I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 28

It is not the first time that Yan Shuang encountered the problem of sudden interference or addition of non mission personnel to disturb the plot line in the book.

This is also one of the daily challenges that these employees need to face.

Some people will completely abide by the original world line step by step because they are afraid of accidents, but even so, accidents can not be avoided.

Yan Shuang never did that. He has his own opinion.

Books are dead, but people are alive.

All the characters in the book have their own personal designs and thoughts. Even if a small action is wrong, perhaps the other party will have different ideas and act differently from the original book.

It is as like as two peas to tell some fantastic tales that are going to be the same.

Yan Shuang believes that many people’s failure is because they are too superstitious about the story of the original book provided by the publishing house.

Therefore, he always abides by the human design and adopts a flexible attitude towards the plot.

High risk and high return.

So far, the car has not overturned.

As long as he works hard, all the plots or personnel can be used by him.

Ji Yao gave him a million last time.

The money should not have been produced on the plot line, so Qin yubai tore up the check not surprisingly.

After that, Qin yubai gave him another million yuan, but instead of directly giving it to him, he donated it to the welfare home in his name. Logically, this is not the money that should be produced by the plot line, but the background of the system recognized the fund.

This may be a loophole that can be drilled.

Before getting off the bus, Yan Shuang handed the check back to his bodyguard. “Please give it back to Mr. Ji and ask him to donate the money to Xingxing welfare home in my name.”

The bodyguard took the check without saying a word of refusal. “OK, no problem.”

Such performance made Yan Shuang wonder whether Ji wensong had guessed that he would make such a request early in the morning.

Ji wensong is telling him in this way that he can see everything in front of him. Don’t try to play any tricks.

This is really a tricky person.

However, at present, their interests are the same.

Ji wensong should not interfere in the affairs between him and Ji Yao. Ji wensong even hinted that he would strengthen his efforts and let Yan Shuang play with his own son’s feelings.

What a good father.

An hour later, Yan Shuang asked about the amount of money in the background of the system. When he learned that it had increased by another million, he was very happy.

Correct judgment!

As long as it is not by his hand, it will not be interfered with.

OK, OK, isn’t it just a lesson for Ji Yao?

If Ji wensong needs it, he can give Ji Yao 17 or 18 classes, as long as Ji wensong is willing to give him a “make-up fee”!

At noon, when Wei Yichen came to pick up Yan Shuang, Yan Shuang couldn’t hide his good mood. As soon as he got on the bus, he was going to hold Wei Yichen. His outstretched arm was blocked by a thin note.

Yan Shuang impolitely drew out the paper money at Wei Yichen’s fingertips first, “what do you mean?”

“Charter.” Wei Yichen said faintly.

Yan Shuang puffed and smiled. He went up and rubbed Wei Yichen’s broad shoulder. Wei Yichen tore it down from his shoulder mercilessly, “sit down.”

It seems that our housekeeper has regained his senses again. Yan Shuang thought with a smile. He retracted the co pilot and smelled the smell of money. It’s the smell of fresh ink just coming out of the money printer. “You like cash very much.”

“Don’t you like it?”

“I like it all,” Yan Shuang narrowed his eyes and smiled like a thief. “I don’t discriminate against any form of money.”

“Including checks?”

Yan Shuang listened to what he said, “Yao Jing followed?”

He doesn’t think Ji wensong’s style can tolerate others to follow.

“He doesn’t have that much ability.”

Sure enough.

“Mr. Qin naturally has Mr. Qin’s way,” Wei Yichen said implicitly. “You don’t have to send someone to follow.”

Yan Shuang got through at one point.

Qin yubai planted spies in Ji wensong.

I just don’t know how deep this piece has fallen.

Yan Shuang looked at Qin yubai with admiration.

We can see his ability to place people under Ji wensong, who has such a strong desire for control.

It turns out that Qin yubai is not a pure mad dog.

I don’t know if Qin yubai has committed xiongjing’s disease again. The place where Wei Yichen stopped is also an antique mansion, which also has a beautiful maid.

