I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 3

Qin yubai can understand Yan Shuang’s request.

Controlling the financial source of his adoptive father and preventing him from gambling was also a little awakening of Yan Shuang’s endless tolerance for his adoptive father. He nodded carelessly.

The car was quiet again. Qin yubai suddenly said, “come here.”

Yan Shuang ignored him. “The contract time is too long for one year, three months.”

Qin yubai narrowed his eyes, “don’t push an inch.”

Qin yubai’s indescribable plot is 66 days. It takes almost three months to reserve some unexpected time and other time to go through the plot.

Reducing the construction period will greatly improve the average daily income!

“It’s a hundred days from today,” Yan Shuang said to himself. “If you don’t agree, just let me get off in front and I’m here.”

The driver slowed down and waited for his boss to tell him.

“Keep going.”

There are rare goods to live in. Qin yubai knows that he is very passive now. Fortunately, he is also the controller. Yan Shuangcai is the one controlled.

A fake was not worth the price in his heart.

It doesn’t matter. Yan Shuang has exposed his concern for his adoptive father. He doesn’t want to keep Yan Shuang.

Maybe within a month, he’s tired of Yan Shuang’s fake. He’s worried that he can’t get rid of it.

Qin yubai said coldly: “there are other requirements. Make it clear at one time. Don’t increase the price in bed.”

The words were ugly and harsh. Yan’s face was white and his eyes were down. “It’s gone.”

Think about it.

As the night darkened, the car drove to the high-end hotel.

After the conversation just now, the two people in the car have tacit understanding.

Now that the terms have been negotiated, it’s time to honor the contract.

Qin yubai’s exclusive presidential suite is on the top floor of the hotel.

The luxury level in the suite makes Yan Shuang dissatisfied with Qin yubai’s stinginess again.

So rich, give a million? Men can be scum, but they really shouldn’t be stingy!

Wei Yichen’s efficiency is first-class. He redrafted the contract for the two people to sign. After signing, Wei Yichen consciously left and left the suite to the two parties signing the contract.

Qin yubai sat down on the curved Italian leather sofa, stretched his hands on the sofa, and his aggressive eyes prowled on Yan Shuang.

Like looking at a commodity.

Cold eyes are trying to find out the defects in the goods.

Unfortunately, this is a great product to hit his pain point directly.

With such a similar face, he couldn’t find a second one in the vast crowd.

Yan Shuang knows what plot to go.

Yan shuanggen, whose integrity has long been broken into slag, doesn’t care. He’s just a task. Besides, he has sex and food. This is not the type of plot he hates to go.

Since the core plot of this novel is indescribable, I believe that slag attack’s technology should not disappoint him.

Yan Shuang put down his canvas bag, raised his hand and took off his white T-shirt. When he wanted to take off his pants, Qin yubai called to stop. The packaging of the goods was still disassembled by himself.

Qin yubai got up and went to Yan Shuangfang.

As a young boy, Yan Shuang still retains the beauty of being indistinguishable between male and female, and the exposed upper body is as flawless as the jade carving.

The skin is not pure white, but healthy ivory. Perhaps it is born with thin skin, and the flow of blood seems to be at a glance.

This body is fresh, beautiful and vibrant. He is suitable for doing anything bright and upward, rather than waiting for a man here… To possess him.

Qin yubai took off Yan Shuang’s glasses and threw them aside. With a big hand, he lifted Yan Shuang’s black hair on his forehead.

His flawless white face was exposed in his sight.

In fact, there are some differences.

Qin Qing is the moon in the sky. It is expected and cold. Yan Shuang in front of him is the enchanting flowers on the branches. They grow there and attract people to pick them.

What’s the problem?

Is it a fuller lip, a little more mole on his upturned nose, or the light in his clear eyes that seems to be indifferent?

“Afraid?” Qin yubai whispered.

“If you want to go,” Yan Shuang said coldly, “don’t talk so much nonsense.”

In a hurry, thank you.

Qin yubai’s face twisted for a moment, “I hope your bones are as hard as your mouth.”

Qin yubai never wanted to treat Yan Shuang gently.

This is his servant. He can play as he wants.

Qin yubai fiercely pinched Yan Shuang’s cheek.

