I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 33

“Qingting road is here.”

Yan Shuang jumped out of the bus from the back door.

The door closed and staggered away with exhaust.

Yan Shuang stood alone under the bus stop sign and used his mobile phone to navigate and query the route.

Ji Yao has such a pure and unaffected face, but his hobbies are unexpectedly wild.

Underground racing.

It doesn’t match the temperament of Jiyao kaolin flower.

Yan Shuang shrugged and walked along the navigation to the specific place.

Damn it, that place is so remote!

He backed up three buses!

It costs seven yuan!

He wrote down the revenge.

Together with the previous five yuan and ten cents.

In the future, he will ask Ji Yao a thousand times and a hundred times!

A horn startled Yan Shuang. He stopped and looked back. The window rolled down. He was still an acquaintance.

Xiao Qingyang saw a thin figure from a distance. He looked poor and familiar. When he was close, he found that it was really Yan Shuang.

“Hey, why are you here?”

Yan Shuang pursed his lower lip and turned his head to ignore him.

Xiao Qingyang was so ignored that he smiled angrily and pressed the horn with his palm.

The harsh sound resounded through the peaceful countryside and startled clumps of birds.

Yan Shuang took two steps, covered his ears with both hands, looked back into the car, and his eyes were quiet.

Xiao Qingyang loosened his hand and raised his eyebrow, “get on the bus.”

“Why should I get on the bus?”

“You’re looking for Ji Yao, and I’m looking for Ji Yao,” Xiao Qingyang said. “The purpose is the same. I don’t mind taking you a ride.”

“Do you know where Ji Yao is?” Yan Shuang pretended to be ignorant.

Xiao Qingyang hooked up and said, “get on the bus.”

Yan Shuang had long wanted to get on the bus. He pretended, opened the door and sat in the co pilot. He still looked defensive. “Do you really know where Ji Yao is?”

Xiao Qingyang slowly accelerated and said, “you care about him very much.”

Yan Shuang was silent.

Xiao Qingyang glanced at his side face.

Still can’t see clearly.

Xiao Qingyang already knows the details of Yan Shuang.

Qin yubai’s little love.

When he got the news, he was so surprised that he asked again several times before confirming it.

How did such an ordinary boy win Qin yubai, a super work maniac who only has work in his eyes?

How did Ji Yao go crazy?

Xiao Qingyang was puzzled and suddenly said, “take off your glasses and let me have a look.”

Yan Shuang thought: don’t die. You can’t afford my beauty.

“Why do you ignore people?” Xiao Qingyang smiled.

Yan Shuang didn’t like to provoke people outside the plot, so he turned his face to resist.

Xiao Qingyang was still laughing, “you are so eager to refuse to welcome me, which makes me curious.”

Although he was joking, his tone was the same as that of your childe.

Yan Shuang still ignored him. He was thin and shrunk on the co pilot. The whole person leaned against the window and tried to stay away from the people around him. His actions showed that he didn’t want to refuse, but refused completely.

Xiao Qingyang thought it was boring to see him like this, but he still kept a consistent smile on his face. “When you meet Ji Yao, don’t pretend to be dumb like now. Help me persuade him well. You don’t know, my uncle, Ji Yao’s father, is a very powerful person. If you let him know that Ji Yao indulges and degenerates like this, he will never make Ji Yao feel better.”

Yan Shuang thought: Ji wensong already knew, and he really didn’t intend to make Ji Yao feel better. Isn’t he coming to torture Xiao Ji now?

Xiao Qingyang’s car gradually drove away from the road, and the scenery along the way began to become more natural and messy. The bumps of Rolling Stones kept coming out when the tires passed. Yan Shuang put down his hand to support his face and looked out.

Xiao Qingyang looked at him again and found that his face showed a worried look. He couldn’t help saying, “it’s coming.”

The sky has gradually begun to darken. The afterglow of the sunset sprinkles into the outer suburbs, and the lush trees are stained with a layer of light purple.

Compared with the sound, Yan Shuang saw the light first.

It’s not one or two, but continuous headlights.

Such a desolate suburb has suddenly set up a beam like a spotlight on the stage.

And beams of light from the ground to the sky.

As we got closer, the roar of the engine also came. Countless vehicles stopped on the stone covered dirt road. Each vehicle turned on its headlights. The outer suburbs that were about to fall into night were more dazzling and bright than the day.

Xiao Qingyang didn’t drive too close. He didn’t want to join that dangerous activity.

Yan Shuang pushed open the door and got off, looking at the rows of luxury cars, “where is Ji Yao?”

Xiao Qingyang also got out of the car. He closed the door, took out a cigarette from his pocket, took a deep breath, and then said, “I don’t know. Look first. You should know his car?”

