I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 26

“Tomorrow at 6:30, I’m going to the morning shift. Can you pick me up?”

Yan Shuang unfastened his seat belt and raised his eyebrows at Yao Jing.

Yao Jing opened her mouth and found that she had neither a position nor the courage to refuse Yan Shuang, so she had to say angrily, “OK, just get on the bus here?”

“Yes,” Yan Shuang grinned, “are you interested in being a hitchhiker? We can give you fifty-five cents on your income.”

Yao Jing: ”

“It’s still inconvenient, Mr. Yan.” Yao Jinghan.

“Forget it.”

They were all migrant workers. Yan Shuang didn’t embarrass him and said friendly, “good night.”

Yan Shuang got out of the car, and the figures disappeared into sight. Yao Jingcai waved his hand slowly,

“Good night…”

This ordinary person really seems to have a very strange charm.

Everything is easy and comfortable.

Yao Jing was startled by his idea and quickly rolled down the window.

The cool night breeze blew into the car, which immediately cleared Yao Jing’s mind.

People like him can’t afford such a position.

Qin yubai, Ji Yao, even Wei Yichen and Yan Shuang have a lot of capital to invest in them.

Even if he is a mortal, the sunk cost is too high. Don’t dream of going through this mixed water.

Yao Jing took a few deep breaths and sent the monitoring results of the day to Wei Yichen as usual.

The dinner part… Forget it.

Anyway, Wei Yichen knows.

Wei Yichen returned to the house with the plastic bag of takeout.

Without the sound of the piano in the building, it seemed very quiet. The servants were doing the cleaning and finishing work of the day with light hands and feet. When they saw the housekeeper coming back, they had more food bags in their hands. They hurriedly came forward, “housekeeper Wei, I’ll put them away for you.”

The wrist slightly deviated, “No.”

“Housekeeper Wei,” another servant came down upstairs, “Sir, looking for you.”

Qin yubai is still working, and many documents are scattered on his desk.

Wei Yichen said calmly, “what’s up, sir?”

“What about today’s material,” Qin Yu said without raising his head, “it’s fake.”

Wei Yichen glanced at the desktop with a mountain of documents, “Sir, do you want to see it now?”

Qin yubai raised his face. The scars on his face were mottled. He looked a little evil, “what do you say?”

“Just a moment.”

Wei Yichen stooped slightly.

“I’ll give you a day off every week,” Qin yubai lowered his head and turned over a document. “People have come to the door,” he raised his eyes and looked a little relaxed joking, “let’s talk about your love.”


Qin Yu said forcefully in mid air, “go.”

Wei Yichen no longer explained, but withdrew first.

It seems that Yan Shuang didn’t lie to him this time.

Qin yubai did see him and Yan Shuang upstairs.

But Ximen was deserted all the time and didn’t even have a lamp, so Qin yubai didn’t see that the person talking to his subordinates was his lover.

From beginning to end, Wei Yichen was very calm. He returned to his room. The takeout in plastic bags was on his desk. He sat at his desk and began to sort out Yan Shuang’s whereabouts for a day.

Wei Yichen calmly analyzed why he had suddenly made such an abnormal move while working.

Maybe it’s because you look too long, you have the impulse to get it.

Yan Shuang’s smile before leaving reminded him.

This is a little devil who plays in the world for fun.

It’s praise to describe it as a bitch.

Bitches are objects that money can buy and maintain relationships.

Yan Shuang is not.

His fun is much more advanced than that. Not everyone can afford it.

Can touch, but not addictive, Wei Yichen solemnly warned himself.

But his employer Qin yubai is a little abnormal.

Wei Yichen has worked with the employer for two years. He clearly knows that Qin yubai first cares about his sick younger brother who is not related by blood, and the second thing he cares about is work.

Today, Qin yubai is in a bad state of work all day.

Those employees and shareholders in the company are trembling and can’t figure out what’s wrong with this emperor like figure today.

Wei Yichen knows best.

Qin yubai is thinking about Yan Shuang.

Even when he couldn’t finish his work during the day by working overtime at night, he had to check Yan Shuang’s whereabouts.

His employer seems to be losing control unconsciously.

This is a good reference to remind him to be vigilant at all times. It’s enough to have fun in his mind. Don’t really jump down and die without a burial place.

Yan Shuang’s whereabouts are very simple. He has classes and works. He comes and goes back to those places. Qin yubai glances at his desk and stops at the last photo after sweeping his eyes.

In the photo, Yan Shuang is climbing the high stairs in front of the hospital with his old canvas bag on his back. He is as thin as a piece of paper in front of the tall and towering hospital gate.

Qin yubai holds his forehead.

