I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 2

“Progress prompt closed.”

It’s a little windy and rustling, which affects his play too much.


Yan Shuang picked up the menu, “Mr. Wei, I haven’t had lunch yet. Do you mind?”

It’s not too uneconomical to chat here when you come to a high-end restaurant. You can go whoring for nothing.

Wei Yichen looked complex.

It seems that the college student who is harmless to humans and animals turned out to be just a disguise. This time, not only did he go astray, but Qin yubai also went astray.

Yan Shuang ordered a steak as if there were no one else.

“Medium rare, thank you.”

The boy’s movements were elegant, as if he had been trained in special western dining etiquette, used knives and forks with ease, and calmly ate the bloody steak. His plump lips were gradually dyed more and more red and integrated with the blood color.

This is not a simple role. Wei Yichen got up decisively, “wait a minute.”

Yan Shuang smiled, “you still have time for a dessert.”

Wei Yichen calls Qin yubai in the corridor of the box to explain the situation.

“He’s too little?”

Qin yubai sneered, “a fake also dares to ask sky high prices.”

He made no secret of his intention to use Yan Shuang as a substitute.

“Tell him he can not sign and let him wait to collect the body for his adoptive father.”

Hang up.

Wei Yichen returned to the box.

The thin figure bent and was eating his dessert with his head down.

“Mr. Yan,” Wei Yichen finally gave Yan Shuang a title. He sat back opposite Yan Shuang and conveyed Qin yubai’s meaning, “I’m afraid your adoptive father doesn’t have time to wait for you to bargain.”

Qin Yu Bai’s debt to Yan Shuang is not owed by himself, but Yan Shuang’s gambling adoptive father Yan Guofu.

Of course, Qin yubai contributed to this.

Yan Guofu usually gambles a little, winning or losing thousands of times.

After Qin yubai fell in love with Yan Shuang, he found that his adoptive father was gambling, and immediately took advantage of his adoptive father’s weakness.

The gambling game that made Yan Guofu owe millions of gambling debts was designed by Qin yubai from beginning to end.

Yan Shuang gets the money to pay off the gambling debt for his adoptive father. For Qin yubai, this million is just a left-handed and right-handed one. Without paying a penny, he gets a double highly similar to Qin Qing for free.

Sure enough, every business engages in fraud.

This is the real white whoring.

I learned.

Yan Shuang licked the ice cream spoon, “clattering”, put down the spoon, got up and carried the broken canvas bag aside, “thank you for your hospitality. I’m full.”

My adoptive father is a hammer and a gambling dog. He died for me, Ma liusi and a taxi.

Yan Duoduo walked to the box door without looking back. He opened the door a little. He turned back and smiled at Wei Yichen. His smile was pure and flawless. “If you repent, call me at any time. I welcome both Mr. Qin and Mr. Wei.” he put his finger on his lips, blew a kiss to Wei Yichen and blinked mischievously, “I’m still a virgin.”


Yan Shuang, who has long had a rich sex life in the book world, is fearless.

Don’t think this ancient flavor can scare him. It doesn’t exist.

For retirement, everything is nothing!

After eating and drinking enough, Yan Shuang went back to the convenience store and continued to work.

The money earned in the task world can be exchanged for pension. Working must be working. Making good money can enjoy a better retirement life.

Yan Shuang has long been interested in planet gkd43. The climate and temperature are very suitable and the transportation is convenient. He has quickly saved enough money to buy a planet.

When he retired, he would enjoy life on planet 43 with the sea breeze and fruit juice.

“What are you giggling at?”

Colleagues tease Yan Shuang who arranges the shelves.

Yan Shuang smiled, “I’m happy to be paid today.”

Working in a convenience store can earn 900 yuan a month.

Save one province, enough for Yan Shuang’s food expenses for two or three months.

Yan Shuang cherished nine tickets.

The colleague knew about his family and kindly reminded him, “take the money yourself and don’t give it to your father. It’s a bottomless hole. You’re dissatisfied.”

Yan Guofu likes gambling. If he loses all, he asks Yan Shuang for money to gamble.