Yan Shuang felt as if he had gone back in time. When he saw Qin yubai in a silver suit with a gloomy face, he suddenly recovered.

The maid beside him opened the stool for him. Yan Shuang hurriedly thanked him and sat opposite Qin yubai.

Qin yubai didn’t say a word, but cut Yan Shuang’s face with his eyes like a small knife.

When I first met Yan Shuang, I was at a cocktail party.

Yan Shuang came to work as a temporary waiter. He was probably too tired. He secretly leaned against the shadow to rest. He took off his glasses and wiped the wine stains on his glasses with his sleeve. Qin yubai remembered this man at a glance.

Maybe it’s been a long time. Now, even if Yan Shuang wears that pair of glasses, Qin yubai can clearly describe his outline in his heart.

It’s not like it.

Looks like.

Personality is not like at all.

Qin yubai didn’t speak, and Yan Shuang pretended to be mute.

One of the essence of sadism is that two people don’t say anything to each other and pretend to be dead with passion.

The dishes come up one after another, one after another, and each dish is quite delicious.

Qin beast’s food will never let him down.

Dessert is a snow-white, bubble like dish, the entrance is changed, Yan Shuang savor, eat fresh and complex fruit sweetness, taste first-class, but a few of them are gone.

“Give him mine.”

Yan Shuang raised his eyes. Qin yubai was wiping his hands with a wet towel. His eyes focused on his own hands without looking at Yan Shuang.

The maid quickly took the plate in front of Qin Yu’s white face to Yan Shuangmian.

Yan Shuang reluctantly gave up the former between food and sadism, put down his spoon and said faintly, “I’m full.”

Released the signal of kindness, but was rejected. Qin yubai stopped wiping his hands, and his sharp eyes Rose. “Why, do you have to pedal your nose and face?”

Yan Shuang still ignored him.

Qin Yu was holding a wet towel in his white hand. He wanted to catch Yan Shuang and slap him in the face.

“Like to eat or not, withdraw!” Qin yubai threw the towel aside and shouted to the maid.

The maid hurriedly took the dessert down again.

There were only two people left in the empty room.

Qin yubai probably prefers natural scenery. This room is also a floor to floor window on both sides. The light is transparent and bright. The floor to ceiling window is shaded by trees, so people can hardly tell whether it is indoor or outdoor.

Yan Shuang sat in his seat, and the lights on both sides hit him alone, like the protagonist of a stage play.

His only audience was sitting opposite him, looking at him coldly and critically, wondering what drama he was going to play.

“Come here.”

Yan Shuang hung his face and didn’t speak.

When Qin yubai was going to get angry again, Yan Shuang stood up. He walked to Qin yubai like a wood without expression. He thought it was inconvenient for Qin yubai to slap him when he was standing and Qin yubai was sitting?

Yan Shuang stumbled at his feet and fell into Qin yubai’s arms. He pulled his arm hard and was forcibly locked by Qin yubai with brute force. He no longer struggled and quietly turned his face to the angle Qin yubai could easily pull.

It’s very sweet.

Qin Yu Baihuan held Yan Shuang in his arms, brewing silently in his heart.

Yan Shuang’s stature is not short, his body is very slender, but he is too thin. When he falls in people’s arms, he has a different kind of vulnerability.

But he is also stubborn.

The man sat in his arms, but his back was still stiff and straight.

Only when you’re in bed.

Qin yubai thought for a moment, “yesterday… I was too impulsive. I apologize to you.”

When his voice fell, Yan Shuang immediately looked at him with round eyes and a look of surprise.

Qin yubai saw his true expression for the first time. He felt a little funny in his heart and relaxed a lot. After repeated thinking, his decision was indeed correct.

What, can he affect his mood?

“I shouldn’t answer that phone, and you shouldn’t call me. Both sides have mistakes.” Qin yubai doesn’t mind.

Yan Shuang’s voice was gentle, but his attitude was very firm, “you humiliated me first.”

Qin yubai held his arm. “My hand slipped. Answering the phone is also called humiliating you?”

“You’re not a slippery hand,” Yan Shuang didn’t give him any room. “You’re intentional, deliberately answering the phone, and deliberately…” he couldn’t say any more. He simply lowered his head and bit his lips.

