I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 19

After the warm play, we should finally go straight to the naked theme.

The car drove towards the hotel, but the two people who were going to do the most intimate things sat far away and looked out of the window.

When the car stopped, Qin yubai was about to get off. Yan Shuang said, “wait.”

Qin yubai stopped, “what’s the matter?”

Yan Shuang took out a folded check from his pants pocket and handed it to Qin yubai with his head down, “I’ll give it back to you.”

The atmosphere inside the car is stagnant.

Qin yubai looks at Yan Shuang and orders the driver to get off.

There were only two of them left in the car. The cold air of the air conditioner blew the thin checks in Yan’s hands.

“From Ji Yao?” Qin Yu said faintly.

Yan Shuang evaded: “give back the money to you. We won’t meet again in the future.”

Qin yubai thinks very well. No matter what Yan Shuang says today, he won’t be angry.

Now that the trap has been opened, as a hunter weaving the trap, he should treat his prey calmly and patiently.

But Yan Shuang was obviously gifted at provoking him.

Qin yubai drew out the check.

“Tear -”

Yan Shuang raised his head.

Tear the check to pieces, Qin yubai sprinkles it out of the window, and white pieces of paper are scattered in the night sky.

Yan Shuang: litter! Bad manner!

Qin yubai said slowly, “I don’t need you to pay me back with other men’s money.”

Yan Shuang looked at him. There was still no compromise in his eyes.

Qin yubai stretched out his hand to hold Yan Shuang’s waist and half folded him into his arms. He lowered his head and focused his eyes, “he gave you a million yuan and I gave you two million yuan. Don’t make any more noise, okay?”

Yan Shuang thought that if he made more trouble now, could the price rise again? I just don’t know if the bookstore will give me this opportunity.

“After all, you are for your father,” Qin yubai kneaded Yan Shuang’s earlobe. “Ji Yao, on a whim, can help you for a while. Can he control Yan Guofu all his life?”

“Can you?”

“Neither can I.”

Qin yubai rarely told the truth.

Too exaggerated sweet words will also arouse people’s vigilance. After all, Yan Shuang is not stupid.

“I’ll take care of him for one day when the contract is.”

“We just said we should respect each other,” his lips were close to Yan Shuang’s neck, and the traces on his neck had all disappeared. Qin yubai sucked it not light or heavy, “do you want to go back?”

Yan Shuang “compromised”.

Qin yubai was obviously a little angry.

In the past two days, Yan Shuang and Ji Yao told Qin yubai everything, although Wei Yichen was away from home.

When Qin yubai received the news, he was helping Qin Qing choose dessert for tomorrow’s art exhibition.

When he saw the surveillance screenshot in the post, he almost broke the wound in his palm.

How did that picture get out?

Or who else checked the surveillance?

It doesn’t matter.

The important thing is that Ji Yao took Yan Shuang in full view of the public, and even took Yan Shuang to the night.

It’s really

The thin nails were deeply embedded in his back. Yan Shuang bit his teeth and shed tears one by one.

Such a stubborn person always cries in bed.

He bit his lips and refused to make a sound.

Qin yubai pressed his thumb on Yan Shuang’s lips and grinded it hard. He pried open the mouth along the lip line. His thumb slowly rubbed his gums, and wet saliva flowed down his thumb.

He stared at the two lips, suddenly bowed his head, his forehead against each other, and his four eyes were opposite. There were tears in his eyes, but he still refused to give in. Qin yubai’s fingers squeezed Yan Shuang’s chin.

This man, he is far from ready to lose it. No one else can take it from him.

Yan Shuang thinks that Qin yubai’s male competition has gone too far.

Unexpectedly, I had breakfast with him early the next morning and had to take him to school.

Yan Shuang was surprised.

He just promised Ji Yao not to see Qin yubai.

Even if you pretend, you have to slow down for two or three days.

What he wants is the spiral rise of the plot line, not the scum attack collision.

Ji Yao looks cold. In fact, he is very angry. Yan Shuang is afraid that Ji Yao will explode directly.

After almost fainting Qin Yu Bai Qi, Yan Shuang was also cautious.

Yan Shuang refused Qin yubai to send him to school for two reasons. One is the traffic jam. The other is that he has just spread a peach affair with Ji Yao at school. If he goes to school in a luxury car, something big will happen again.

Qin yubai agreed. He didn’t really want to send Yan Shuang, “do you want me to send someone to accompany you by subway?”

Yan Shuang: “…” thank you. I have been filial.

Yan Shuang left the hotel and took the subway alone. After getting on the subway, he re entered the mailbox and checked the email returned by Qi Feiyun.

Yan Shuang requested an offline interview with Qi Feiyun, the most popular surgical expert in China, on the grounds of “social investigation”.