Colleagues have seen Yan Shuang crying in the alley and begging his father not to gamble again while giving money.

Poor Yan Shuang, such an honest and kind-hearted child, how can he spread such a father.

Yan Shuang smiled sweetly at his colleagues, “No.”

Nobody wants to take a dime from him.

Before getting off work in the evening, Yan Shuang went to the alley to take out the garbage. A dark shadow suddenly came out of the dark and hugged Yan Shuang’s thighs tightly.

“Xiao Shuang, Dad, please,” Yan Guofu knelt on the ground and cried bitterly. “This is the last time. Promise president Qin that if you don’t pay back the money, they will cut me to death! Xiao Shuang, I beg you, I beg you, save dad for the last time… Dad won’t gamble again!”

Yan Shuang was carrying a garbage bag about the size of half of him in one hand. The thin man was going to be pulled down by the garbage bag and the garbage man. It seemed that he was about to collapse.

Not far away, in the luxury car, Qin yubai smoked a cigarette and sneered, “his mouth is very hard.”

What’s the use?

Don’t you give in in in the end?

Cowardly in nature and endlessly tolerant of gambler’s father, such a person has no way out except to be exploited and exploited.

He is far less intelligent than Qin Qing, and he knows everything.

Forget it, it’s just a substitute. Just look like it. It’s better than nothing.

He has endured it too long.

He didn’t want to hurt Qin Qing, so he wanted to find a place to vent his desire.

Qin yubai took a smoke and looked deep, “get off.”

Wei Yichen gets out of the car and opens the door for Qin yubai. His eyes sweep over the corner of the wall and Yan Shuang is dragged by his adoptive father.

Sure enough, is it just showing off?

It’s a pity that these little hands are not enough to see in the adult world.

“Dad,” Yan Shuang opened his mouth. He put down the garbage bag and took out 900 yuan from his pocket. “This is my just paid salary, a total of 900 yuan.”

Qin yubai gave a silent sneer. The debt of 900 to 1 million was nothing more than a drop in the bucket.

It’s so naive that it’s funny.

Yan Guofu’s eyes were red, “Xiao Shuang, this time it’s not a matter of hundreds of yuan, it’s…”

Yan Shuang shook nine notes in front of Yan Guofu. The notes made a crisp sound. “Mine,” he smiled, “I won’t give it to you.”

See this $900? Mine, not for you.

Yan Guofu was stunned.

Yan Shuang carefully collected the money and said softly, “if they want to kill you, they will kill you.”

Qin yubai stopped.

Pulling out his thigh, Yan Shuang dragged the garbage bag to the trash can and threw the garbage bag into the trash can almost one person high. Yan Shuang clapped his hands and looked back. Qin yubai was standing at the end of the alley. Yan Guofu was kneeling at his feet and kowtowing.

“Mr. Qin, I’m his father and his guardian. I’ll sign for him… Please help…”

Men’s cries echoed in the silent alley.

Yan Shuang was alone, opposite a group of people.

Yan Guofu was going to hold Qin yubai’s leg and was kicked aside by the bodyguard.

Yan Guofu let out a wail and cried even worse. He did not give up and shook his hand to Yan Shuang opposite, “Xiao Shuang… Save Dad…”

Qin yubai walked forward slowly. He came to Yan Shuangshuang, pulled out his hand in his pocket, grabbed Yan Shuang’s chin and played with the taste: “I really want to see him die?”

Yan Shuang is watching Qin yubai.

Qin yubai has a strong facial appearance, high eyebrows and deep eyes, a high and straight nose, and a bright outline of his face with a mixed blood flavor.


He gave nine five ten.

The remaining 0.5 points will be deducted too stingy, which will damage the male charm.

Generally speaking, I am qualified to go with him in an indescribable plot.

Qin yubai is also watching Yan Shuang.

His hairstyle and ugly big framed eyes sealed the beauty of his face, but as long as I saw him take off his glasses, I won’t forget that amazing face again.

Moreover, he is so similar to Qin Qing.

Qin yubai made a little effort, “speak.”

“No.” Yan Shuang spoke.

