I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 25

Yan Shuang had a good meal, waiting for the gap between packing and asking each other’s names.

“Yao Jing, right?” Yan Shuang said with a smile. “You should get along well in the future.”

Yao Jing was a little overwhelmed.

He is a private detective. The most common thing he does is catch a junior.

In this line, he did a good job. He is a gold lettered signboard in the circle of rich people.

Similarly, it is also very hateful.

The experience of having dinner with the monitored object in such a calm and even pleasant way is really strange.

Yao Jing couldn’t help saying, “why did Mr. Wei let me watch you?”

“You don’t know?” Yan Shuang raised his eyebrows.

Yao Jing shook his head.

The boy in front of me is very ordinary no matter how many times he looks.

He has been monitoring him for several days. Apart from occasionally having a relationship with two big people in the circle, Yan Shuang’s life is very ordinary. He works and takes classes. He is a poor student with work study program and excellent character and learning.

A poor college student frequently contacts two young masters in the circle. According to his professional judgment, there are usually unspeakable transactions.

But Yan Shuang looks too ordinary.

It’s hard to get involved with those peach gossip.

Wei Yichen only asked him to report truthfully after monitoring, and did not say why.

Yao Jing spoke out his ideas.

“You are very strange,” Yan Shuang held his cheek and smiled at Yao Jing. “Do I really look so unattractive?”

Yao Jing was stunned. “I didn’t mean that.”

“That’s what you mean.”

Yan Shuang took the packing box in the waiter’s hand and pushed his glasses to ensure that they were worn firmly. He didn’t want to commit sin.

“Although it’s hard to accept, the fact is that these men are fascinated by me.”

With takeout in one hand, Yan Shuang stood up and said to Yao Jing, “when you monitor me, you’d better stay away from me. I’m afraid you’ll fall in love with me.”

Yao Jing sat in the restaurant foolishly until the people outside the restaurant waved to him. He followed him like a waking up from a dream.

“Go drive.”

Yan Shuang commanded naturally.

Yao Jing said yes twice. When he drove to Yan Shuangmian’s front, he thought in a muddle: why is he so obedient?

By the way, Wei Yichen explained.

“Drive,” Yan Shuang said. “Go to Qin’s house.”

Yao Jing said “Oh” and then said, “ah?”

“Go to the Qin family, where Qin yubai lives, don’t you know?” Yan Shuang looked at him up and down, “I thought Wei Yichen would find a more powerful person to monitor me.”

Yao Jing hurriedly said, “I know where the Qin family is, but…”

He is the one who monitors Yan Shuang and sends Yan Shuang to his employer’s house. Isn’t his business completely ruined?

“Don’t worry,” Yan Shuangchong winked. “Let’s go to the back door and keep it quiet.”

Yao Jing had to drive to Qin’s house obediently.

Along the way, Yan Shuang kept fiddling with his mobile phone.

Those who do their business are generally curious. Yao Jing sneaks to take a peek at the red light.

“Don’t look,” Yan duotou didn’t lift his head, “seducing men.”

Yao Jing choked and was red from head to ear.

Yan Shuang sent at least 100 messages to Ji Yao.

After deducting 50 pieces of free information given by the package, there are 50 pieces left, 10 cents and 1 piece, which add up to 5 yuan.

Ji Yao can.

Let him spend five yuan to coax, but also stubbornly ignore people.

Yan Shuang frowned slightly.

Read the text message he sent from top to bottom.

Each one looks so moving and moving. Why is Ji Yao not touched?

At least you should say “Oh”.

You can’t go back to a full stop.

Damn it.

He finally gave Ji Yao another dime.

“Ji Yao, I’ll wait for you in the dormitory at night. Please come back, okay?”

Ji Yao still didn’t come back.

Yan shuangpan started and sneered.

Yao Jing on one side couldn’t help shaking.

In less than half a minute, Yan Shuang returned to calm, turned on his mobile phone and turned to his mailbox.

That’s Qi Feiyun’s work email. Generally speaking, Qi Feiyun doesn’t log in to this email in person. No matter how many emails he sends, they will be filtered by his assistant.

What trouble.

If he wasn’t afraid of showing his face, Qi Feiyun would immediately incarnate as a human extreme sports lover and disrupt his steps to brush the plot line. Yan Shuang really wanted to use this face.

After thinking over and over again, Yan Shuang still sent an email, and he made an appointment for another interview.

When the assistant who had left work received the email, Ben didn’t care, but after seeing the sender’s name, he hesitated and forwarded it to Qi Feiyun’s private email.

The people Qi Feiyun mentioned on his own initiative are special even if they are ordinary.

An email reminder suddenly pops up in the lower right corner of the computer.

Qi Feiyun opened without hesitation.

E-mails sent to him at night are usually arranged for tomorrow’s operation. There is an emergency transfer, which is very important.

Sender: Yan Shuang.

Qi Feiyun’s mouse stopped.

This is a very ordinary email.

Yan Shuang said that he didn’t ask many questions clearly last time. He hoped to meet Qi Feiyun again. He was very sorry that he had delayed Qi Feiyun’s time, so he wanted to invite Qi Feiyun to a meal and interview him twice during the meal.

“Does Mr. Qi think the canteen is too cheap? I’m working hard. If Mr. Qi wants, I can invite you to a more expensive restaurant.”