The white and beautiful face was covered with sweat. The flower was pale and fragile because of pain. Tears penetrated into the hair from the corners of his eyes. He was a newly opened flower. When it was still in bud, he was roughly folded off and played mercilessly in the palm of his hand.

Yan Shuang’s body didn’t disappoint Qin yubai.

It’s beautiful.


You don’t need any help except blood.

The first time is always more destructive. Without blood, how can there be the joy of opening up a new body.

He is the first man to possess Yan Shuang. He wants Yan Shuang to remember this forever.

The snow-white bed sheet was stained with blood, and the jade like body was wrapped in the bed sheet. The slender swan neck hung weakly. The red marks sucked from the back of the neck were very dazzling. The black hair covered most of the face, revealing only a delicate chin and bloody lips.

Qin yubai didn’t kiss Yan Shuang.

He can fuck him, but he will never kiss him.

The wound on his mouth was a masterpiece of Yan Shuang’s own bite.

Qin yubai stood by the bed. He brushed away the black hair on Yan’s face.

Yan Shuangzheng closed his eyes and trembled slightly, as if he didn’t want to face the reality.

Qin yubai sneered and didn’t mean to pity Xiangxi and Yuxi. This was the deal they made. He deserved it. Even if he killed him, Yan Shuang was to blame himself.

Yan Shuang’s bones were really hard. He didn’t even shout.

Qin Yu fingered Yan Shuang’s injured lips, “why bother?”

In front of him, there is no need to have backbone, because Yan Shuang is not worthy at all.

Yan Shuang was silent.

Qin yubai didn’t let him down.

Life is really good!

Gifted, simple and rough, in addition to a slightly single pattern, it can also be understood. After all, the settings of these slag attacks are all virgin men.

His body is set too evil. After shielding the pain, there is only the sensation that makes people’s scalp numb.

If he hadn’t bitten his lips, Yan Shuang would be afraid to shout too high and ruin the plot of the scene.

Watching Yan Shuang bite his lips and tremble slightly, Qin yubai’s body gets hot again.

Yes, Yan Shuang was injured, but so what? He is just a tool he bought. He doesn’t have to worry about Yan Shuang’s feelings.

Qin Yu Bailao gets up and wraps up Yan Shuang.

The night… Is still long.

The war lasted until the next morning.

Qin yubai had no plan to spend the night.

When it was dawn the next day, Qin yubai suddenly realized that he had spent the night outside.

Yan Shuang’s hair was messy and his face was white and red. He looked very poor.

Especially his lips, in order not to make a sound, he bit too hard, with little tooth marks and blood stains on them.

Qin yubai struggled and still didn’t choose pity.

When everything was over, Yan Shuang was dying and his breathing slowed down.

Qin yubai was full of nightmares for the time being. He dressed neatly, fastened his watch strap, looked down at Yan Shuang like a broken flower, and said coldly, “I’ll call you again if necessary.”

Yan’s face was buried in the pillow, and his thin body was lying on the dark sheet, like a thick ink and heavy color oil painting, which was the heavy brand left by Qin yubai on this body.

Qin yubai’s eyes gently slid over the marks he left, palmprints, kissing marks and bruises. Each of them was complaining to him about his loss of control and the pain of his body.

Is it too much? But this is only a substitute for Qin Qing. If he is gentle, doesn’t he exalt the fake?

The man buried in the pillow said quietly, “there are ninety-nine days left.” The tone is flat and lazy.

Qin yubai’s face was cold and good. It seems that he is far from collapse. “Don’t worry, I will make the best use of everything.”

Qin yubai leaves.

It’s hard to close the door.

Yan Shuang trembled.

Yan Shuang raised his face from the pillow and vomited the hair stuck to his lips. The advantage of shielding pain is that he has no pain at all. The disadvantage is that even he doesn’t know how badly his first night was ruined.

No pain doesn’t mean no injury.

Yan Shuang got up and went to the bathroom to check.

There is an equal height mirror in the bathroom, reflecting Yan Shuang’s body.

The background color of the skin was quite white, which more strongly reflected how terrible those traces were. The inner side of the thigh was bright red. Yan Shuang touched it, not only the friction red of the skin, but also the light wet blood stains.

It’s really used thoroughly.

But fortunately, it looks like some skin injuries. It’s no big deal.

