I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 16

When receiving Yan Shuang’s text message, Wei Yichen was having dinner with local suppliers.

“Brother, there’s no money for lunch. Cry.”

A short ten word short message, Wei Yichen seems to have seen a cunning face hidden under disguise, with a sweet smile and bad eyes. He looks like a natural little devil and takes pleasure in playing with people’s hearts.

“Mr. Wei…”

The boss of the supplier saw him looking at the mobile phone absently and said in fear: “is the food not delicious?”

“No,” Wei Yichen took a sip from his glass, “my friend is looking for me… Excuse me first.” Wei Yichen nodded lightly, moved his chair and stood up. The people at the table stood up and watched him go out. They looked at each other for a few times and clearly saw the sweat on each other’s forehead.

As soon as this ghost sees sorrow, they know it’s going to be worse.

What does Wei Yichen do? Imperial Envoys, specially to clean up people.

They have been accompanying Wei Yichen all morning. Wei Yichen’s attitude is always ambiguous. He handed over the words and seemed not to answer them. They hung their hearts in the air. It seems that they can’t be kind this time.

“Hello,” Wei Yichen called and said directly, “where is he?”

Before starting to the south, he had found a reliable person to stare at Yan Shuang according to Qin yubai’s instructions.

“I arrived at the hotel at 11:03. The receptionist asked for the rest of the steamed stuffed buns in the morning, and then went upstairs. I didn’t come out.”

Wei Yichen was silent for a moment, “steamed stuffed bun?”

“Steamed stuffed buns, flower rolls and other things. I can’t see clearly.”

The watchman was on the second floor of the cafe opposite the hotel and was observing with a telescope.

“I see. Keep staring.”

“Yes, Mr. Wei.”

Wei Yichen hung up the phone.

There is also a mobile phone in his suit pocket.

It was a brand-new mobile phone that had hardly been used at all.

Now there is a trace of another person.

There are his phone, SMS and downloaded ppt.

Holding the mobile phone all day, I was making up lessons.

Wei Yichen lowered his eyes, lifted off his suit, took out his personal mobile phone and downloaded the takeout software.

Select shipping address – enter manually.

Wei Yichen lit a cigarette at the end of the corridor of the box.

He never smoked or drank when he was in the city.

The best Housekeeper should be like an inanimate tool, and it is best to be infinitely close to the family sweeping robot.

Tobacco and alcohol are not suitable to touch.

The corners of his mouth vomited light cyan smoke. Wei Yichen raised his face and let the smell of tobacco fall to the tip of his nose.

This is addictive nicotine.

Knowing that it is harmful and addictive, knowing that you can’t touch it when you return to the city, but you still can’t help touching it when there is no one in private.

The more patient, the more itchy.

After smoking a cigarette, Wei Yichen called again, “how’s the situation?”

The watchman was surprised that Wei Yichen called again in a few minutes, but the other party was the boss who paid the money. He still said: “just now… Er, he came down and went to the front desk to get a takeout.”

The corners of his lips slightly hooked. Wei Yichen opened the cigarette box and took out a cigarette to slide slowly across the tip of his nose. “You said just now, what happened just now?”

“Just now Ji Shao came. They went up together after they met in the hall.”

“Ji Shao came down alone eight minutes ago.”

“Mr. Wei, are you still there?”

“Yes,” Wei Yichen said faintly. His fingers folded the smoke at his fingertips into two sections, “then keep an eye on it and report at any time.”

The close fitting mobile phone vibrated.

Wei Yichen lazily took out his mobile phone.

“What did you order?”

Wei Yichen did not return, but stared at three words and a question mark on the screen.

Maybe this message was sent in groups.

Including the previous one.

Wei Yichen was amused by his idea. The corners of his mouth on both sides rose and fell slowly and tightly.

“Mr. Wei…”

Wei Yichen left the box for too long. The supplier inside couldn’t sit still and came out to find someone. When he saw his expressionless stare at the mobile phone, his legs were shaking. He was afraid that the notorious housekeeper would tell him to go away the next second.

Wei Yichen received his mobile phone, threw away the residual smoke at his fingertips and changed his business face, “let’s go.”

Yan Shuang didn’t eat the luxurious Japanese Bento. It was stored in the front desk refrigerator.

There was only one class in the afternoon, and Yan Shuang lined himself up very full.

Work for two hours, finish class, do bad things after class, then go back to the hotel to do your homework, and finally wait for Xiaoji to deliver the check.


In addition to convenience stores, Yan Shuang also distributes leaflets at gas stations part-time.

Find out about the real estate around the city.

After two hours of leaflets, I was sweating and my bangs were wet.

The aunt of the gas station was very nice. She brought him a disposable cup and poured water for him, “Xiao Yan, drink water.”

“Thank you.” Yan Shuang thanked him, lifted the wet bangs back, drank the water up in one breath, rubbed the disposable cup into a ball, narrowed his eyes, raised his hand and buttoned it down, and accurately put the garbage into the trash can a few meters away.