Qin yubai smiled coldly, “I don’t want to see him die. You should know what to do.”

“If you have to kill him in front of me,” Yan Shuang said seriously, “then I have to close my eyes.”

Not that I don’t want him to die, I don’t want to see him die.

The point is to see.

Qin yubai stared at Yan Shuang’s eyes. They were clean, transparent, pure and flawless. They were the most like Qin Qing.

“Chop him a finger.”

“Don’t –”

The cry suddenly shrill.

Qin yubai stared into Yan Shuang’s eyes. He didn’t believe Yan Shuang would be indifferent.

Sure enough, those eyes flickered.

If Yan Shuang knew what Qin yubai was thinking, he would tell him: cold knowledge, people blink every two seconds on average.

Yan Shuang: “I’m going back to hand over my shift.”

“Xiaoshuang -”

Tut, crying like killing a pig.

Yan Shuang turned his head, moved his chin and walked past Qin yubai. When passing by Yan Guofu, Yan Guofu was held down by the bodyguard and struggled to ask Yan Shuang for help.

“Chop his index finger,” Yan Shuang suggested to Wei Yichen. “He likes to rub cards with his index finger in mahjong.”

Wei Yichen gave him a deep look, and Yan Shuang winked at him quietly.

Wei Yichen’s eyelids jumped and six words floated in his mind.

——”I’m still a virgin.”.

Serious and frivolous, undisguised debauchery.

Yan Guofu cried miserably until Yan Shuang finished his work, and he could vaguely hear the cry.

This is not chopping index finger, is this chopping hanging?

Yan Shuang came out with his old bag on his back and was stopped by a luxury car.

“Get in the car.”

In addition to the driver, Qin yubai is alone in the car. Wei Yichen is estimated to deal with Yan Guofu.

Yan Shuang: white whoring car, not white.

I believe Qin yubai should consider how to negotiate with him.

Inside the car, Yan Shuang is far away from Qin yubai with his canvas bag. He is afraid that the abnormal smell will smoke him.

“I’ll help you get rid of Yan Guofu and give you an extra million.”


At least not in vain.

“What are you going to do with Yan Guofu?” Yan Shuang asked. He tacitly agreed to Qin yubai’s conditions.

The original plot line is only this one million. According to the stingy nature of the bookstore, it is impossible to produce extra money. If this one million can go into your own pocket, it can be regarded as the wool of the unit.

Yan Shuang stopped when he saw good, and no longer wasted time and words.

“What do you want to do?”

After seeing Yan Shuanggang’s decision, Qin yubai will be very disappointed if Yan Shuanggang asks him to let Yan Guofu go.

That shows that Yan Shuang was just acting before, pretending to be ruthless in order to save his scum adoptive father.

Even if it’s a fake, the quality is better, so it’s interesting to play for a long time, isn’t it?

“I don’t care how he pays his gambling debts, whether to chop his hands or stamp his feet, but please keep him alive.”

Gambling debts are unnecessary. Qin yubai said, “don’t worry, he won’t die.”

Qin yubai was gradually disappointed with Yan Shuang.

Bluff and bluff, but I still can’t let go of my scum adoptive father.

Indecision at heart.

“Please arrange another job for him.”

This is the story that was going to go.

Later, in order to control Yan Shuang for a long time, Qin yubai arranged a warehouse for Yan Guofu. As long as Yan Guofu is held in his hand, he is not afraid of Yan Shuang’s disobedience.

Of course, the plot has to go. Yan Shuang thinks the plot is set very well! It can be adjusted to the front!

Qin Yu’s white mouth was slightly hooked, and the light flashed out of the window, illuminating the disdain at the corners of his eyes and eyebrows.

“Yes,” Qin yubai said faintly, “I’ll settle him down.”

With Yan Guofu’s card, Yan Shuang can’t escape his palm, but it’s a pity that the quality of this substitute is just so.

“I have another request.”

Qin Yu Bai Xiang smiled. What can he ask for? He just turned around the gambler’s adoptive father, “say it.”

“Then… Please put his salary on my card.


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