Yan Shuang put a jar of water into himself. After washing himself, he wrapped a bathrobe and came out.

Wei Yichen stood in the suite and saw Yan Shuang with wet and bare feet.

Probably I didn’t expect people to come in the room. Yan Shuang’s bathrobe was not wrapped very tightly, and the belt just tied loosely. The deep V bathrobe revealed a large white chest, and the kiss marks on the chest became more and more vivid after soaking in hot water.

“What’s up?” Yan shuangman was careless. He limped to the bed and sat down unnaturally.

“President Qin asked me to send the check.” Wei Yichen took out an envelope from his inner pocket and put it on the table.

“Oh, put it,” Yan Shuang turned his face and shook his wet hair. “Can you buy me a ointment? I’m bleeding.”

His tone was flat, and the bleeding in his mouth was as common as finger bleeding, but both he and Wei Yichen knew where the bleeding was.

Wei Yichen’s throat tightened and said coldly, “wait a minute.”

Wei Yichen called the service desk.

Soon, the service desk sent a ointment.

Yan Shuang limped into the bathroom with the ointment to give himself medicine.

After the medicine came out, Wei Yichen was still there. Yan Shuang looked at him in surprise, his expression gradually turned from doubt to clarity, and his eyes looked at Wei Yichen cynically and frivolously.

“President Qin told me to take you back.” Wei Yichen explained to himself before Yan Shuang said strange words.

Yan Shuang took back his eyes, “Oh.”

“Should the presidential suite take care of food?” Yan Shuangdao.

Wei Yichen frowned, “what do you want to eat?”

Yan Shuang: “porridge.”

After Bai whored for a meal, Yan Shuang put on his clothes, carried a check and carried his old canvas bag. When he was about to leave, he suddenly said, “can I take those fruits away?”

There is a fruit tray on the table in the presidential suite. Fresh and special fruits transported by air are replaced every day. After they leave, these fruits that no one has eaten will be disposed of.

Wei Yichen can’t see through Yan Shuang.

He can use his body to make a deal and bargain with others. He threatens to ask the higher price. It sounds like a vain bitch. He can also look at him with clean eyes and ask him if he can take away the fruit that no one eats.


In front of him, it doesn’t seem necessary.

“Whatever you want.”

Yan Shuang carefully put all the fruits in the canvas bag, “let’s go.”

Wei Yichen drove another car to send Yan Shuang, “go to school or go home?”

Yan Shuang: “go to the Star welfare home.”

Star welfare home. Yan Shuang lived here when he was a child. He was adopted by Yan Guofu and his wife until he was eight years old. His adoptive mother treated him well. His adoptive father only regarded him as a meal ticket issued by the government. He adopted orphans. There are 500 yuan subsidies every month, about one tenth of which can be used on Yan Shuang. After his adoptive mother died, The subsidy went completely into the adoptive father’s pocket.

“Thank you.” Yan Shuang politely thanked Wei Yichen, got out of the car and limped to the gate of the Star welfare home. The thin figure soon disappeared in Wei Yichen’s sight.

“President Qin, I’ve sent him away… No, he didn’t go home or school. He went to Xingxing welfare home.”


Wei Yichen got out of the car.

Qin yubai wants to know what Yan shuanglai is doing in the welfare home.

After leaving Wei Yichen’s sight, Yan Shuang stopped pretending and walked like a tiger.


“At your service.”

“The anchor point of money collection is set at the Star welfare home.”

“Yes, the money collection anchor has been set. From now on, every fund you enter the Star welfare home will enter your backstage pension synchronously. I wish employees a lot of money and get rich as soon as possible.”

“Thank you.”

That’s very sweet.

The anchor point of money collection is the only welfare means used by the bookstore to encourage employees.

Employees can put the original money collected in the world into the anchor point, which can only be the money generated by the plot line. It is stipulated that employees shall not forcibly collect money in the world, so as to avoid the phenomenon of indulging in making money and not taking the plot at all.

The money entering the anchor point can be used by the anchor point or collected by the anchor point to the real world. The two funds have different dimensions and do not interfere with each other. The same amount is only the same.

The anchor point of money collection shall not be set in any place that may generate profits, such as banks, foundations and stock markets.

Generally speaking, welfare homes and charities are popular anchor points.

At the same time, there must be no collapse.