Qin yubai asked with great interest, “what’s on purpose?”

Yan’s arms moved. Qin yubai immediately vigilantly tied his arms and said sternly, “who did you learn to beat people? Look at my face and neck. How many people in the company see me laughing, you know? Are you still reasonable? Did I find myself a servant or an ancestor?”

Yan Shuang hung his face and looked quiet. His words were still to the point, “I didn’t ask you to ask me.”

“You -” Qin yubai has made a lot of concessions. Seeing that he still doesn’t enter the oil and salt, his anger comes up again, “well, you don’t beg me. Some people are willing to kneel down and beg me.”

Yan Shuang raised his face and looked at Qin yubai with an ugly face. “Are you going to say my adoptive father again?”

Qin yubai just looked back at him coldly.

The atmosphere that had slightly improved gradually became tense again.

“Forget it,” Yan Shuang said indifferently, “you throw our father and son into the Middle East and get shot.”

I remember a angry remark very clearly.

Qin yubai was angry and funny. He said coldly, “I want to throw you out and get shot now.”

Yan’s eyelids didn’t move. “Then please donate all my inheritance to the welfare home and accumulate some virtue for yourself.”

Qin yubai was almost killed by Yan Shuang.

He is really ill.

Seeing Yan Shuang running to the hospital alone, I couldn’t bear to think about it. I’d better not make it too ugly. Let’s settle today. I don’t want to block myself any more.

I didn’t expect this man to be ungrateful at all!

Qin yubai was about to throw people off his legs when he suddenly thought that Yan Shuang’s mouth was very hard. Why didn’t he just sit on his legs? Then I scanned Yan Shuang’s eyes with Yu Guang and found that Yan Shuang’s silent mood was very gentle. I thought, is he playing coquettish and asking him to coax?

Qin yubai would not deceive others, but said coldly, “how do you want me to compensate you?”

Yan Shuang still kept silent and planned to knock Qin yubai and ask him to donate to the welfare home.

“How about I donate another 500000 to the welfare home?”


In addition to the previous donation, comrade Qin beast has funded 2.5 million for his retirement career!

Yan Shuang didn’t speak, but his waist was soft and no longer so stiff. He was soft in disguise.

The noon sun hit them warmly. It was a rare quiet time between them.

Qin yubai felt inappropriate and reluctant to break this harmony. In the end, he didn’t do anything again.

The big hand gently stroked Yan Shuangqing’s thin back. Qin yubai thought that he could tell the difference. As long as the two people were put together, they could clearly compare the inferiority of the fake.

“From tomorrow on, you will live in Qin’s house.”

Yan Shuang almost doubted whether Qin yubai had been taken away.

Why are you so good to him?!

Yan Shuang was not dazzled by joy.

“I can promise you… But I still have to stay occasionally.”


Yan Shuang said coldly, “why not.”

What if Ji Yao goes back to the dormitory!

Qin yubai seemed to see Yan Shuang’s mind and said coldly, “I haven’t given up on that trip today?”

About Ji Yao, Qin Yu still thinks he shouldn’t care too much after his white affair. Guan Yan Shuang likes who in his heart. Now he can only sit in his arms. The future is long. What are you afraid of! Is he really no better than a child?

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Qin yubai tried to restrain his anger. “Don’t go too far. I warn you, Ji wensong is not as good as me.”

Yan Shuang sneered, “how are you talking?”

Qin yubai’s eyes shine coldly, and his anger jumps in his pupils.

Yan Shuang added fuel to the fire, “I know you hate me for slapping you. You want to fight back, don’t you? I won’t fight back or scold you bitch.”

Brush some scenes of abuse, brother!

Don’t pity him because he is a charming flower!

Yan Shuang was eager to prepare and fight with slag attack. However, Qin yubai’s anger in his pupil slowly extinguished. His arms firmly clamped Yan Shuang’s arm. He sneered: “do you want to get beaten so that you can get through? I’m not as good as you want.”

Yan Shuang: “…” Gan! This is not a bitch who is a bitch?!


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