I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 17

Wei Yichen always works with money. He is a mercenary in the business world. He works for whoever pays a high price.

Sometimes his interests run counter to those of his former employer.

When he helped Qin yubai bankrupt his last employer and put him in prison, his last employer scolded him as a dog that wags its tail to whoever has money.

Wei Yichen readily accepted this evaluation.

Very pertinent.

Limited loyalty has always been his principle.

“The stalker was found,” Wei Yichen said faintly. “He doesn’t know where you have gone.”

For Qin yubai, the current employer, Wei Yichen fully guarantees his rights and interests. It is true that the stalker was found and lost for a while. He also reported truthfully and will not help Yan Shuang make false evidence. The part Yan Shuang told him is only a private friend and does not have to report to Qin yubai.

As for Ji Yao, Yan Shuang wanted to throw dirty water on him. Wei Yichen couldn’t control it, and there was no need to control it.

“That’s OK.”

“The skirt is gone.”

Yan Shuang’s voice was cheerful, “let me kiss you, MUA -” an exaggerated kiss flashed, followed by the busy tone of hanging up the phone.

Wei Yichen took away his mobile phone and looked at the communication records above.

A record.

This is the only record.

He wanted to see how much trouble Yan Shuang could make among those people.

He will wait and see.

Yan Shuangxian went to the grocery store. He paid a lot of money and bought a poor wig and a bright red skirt to ensure that he looked feminine.

Yan Shuang used the excuse that he didn’t bring his ID card, and the network management also opened a machine for him. Probably, Yan Shuang wore a mask and showed only a pair of beautiful eyes, which was blinded by a half face beauty.

Open the computer, register an anonymous account and post.

After the post was posted, more than a dozen replies have jumped out within 30 seconds.

He is a transparent man, but Ji Yao is not.

Ji Yao is a famous person in the University and the focus of attention. He went to the cheapest chain hotel with an ordinary boy.

Yan Shuangwei smiled and closed the post.

There are similar key plots in the original book.

After being sent to Ji Yao by Qin yubai, Qin yubai didn’t know whether he regretted it or because of his own metamorphosis. He spread the news of Ji Yao and Yan Shuang to everyone.

From the upper class circle to the school, everyone knows. Yan Shuang hooked up with young master Ji of Jingui.

The Ji family has always had an excellent reputation. Qin yubai probably thought that Ji Yao would abandon Yan Shuang.

He underestimated Ji Yao’s love for Qin Qing.

Ji Yao not only did not abandon Yan Shuang, but grandly sheltered Yan Shuang under his own wings.

Since it is said that his relationship with Yan Shuang is illegitimate, it is illegitimate.

Who dares to have an opinion?

Young master Ji is so big that he doesn’t know how to write the word “fear”.

When Yan Shuang and Ji Yao were “together”, Ji Yao was really impeccable to Yan Shuang and could be said to be a perfect lover.

Because of this, Yan Shuang fell the most painful when he fell.

The plot is too late. Yan Shuang decides to brush it off in advance and spread the news for Qin yubai.

In this way, you can enjoy the treatment of Ji Yao’s “boyfriend” as soon as possible? And it can accelerate the development of qinyubai line.

Scum attackers, fight for him!

Yan Shuang returned to the hotel to do his homework. His mobile phone was put aside, and information and telephone kept jumping out.

The original transparent person suddenly became a hot spot. It seemed that the roommates in the dormitory remembered that two people in their dormitory had not returned to the dormitory for several days.

Yan Shuang didn’t bother to look at it and concentrated on his homework.

Now there are a lot of College homework.

When all the things were done, he slowly turned on his cell phone.

The people in the dormitory probably didn’t dare to ask Ji Yao. They all came to ask him.

The post disappeared in five minutes, but it was enough to detonate the whole campus forum. The screenshot still circulated in the forum and various groups, and it couldn’t be stopped at all.

Some replies with melons were also cut off.

His roommates sent him everything.

Someone replied in the post that he and his boyfriend did see Ji Yao take Yan Shuang to open a house.

Yan Shuang recalled that there seemed to be a little couple who were right at that time, and then replied and forwarded the picture to his roommate: “it’s all nonsense. Ji Yao and I don’t have that kind of relationship!”

The news also reached Ji Yao.

Ji’s father was very concerned about the only son’s situation in school. After learning about this, he called Ji Yao ten times. Ji Yao was signing with his trust manager to get the money. He glanced at his mobile phone and directly ignored his father’s phone.

Anyway, it’s either to force him to change his department or to let him go home.

He didn’t want to pay attention to either.

After a while, the Secretary knocked on the door, “sorry, Mr. Ji is looking for……” the secretary looked at Ji Yao in embarrassment, and the manager immediately understood, “Ji Shao, look?”

Ji Yao glanced at his mobile phone, and the mobile phone called again.

Do not want to embarrass irrelevant people, Ji Yao still picked up the phone.

“What’s up?”

As soon as the manager saw that the father and son wanted to talk, he immediately got up, bent over Ji Yaowei and consciously withdrew.

Ji wensong’s voice came over the phone.

The tone is calm and slow.

“I didn’t know your financial situation was so difficult after you left home that you were so stingy. I really can’t bear the child.”

