I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 20

At the door of the gallery, guests came out one after another.

“Mr. Qin, your brother is really talented.”

The visitors came to praise with a smile, and did not notice the unusual atmosphere at the scene.

Qin yubai took back his eyes, naturally stretched out his hand to the visitor, put on a gentle face, “thank you.”

After a few greetings, the guest left. Qin yubai turned around again, and Ji Yao had already left.

The stairway under the light was empty.

Qin yubai sneered and looked disdainful.

He is just a willful second generation ancestor. He hasn’t taken people to heart.

“Let’s go.” Qin yubai said to Wei Yichen behind him.

Wei Yichen nodded respectfully, “Mr. Qin, I have something private to deal with.”

Qin yubai stopped, looked at the housekeeper as professional as a robot, and joked: “go and see your little skirt?”


Qin yubai patted Wei Yichen on the shoulder, “go.”

Qin yubai generously agrees to the rare personal requirements of capable subordinates.

Man is not a machine after all.

Wei Yichen is a little human, but Qin yubai feels relieved.

Somehow, Qin yubai suddenly remembered Yan Shuang.

I want to see this man.

No, Qin yubai immediately gave up the idea. He should go back and tell Qin Qing how excellent the exhibition was and make Qin Qing happy.

He turned to the parking lot and sat in the car. Qin yubai’s temples were still jumping slightly.

Love and desire are separated here, far away, and fall on two people. “Love” is in the front and “desire” is in the back. It is clear and there is no confusion.

After saying goodbye to his boss, Wei Yichen got into his car – to see his boss’s lover.

The window was half open, and the night wind blew into the car. Wei Yichen’s heart beat faster and faster somehow. There was a strong premonition in his heart.

Yan Shuang won’t let him down so boring.

In an unbroken line of Wutong trees, the more white trees on the Wutong trunk are like a strange face.

The black car quietly stopped by the side of the road.

Wei Yichen put out the fire, sat in the dark car, stared at the empty back door not far away, and smiled slightly.

Little liar.

Expected, slightly disappointed.

Take the private cell phone out of your pocket again.

Along with the pack of cigarettes he hasn’t finished smoking.

Wei Yichen pulled out a cigarette that had been oppressed and flattened, put it on the tip of his nose and sniffed, looking at the silent back door.

He picked up Yan Shuang from here several times.

Send him to Qin yubai’s bed.

Wei Yichen bit the smoke.

No fire.

Just bite like this.

The bitter taste of tobacco is transmitted between the teeth.

That’s strange.

How can such a bitter thing be addictive?

The gate at the school gate suddenly opened, and the movement of gate expansion and contraction was very prominent in the quiet night.

Someone came out, light and slow. He stood under the light, looked around and took out his mobile phone from his bag.

Wei Yichen sat in the car and unconsciously held his breath.

Yan Shuang is on the phone.

——But his cell phone didn’t ring.

Wei Yichen watched intently. It was too dark in the car and too bright in the distance. He couldn’t see Yan’s mood when he made a double phone call, but his heart was full of blood, and he was almost about to bite off the cigarette between his teeth.

He knew Yan Shuang would not disappoint him.

The roar of the engine cut through the night sky.

The black sports car flashed past his car.

Arrogant license plate, noble young master.

Wei Yichen watched Yan Shuang run to Ji Yao who got off the bus and said something. Ji Yao was half a head taller than Yan Shuang. Standing aside, Yan Shuang was covered by a slender shadow.

I don’t know what Yan Shuang said. He gradually lowered his head, shrugged his shoulders and seemed to be crying.

Wei Yichen smiled and the smoke between his teeth shook.

Then he saw Ji Yao open the door and push Yan Shuang into the car.

The sports car came from far and near. Wei Yichen sat in the dark car and locked the car firmly with his eyes.

The speed was very fast. At the moment when the two cars met, that face, like the fuzzy face in the movie poster, deeply hit Wei Yichen’s eyes.

He was convinced that at that moment… Yan Shuang smiled at him across Ji Yao.

He fell back on the seat. The smoke between his teeth had been bitten off. Wei Yichen breathed deeply. He seemed to break into a strange dream. He was pushed hard, and then covered his head with a bright red skirt.

The skirt is full of light citrus aroma.

Ji Yao frowned, “did you take a bath?”

“Well,” Yan Shuang whispered, “I’m sorry to bother you so late.”

Ji Yao didn’t respond to his apology, but said, “it’s not an example.”

“I, I know, but these two days are too chaotic… I forgot… They all said they would hand it in tomorrow before I remembered to do my homework, but there was no team, no one…”

Yan Shuang said and silently shed tears.

Ji Yao understood that Yan Shuang’s situation had become different since the post was posted to the school forum.

If he takes Yan Shuang away, he will be responsible for Yan Shuang.

In the short term.

In the future, Yan Shuang still had to walk independently.

Xiao Qingyang was almost speechless. He came to open the door for them in the middle of the night. “Little cousin, you really don’t take yourself as an outsider now.”


Yan Shuang heard Ji Yao’s thanks and gave him a strange look with Yu Guang.

“What a big deal,” Xiao Qingyang was satisfied and came to pat Ji Yao on the shoulder. “Did you go to see Qin Qing’s painting exhibition today?”


“How about it? I think the people in the art circle blow everything in the sky and on the ground. However, the people in the circle dare to blow everything as long as the money is in place. What’s the matter with your objective evaluation?”

“Very good.”

“Wow, you said it was very good. That must be great. I’ll buy one for collection. Now the works of young painters have appreciated rapidly.”

The two cousins said as they walked, and the atmosphere was quite intimate.

Ji Yao took a few steps and seemed to think of something. Looking back, he frowned at Yan Shuang who was still standing in place, “keep up.”

