I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 30

“That’s all?”

Yao Jing took the box in Yan’s hands and put it into the trunk.

Yan Shuang clapped his hands. “There’s no need to take too much. Running back and forth is too troublesome.”

Unconsciously, Yao Jing, who became a special bus driver, was in a complex mood, “you live in Qin house…”

He still remembers the last time he went to the Qin house, Yan Shuang sent food to Wei Yichen.

Sitting in the car, he clearly saw Wei Yichen holding Yan Shuang’s hand.

At night, the two men were separated by the iron gate surrounded by green vines. Yao Jing only had four words in his mind at that time: elopement in the middle of the night.

“What happened to moving to Qin house?” Yan Shuang took the co pilot with a natural attitude.

Yao Jing also sat in the car.

The atmosphere was a little strange. Yao Jing couldn’t say it. He felt that Yan Shuang was too familiar with his tone and expression, as if they had known each other for a long time.


Although Yao Jing has a strong curiosity, his intuition tells him not to be too curious about Yan Shuang.

“Did you have dinner?” Yan Shuang said with concern.

Yao Jing’s heart tightened and his ears were inexplicably hot, “not yet.”

Yan Shuang was happy. “Do you mind if I rub a meal?”

Yao Jing: ”

The employer has no opinion, of course he has no opinion.

Following Yan Shuang’s command, Yao Jing parked his car at the door of a hotel. It was very close to the last seafood restaurant. It was also a restaurant with a high per capita.

Yan Shuang ordered more than two people. Yao Jing couldn’t help saying, “do you want to pack?”

“To pack.”

Yan Shuang took his cell phone and didn’t lift his head.

Yan Shuang’s hand hasn’t left his cell phone since he got on the bus. He looks very busy.

Yao Jing thought of what he said about “seducing men” and said that he opened his mouth several times. Finally, he closed his mouth silently and looked at Yan Shuang only with Yu Guang. Yan Shuang’s hair was too long and the mirror frame was too large. It always made people unable to see his appearance and aroused people’s curiosity to see what he looked like and how he could easily deal with several men.

Yao Jing was unconscious.

The black hair suddenly provoked a sharp light to shoot at him. Yao Jing was stunned. He couldn’t move as if he had been nailed with a sharp weapon. The hair on his arm was stiff.

The eyes behind the lens narrowed slightly and bent gently, dissolving the sharp flash, “what are you looking at?”

Yao Jing opened her mouth and lowered her head slowly.

At that moment, he felt that Yan Shuang didn’t look like a college student who had just turned 18.

——He saw into his mind and gave him a little warning.

There was a fine sweat on his back. Yao Jing felt a kind of pressure controlled by others, and his heart beat and breath were rapid.

But some appreciate each other… No puncturing, leaving room for tenderness.

Whip and sugar, just in the change of eyes.

Yao Jing held her breath and was almost uneasy to sit and stand.

“Hello, your meal.”

“Thank you.”

Yan Shuang took back his eyes, thanked the waiter and ordered two dishes on the list that he didn’t like very much. “These two dishes don’t need to be served. Just pack them directly for me after our meal.”


“Eat,” Yan Shuang greeted Yao Jing. Seeing that he was as nervous as a primary school student, he smiled, “there won’t be many opportunities to wipe public oil together in the future.”

Yao Jing held out his hand rigidly and took the chopsticks, thinking that he should almost finish the job.

Yao Jing didn’t know what he ate at night.

Yan Shuang carried the packing box and said to Yao Jing, “wait for me for ten minutes.”

“Where are you going?” Yao Jing asked subconsciously. After asking, he found that his tone was not like business, but like questioning. It seemed that he was also brought into that familiar atmosphere by Yan Shuang unconsciously.

“Fishing for a man,” Yan Shuang waved his hand, “don’t follow me.”

Yao Jing sat in the restaurant seat stunned. When he recovered, Yan Shuang had disappeared outside.

In the hospital corridor, the assistant came out and replied to Yan Shuang, “Dr. Qi is out.”

Yan Shuang put neatly folded lunch boxes on his knees. “Did Mr. Qi go out for dinner?”

Hearing Yan Shuang’s special address to Qi Feiyun, the assistant was a little surprised and immediately responded: “yes, Dr. Qi has an appointment with someone in the evening.”

Helping Qi Feiyun fight crazy bees, waves and butterflies is also one of his daily work.

“Oh…” Yan Shuang lowered his head and looked a little disappointed, but immediately, he regained his enthusiasm, raised his head, pointed to the logo of the paper bag outside the lunch box and asked the assistant, “do you think Mr. Qi will like the food in this restaurant?”

The assistant took a look and recognized that it was a medium and high-end restaurant near the hospital.

The college students in front of them are dressed out of date and carrying shabby canvas bags. Obviously, they can’t afford the cost of such restaurants.

That’s why I foolishly asked Dr. Qi to eat in the university canteen.

After being rejected, he went to a restaurant beyond his affordability and served as a takeout to deliver meals to Dr. Qi.

Such a naive and straightforward means is hardly worth mentioning among Qi Feiyun’s many suitors.

The assistant couldn’t bear it and whispered, “classmate Yan, Dr. Qi is very busy. He doesn’t have time to help you with social investigation. If you need it, I can introduce other doctors in the hospital to you.”

Yan Shuang lowered his head again. He was silent for a moment. He put the paper bag on the bench behind him and whispered, “I’ll put this here, Dr. Qi… He’ll be hungry when he works late. At that time, if he doesn’t dislike it, he can try it as a night snack. The people in the store say that these two dishes sell well.”