He said he refused to make Yan Shuang happy and couldn’t make Yan Shuang happy, but Yan Shuang suffered, and he didn’t see how much better. He didn’t feel a trace of pleasure when he saw this photo.

Hurting this person’s body is meaningless except to set off his powerlessness to him.

Pulling like this is like losing both sides.

Looking for a double lover is to relieve his pressure. How can he get tired and angry again and again?

Should he change his current attitude towards Yan Shuang?

Too much care, consume only their own emotions.

“Go out…”

Qin yubai waved his hand wearily.

“Pick someone up at noon tomorrow.”


In the reception room of the racecourse, Xiao Qingyang said helplessly, “here is a new mobile phone.”

Ji Yao silently took over the mobile phone and went to dismantle the shell of the old mobile phone.

Xiao Qingyang: “I said you’re making a little hypocritical about being independent. You drive a good car and live in a good place. You have a new mobile phone sent to me after a phone call. My young master, are you independent?”

Ji Yao said faintly, “I didn’t spend his money.” he raised his eyes. His beautiful face was full of innate pride. “This is my trust.”

He was born with a golden spoon. Although it was not what he wanted, he had carved it into the bone marrow and could never really fall into the world.

Xiao Qingyang shook his head, changed the topic and said, “what about desire?”

Ji Yao was not satisfied with Xiao Qingyang’s nickname. He glanced at him coldly, “don’t call him that.”

“Well,” Xiao Qingyang surrendered, “I can’t remember his name.”

Ji Yao lowered his face and pulled out the phone card from his smashed mobile phone.

“He and Qin yubai…”

“Pa -”

The broken old mobile phone hit the ground again and fell apart.

Xiao Qingyang jumped up in fright and said, “you…”

He has never seen Ji Yao make such a big fire.

Ji Yao’s personality is lonely and cold, but cold is cold. His emotions are very introverted and do not leak out. Such a sudden outbreak is a little different from him.

But the expression on Ji Yao’s face didn’t fluctuate at all, and it seemed a kind of horror that the mountain rain was coming and the wind filled the building.

Ji Yao steadily put the old mobile phone card into the new mobile phone.

Xiao Qingyang doesn’t know, but Ji Yao knows it in his heart.

His mood was like a broken kaleidoscope, wrapped in a small tube, confused and ready to explode.

The movement of the hands gradually slows down.

Eyelashes down, cell phone turned on.

Dozens of messages and missed calls poured in like mad in a flash.

“Ji Yao…”

“Ji Yao…”

“Ji Yao…”

His name filled the whole screen in an instant.

His temples trembled violently. Ji Yao pursed his lips and held a new mobile phone. His thumb was eager to try. He wanted to smash the new mobile phone in his hand.

“What’s the matter with you today?” Xiao Qingyang was nervous. He felt that Ji Yao’s state was a little wrong, as if it was because of the ordinary boy.

Without saying a word, Ji Yao buttoned his mobile phone on the desktop and said plainly, “what’s the matter with me?”

Xiao Qingyang had nothing to say for a moment. He only said, “it’s mid autumn festival soon. When are you going to gamble with your uncle?”

Ji Yao stood up and left directly.

Xiao Qingyang sat in his place and sighed deeply. He grabbed his hair irritably, or he picked up the phone, “Hey, is it me? Is my uncle there?”

“OK, I’ll wait.”

Xiao Qingyang had been afraid to hang up. After about ten minutes, a voice finally sounded at the end of the empty phone, “what’s wrong with him?”

It was close to midnight, and the voice on the other end of the phone sounded a little lazy. When I came up, I asked directly, with an unconscious condescending, which was a sense of oppression naturally emitted by people in high positions all year round.

Even across the phone, Xiao Qingyang’s face was a lot more serious.

“Good evening, uncle. I’m still bothering you so late… Ji Yao really doesn’t look right today. Last night he brought that man to my racecourse for the night…”

“Say something I don’t know.”

The other end of the phone interrupted Xiao Qingyang.

Xiao Qingyang opened and closed his mouth like a fish jumping ashore. To some extent, he can understand Ji Yao’s running away from home. His uncle is really not a good father.

“He smashed his cell phone and looked very angry.”

Laughter came from the other end of the phone, which seemed to ridicule something. Xiao Qingyang unconsciously blushed and felt as if he had said something wrong.

“If you don’t know the height of heaven and earth, it’s better to go out and touch the wall, so that he won’t rely on himself. He has a pair of good parents who think too highly of himself. You don’t care about him, let him go.”

Ji wensong’s words didn’t have a trace of love for his son. This seemed to be a little concerned, and what he said seemed to be charity.

“OK…” Xiao Qingyang said weakly, “uncle, Ji Yao is still young, so don’t tell him the same story.”

