I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 29

Yan Shuang is controlled by Qin yubai. It’s hard to do it. Think about Qin yubai’s initiative to make peace today. If he does it first and it’s unreasonable, he has to bear it first.

Wait for the opportunity and fight with slag attack again!

Seeing that he was honest, Qin yubai finally relaxed his face and called the servant. Yan Shuang immediately struggled to get off his leg.

Qin yubai didn’t stop him. He loosened his hand and said to the maid who came in: “give him another Xueqing.”

“Xueqing” is the name of the last dessert.

Yan Shuang blinked to see him.

Qin yubai was a little annoyed by his eyes and said coldly, “pretend and sit down and eat your food!”

Yan Shuang inspected the backstage.

Emotional line 19%.

The tone of the emotional line between him and Qin yubai is to abuse the body and heart.

It’s over.

The dessert is really delicious. Yan Shuang has no reason to refuse. After eating another one, Qin Yu Bai Leng snorted, “bucket.”

Yan Shuang: ”

Well scolded! this is it! Scold more!

Scold not hard enough!

Qin yubai’s scolding is “cheap, cheap”. He can’t find any new tricks. It’s not easy to innovate once, but it’s a low-level vocabulary like “rice bucket” that even primary school students think.

Yan Shuang despised Qin yubai’s vocabulary and his face was wooden.

“I owe you money? Pull a face?” Qin yubai was still unhappy. He wanted to turn the topic around the suspicion. He felt that the question was like competing with Ji Yao and gave Yan a double face.

Besides, he has figured out who Yan Shuang likes. What does it matter to him?

Just have someone around him anyway.

That’s how they are.

Qin yubai calmed his discomfort with a stab in his heart. “Or do you have to buy your smile with money?”

Yan Shuang’s mind moved and stirred up round eyes. His eyes were black and white and extremely clean. Looking at Qin yubai in this way, he was so innocent as if he didn’t understand anything.

It is such eyes that can most arouse a man’s desire to conquer.

Qin yubai began to get hot and dry when he thought of his amorous feelings in bed.

“Come here.”

“I won’t go,” Yan Shuang saw his attempt and categorically refused, “I want to have class.”

“Class?” Qin yubai sneered, “how much is the price of your class?”


Yan Shuang stood up and was about to leave with a canvas bag. He thought Qin yubai should be angry and Gao and Gao had to return that slap.


Yan Shuang thought: coming!

As the footsteps behind him approached, Yan Shuang moved his fingers and was eager to try.

The palm was caught by a pair of dry and hot hands. Yan Shuang turned back. Before he could speak, Qin yubai calmly said, “I’ll send you.”

Yan Shuang’s eyes were surprised.

Qin Yu said coldly, “what’s your look? Do you think I’m going to rape you?”

Yan Shuang continued to answer him with his eyes: Yes.

Qin Yu Bai clenched his hand, pushed his head with his other hand, and said, “don’t look down on yourself too much.”

Yan Shuang:

He got it.

Qin yubai is a mad dog with intermittent temper attacks.

This is a cooling off period.

Skills are cooling down.

Yan Shuang simply ignored him because he couldn’t start a fire.

Wei Yichen waited outside and saw that Qin yubai and Yan Shuang came out hand in hand. He gently picked his eyebrow and tail, and instantly returned to the appearance of eight winds.

“Go to school.”

Qin yubai ordered.


Today, Wei Yichen drove again. There were only three of them in the car.

Qin yubai played with Yan Shuang’s hand in the car.

Yan Shuang’s hands are very beautiful. His fingers are slender and his joints are clear. Every inch of his joints are covered with light powder. His skin and flesh are very soft, his bones are very hard, soft and hard, just like Yan Shuang.

“Your hands are very suitable for playing the piano.”

Qin yubai was stunned.

“I can’t play the piano.”

Yan Shuang said faintly.

It doesn’t belong to you. Don’t rub it.

Qin yubai knew he was in a bad mood. He shook Yan Shuang’s hand and looked out of the window.

In the front rearview mirror, the cold eyes behind the lens swept over and looked at a pair of round and beautiful cat eyes. The original dull eyes moved in an instant, with smiles and flowers in their eyes.

“What are you laughing at?”

Suddenly a cold voice came from the side.

Yan Shuang immediately lowered his eyelashes.

Qin Yu’s Bai Yuguang swept over and caught Yan’s eyes narrowed slightly. Looking at the empty rear-view mirror in front of him, he said quietly, “what’s funny?”

Yan Shuang turned to look out of the window and still ignored people.

Qin yubai’s mouth moved and pulled Yan Shuang’s hand. Yan Shuang fell into his arms. Just about to struggle, Qin yubai took the first step and turned both his hands behind him.

Yan Shuang is like a full bow. His flexible body arc is beautiful and thrilling. People can’t help but want to fiddle with it.

Qin yubai had no patience, clasped Yan Shuang’s hands and pecked at the tip of his ear.

The temperature of Qin yubai’s body somehow seems to be a little higher than that of ordinary people recently. The temperature of his lips is also hot. He immediately dyed Yan Shuang’s thin earlobes red.

“You let go…”

Words of rejection have no effect.