Ji Yao frowned. “I can’t understand what you’re talking about.”


Ji wensong chuckled and sneered, “go to your school forum, big star.”

The phone has hung up.

Ji Yao opened his cell phone expressionless and soon the truth came out.

What made his father call in person to greet him was a post from an anonymous person in the school forum.

The beginning is a picture, and the back is all compiled.

The picture is a monitoring picture.

Ji Yao looked at him and Yan Shuang in the picture with a faint look.

At 8:00, Ji Yao arrived at 6:30.

The hotel exploded in the picture quickly became a 5A scenic spot near the University in a short time, attracting countless “tourists” to visit.

Most people just watch outside and may leave at a glance. Others whisper in the lobby and compare with screenshots to confirm whether the center of gossip is here.

When the black sports car stopped, all the onlookers were boiling.

It was a silent boiling. Almost no one spoke. All eyes focused on Ji Yao who got off the bus.

Ji Yao’s appearance is undoubtedly excellent to the extreme. The cold and incompatible atmosphere with others is too unique. Once such a person is stained with peach scandal, it is even more imaginative.

Ji Yao completely ignored all the attention ceremony and entered the hotel as usual and took the elevator upstairs.

When the elevator door closed, he heard the noise outside and frowned slightly.

Don’t say that’s not the case at all. Even if it is, what does his private affairs have to do with these people?

Ji Yao didn’t knock on the door of the room, but called Yan Shuang, “open the door, I’m outside.”

After a while, the door opened.

A pair of red eyes came into view.

“Here you are.”

Ji Yao’s eyebrows are more tightly locked.

Crying again.

Yan Shuang stood at the door and seemed to see that he didn’t want to come in. He talked to Ji Yao at the door, “downstairs… A lot of people.”

Ji Yao turned his face, his eyes leaped over Yan Shuang and saw the open window in the room.

Probably Yan Shuang knew what had happened earlier than he did, so he was so scared that he hid in the room and cried.

Several books and notebooks were spread out on the small table in the room, and the fountain pen was placed on the notebook.

Yan Shuang hung his face and suddenly said, “I’m sorry.”

Tears fell down again. Yan Shuang hurriedly wiped them, “I’ll explain it to them clearly. Don’t worry…”

“There’s no need to explain,” Ji Yao said faintly. “Pack up your things. You can’t live here.”

Yan Shuang raised his face, with helplessness written all over his face.

Ji Yao raised his hand and looked at his watch. “Five minutes, is that enough?”

“Go down now? But there are many people downstairs…”

“It doesn’t matter.”

Ji Yao’s eyes flashed a trace of hostility, “go.”

Ji Yao has been asking Yan Shuang to go with him. This time, Yan Shuang really went with him.

When the elevator door opened, there were more onlookers inside and outside the hotel than just now.

Ji Yao walked in front, Yan Shuang followed him, and half of them hid behind him.

Seeing so many people outside, Yan Shuang seemed frightened and forgot to come out when he stood in the elevator.

Ji Yao looked back and saw Yan Shuang helpless. He inserted one hand into the elevator that was about to close. The elevator door gently clamped his arm and spread again. Ji Yao’s face remained unchanged, “come out.”

Yan Shuang shook his head weakly.

He looked scared and flustered, as if he would collapse the next second.

The elevator door came to Ji Yao’s arm again. Ji Yao blocked the elevator door with one hand, and then stretched out his other hand. He put his palm upward and said firmly, “come out, I’ll take you.”

Such a man, such a look, such a tone.

If Yan Shuang doesn’t like Shangji Yao, it’s hell.

Yan Shuang trembled and put his hand in Ji Yao’s palm, rejoicing at his harvest of a short-term meal ticket.

Ji Yao’s palm has always been very hot. He grabbed Yan Shuang and took him forward with great strength. He looked arrogant, didn’t care about the onlookers’ eyes, and didn’t forget to check out at the front desk and get Yan Shuang’s ID card back.

The young man at the front desk was completely impressed by his style. He thought that even if it was only ten minutes, this man was really charming.

The encircled circle spread out consciously. Ji Yao took Yan Shuang to the roadside sports car without hindrance, opened the co pilot’s door and said, “get on the bus.”

The person who can let master Ji open the door in person shall not exceed one hand by visual inspection.

Yan Shuang sat on the co pilot and was calm.

Ji Yao’s protection of Yan Shuang includes his resistance to the family, his empathy for Qin Qing, his sympathy for the weak and his disdain for the visitors, but he doesn’t like it.

The sports car drove off the street.

Text messages and photos were synchronized to Wei Yichen.

Wei Yichen looked at the photo and Ji Yao came out of the crowd holding Yan Shuang’s hand. He smiled and said to himself, “shoot an idol drama.”

Yan Shuang… Does he know what he is doing?

And do you know that what he relies on now doesn’t belong to him at all.

Just a double.

Do you want to remind him?

Forget it.

He seems to have a good time.

Moreover, Wei Yichen is really looking forward to… If the person falling into the abyss is Yan Shuang, who will Yan Shuang reach out to at that time, and who will be willing to pull him?

It won’t be him anyway.


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