I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 32

The corridor was quiet and empty, and the servants were methodically preparing to wake up the manor downstairs. The excitement was all below.

Toes stretched out from the slightly longer trouser legs, kicked the slippers in front of him, Yan double back hands, with a playful smile, “dare…”

His arm swept over his waist, and his strength was simple and sharp. Yan Shuang almost jumped up in the air, and his hands fluttered in a panic in the air, circling Wei Yichen’s neck.

Wei Yichen wore a pair of frameless glasses today. The edge of the lens flashed cold light, leaving an oblique shadow on his face. He had no expression and didn’t speak. He just walked steadily around the corner with Yan Shuang in his arms.

Yan Shuang just panicked for a moment, and then leaned on Wei Yichen’s shoulder. He was quiet and gentle. One hand hooked Wei Yichen’s neck, the other hand fiddled with the top button of Wei Yichen’s shirt with his fingers, gently picked the button out of the hole, and painstakingly stuffed it back with his fingertips.

Fingertips inadvertently slipped over Wei Yichen’s protruding Adam’s apple.

Wei Yichen kept walking, but with his actions, he glanced occasionally. His eyes shot from the blue lens and fell on Yan Shuang’s face.

Is such a clever look fake?

Afraid he’ll quit the game?

All along, the bait has been in Yan Shuang’s hands. Does Yan Shuang’s reaction today mean that he also has some capital in this game?

Wei Yichen gently kicked open the door of Yan Shuang’s room.

The room was clean and tidy, only the beds were messy, the quilts and sheets were piled together, and there were faint traces of two people sleeping together on the sheets.

Yan Shuang panicked and came out to find someone. When Wei Yichen came over, he had guessed that Qin yubai and Yan Shuang spent the night last night.

Not surprisingly.

Isn’t it clear what Qin yubai meant by leaving people at home?

Steadily put the man on the bed and sit down. Wei Yichen half knelt and raised his face. His thin lips moved slightly, “you haven’t taken a bath yet.”

Yan Shuang’s arm was still on his neck. Wen Yan slowly pulled his arm back and his hands fell on the button of Wei Yichen’s shirt.

It’s much easier to unbutton with both hands.

Hold the skirt with one hand and untie the button with the other.

The finger who was interested in playing with the button at first didn’t button it up again as in the corridor.

The finger slid down the straight skirt and landed on the second button.

“How do you know?”

Yan bilaterally unbuttoned his shirt and whispered.

The second button was also untied.

The outline of the muscle loomed in front of me.

Housekeeper Wei’s figure is also quite attractive.

The button slipped away from the fingertip, and the shirt was taken out of position by its owner. The warm breath was close to Yan Shuang’s ear, “taste.”

Yan Shuang’s fingers were in the air. He tilted his face and approached Wei Yichen’s ears. The corners of his mouth smiled, “what’s the taste?”

The sharp lens rotates slightly and the line of sight is up.

Both were wearing glasses.

It’s like an unintentional disguise.

The thick eyelashes blink slightly behind the lens, such as the disorderly string, and play difficult notes in the silence.

Those eyes are sending a signal to him.

It’s the three words that haven’t been finished in the corridor.

Dare you?

“Buzz -”

The mobile phone vibrated on the wooden bedside table.

Yan Shuang took back his eyes, stepped on the bed, went to the head of the bed, sat cross legged, took out his mobile phone and looked at it as if there were no one else.

The tense atmosphere in the room dissipated.

The thread was always tied in his hand. He was as tight as he wanted, and he was as loose as he wanted.

“I’m going to school,” Yan Shuang put down his cell phone and said to Wei Yichen, “I’ll take a bath and go first.” he got out of bed, went to the wardrobe to get a change of clothes and turned his back to Wei Yichen. “Take care of your boss and don’t let him have any mistakes.” the change of clothes hung on his elbow. Yan Shuang turned back and smiled generously at Wei Yichen who was still half kneeling, “I’m not bored with him.”

Wei Yichen listened to the sound of water in the bathroom, shook his head and smiled.

He succeeded again.

Wei Yichen was half kneeling and his knees were a little numb. He felt an attempt.

Yan Shuang cares about his feelings and… Is trying to tame him.

He does have his own capital in this game.

That’s… Himself.

Yan Shuang came out after taking a bath. There was no one in the room.

Not only that, the four piece set on the bed has been replaced with a new one.

Neat and clean, as if nothing had happened.

The honest and dull driver sent Yan Shuang to school. Only three minutes after he got off the bus, another car of the same style stopped in front of him.

Yan Shuang calmly opened the door.

As soon as he opened the door, he was stunned.

Ji wensong was sitting in the car.

The white hair on the side stabbed into people’s eyes.

“Mr. Ji?” Yan Shuang couldn’t help saying.

Ji wensong turned his face. The handsome face was quiet and leisurely. At the same time, there was a kind of dignity without anger and self prestige. “Good morning.”

“Good morning,” Yan Shuang calmed down again, smiled, got into the car and closed the door. “I didn’t expect you to come and pick me up in person.”

“I have something to deal with temporarily. It’s inconvenient to meet formally. Just say it in the car.”

Ji wensong was gentle and gentle when he spoke, with a restrained old-fashioned gentleman’s demeanor, but at the same time, his introverted arrogance made people feel that every word of him seemed to be a kind of oppression.