Qin yubai has great power and is worthy of being a scum attack. Once he takes it seriously, Yan Shuang can’t get rid of his shackles at all. The whole person is under his control.

The hot lips slowly moved up from his earlobe. The lips were very dry without any wet meaning. They were just pure warm and soft touch. Qin yubai’s kiss was completely opposite to his tight attitude at the moment.

He kissed Yan Shuang’s eyes.

Yan Shuang closed his eyes in advance, and the two thin lips fell on his eyelids. The strength suddenly increased, and the soft eyeballs were squeezed.

Yan Shuang shouted.

At that moment, Qin yubai’s eyes shot sharply at the front rearview mirror.

The bright mirror only showed his suspicious eyes.

The speed gradually slowed down, and Wei Yichen said calmly, “Mr. Qin, here we are.”

“You let me go, I want to get off…” Yan Shuang began to struggle again. This time, Qin yubai quickly let him go.

Yan Shuang sat down and subconsciously touched his left eye. Fortunately, it was intact.

What’s the matter with Qin yubai today? Do you want to touch all the other slag in one breath?

Yan Shuang hurried to class, stretched out his hand and hit Qin yubai on the arm, and hurried out of the car.

Qin yubai was unprepared. His arm was hurt and there was a palm like wrinkle on his suit.

“Do things,” Qin yubai frowned. “There are no rules at all.”

He patted his sleeves and looked forward, “you say, how can such people be disciplined to be obedient?”

“I don’t understand that.” Wei Yichen respectfully said.

“Oh? None of your former employers have lovers?”

“They all have lovers,” Wei Yichen paused, “but their lovers dare not slap them in the face.”

Qin yubai’s face was livid, and he didn’t know what was going on with Yan Shuang. He looked very slim and light, and his hand was so heavy. The injury on his face hasn’t healed up to now.

It’s really a lack of discipline and cleaning up.

I went to Ji wensong and came back arrogant, just like nobody.

Didn’t Ji wensong teach him to seduce his son?

Such a man who must repay.

He thought Yan Shuang would suffer.

Realizing that he unknowingly began to think about Yan Shuang, Qin Yu’s white face sank and wanted to do so much. Didn’t their relationship just stay at the physical level?

“Let’s go back to the company.”

In the afternoon, someone immediately contacted Yan Shuang and asked him if he needed help moving things to the Qin house.

Yan Shuang refused, thinking why didn’t Wei Yichen contact him?

Thinking of Qin yubai’s question in the car at noon, I know that Qin yubai probably suspects Wei Yichen.

Qin yubai is not a fool after all.

He is a powerful man in the market and has strict control over his subordinates. Wei Yichen is his right hand and a dog with a criminal record of swallowing the Lord. Qin yubai will never be wary of him as a housekeeper and assistant.

But he should not have thought that Wei Yichen did not betray him at work, but there was a shadow of deception in his private life.

Does Qin yubai doubt it?

Of course he doubted, and even made a shallow test in the car.

In fact, he doesn’t want to doubt.

To suspect Wei Yichen in this way, the first is that he has violated his taboo on employment. The second is that this suspicion will raise Yan Shuang’s charm too high.

Yan Shuang is certainly a very beautiful young man.

However, there are beautiful young people everywhere. With the salary he gave Wei Yichen, it is not difficult for Wei Yichen to find any kind of beauty.

Yan Shuang’s temperament is not liked by men at all!

His only merit is that face similar to Qin Qing.

As for Wei Yichen and Qin Qing, they can’t get together. Qin yubai is sure that the two people haven’t even said a word. Wei Yichen can’t empathize for this.

“Your little skirt didn’t find you today?” Qin Yu Bai asked as he got off the bus, with a faint look.

Wei Yichen closed the door, “we don’t have to contact every day.”

“Oh? What’s the relationship?”

The underground parking lot is empty and quiet, and rows of lights emit dazzling light.

“I don’t know,” said Wei Yichen softly. “I’m probably a spare tire.”

Qin yubai stopped and looked at Wei Yichen strangely.

Wei Yichen stood still and let him look at him.

“Spare wheel?” Qin yubai thinks it’s ridiculous. As a man, he can’t tolerate this controlled relationship, so he doesn’t understand Wei Yichen’s compromise, “is he an immortal?”

“Appearance cannot determine a person’s charm.”

Qin yubai was speechless, waved his hand and continued to move forward, thinking that he really wanted more.

“I was thinking about whether to end this relationship,” Wei Yichen kept up and took the initiative to talk about his private affairs with his boss. “Now I think about it.”

Qin yubai didn’t want to talk about his subordinates’ emotional problems. He casually said, “Oh?”

“I think we should continue for the time being.”

Wei Yichen’s mouth gave a faint smile, “it’s still very interesting.”

Hearing what his subordinates say, Qin yubai can’t help considering his relationship with Yan Shuang. He can’t be angry and waste his emotions. Isn’t it good today? It’s just for fun. Why be so serious?

Qin yubai and his subordinates reached a consensus.

Let’s go on.

He has the confidence to control the relationship.

Qin yubai cheered up and said to his subordinates, “try your best to get people, spare tire, it’s a shame to say it.”

Wei Yichen smiled and his voice drifted gently in the open parking lot. “I’ll refuel.”


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