I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 18

Ji Yao drives steadily.

Along the way, Yan Shuang held his canvas bag and didn’t say a word.

Mom, the mustard in that Bento is really smoked.

Now his eyes are a little hot and want to shed tears.

Turning the steering wheel, “there are paper towels in the armrest box.”

“Thank you.”

Yan Shuang thanked and wiped his tears with a paper towel.

“I brought the money.”

The car drove into the horse farm in the suburbs. Ji Yao stopped and took out a thin check from his pocket.

Yan Shuang looked at the thin check in a daze. For a moment, at least a hundred thoughts turned in his heart. How can he hack this million without being disturbed by the wear bookstore?

Yan Shuang reached out and just touched the check with his fingertips.

The window was knocked.

Yan Shuang, who collected the unit wool, was startled.

Ji Yao carelessly dropped the check on Yan Shuang’s knees and rolled down the window.

Xiao Qingyang smiled and said, “your boy, my uncle called me. Ask me if I know you’re with a boy… Yo, this is it?” Xiao Qingyang looked at Yan Shuang behind Ji Yao, “hello.”

Yan Shuang said cautiously, “hello.”

“My name is Xiao Qingyang. I’m Ji Yao’s cousin.”

Xiao Qingyang.

Yan Shuang was impressed.

This man appeared frequently in the book and played a good role as a tool man.

“My name is Yan Shuang…”

“I know,” Xiao Qingyang interrupted him and said to Ji Yao, “get off the bus. The rooms are ready for you.”

“Well,” Ji Yao said to Yan Shuang, “get off.”

“Well, are you well prepared?”

Xiao Qingyang was elated.

Ji Yao has lived here since he came out of the Ji family.

Many fragrant candles were lit in the originally cold room, and rose petals were covered from the ground to the bed.

The wedding atmosphere is strong.

There is still a happy word.

Ji Yao’s face was livid. “I can’t live in this room.”

Xiao Qingyang said, “ah? Are you dissatisfied? I wanted to put a happy word on the head of the bed for fear that you might feel vulgar…”

Ji Yao looked at him coldly. Xiao Qingyang shut up directly, “well, I have prepared other rooms.” He just joked with his ice sculpture cousin.

The rest of the rooms are much more normal, like ordinary rooms.

Ji Yao said to Yan Shuang, “you’ll sleep here tonight.”

Yan Shuang: “tomorrow… Can we go to class together?”

The young master skips class every day, but he can’t.

Xiao Qingyang widened his eyes slightly.

“I see.” After Ji Yao answered, he took Xiao Qingyang’s collar and left.

Xiao Qingyang said, “he’s the one who wants to help you occupy your seat? I thought there was some misunderstanding about it. I assured my uncle that there was absolutely no such thing. You did it. I committed the crime of bullying the king.”

“It’s none of your business.”

“People have left me here. Why don’t I care? If my uncle knows that I’m not only taking in you rebellious child, but also helping you hide your beauty in a golden house…”

“No,” Ji Yao interrupted Xiao Qingyang, “I don’t have that kind of relationship with him.”

Xiao Qingyang smiled strangely, “what kind of relationship is that?”

Ji Yao simply ignored him. “I’ll send him away tomorrow.”

“Where are you going? You two want to live together?”

Ji Yao entered the house and closed the door directly. He almost missed Xiao Qingyang’s face.

Xiao Qingyang touched his nose. Well, he had an object and forgot his brother.

It’s not that kind of relationship. He and Ji Yao haven’t seen anyone he talked to since they were young. Even his cousin, he stuck it upside down.

It seems that when Ji Yao was a child, he had a good relationship with the sick seedling adopted by the Qin family. When he was old, the sick seedling didn’t go out all day. After the Qin family got up, the two families were a little competitive, and there were few private friends.

But this boy… Is a little too ordinary.

Xiao Qingyang thinks Ji Yao should be on a whim and will soon get tired of it.

His cousin, ah, has never been able to retain long-term interest in one thing.

Xiao Qingyang shrugged his shoulders and didn’t mind his own business.

Yan Shuang slept soundly. After waking up, he had a delicious breakfast. Ji Yao really kept his promise and drove him to school.

Once Ji Yao has made up his mind to do something, no one can stop him.

The two of them walked together, which naturally attracted the attention of many people.

Although Ji Yao walked beside Yan Shuang, he still kept a little distance. At the same time, his eyes were cold. It seemed that he was just walking with Yan Shuang, which was far from the peach gossip rumored in the school forum.

After entering the classroom, Yan Shuang sat down in the middle as usual, “Ji…”

Ji Yao has already sat back to the door position he is used to.

He doesn’t care about gossip, nor does he care what Yan Shuang thinks. Everything he does is according to his own heart.

It’s right to leave with Yan Shuang in full view of the public, and it’s also right to stay away from Yan Shuang in the classroom.

It was never his intention to be so cold, hot, near and far.

He was born with the ability to drive people crazy about him.

Yan Shuang is crazy about learning. He is not free to be crazy about love for the time being, so he immediately leaves Ji Yao behind. When class is over, he imagines looking for Ji Yao and finds that others have left early, so he saves another play.

Yan Shuang went out of school and found the boss who repaired the mobile phone to sell the mobile phone.