He didn’t wear a kimono today, but a well tailored suit. He looked very formal. A section of starched white sleeves appeared in the cuffs. The dark blue gem Cufflinks flashed across his wrist and looked a little black under the refraction of light and shadow.

“What can I do for Mr. Ji?”

Ji wensong took a folder from his side and handed it to Yan Shuang.

Yan Shuang opened it and thought that the professional ability of Ji wensong’s people was still not as strong as Wei Yichen. This photo was really ordinary.

In the photo, Ji Yao, with a cold face, leaned against a racing car, looked down at his wrist, and was wearing a pair of black and white racing gloves.

I didn’t come to school for several days. I turned out to be racing.

“I haven’t been ill for several years,” Ji wensong said with a smile, “but you’ve hooked up his addiction to death again.”

There seems to be a sense of blame in the words, but the tone is extremely relaxed and a little funny.

Yan Shuang was not sure what Ji wensong’s attitude was, so he didn’t speak with a low eyebrow.

“Bring him back.”

Ji wensong’s tone became cold again.

Yan Shuang couldn’t help thinking about how Ji wensong would punish Ji Yao after he came back.

The sense of oppression brought by that endless imagination is provided by Ji wensong.

Ji wensong is taking the opportunity to beat him.

Yan Shuang understood, “OK.”

Ji wensong looked at him up and down, stretched out his hand and gently stroked Yan Shuang’s head, “if he were half as good as you, I wouldn’t suffer so much.”

Yan Shuang smiled but did not speak. For non plot characters, he has always been stingy and paid special efforts.

Although he only met Ji wensong once, Yan Shuang probably found out the man’s temper.

Strong to almost abnormal control.

Following him will neither provoke him nor arouse his special interest.

“I have several classes today. I’ll have a good class and listen carefully,” Ji wensong cared for him like an elder. “Reading is very important, especially for a smart child like you.”

“Thank you for your concern.”

Ji wensong withdrew his hand and felt very strange about the submissive boy in front of him.

He has neither fear nor respect for him, but he is still so obedient, as if… Afraid of trouble?

“How long are you going to hang out with that child of the Qin family?”

“When it’s cold, it should separate.”

“Oh, well, let him hang for a while so that he doesn’t think he’s charming and his tail is too high.”

Yan Shuang didn’t speak, thinking that he didn’t intend to make Xiaoji the second.

Housekeeper Wei has only seven days of plot points. It’s good to brush all the emotional lines and rush to finish them.

“You don’t like talking?”

Ji wensong said he had something to do, but he suddenly put on a posture of chatting with Yan Shuang with great interest.

Yan Shuang hurriedly replied, “I just don’t know what to say in front of you.”

“Oh?” Ji wensong smiled again, “I see. I’m too old. You and I have a generation gap.”

“That’s not what I mean…”

“It doesn’t matter,” Ji wensong interrupted him and patted him on the shoulder. “Go down.”

Yan Shuang hurriedly got out of the car with the folder.

He got out of the car very fast. He could not be called a fugitive, and he would never miss it. His back was in a hurry and soon disappeared into Ji wensong’s sight.

Ji wensong smiled.

It is also a rare talent to know how to deal with and perfunctory.

He is more precise than any younger generation in his family.

It’s a pity that this is not his child.

Ji wensong took back his sight and said to the driver, “let’s go.”

Knowing where Ji Yao was, Yan Shuang put his heart down to class and went to find Ji Yao after class.

In Qin’s house, Qin yubai has woke up. In fact, he has been unwell for several days. He is just too busy to get sick. He also thinks he should be able to get through it. Unexpectedly, he was so seriously ill after sleeping with Yan Shuang all night.

“Cough -” Qin yubai was helped up by the servant and sat down, “what about… Yan Shuang?”

Wei Yichen put down the porridge and hot soup, “he went to class.”

“Class,” Qin Yu sneered, “there’s a lot of business.”

If there was a piano sound like nothing, Qin yubai’s eyes moved and his face softened, “Qin Qing woke up?”


Qin yubai asked no more.

Qin Qing does nothing more than playing the piano and drawing every day.

He is the simplest person.

Because it is too pure, it is incompatible with the surrounding world and refuses to communicate with others.

Qin yubai stirred the porridge twice. Suddenly, he couldn’t stand it. He put down the spoon and said to Wei Yichen, “pick him up. What class? I’m sick. Is he still in mind for class?”

Wei Yichen was silent for a moment and said, “what if he won’t come back?”

Qin yubai wanted to say, “he dares!”, On second thought, Yan Shuang should really dare to beat him in bed last night. If he hadn’t accepted him, he might have been injured in his illness this morning.

High fever brings not only muggy discomfort in the body, but also a throbbing pain in the forehead.

The pain accumulated in the body after years of overwork seemed to break out through this fever.

Qin yubai closed his eyes, frowned and lay down, “then let him come back right after class.”

It’s really a wonderful visual experience.

Wei Yichen looked at Qin yubai’s compromise, as if he saw himself.

They are all being domesticated.

He is sober and enjoys it, enjoying this dangerous alienation and exploring where the safe boundary is.

Qin yubai is confused and falls deeper than him.

Maybe Qin yubai didn’t even notice. One morning, he only asked his baby brother. After that, all the questions were around Yan Shuang.

What will they become in the future, and who can finally tame who?

What an interesting question.

If Wei Yichen had something like nothing, he recalled the corners of his lips, “OK.”


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