Yan Shuang nodded.

“Go, look separately and find you…” Xiao Qingyang took out his mobile phone. “What’s your phone number?”

Yan Shuang hesitated and reported a series of figures.

Xiao Qingyang typed in the number, dialed Yan Shuang and then pressed the stop. Seeing Yan Shuang’s unwilling appearance, he felt very funny.

As if I was really afraid of his interest in him.

“There are many people here with mixed eyes,” Xiao Qingyang took another cigarette. “Be careful yourself.” He threw out a pack of cigarettes in his hand, and Yan Shuang subconsciously took them with both hands.

Xiao Qingyang said, “have a cigarette.”

“I don’t smoke.”

“You’re like an alien here. If you don’t even take a cigarette, you’ll be kicked out immediately.”

After listening to his words, Yan Shuang tilted his head, as if thinking for a moment, and finally handed back the cigarette to him, “I don’t smoke.”

Xiao Qingyang took the cigarette and said with a smile, “you’re a dead brain. If you’re kicked out, tell me my name.”

Yan Shuang didn’t speak any more and plunged into the vast pile of cars.

Xiao Qingyang sneered. He was clearly Qin yubai’s lover. He was so obsessed with Ji Yao. I really don’t know whether he was brave or greedy?

There are many and messy vehicles. As Xiao Qingyang said, Yan Shuang walked among those luxury cars that are often more than one million. One by one, he leaned against the window to peep and recognize people. His appearance was really strange and soon attracted people’s attention.

“Hey, what are you doing?”

Someone patted Yan Shuang on the shoulder.

Yan Shuang looked back. The other party looked like a young man in his early twenties, with a golden inch, a loose black shirt and a dandy face.

“I’m looking for someone,” Yan Shuang Dafang said. “Where’s Ji Yao?”

The man smiled, “Ji Yao, why are you looking for him?”

Yan Shuang thought for a moment and said, “I’ll find him to go back to class and do his homework.”

“Fuck.” The other party was amused by him. “Are you his head teacher? Isn’t he in college? Does the University also have a head teacher?”

Yan Shuang dodged, “can you tell me where he is?”

“Yes,” he smiled, “tell me two more jokes and make me happy. I’ll tell you.”

Yan Shuang sighed in his heart.

In the eyes of these young masters, he is just fun.

Having no intention of becoming a great educator, Yan Shuang silently turned around and continued to bend down to peep at the window around him.

Unfortunately, a couple of men and women were kissing in the car. Yan Shuang straightened up and turned to the next one.

Cui Zheng saw that he quietly transferred to the next car. He looked like nothing had happened. He smiled and bent over. He followed up and patted Yan Shuang’s ass.

Yan Shuang turned his face vigilantly, “what are you doing?”

“Look at you, young master, do good deeds every day today,” Cui Zheng waved his hand and pointed to the front right. “Ji Yao is over there.”

Yan Shuangshun looked in the direction he pointed. He didn’t see Ji Yao, but saw several black sports cars.

Maybe Ji Yao is inside.

Yan Shuang said seriously, “thank you.”

“Don’t thank me,” Cui Zheng smiled and showed his white teeth. “My name is Cui Zheng, Cui Yingying’s Cui, and Zheng He’s going to the West. Remember you owe me two jokes.”

Yan Shuang nodded to him and plunged into the dark sea.

Cui Zheng looked at his back, rubbed his fingers, and Wu ziyue said, “the ass is very soft… Fuck, I didn’t ask!”

Cui Zheng didn’t lie.

Yan Shuang saw Ji Yao’s car.

The license plate is too dazzling to attract attention.

His car was in a long motorcade. When Yan Shuang passed, several cars in front of Ji Yao were slowly accelerating. Then with a sharp whistle, the vehicles accelerated violently, and the body seemed to rise from the air and drive into the rugged and winding wild road full of sand and stones.

Cheers and whistles rang through the wilderness.

Ji Yao’s car ranked fifth.

The lights are on.

Yan Shuang rushed over immediately.

Xiaoji can’t accept any mistakes that disrupt his work progress!

As the distance was getting closer and closer, Ji Yao’s handsome face came into view, and Yan Shuang was even more surprised.

This guy doesn’t even have a helmet!

It seemed that he was tired of waiting. He even closed his eyes and only put his hands on the steering wheel.

The car didn’t turn off either.

“Bang bang -”

The sound of smashing the window came.

The temple is roaring, which makes Ji Yao unable to distinguish whether the sound from the outside is far or near.

His brow was frowning, and his attention was focused on the starting sound.

“Bang bang -”

The sound of knocking on the window became more and more urgent, and seemed to be mixed with shouts.

“Ji Yao…”

The closed long eyelashes suddenly opened.

The car in front of him is a distance away.