The boss was surprised and said, “I thought you wouldn’t come.”

“Why? I was too busy yesterday. I still owe you ten yuan.”

“I’m kidding. Ten yuan. I’ll wipe it for you.”

The boss happily recycled the latest mobile phone, and the price was very reasonable, because his daughter wanted it too. Unfortunately, it is difficult to buy this mobile phone on the market, so we have to queue up. It happened.

“Boss, do you know any tailor? Better.”

“How powerful is it? I know a man who runs a clothing store. The boss knows a tailor. It is said that he often makes clothes for the rich.”

“Great, give me a contact information. I want to do business with him.”

“You are a college student and do business all day…” the boss said that he felt bad and smiled apologetically. “I sent you wechat.”

“Thank you, boss.”

Yan Shuang transferred the money in his account directly to the president of the welfare home.

The Dean was surprised and kept asking where Yan shuangqian came from.

“I found a part-time job and earned a lot of money. You can rest assured, Dean.”

Yan Shuang had nowhere to go, so he went back to the dormitory.

He is “clean” now.

When the people in the dormitory saw him, their eyes were still very different, but they just looked at him and passed, but they didn’t come up for questioning.

After all, it’s someone else’s privacy, as long as it doesn’t affect them.

Yan shuangzhen calmly put the canvas bag away and took out the book.

The cell phone vibrated.

Bank account SMS.

Complete salary transaction 10000.

Yan Shuang: love! Sure enough, garbage is just a resource placed in the wrong place!

Qin yubai is OK, so Yan Guofu’s salary is arranged.

Yan Shuang estimated that this was one of Qin yubai’s strategies, but it didn’t matter. He readily accepted the sugar coated shell.

He kept the money first. He just finished typing the money for the dean and then punched the money for fear that the Dean would be nervous.

In addition, Ji Yao’s clothes cost at least a thousand dollars.


“What are you looking at, laughing so happy?”

Zhang Shuai took the initiative to talk to Yan Shuang, “have you formed a team for the group work of European literature?”

“Yes,” Yan Shuang said, “I’m with Ji Yao.”

Zhang Shuai: “……” inexplicably gay arrived.

In fact, Yan Shuang didn’t mention it to Ji Yao at all.


When everyone has formed a team, he goes to Ji Yao and says that no one can form a team with him, and Ji Yao can only be responsible.

The cell phone vibrated again.

Yan Shuang takes out his mobile phone. It’s Qin yubai.

It is estimated that what Ji Yao did last night has reached his ears.

Yan Shuang answered the phone, “hello?”

“Where is it?”

Qin yubai’s voice is gentle and calm. He is like two dogs with his previous arrogance.


“Is it convenient to come out?”

Yan Shuang turned the page lazily, “there are classes in the afternoon.”

“What about the evening?”

“I want to see you.”

Yan Shuang deliberately kept silent for half a minute, “OK.”

At that end, Qin yubai seemed relieved, “6 o’clock, the back door.”


Or the dull middle-aged driver.

Yan Shuang sent a message to Wei Yichen in the car, “when will you come back?”

This time, Wei Yichen returned quickly, “tomorrow.”

“Will you pick me up next time?”

Wei Yichen doesn’t come back again.

Yan Shuang smiled. This man was playing with fire with restraint.

In his experience, no one who likes to play with fire will not commit a crime in the end.

The car didn’t stop at the usual Hotel, but a high-end restaurant.

The waiter came out to pick up the person, “Mr. Yan, this way, please.”

Yan Shuang followed in and saw it without taking a few steps. Qin Yu wrapped up the field.

There is only one table open in such a big restaurant.

Qin yubai was not even late. He sat in his position in advance. Seeing Yan Shuang coming, Qin yubai stood up and pulled a chair for Yan Shuang with gentlemanly demeanor, “sit down.”

Yan Shuang held back his smile and thought that there was no bottom line for men to compete. He cured the two problems of being picky and being late.

“Last time, I didn’t think you were very good at western food,” Qin yubai said with a smile. “I’ll teach you today.”

Yan Shuang: “I pretended last time.”

Qin yubai: ”

Yan Shuang: “I can eat Western food.”

Qin Yu’s smile on his white face remained unchanged, “isn’t it?”

Next, Yan Shuang demonstrated what high-quality male western dining etiquette is.

Qin yubai could hardly maintain his smile. At the same time, he was surprised, “who taught you?”

“Self study,” Yan Shuang put down his knife and fork and wiped his lips with a napkin. “Some high-end restaurants need waiters to be proficient in western dining etiquette and can better serve their guests.” he took a sip of red wine. “For example, here it is,” he said to the waiter who added wine: “right?”

The waiter smiled at him, “yes, but guest, your meal is very elegant and pleasing to the eye.”

“Is the guest’s meal for you to enjoy?” Qin Yu said coldly.

The waiter immediately said he was sorry.

Yan Shuang lowered his eyes. Capitalists are like this. They can never hide their arrogance. Maybe they don’t think it is arrogance at all, so they show it naturally.

The mobile phone screen lit up and attracted both of them.

Qin yubai: “who?”

Yan Shuang cut open his mobile phone, “email reminder.”

Click wechat and the email will jump.

From: Qi Feiyun.


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