Yan Shuangxiao was proud of his accuracy.

“Auntie, let’s go.”

Yan Shuang greeted the people in the gas station store loudly, waved hard, and ran to the bus station with a broken canvas bag.

These three scenes were transformed into photos and words, which were transmitted to Wei Yichen’s mobile phone.

The thumb slipped over the first photo with his head down and his arm red, and stopped in the second photo.

The photographer should have no redundant ideas, and the shooting method is not professional.

It just happened to capture this scene.

The wet bangs were lifted back, revealing a smooth and full forehead. The slender body leaned casually against the wall, the arms stretched naturally, and the expression on the face was bright and publicized.

Another different face.

Wei Yichen’s eyes were slightly blurred.

Which one is the real him?

Yan Shuang noticed the abnormality during his afternoon class.

Someone in the classroom stared at him.

That’s strange.

As a transparent person in the school, he hasn’t implemented his plan. How can someone keep an eye on him?

Nine times out of ten, Qin Yu did a good thing for nothing.


Do you have money and nowhere to spend?

If you want to know something, just ask him.

Spend that wronged money.

They are all family.

Damn it.

In this regard, Yan Shuang said that it doesn’t matter to monitor him. Just don’t break his business.

Class is over.

Yan Shuang followed the crowd out of the classroom.

He didn’t notice the abnormality before. Now he was careful. He could really feel the sight from the right rear.

Yan Shuang quietly walked out of the teaching building and went to a remote biology teaching building in the school.

The teaching building has a long history and old facilities. It is said that it will be renovated and refitted soon. There are basically no classes here. The most thing students come to this building is to go to the toilet.

Yan Shuang walks into the men’s room.

Open the compartment doors one by one.

No one.


Entering one of the rooms, Yan Shuang waited quietly.

About ten minutes later, someone came in.

The footsteps fell on the porcelain drill ground with a clear sound.

It’s the sound of leather shoes.

Yan Shuang directly pushed open the compartment door, and the man who followed in suddenly looked at the monitored object.

The man quickly turned his face, zipped open and pretended to go to the bathroom.

Yan Shuang leaned against the door of the compartment and said carelessly, “my friend, don’t take it out. I’m afraid Qin yubai knows that I’ve seen your Jill. There will be problems with your happiness for the rest of your life.”

The man zipped up without stopping for a second, turned his head and bowed to Yan Shuang, “Hello, Mr. Yan.”

Yan Shuang picked his eyebrows, which saved him a lot of words.

“It’s inconvenient here. Let’s find a place to talk.”

Convenient place – anatomy room.

The cabinet was filled with various organs soaked in formalin. Yan Shuang sat in the middle of the jar and said curiously, “when did you start monitoring me?”


“What do you see?”

“Seeing Ji Shao coming to you, you went downstairs and took a takeout.”

“Did you report?”

“Report until class.”

“Why are you so honest?” Yan Shuang couldn’t help but say, “I asked you?”

The man raised his head. “Mr. Wei said that if you find out, you should tell the truth and don’t resist.”

Yan Shuang was slightly stunned, and then smiled low. He supported his face with one hand and smiled in a pile of internal organs, “he’s so smart.”

The man kept Wei Yichen’s orders and lowered his head.

——”If he finds out, you can answer whatever he asks. Don’t have any conflict with him and try to avoid it.”

That’s what Wei Yichen told him.

It seems that the object of surveillance is not an ordinary college student, but a ferocious criminal.

Yan Shuang jumped off the platform.

The jar on the stage shook slightly, and the liquid followed up and down.

“I’m going to do bad things for the next hour. Don’t follow me.”

He walked briskly to the door.

“I’ll tell Wei Yichen.”

The stalker reluctantly stood in place and had to send a message to Wei Yichen first.

“Mr. Wei, I was found.”

Wei Yichen has ended his inhumane spirit towards suppliers and is working in the hotel. He just wants to reply to a text message, and the call from another mobile phone comes in immediately.

“Reserved lover” phone.

Wei Yichen calmly answered the phone, “hello?”

“Did you order lunch?”


The other end of the phone smiled.

“If you say no, it’s not.”

“I’m going to open a machine in the Internet cafe and go to the school forum to anonymously spread the photos of Ji Yao and me. It will take about an hour. Can you let that person pretend that I’m studying in the hotel in this hour?”

A long string of words told us that Yan bilingualism was not fast and his voice was gentle. Wei Yichen could interrupt at any time, but he listened completely and looked no different.

The blue light reflected from the laptop reflected on his face and illuminated the faint light in his eyes.

“Internet cafes are monitored,” Wei Yichen slowly analyzed the loopholes for him, “posting can track IP.”

“It doesn’t matter. I’ve already thought about it. I’ll change my women’s clothes and it doesn’t matter if the surveillance camera catches it.”

The Adam’s apple rolled slowly, and Wei Yichen unconsciously rubbed the pen in his hand.

“Promise me.”

A low voice came from the other end of the phone.

“I’ll show you a little skirt.”


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