I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 27

“Few young people can get up so early now.”

Ji wensong sat down on the tatami and said to Yan Shuang with a stiff face, “sit down.”

Yan Shuang answered and knelt down.

Ji wensong: “what do you want to eat? I’ll ask the kitchen to make it for you.”

“That…” Yan Shuang lowered his head and whispered, “I have to go to work. If you have anything to say……” he looked up timidly, “haven’t asked you yet?”

His arm stretched out from his big brown sleeve. Ji wensong picked up the tea bowl in front of him and looked at Yan Shuang with a smile, “don’t you know who I am?”

Yan Shuang felt a chill in his heart.

As an old employee of the Transmigration Department, he always keeps in mind the safety rules. One of them is never to treat the aborigines in the book with arrogant attitude of self righteous omniscientism.

This is a cruel man.

Yan Shuang quickly made a judgment.

In front of such a person, it’s best not to be clever. It’s wrong to try to challenge his Majesty in front of him.

Yan Shuang simply chose silence.

Seeing that Yan Shuang stopped talking, Ji wensong smiled and said, “Chinese breakfast, is it OK?”

“Yes,” Yan Shuang said no more, “thank you.”

Ji wensong clapped his hands, and immediately a servant came. After listening to Ji wensong’s instructions, he withdrew silently.

In the following time, Ji wensong didn’t say a word. He just tasted tea quietly. His eyes fell on Yan Shuang, sometimes his hair, sometimes his ears, and sometimes Yan Shuang’s fists hanging on his side.

There was no intimacy in his eyes, like the trial before the executioner was executed.

He stripped a man with his eyes, not to possess him, but to execute him.

Breakfast came up soon. It was really a Chinese breakfast. It was surprisingly simple, just the simplest steamed stuffed buns and soybean milk.

“I’m old and don’t like to eat too greasy things.”

“I don’t know if it suits your young people.”

Yan Shuang took a steamed stuffed bun and took a bite. It was a vegetarian three delicacies. Both the skin and stuffing were impeccable. It was delicious and would not be too burdensome. It tasted delicious and had a lasting aftertaste.


Yan Shuang decided to give Ji wensong a 9:5 first.

If Ji wensong has a better attitude, the score can be increased.

Soybean milk is also very good to drink, probably because the raw materials are very excellent. It is mellow but not bitter. It is pure and sweet.

This meal made Yan Shuang feel refreshed.

Ji wensong peacefully finished breakfast with Yan Shuang and took care of him, “you can have it again if it’s not enough.”

Yan Shuanglian hurriedly said, “I’m full.”

Ji wensong nodded.

This time he didn’t have to clap his hands. A servant came in at the right time to receive the meal.

Ji wensong ordered, “bring me the things.”


Yan Shuang thought: dinner is coming.

Soon two beautiful maids came in. They held a wooden tray in their hands. The tray was covered with a layer of black cloth, so that people couldn’t see what was inside.

Yan Shuang looked at it with Yu Guang, thinking that the devil’s blood is so particular, and the check should also be loaded on a tray.

In his opinion, it was Ji wensong who threw a check and told him to stay away from Ji.

That’s what happened in ancient dog blood stories. He knows.

Then he’ll take the check and admit it.

Ji wensong wiped his hands with the hot handkerchief sent by the servant and said to Yan Shuang, “open it and have a look.”

One of the maids knelt down and lifted the tray in front of Yan.

Yan Shuang opened the black cloth in silence. When he saw what was inside, his pupils shrank slightly.

A bright red dress – the one he discarded after posting in an Internet cafe to discredit Ji Yao.

Ji wensong handed the handkerchief to the maid, smiled and commented: “the style is too old, the material is too poor, and the cutting is not good.”

“It doesn’t suit you.”

His voice fell, and another beautiful maid knelt down and raised the tray in her hand.

Yan Shuang was just surprised and calmed down for a moment, reaching out to lift the black cloth on another tray.

Inside is another well folded red skirt. At a glance, it is also brilliant and beautiful. At a glance, it is high-grade goods.

It’s very different from the one he bought casually for $20.

“Mr. Ji,” Yan Shuang put away his weak appearance and said calmly, “what do you want?”

Ji wensong waved his hand. The two maids gently placed the wooden plate beside Yan’s feet, quickly withdrew and pulled the door.

The room is quiet.

Yan Shuang didn’t expect him to roll over here at Ji wensong.

In the original book, when Ji Yao and Yan Shuang had a sadistic love affair, Ji wensong didn’t object. He always looked like watching a play. Why did he suddenly run out to catch his painful foot today?

Does Ji Yao know that he did the forum?

If Ji Yao knows, how can he fool it?

Ji wensong called him here to expose the matter. Did he want to teach him a lesson?

Yan Shuang’s brain rotates rapidly, and his face is still silent.

“Don’t you try?”

The soft voice interrupted Yan Shuang’s thinking.

Ji wensong said slowly.

Yan Shuang was stunned for a moment, kneeling motionless, with a supple posture, “Ji…”

“Try it,” Ji wensong interrupted. His tone was gentle, but with it came the unspeakable sense of oppression, which can’t be refused. “It’s customized according to your size.”

The room was very quiet. There were a few clear bird songs outside the window. There was still a little smell of food in the air. The tea was already cold and a smell of residual tea came out.

Yan Shuang slowly stretched his hands on his side, raised his face and smiled at Ji wensong, “then I don’t respect you.”