He almost fell asleep.

The spirit is too tight and tired in such an environment of adrenaline surge.

“Bang bang -”

The sound of smashing the window really exploded in the left ear.

Ji looked to the left.

He looked at a pair of flustered eyes, hidden behind the lens and wide bangs. His eyes were full of tears and pleadings. One hand was beating his window and the other hand was pulling his door. His lips moved disorderly and looked disorganized. However, Ji Yao heard the sound of those two lips in the roar.

“Ji Yao…”

He’s calling his name.

“Ji Yao, you get off!” Yan Shuang is even more anxious to see the red blood in Ji Yao’s eyes. In case of any good or bad, where will he brush the plot line and emotional line?

Disgusting man, Ji Yao turned his face, his cold eyes moved to the front, and his wrist shifted to the gear. At the moment he wanted to shift, the thin figure rushed in front of his car.

The beam of light swayed and shook, and the thin figure stood in it. It turned into a strange scene in front of Ji Yao, so that he couldn’t tell whether the scene in front of him was a reality or a dream.

The picture that the vehicle did not send out caused the crowd to watch.

The confrontation of one person and one car is ridiculous.

In the laughter, someone pulled down the spotlight and hit Yan Shuang straightly.

“Pa -”

It seems that someone smashed something.

A shout with banter came suddenly.

——”Hit him!”

The crowd immediately sounded more explosive cheers and whistles than before.

It was like adding fuel to a flame, and the onlookers began to shake their arms excitedly and shout slogans.

“Hit him!”

In the voice of the avalanche, the thin figure trembled, but firmly refused to move away.

He opened his arms, his lips moved quickly, and his face looked anxious.

The roar in his ears was so violent that Ji Yao could hardly hear anything.

He pushed the door open.

Cheers broke out again among the onlookers.

Yan Shuang looked at Ji Yao coming towards him, “Ji…”

The collar was lifted.

Yan Shuang was forced to stand on tiptoe and almost touched Ji Yao’s forehead. The tears in his eyes finally rolled down, “Ji Yao, please, come back with me…”

Under the strong spotlight, each other’s facial features were blurred. Only two pairs of eyes were facing each other. Ji Yao could not hear what he was saying or the roar of the crowd. He said coldly, “I said, I don’t want to see you again.”

His wrist loosened and the thin figure fell to the ground. Ji Yao had sat back in the car.

When the horn was pressed, Ji Yao rolled down the window and said in a loud voice, “get out!”

Hearing his voice, the people sitting on the ground immediately stood up. He still stood firmly in front of the car and spread his arms again, “Ji Yao…”

That call should be very light.

But Ji Yao heard it clearly.

It’s too annoying.

If only this person didn’t exist.

Bloodshot eyes stared at the man in front of them.

Firmly step on the sole of the brake and slowly release the force.

The front of the car lost control and moved forward slightly.

The thin figure immediately fell down like a reed.

The cheers were momentarily silent.

Then, almost within a second, the fallen figure quickly got up again. He trembled and opened his arms again as if he could only do that action. He cried very ugly and his lips opened slightly.

“Ji Yao…”

His voice overlapped with the voice in Ji Yao’s mind for a moment.

Ji Yao closes his eyes.

Disgust, anger, helplessness.

And… Being caught… Strangeness.

He won’t stop.

Unless he goes back with him, he won’t stop dead.

Such a coward

The hand gripping the steering wheel trembled slightly.

After taking a deep breath, Ji Yao got out of the car.

“Ji Yao…” Yan Shuang looked at the emotional line that finally moved backstage and wept with genuine joy. He wanted to jump up and give Xiao Ji a smada now.

Good drag racing. More drag racing next time.

The man who came towards him raised his arms with a cold face.

Yan Shuang thought it was great. Today’s trip was worth it. The sadistic KPI was full. He was happy to be beaten with his eyes closed.

His shoulder was pulled by a force, and his forehead suddenly knocked in a warm embrace. Yan Shuang looked up, but his head was pressed by the other hand.

The crowd burst into a sea of cheers.

Yan Shuang was held in his arms by Ji Yao. His ears were pressed and stumbled forward along Ji Yao.

The door opened and he was stuffed into the co pilot by Ji Yao.

Yan Shuang grabbed the hands and said in fear with tears: “Ji, Ji Yao…”

“Shut up,” Ji Yao said coldly, “one more word, and I’ll throw you out of the car and grind you into meat sauce.”

His lips closed, and only the sound of weeping echoed in the carriage.

Ji Yao got on the car and started again. The steering wheel turned sharply.

Yan Shuang grabbed the handrail on the side of the car and sobbed, “where are you going?”

The voice of indifference fell, with a touch of fatigue.

“Go back.”


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