The other end of the phone was quiet for a few seconds, and suddenly changed into the maid’s gentle voice, “young master Qingyang, what else do you want to say? Tell me, and I’ll tell you to sir.”

This is already impatient to listen.

Xiao Qingyang said with a bitter smile, “it’s nothing. Hang up.”

“OK, good night, young master Qingyang.”

Xiao Qingyang, who was sandwiched between his father and son, was depressed. He thought, aunt, why did you marry such a man, give birth to such a son, and leave at a young age. He left only a pair of father and son who could not be father and son, and asked them to be coerced in them every day and tossed back and forth by the arrogance of father and son.

Early the next morning, Yan Shuang waited for Yao Jing to pick him up at the back door of the school.

A dark black car quietly stopped in front of him.

Yan Shuang looked up. He thought it was Wei Yichen. Unexpectedly, two unknown bodyguards in black came down from the car.

“Mr. Yan, my husband invites you to come and be a guest.”

Yan Shuang said, “which gentleman?”

“You’ll know when you go.”

The two bodyguards came forward from left to right, showing a hijacking attitude.

Yan Shuang said calmly, “I have an appointment. I have to inform him first and tell him not to come.”

“No, don’t worry. We’ve arranged it for you.”

Yan Shuang narrowed his eyes.

It’s not good.

He thought about it. He was not afraid of slag attack. What else was he afraid of? After all, there were only a few people in this world, and they couldn’t jump out of that circle.

“All right.”

Yan Shuang gets on the bus.

This car is as like as two peas used by Qin Yubai, but only slightly longer from the interior.

Yan Shuang was suddenly blessed to his heart.

He probably knows who’s looking for him.

Not slag attack, that’s slag attack his father!

The vehicle stopped at the gate of an antique manor. Two bodyguards of the same color stood in the doorway. After checking the vehicle, they released it.

Yan Shuang looked at the scenery outside the car curiously.

The whole manor is a low house, open and calm. Carved beams and walls are elegant everywhere. A large flower tree in the courtyard is like a big umbrella, falling pieces of flowers and leaves, overlapping on the fine white pebbles, making people feel quiet and soothing.

When the vehicle stopped, a maid in wooden clogs and kimonos led Yan Shuang into the door.

Seeing each other’s style, Yan Shuang was more and more sure that Ji Yao’s father should come to him.

The original book mentioned that Ji Yao’s father was half Japanese.

In the original book, this is also a background figure, which exists as a key figure in shaping Ji Yao’s character.

I haven’t really met Yan Shuang.

It triggered a plot that was not in the original book.

This is also common for Yan Shuang.

If the plot helps him complete the emotional line and plot line, he doesn’t mind.

If it’s an invalid plot, just fool the past and it’s over.

Yan Shuang thought in his heart and followed the maid.

“Mr. Yan, please take off your shoes.”

Stepping into the inner courtyard, the whole courtyard is like a maze, not a complete Japanese architecture. The Chinese and Japanese styles are merged together, which is difficult to distinguish. There is a trace of small jasper in the majestic. Every few meters, there are two servants who are as beautiful as the ladies in the painting. Most of them wear kimonos and robes. When they see Yan Shuang, they smile and nod hello to him.

Yan Shuang has been saying hello all the way and is a little confused.

Finally, the maid in front stopped in front of a maple leaf mask, “Mr. Yan, please.” She stooped slightly and stepped back gently.

Yan Shuang thought that this kind of devil style in China really lacks the iron fist greeting of socialism.

When the barrier door was opened, a man in a brown kimono was facing him with his back. His back was tall, his body was tall, and his hair was short and neat. He was looking out of the window. He heard the movement and turned his face.

His appearance is somewhat similar to Ji Yao. He is handsome and cold, with light fine lines at the corners of his eyes. In addition, he can hardly see his age. He is a very handsome young man, but his temples are suddenly white, like a hasty snow that has not yet melted.

Looking at Yan Shuang’s eyes, it makes people feel angry.

“Have you had breakfast?”

The tone is very kind.

Yan Shuang held the door and didn’t know what face to use. After thinking about it, he still pretended to be submissive, “No.”

“Hard work.”

Polite words did not alleviate the slightest sense of oppression in the air.

“Come in,” Ji wensong smiled, “what are you doing standing at the door?”

Yan Shuang walked in according to the words and raised his face. It happened that Ji wensong’s eyes were not like Ji Yao at all. Ji Yao’s eyes were actually very simple and easy to understand. All emotions were written in it. From Ji wensong’s unfathomable eyes, he could see nothing except a sense of oppression.

Ji wensong smiled and said gently, “close the door.”


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