It’s just women’s clothes. He wears maid’s clothes. This kind of skirt is a piece of cake.

Ji wensong took time to carry the tea bowl. He didn’t drink. He just played with the cup on his hand. His eyes were still like that, staring at Yan Shuang like a judge.

Yan Shuang acted very simply when he took off his clothes.

The slender arm pulled both sides of the T-shirt and took off the T-shirt rudely. There was no shy look on his face, as if there was no psychological pressure for him to strip in front of strangers he met for the first time.

Compared with the normal standard, he looks slightly slim, because he is tired of all kinds of physical work all year round, covered with a thin layer of muscle, with a fresh and healthy youth atmosphere.

His indifferent and mature attitude is totally inconsistent with his childish appearance.

Ji wensong’s eyes flashed, showing a faint smile.

Yan Shuang’s hands stopped again when his fingers picked up the luxurious long skirt.

Ji wensong also prepared a “surprise” for him.

There’s a gadget hidden under the bright red skirt.

It is also pure red. The silk belt has a dull luster and wears two thin pieces of lace.

Yan Shuang’s eyes turned to Ji wensong.

Ji wensong had a gentle smile on her face, “ladies should wear suits.”

The tip of the tongue turned gently in the mouth.

Old man.

Good at playing.

Think he’ll be ashamed?

I really underestimate him.

Yan Shuang looked indifferent and picked up the thin cloth without embarrassment.

The long leg passed through the silk ribbon, and the fingers tied the silk ribbon in two knots at will.

The young man has slender bones and white skin, and the red color suits him better than expected.

The purest red, integrated with the youth, is like a thick ink and heavy color oil painting.

Shaking the long skirt, it was still a long skirt with suspenders. Yan Shuang did not vividly put the skirt in directly from top to bottom. His arm stretched out from the thin suspenders and went back to his back to reach the zipper below.

All the movements he avoided were graceful or attractive.

Ji wensong is not the object of his plot development. He doesn’t want to create complications.

When the zipper was half pulled, he really couldn’t pull it up. He struggled several times and failed. Ji wensong didn’t make a sound. He had to turn his head and look at Ji wensong watching the play behind him, “Mr. Ji, the zipper can’t be pulled up.”

Ji wensong sat behind him. His eyes were as white as snow. A straight bone in the middle looked fragile and flexible. His arms twisted to reach the zipper behind him, pulling the butterfly bone like wings.

Red skirt and snow skin are beautiful.

Ji wensong said in a warm voice, “come here.”

Yan walked around the table without changing his color and knelt down with his back to Ji wensong.

“Do you like oranges?”

“I like all fruits.”

“You smell of orange.”

The zipper slowly climbed up along the back, itching.

“It’s the smell of shower gel.”


Ji wensong loosened his hand and spoiled his tone, like talking to his beloved daughter, “turn around and let me have a look.”

Yan Shuang turned around.

The curve from the neck to the clavicle of the young man was very beautiful. The thin sling hung on his thin shoulder like a pendant, making him show a fragile beauty of indistinguishable gender.

The designer made a deep V in the front clipping, almost driving the line all the way to the bottom.

Because their master said that the red skirt was made for boys and could be a little bolder.

The effect is really good. Under the white skin, the outline of bones and unknown natural customs are looming.

“Turn around.”

Yan Shuang stood up and slowly turned around like a obedient doll.

The skirt is an oblique hem. When it rotates, the water like ripples open a blood like flower centered on Yan Shuang’s straight and white legs.

Ji wensong appreciated: “it fits very well.”

Yan Shuang was silent.

“I thought the boy was good for nothing. I didn’t expect that his eye for picking people wasn’t bad.”

Ji wensong said, “you are smart, beautiful and resourceful. If you are a girl, I would like you to have a child for him.”

Yan Shuang listened quietly and waited for the following.

“Unfortunately, you are a boy…”

Yan Shuang thought, finally come, come, try hard and throw the check in his face.

“I can only teach him a lesson.”

Yan’s ears moved, and his round eyes were picked up. He was as smart and smart as a cat.

“This boy is always self righteous and thinks he is the smartest and greatest person in the world,” Ji wensong said gently. “Will you help me teach him a lesson?”

Yan Shuang’s eyes twinkled, “I don’t understand what you mean.”

“You understand.” Ji wensong put down the tea bowl. He stood up and went to Yan’s side. The invisible sense of oppression came to his face.

Ji wensong reached out and patted Yan Shuang on the top of his head. The big sleeve of the brown kimono gently brushed Yan Shuang’s cheek.

That attitude made Yan Shuang feel like his pet.

“You are so smart…” the dry and warm palm slowly slid from his head to his cheek. The palm wrapped Yan Shuang’s chin and lifted it. Yan Shuang was forced to lift his face and lead his neck to be killed. He looked up at Ji wensong’s unpredictable eyes, “… So good.”

The beautiful maid sent Yan Shuang out, handed Yan Shuang three bags and gave Yan Shuang an envelope at the same time.

“Sir said he was sorry to have delayed you so long. Here is a gift for you,” the maid bowed sweetly to him. “You are welcome to visit again next time.”

Yan Shuang got into the car and opened the envelope first.

Ji wensong didn’t let him down. A check was attached.

Not more than a million.

Yan Shuang collected the check and opened the three bags to check.

There are three clothes in each of the three bags.

A cheap long dress he bought, a red dress customized by Ji wensong, and… Ji Yao’s white shirt spilled with wine and secretly sold by him.


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