“OK, thank you.” With a formulaic smile on his face, the assistant sent Yan Shuang all the way into the elevator. After the elevator door was closed, he was relieved and thought that the student should have given up his heart and would not come again in the future. Looking back, he saw Qi Feiyun in a white robe in the corridor opening the paper bag with his hand.

“Dr. Qi -” the assistant hurried forward, “do you want to eat? Let me check it first.”

Suitors love but can’t, and there are people who do things on food.

The hands used to holding the scalpel have picked up the paper bag.

The pale light of the incandescent lamp in the corridor hit the green veins of his hands, which was dark and silent.

“It doesn’t matter.” Qi Feiyun gently refused the assistant’s kindness and returned to the office with a paper bag.

He put down his bag, moved to the window, opened the gap of the folding window, and his eyes fell on the decadent boy downstairs like a stray dog.

He stopped bouncing, drooped his shoulders and walked slowly.

After taking a few steps, he turned back and looked hard at the cold building, as if looking for a point that could make him smile.

Qi Feiyun watched quietly.

They are all looking at each other.

The eyes are staggered.

He can see Yan Shuang, but Yan Shuang can’t see him.

Just like in the past years.

He and others are always in such a misplaced perspective.

There are few bad comments on him.

His evaluation of himself is hardly good.

The mobile phone on the desktop buzzed and shook.

Qi Feiyun let go and went back to the desktop to pick up his mobile phone.

There are multiple mailbox apps on the desktop.

“Dr. Qi, don’t work too hard. Get off work early. If you are hungry after working overtime at night, remember to eat. I packed two delicious dishes for you and put them at your assistant ^ ^ ^ (PS: Although I haven’t eaten them, the clerk said they were delicious. Ha ha, I don’t know if he lied to me) , if it doesn’t taste good, would you please tell me what you like to eat? ”

Qi Feiyun put down his mobile phone, went to the front table, opened the paper bag and took out the lunch box. The four corners of the lunch box were covered very smoothly. He opened one corner and the aroma of food immediately filled the whole office.

It’s fish.

The fish in the river are delicious and spiny.

Qi Feiyun covered the lunch box again.

The assistant saw Qi Feiyun coming out again with a paper bag and hurriedly said, “Dr. Qi, are you going to work?”

“No,” Qi Feiyun said, “I’ll throw out some garbage.”

The assistant’s eyes fell on the paper tape. After feeling a moment of heartache for the poor college student, he immediately performed his duties and said, “I’ll come.”

“No,” Qi Feiyun said softly and firmly, “I’ll do it myself.”

There is a special place in the hospital to deal with food waste.

Qi Feiyun opened the lunch box and poured the two dishes into the leftover dirty dishes.

The assistant followed him all the way. He felt terrible when he was so ruthless and determined.

He thought to himself: probably no one in the world can accept such a man.

Yan Shuang looked at the backstage and slowly climbed to the 2% emotional line. He was very satisfied with Qi Feiyun’s performance.

In the original book, Qi Feiyun’s emotional lines are mostly indescribable. In this way, it’s good to brush a little when sending emails and meals.

On the bus, Yao Jing couldn’t help saying, “did you give it to the doctor?”

Yao Jing actually saw Yan Shuang and Qi Feiyun pulling in the underground parking lot, and even took photos with dedication.

But I don’t know why, when he reported to Wei Yichen, he concealed this section by magic.

“Yes.” Yan Shuang said generously.


“Why?” Yan crossed his face and smiled at Yao Jing. “He’s handsome and rich. Isn’t it a waste not to seduce him?”

Yao Jing was choked by this natural attitude and said after a moment of silence: “last time you were in the parking lot with that doctor… I didn’t mention it to Mr. Wei.”

He didn’t know what kind of state of mind he was in to say it.

It’s like asking for credit… And threatening.

His heart beat wildly, feeling excited and shameful, with a faint trace of fear.

“Oh,” Yan Shuang took out his cell phone, “I’ll tell him now.”

Yao Jing was surprised. “Are you not afraid of Mr. Wei… Angry?”

“Why is he angry?”

“I’m Qin yubai’s lover, not his. Why is he angry?”

Maybe housekeeper Wei, the green hat slave, will be so happy that his feelings will soar a few points immediately.

Yao Jing’s internal strife became a pot of porridge, “then you go to see Mr. Wei in the middle of the night and hold hands with him…”

“What happened to the handle?”

Yan Shuang’s tone was faint.

“I didn’t sleep with him… Red light!”

As soon as Yao Jingmeng braked, the front tire of the car had crossed the stop line.

The harsh sound of friction rang through the eardrum.

Yao Jing was sweating and staring blankly at the red light at the intersection, as if he had experienced a big escape.

There was silence in the car, only the sound of Yao Jing breathing too fast.

Yan Shuang took his cell phone and sighed. He reached out, bypassed Yao Jing’s shoulder and put his palm on his side face.

Yao Jing was excited by the cool temperature, and then turned his face like a puppet along the strength of the palm of his hand.

Yan Shuang looked straight at him with bright eyes, “you don’t have to follow me from tomorrow.”

Yao Jing seemed to be haunted by those eyes, and the trembling feeling of being controlled climbed up his back.

The man in front of him was so harmless that his teeth almost trembled with fear.

This is an emergency protection mechanism for animals. His instinct is shouting frantically: run.

Yan Shuang withdrew his hand and his voice was soft.

“Green light.”


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