I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 155

Fan Extra 2

If you know your destiny, will you choose to start your life?

Qin Qing… No, he prefers to call himself “Yuan man”.

After a high fever, he suddenly saw his future, not only the future, but also every tentacle and edge of the world.

Those love, hate and pain will open in the near future.

“Brother,” said the younger brother lying by his bed, his cheeks ruddy, one hand biting his thumb, and his dark eyes full of ignorance of the world, “you’re awake.”

Yuan man looks at Yuan Shuang with mixed feelings.

His brother.

A silly looking brother.

Always can suddenly find a sugar and give it to him, and then giggle and say that he doesn’t know where to find the sugar.

The more stupid person is him.

Obviously he earned it.

Lie on the ground as a horse for other children, make a hard circle, change a sugar, carefully pat the dust on your body, run to him, Hei hei smile, “brother, I picked up two pieces of sugar and divided you!”

His brother.

… I don’t even have a piece of sugar. I have to… Give him a piece of sugar

Yuan Shuang was hugged by his weak brother in panic and said, “brother, what’s the matter with you? Be careful, you’re going to fall!”


Yuan man choked, “Shuangshuang…”

Yuan Shuang was afraid.

Although his brother is in poor health and often ill, he never cries.

But now he has been crying, crying.

Yuan Shuang felt flustered.

“Brother, I’ll go out…”

“Don’t go out.”

Yuan man grabbed his little face. “Are you going out to be a horse again?”

Yuan Shuang opened his eyes in horror.

“Don’t do that.”

“No one can bully you.”

Tears kept falling from his eyes, “you are my brother, no one can bully you…”

“No one bullied me.”

The clever yuan Shuang seemed to guess why his brother suddenly cried. He hurriedly explained, “I just play with the children. I also ride them sometimes…”

He said so, but his brother cried even more.

“Yuan Shuang, you are my brother…”

Why do you always want to protect me?

“I know. You are my brother and I am my brother.” Yuan Shuang whispered.

“My brother protects my brother.”

“My brother protects my brother.”

The tender voices overlapped together, and two pairs of similar eyes looked at each other. Yuan Shuang was a little surprised, “brother…” Yuan man grabbed his hand, “brother, let’s run.”

Run away from our destiny and go to a new world.

In that world.

Without those love hate pain.

Only brother and brother, hand in hand, no one can bully them.

The man in the control room yawned, and two light spots flashed across the screen, “lying in the slot…” he was helpless for a moment, frowned, sighed and made a mark on it.

“Notice, the book” Shangqing “is missing yuan man and Yuan Shuang. It can’t start the machine.”

“What about the energy level of this book when you receive it?”

“Class s.”

“OK, then mark it as the retirement world and prepare the background after determining the good characters.”


After some time, the people in the control room were informed.

“Yan Shuang, the employee, enters the world of mourning and plays the role of Yuan Shuang. The role of Yuan man applies to hang up. The background will provide information about all the world of Yan Shuang. Please fill in the background according to the information.”


After receiving the preparation task, the system went on duty nonstop.

Prepare the background role in the character’s memory – use the juvenile image of employee Yan Shuang in magic fate.

Prepare the character hanging up period – use the pianist image of employee Yan Shuang in love causes death.

Prepare figure paintings – use the background paintings of employee Yan Shuang in Dynasty.

After completing the task of the life and death line, the system entered the world and found that Yan Shuang had arrived earlier than him. It quickly calmed down and stabilized. It was a system.

“Sorry, the data is delayed,” the sound of the system machinery sounded, “the time is frozen, the plot content is loaded, and 100% loading is completed.”


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