It’s always so straight and straight.

It seems that I want to show him all my thoughts.

The cursor stayed on the name “Yan Shuang”.


Qi Feiyun said to himself.

It’s all fake.

This brief fascination with appearance will soon disappear like the dew in the morning.

He is used to it.

No more expectations.

Click the close button in the upper right corner.

The vehicle slowly drove to the West rear door mentioned by Yan Shuang.

Such a big Qin house actually has a gloomy West back door. There is no lamp except for messy plants.

Yao Jing fought with his teeth. “What are you doing here?”

Yan Shuang narrowed his eyes, “shh.”

His face was mysterious. “Did you hear anything?”

Yao Jing is scared to death.

He admitted. He had a showdown. He was afraid of ghosts.

“Yan, Mr. Yan… What are you doing?” Yao Jing held his head, shrunk on the steering wheel and begged, “I’d better take you back to school.”

“Shh -” Yan Shuang said again, looking a little stern, “didn’t you hear?”

“What, what?”

“Someone is playing the piano.”

The melodious sound of the piano reverberated in the building.

People who play the piano have a climax of art and rich feelings. Even people who don’t know music at all will be impressed by the beautiful music.

The servant forgot to wipe the porcelain and was intoxicated. She didn’t wake up until the housekeeper passed by quietly. She explained shyly, “the young master plays the piano really well.”


The housekeeper’s expression looked puzzled.

Wei Yichen went up with supper.

Qin yubai is still working in his study.

He was in bad condition all day, his work efficiency became low, and he was still restless when he came back to work overtime at night.

Wei Yichen knocks on the door and delivers the supper.

Qin yubai’s face is very ugly. With the injury on his face, he looks embarrassed.

“It’s so late,” Qin yubai glanced at Wei Yichen, “let Qin Qing rest early.”

Wei Yichen thought, do you think the piano sound is too noisy to affect your work?

Immediately realized that it was just his overly pragmatic idea.

His employer loved and accommodated the weak young master wholeheartedly. How could he dislike such noise?


Wei Yichen put down his supper and went to the third floor to knock on the room where the sound of the piano came, “young master, it’s late. You should go to bed.”

The sound of the piano stopped suddenly.

No response.

Wei Yichen is used to it.

There is a wandering young master at home. The Dragon sees the head but not the tail. He never likes to pay attention to anyone. Anyone who can hear his voice belongs to a gift. The most thing is to see him sitting in the room painting.

That face is as like as two peas.

Wei Yichen turns on his mobile phone and Yan Shuang in the photo smiles happily.

Not pretend to be happy, but really feel heartfelt joy for the rich meal in front of you.

Gently slide your thumb across the screen, as if touching that beautiful face.


How can the young master raised in the boudoir be the same as the suffering mortal?

Fish eyes and pearls, even if they look like them, have never been a species.

A message suddenly popped up above the mobile phone.

“Come out.”

Wei Yichen was completely stunned.

“I’m at the West back door of your ghost house.”

Ghost house?

That’s appropriate.

Lie to him again?

Wei Yichen thought so, but his footsteps were still the inaccessible West back door of the Qin house.

The night was already very deep, and the tall trees grew disorderly and arrogant because of no control, connecting into a large dense shadow.

The iron gate of the West back door is entangled by thick green vines. It is almost impossible to tell where the wall is and where the exit is.

The night was quiet and there was no one.

Wei Yichen smiled. He seemed to get used to being cheated and teased by the little bitch, and he didn’t feel angry.

These little plays are a little entertainment in his boring life.

He is willing to pay for it.

“Shasha -”

The sound of footsteps stepping on the fallen leaves came.

Wei Yichen’s footsteps stopped, and he turned back.

There is a smiling face outside the iron gate with tangled vines and men, which is more moving than the moon.

He was carrying a bag and said softly, “thank you for your treat. I’ll pack it for you.”

Wei Yichen stood in place and remained silent.

He was wondering if it was a dream. The people in front of him were his fantasy.

I’ve been cheated so many times, and finally once… I didn’t cheat him.

Yan Shuang stood on tiptoe and raised his hand high over the iron door, “come and pick it up.”

He stood outside the iron gate, like a dream falling in the middle of the night.

“Hurry up.”

When the urging voice came, Wei Yichen finally walked slowly forward. He looked at Yan Shuang’s eyes, stretched out his long arm and took the plastic bag.

When the fingertips touch each other, Yan Shuang’s fingers are cold.

“I’m leaving.”

Yan Shuangchong waved his hand. When he turned around, his hand that had not been retracted was pulled by a strong force.

The other hand passed through the gap of the iron door surrounded by fujiman and held his wrist.

“I have a reservation.”

His voice was cold, quite different from his hot palm.

The meaning is a unique secret between two people.

Under the cold white moonlight, Yan Shuang looked back and smiled. He smiled cunningly at the twinkling eyes behind Wei Yichen’s lens, “I’ll consider it.”

The backstage emotional line rising to 15% shows that the housekeeper is still far from indulging. I hope housekeeper Wei will work harder and get more involved.

Yan Shuang pulled his wrist out of the other party’s palm without nostalgia.

The residual temperature of the palm was branded on his wrist. He waved to Wei Yichen, smiling innocently and with red lips slightly open.

“Your boss is watching you upstairs.”


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