His words were sincere and simple. He also sent Qi Feiyun his own question manuscript and theme.

Qi Feiyun’s reply was very simple.

He agreed and sent his itinerary to Yan Shuang to choose his own time.

Yan Shuang took a look. It happened that Qi Feiyun had time tonight.

Today is the day when Qin Qing holds a painting exhibition.

One egg, two eggs and five eggs will all be present to help and escort.

It was also the first time Yan Shuang heard the name Qin Qing in the original book.

Anyway, these three eggs are definitely not looking for him tonight. Yan Shuang can go to meet Qi Feiyun.

After sending an email to Qi Feiyun and making an appointment, Yan Shuang began a full day again.

Work and class.

What he was worried about was completely superfluous.

Ji Yaoya didn’t come to school at all.

I should have been in Qin Qing’s gallery early in the morning.

To tell the truth, Yan Shuang is also curious about Qin Qing.

The book sets the similarity of two people’s looks as high as 95%.

Yan Shuang was also curious about how it would feel for a person who looked very similar to him to stand in front of him.

Sure enough, the cell phone seemed to have no signal all day. There was no movement at all.

Yan Shuang went to St. Peter’s hospital with confidence.

I don’t know whether the setting of St. Peter’s hospital is public or private. The inside of the hospital is quite gorgeous and there are few patients. There are many nurses. After Yan Shuang made clear his intention, the nurse took Yan Shuang upstairs and apologized to Yan Shuang: “I’m sorry, Dr. Qi added an operation temporarily. You may have to wait a little longer.”

“It doesn’t matter. It’s important to save people.”

The nurse took Yan Shuang to Qi Feiyun’s office.

The office is big.

A desk. Behind the desk is a bookcase. There is a wardrobe on the side. There is a curtain covered inside. There is also a hospital bed. Outside is a sofa coffee table. Generally speaking, the office is very normal and ordinary.

Yan Shuang stood in front of the bookcase.

The bookcase is divided into upper and lower parts.

The top half is a transparent glass cabinet filled with books and documents.

The lower half is a locked solid wood cabinet.

According to the original book, there are many interesting gadgets hidden in the solid wood cabinet.

Yan Shuang sat on the sofa and had nothing to do. He sent a message to Wei Yichen.

“Are you back?”

Guests gathered in the gallery, and all the people in the city’s art circle and upper class circle were present. They were all admiring Qin Qing’s extraordinary talent and the excellent performance of the exhibition.

After Wei Yichen followed Qin yubai, his personal mobile phone shook. He bowed his head and took out his mobile phone. When he saw the information, he replied, “I’m back.”

Naturally, it’s like an old friend for many years.

“Then why don’t you come to see me and cry.”

Qin yubai looked back and saw his housekeeper sending a message with his mobile phone. “Why, the south side hasn’t been solved yet?”

Wei Yichen is a man who has no personal friends.

The text messages that can make him reply at work are naturally work.

“No,” Wei Yichen said to Qin yubai, “it’s a message from a friend.”

Qin yubai looked stunned, “friend?”


“Let me see.”

Wei Yichen calmly gives Qin yubai a look at the reply interface.

“Crying?” Qin yubai couldn’t laugh or cry, “girl?”

Wei Yichen said, “no, but he likes to wear skirts.”

Qin yubai made a limited comment on Wei Yichen’s rare private friends, “I can’t see you like this.”

“Forget it, the painting exhibition is good. You can take half an hour off.”

Qin yubai waved his hand.

His loyal housekeeper respectfully stepped down and turned to send a message to his boss’s lover.

Wei Yichen leaned against a remote corner of the exhibition and replied, “do you want to see me?”

——”Yes, I miss you.”

“At 8:30, 871 Fengdu road.”

Yan Shuang looked at the reply on his mobile phone and was about to laugh.

This is where Qin Qing held an exhibition.

That time point should be when the exhibition is over and the crowd retreats.

It seems that housekeeper Wei was forced by him and couldn’t wait to see him make a fool of himself.

Unfortunately, it’s not time yet.

Wait until he really “falls in love” with Qin yubai, and then stab the double.

——”9 o’clock, the east gate of the school.”

Want to be a guest? Wei Yichen slightly hooked his lips, “yes.”

The door of the office was pushed open. Yan Shuang put away his mobile phone and immediately got up, “Hello, Dr. Qi.”

Qi Feiyun is wearing a mask. His hair is the same as that in the photo. He combs it back. Maybe it’s a little long at night. It’s a little fluffy. It looks less serious. His pupils really show a little gray. He takes off his mask and his thin lips move, “hello.”

Yan Shuang was shocked for a moment.

Qi Feiyun’s voice is so beautiful.

