’s really hard to do it…”

“You’re right,” Yan Shuang touched the belly of the little dinosaur and smiled, “so come on, friends.”

Come on, don’t play others, experience the freedom of others’ love and hate, life is ahead.

Just like him, he embraces freedom, controls himself, is carefree and has a smooth life.


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