Yan Shuang stood where he was, looking at a loss, and slowly followed up.

He fully understood.

Ji Yao still excluded him from his circle.

Including the people around Ji Yao.

The two cousins chatted as if there were no one else. He followed him alone. Since he got off the bus, Xiao Qingyang didn’t see him, including the last time he came to the racecourse. Xiao Qingyang also had this attitude towards him.


It’s not polite.

You see, Ji Yao will also speak politely and thank people.

But he only does this to people he likes.

He naturally has a behavior pattern in his heart, and has different standards for relatives, friends, favorite people and irrelevant people.

What is his standard for Yan Shuang?

Yan Shuang thinks it should be “trouble”.

If you see it, you can’t ignore it. If you are infected, you can’t get rid of it. If you can, Ji Yao must hope that Yan Shuang doesn’t exist in the world at all.

In this way, he doesn’t have to worry.

“The room is still there. Help yourself,” Xiao Qingyang patted Ji Yao on the shoulder. “I’m asleep.”

“Ji Yao…”

Yan Shuang whispered, “homework.”

Xiao Qingyang stopped when he left.

“Group work, team members have to speak on the stage.”

Yan Shuang said, lowering his head.

He listened to Ji Yao without talking. He raised his head and looked at Ji Yao quickly, “I, I can teach you.”

“Poof -”

Xiao Qingyang couldn’t help laughing. Then he held Ji Yao’s shoulder and smiled tremblingly. “Lying in the trough, I’ve seen it for a long time. Little cousin, who… What’s his name?”

Ji Yao pushed away Xiao Qingyang’s arm, “get out.”

“No, I won’t go.”

Xiao Qingyang became interested and turned to hook Yan Shuang’s neck. Yan Shuang saw that as soon as Xiao Qingyang’s long arm stretched out, he immediately hid behind Ji Yao and grabbed Ji Yao’s shirt hem, looking afraid of strangers.

“Oh, hide, come out…” Xiao Qingyang put on an eagle’s posture of catching chickens and was directly stopped by “chicken mother” Ji Yao. “Don’t stay up late when you’re old. Go to bed.” Turning back, he grabbed Yan Shuang’s arm and pulled Yan Shuang into Yan Shuang’s room.

When the door closed, Xiao Qingyang reacted and immediately performed outside the door for a long time.

I can’t figure it out.

Such an ordinary boy looks… He doesn’t see what he looks like. He’s not impressive anyway, otherwise he wouldn’t even remember his appearance.

He is also submissive and looks like a small family.

What exactly does Ji Yao like about him?

The boy even said he would teach Ji Yao to do group homework?

From small to large, his cousin is a super title master. They say he belongs to the level of genius.

Teach genius homework?

It’s pure and unaffected.

Just when Xiao Qingyang was confused, the door opened, and his immortal cousin showed half his face, “take a laptop and make a PPT.”

Xiao Qingyang: “…” isn’t he awake yet?

The learning tools were in place, but Xiao Qingyang refused to go.

“I’ll make you two a cup of coffee.”

With that, he stayed in the room and watched them do their group homework.

It’s really dominated by that boy.

“… Wilde’s homosexual tendency is not clearly revealed in his works. The portrait of Dorian Gray cannot be regarded as his pouring out of homosexual feelings. The theme of his works is more to express his views on desire…”

Yan Shuang spoke slowly. Ji Yao was doing ppt while Xiao Qingyang listened and couldn’t help laughing. “What topic did your teacher assign for you two?”

Yan Shuang stopped talking and lowered his head deeply.

Ji Yao glanced at Xiao Qingyang. “Is the coffee ready?”

The implication is that you can leave after soaking.

Xiao Qingyang was driven out.

Ji Yao and Yan Shuang continue to do PPT.

For literature class, Ji Yao is just too lazy to listen. He is not ignorant. He has also received a good education in aesthetics.

The two worked together and finished their homework quickly.

“The professor will grade the homework in groups,” Yan Shuang pleaded. “Tomorrow, tomorrow, let’s talk about it, okay?”

He grasped the table with both hands, the back of his hands stretched up, and his eyes flashed brightly through the lens.

Ji Yao saw a strong desire from his eyes.

People who have always been so cowardly also have something to strive for.


Ji Yao turned away and gave a faint reply.

He stood up to leave, but his sleeve was pulled again.

“Ji Yao, thank you.”

The pupils are still bright, as if there were stars shining.

Black eyes with a drop of tears, like falling to the ground, hung on Yan Shuang’s lower eyelashes.

The atmosphere in the room suddenly became a little strange.

It’s something Ji Yao hasn’t felt before.

What was grabbed was the sleeve, but the temperature seemed to pass to the arm along the sleeve, which was slightly hot and uncomfortable.

Ji Yao pulled out his sleeve and still said faintly, “this will not be an example.”

He never responded to Yan Shuang’s apology and thanks.

Yan Shuang was right at all.

If you can, Ji Yao hopes Yan Shuang never appeared.

Gently bring the door, Ji Yao turns around and sees Xiao Qingyang holding his arm against the corridor.

Xiao Qingyang smiled and said, “we’ve all discussed desire. Don’t stay and then discuss it in depth?”

Ji Yao gave him a cold look and said, “disgusting.”

Xiao Qingyang: ”

“You are really…” Xiao Qingyang smiled bitterly and came over to take Ji Yao’s shoulder. Ji Yao opened his hand again. “I said, are you cold-blooded?”

“Is there anyone in the world who can make you desire?”

Ji Yao pushed open the door of his room, turned his face and said to Xiao Qingyang, “get out.”

Close the door, Ji Yao’s face remains unchanged.


too dirty.

He will never, never fall into that situation.



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