Thick, low and magnetic, the two ordinary words “hello” speak the taste of flirtation.

“Please sit down.”

Qi Feiyun himself is not so resistant to people thousands of miles away than he looks in the picture. On the contrary, he is very gentle.

It seems that he tries to be humble in language and attitude in order to dilute the sense of distance brought by his appearance.

In the face of Yan Shuang, an ordinary college student, he did not neglect at all. He answered questions seriously and sincerely. A pair of amber eyes with a little gray tone always focused on Yan Shuang.

Like a spring breeze.

Yan Shuang can only describe his feelings in this way.

I believe patients should like Qi Feiyun very much.

The two talked happily.

Yan Shuang is very regular and has been a good student.

“Thank you, Dr. Qi. Your answer is very helpful to my research.”

“You’re welcome.”

Yan Shuang looked at Qi Feiyun and suddenly said, “Dr. Qi, can I call you a teacher? It’s more convenient.”

Qi Feiyun, who had already got up, paused, “yes.”

“Great,” Yan Shuang also got up. “Mr. Qi, when I saw your picture on the Internet, I felt you looked very serious. I didn’t expect you to be so approachable.”

Leng Touqing.

Qi Feiyun looked at Yan Shuang with a bright smile and a careless attitude and smiled a little, “I’m a doctor.”

“There are also doctors who are fierce. I had a fever before. The doctor who gave me an injection was particularly fierce. It hurt when I put an injection into my ass. I shed two tears. He also laughed at me and said that a man of my age still cried after an injection.”

Qi Feiyun listened quietly, as if he was not impatient with Yan Shuang’s divergent topic. “Some people are naturally more sensitive to pain than ordinary people.”

“Yes,” Yan Shuang said to Qi Feiyun innocently, holding a canvas bag. “I’m particularly afraid of pain.”

“A little injury will cry.”

Yan bilaterally smiled and stretched out his hand to Qi Feiyun, “that’s all for today. I’ll ask you if I have any questions next time.”

Palm to palm.

Qi Feiyun grasped a soft mass of flesh and blood.

If it is soft and boneless, it is as fragile as if it were crushed when pinched. At the same time, it is tenaciously wrapped in a leather bag. Even if it is really crushed, it will still be bloody and heavy in this leather bag.

Release your hand.

The ordinary child showed his snow-white teeth to him, “goodbye, Mr. Qi.” Wave hard, with excess enthusiasm.

Qi Feiyun stood there for a moment, walked to the window and looked down through the crack of the folding window.

The young and energetic boy seems to be about to jump up when he walks.

Qi Feiyun lowered his eyes, took a look at his palm, slowly clenched the palm, loosened his strength and let go.

Repeated several times to restrain his soaring desire for destruction.

In the deserted office, Qi Feiyun whispered to himself, “pervert.”

At the gate of the gallery, Qin yubai is seeing off Qin Qing.

Qin Qing is not feeling well today. She didn’t come to the exhibition herself. It was all handled by Qin yubai.

“Thanks for your support…” Qin yubai’s smile slowly stopped when he saw the next person coming out.

Ji Yao didn’t even look at him. He went straight ahead and passed by.

“Ji Shao.”

Qin yubai spoke coldly.

Ji Yao stopped, hesitated a little for a moment, or passed half his body, “what’s up?”

“Thank you for coming to Qin Qing’s painting exhibition.”

“You’re welcome. I came to see his paintings because they are good, not for anyone’s face.” Ji Yao said coldly, with sarcasm and tenderness hidden in his tone.

Qin yubai is Qin Qing’s eldest brother. For Qin Qing’s sake, he won’t tear his face with Qin yubai.

Obviously, Qin yubai doesn’t think so.

“Since they are all friends, I’ll say it straight.”

In the night wind, Qin yubai stood on the steps and looked down at Ji Yao with a faint command tone.

“Stay away from Yan Shuang.”

Arrogance and provocation floated in the night wind.

Ji Yao had no expression on his face, but his anger was faintly revealed. His thin lips moved slightly, “it’s you who should stay away from him.”

In front of Qin Qing’s gallery, the two were so nervous that they seemed to be about to do it soon.

Standing behind Qin yubai, Wei Yichen clearly saw his immediate boss’s hand hanging on his side, and his ten fingers were quietly curling up.

The close fitting mobile phone vibrated.

Wei Yichen quietly took out his mobile phone.

“Come on, I’ll wait for you at the east gate of the school ~ and I’m wearing a beautiful little skirt ~”

The heart in the chest was so tight that it almost hurt.

His eyes looked at the two young masters.

Wei Yichen smiled silently and wrote a reply on the screen to the culprit who caused the conflict – “good.”

He admitted it.

He wanted to see him fall into the abyss.


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