For example, Yan Shuang’s role in some books is to lead villains, so he can’t do so. It’s very painful to find a money collection anchor every time.

This book is very Naisi. Yan Shuang was born in Xingxing welfare home.

Yan Shuang: white lotus’s smile jpg。

“A million?!”

The Dean was shaking with a check. “Xiao Shuang, where did you get so much money?”

“Buy the lottery.” Yan Shuang smiled.

Dean: “there are too many…”

Yan Shuang: “not much. For welfare homes, a million can only do very little.”

The Dean was moved to death.

Yan Shuang has always been a good child. After he went out of the welfare home, he often gave money to the welfare home. When he was a child, even if he saved a dime or two for lunch, Yan Shuang donated a few dollars to the welfare home every year. When he grew up, Yan Shuang often worked. Most of the money he earned was gambled by Yan Guofu, a small part was left for himself as living expenses, and all the rest was given to the welfare home.

After the Dean received the check, Yan Shuang thought about it. He was about to go to the Qin house to go to the plot. It seemed that he didn’t need 900 so much food. No matter how small a fly is, it’s also meat.

“I still have five hundred here. Take it, Dean.”

“How can I do this? You silly child, are you going to eat steamed bread again? Look at you. You’re so thin…”

“It doesn’t matter, Dean,” Yan Shuang smiled warmly, “I’m happy to donate it to the welfare home.”

For retirement, rush!

In the distance, Wei Yichen looked at the young man and the Dean with a complicated look, pushing back and forth the 500 yuan.

Finally, the teenager won. After putting the money in the dean’s hand, he turned and left, as if he had not been hurt, and even his steps were much lighter.

Yan Shuang walking to the gate of the welfare home saw Wei Yichen.

It was like suddenly returning to the cruel reality from a beautiful dream. At the moment when the boy saw him, his face turned white and his feet faltered again.

Wei Yichen subconsciously took a step forward. When he found that he extended his hand to help, it was too late to take it back, and his hot hand put on his palm.

Pale face slightly raised, eyes are still as clean and clear, “thank you.”

“Why is it so hot?”

Wei Yichen clenched Yan Shuang’s hand and looked at Yan Shuangchao’s red face, “you have a fever.”


Anyway, I can’t feel the discomfort of fever. Yan shuanggen didn’t care.

“Take me to the convenience store.”

Wei Yichen stopped when he got on the bus. He turned back. Yan Shuangzheng twisted his body and carefully got into the car.

“Are you going to work?”


Donate the $1 million sold to the welfare home and drag the body with fever to work. This person is either a madman or an angel.

Wei Yichen has always been an atheist.

He never believed in God or angels.

The car Bluetooth phone rang.

Wei Yichen unabashedly pressed the call button in front of Yan Shuang.

“What’s that fake doing in the welfare home?”

The lazy and low male voice is clearly amplified from the car stereo, which is more sexy and impersonal than Yan’s parents.

Wei Yichen looked at Yan Shuang, who was called a “fake”, through the rearview mirror.

Yan Shuang closed his eyes, his lips were broken, and there was no superfluous expression on his face.

Maybe he still thinks “fake” is just an ordinary term of contempt.

“Donation,” Wei Yichen took back his eyes for a moment, “he gave the check to the welfare home.”

The other end of the phone was silent for almost half a minute.

Sneer with sarcasm, “what’s wrong with his brain?”

Wei Yichen glanced at the rearview mirror. Yan Shuang was biting his lips. He bit the slightly swollen lower lip between his teeth and rolled up and down.

That’s how the wound on the lip came from.

Wei Yichen: “I’m taking Mr. Yan to the convenience store.”

The other end of the phone was silent for a while. Qin yubai’s voice calmed down, almost cold, “take him to the hospital, don’t let him die.”

Then he hung up.

“Mr. Yan, you heard me.”

“I don’t go to the hospital,” Yan Shuang opened his eyes and accurately caught Wei Yichen’s eyes behind the lens in the reflection of the rearview mirror. “I’m going to work in a convenience store, and I won’t die. He looks too high at his level.”

Wei Yichen said coldly, “this is the order of President Qin. Mr. Yan, I remind you not to forget your identity.”

Yan Shuang: Oh, his identity, his identity is your grandfather!


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