I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 34

“What are you talking about?”

Qin yubai raised his face from the backlog of documents and coughed twice. His face was a little morbid white, “what do you mean… People are gone?”

Wei Yichen rarely frowned in front of his employer and bent deeply, “sorry, I made a mistake.”

He first went to the school to pick up people, sent text messages in advance, didn’t receive a reply, and didn’t wait for anyone.

Yan Shuang didn’t answer the phone.

He called Yao Jing again. As a result, Yao Jing even said that he had quit last night. He slept at home all day today and didn’t monitor Yan Shuang’s whereabouts at all.

Suddenly, Yan Shuang disappeared into his control.

After hearing Wei Yichen’s explanation, Qin Yu looked at him expressionless.

The room was filled with unspeakable pressure.

As a famous professional housekeeper in the whole circle, Wei Yichen’s probability of making mistakes is 0%.

As long as you are his employer and pay him a commission, he will fulfill your request 100%.

It is because of his amazing working ability that his previous employers ignore his relatively limited loyalty.

“Do you need me to give you a month to find someone?” Qin yubai said slowly, “or just let him happily play outside until the end of the contract –”

“Pa -”

The folder in hand was thrown to the ground, and white paper was scattered all over the floor.

Qin Yu coughed twice fiercely in the Bai opera, and his pale face was red with anger. “Don’t go to find it right away!”

“I’m already looking for it,” Wei Yichen bent over with a steady voice. “I’ll find someone as soon as possible.”

The strong sense of out of control made his heart completely tense, and his mind was full of all kinds of messy noise. Qin Yu’s white eyes blackened a while ago, and pressed his forehead hard. He didn’t want his subordinates to see his gaffe. He waved hard, “get out -”


Wei Yichen quickly backed out.

At the moment of closing the study door, Wei Yichen’s face also changed, and the whole face was cold.

He is a double-edged sword. He does have a bad criminal record of swallowing the Lord, but he is also sharp enough. This is the capital he can constantly find new employers.

But today he’s rusty.

On things that are almost impossible to go wrong.

He took a deep breath, gently pulled his tie around his neck and strode down the stairs. When the servants saw the usually gentle and quiet housekeeper passing by with a gloomy face, they avoided it and exchanged eyes with each other. They were worried about the sudden change in the always lifeless mansion.

Yan Shuang, who was searched by Wei Yichen using the city’s network of contacts, is now sitting in Ji Yao’s co pilot playing Xiaobaihua.

Yan Shuang is very professional in acting. Even if he is only a little white flower with ultra-low difficulty index, he is also very careful. First take off his glasses, then wipe the corners of his eyes, and speak softly, “Ji Yao, I’m sorry… Listen to me, I have difficulties…”

“I don’t want to hear.”

On the wilderness, the noise was too much, the impulse gradually calmed down, and Ji Yao returned to the cold appearance.

Yan Shuang: I knew he didn’t want to listen. He didn’t even prepare his lines.

Calm down in the car.

Except for Yan Shuang’s occasionally aggravated breathing sound.

He is trying his best not to cry. He uses his big breath to keep himself from making annoying noises.

The roar in his ears had long disappeared. Listening to Yan Shuang’s inhalation, Ji Yao didn’t feel as upset as before.

The car slowed down and quietly stopped by the deserted road.

Ji Yao rolled down the windows on both sides.

It was dark outside, and the night wind poured into the car coolly, rubbing against the edge of the window, making a weeping sound, diluting the repressed breathing sound in the car.

Ji Yao glanced at the starry sky outside, pushed open the door and got out of the car.

“Ji Yao,” a flustered call came, “where are you going?”

“Not going anywhere.”

Even if he was cold, he responded immediately.

Ji Yao stood outside the car, leaning against the window, with his back to Yan Shuang.

The night wind blew his snow-white shirt, and the hem of the shirt licked the back of his blue tendon floating hand.

He is giving Yan Shuangping time to recover his mood.

Yan Shuang held his cheek and hooked his lips and smiled unpredictably. He made a fake cry and took out his mobile phone.

The mobile phone is about to explode. A whole row of missed calls, including Wei Yichen and Xiao Qingyang.

Yan Shuang clicked them all, opened the mailbox, sent Qi Feiyun a warm good night greeting letter, crossed them off, and answered the phone call again from Xiao Qingyang.


An earth shaking roar came from the other end of the phone.

“Where have you been?! Cui Zheng said Ji Yao dragged you away. You don’t tell me if you find someone…”

The phone was taken away by an outstretched hand and hung up.

Yan Shuanghong looked at Ji Yao who turned to the front passenger’s window.

Ji Yao looked cold. “Don’t follow me next time.”

Yan Shuang knew that he misunderstood that Xiao Qingyang had brought him, which was just what he wanted, so he whispered, “I know you hate me…”

The phone screen lights up again.

Ji Yao bowed his head and wrote “Wei Yichen” on the screen.

Yan Shuang saw that Ji Yao’s face was wrong. He was afraid that he would attack his beloved domestic machine like Qin yubai. He quickly stretched out his hand to grab the mobile phone. As soon as his fingertips touched the mobile phone, he was wrapped by Ji Yao’s backhand and mobile phone with his hand.

Yan Shuang raised his face, his wet eyes full of surprise.

Ji Yao hates his touch.

But now the power to wrap his hand is very strong, and the touch of skin contact is very bright.

Ji Yao didn’t shake his hands.

There is nothing lovely about that crying face.

Even if it is really similar to Qin Qing, it is too far away.

But he had a strange tenacity, a courage that would be desperate even if he was cowardly.

He is not as self indulgent and hopeless as he thinks.


The warm palm touched the mobile phone, Yan Shuang “accidentally” pressed the answer button, and Wei Yichen’s voice came from the speaker immediately.

Yan Shuang shows his praying expression in panic. Ji Yao releases his hand. Yan Shuang grabs the mobile phone and is about to retract his hand. His wrist is buckled again, and the mobile phone is pulled out again.

Ji Yao firmly clasped Yan Shuang’s two hands in one hand and answered the phone in the other.

“He’s here,” Ji Yao said in a cold tone. Wei Yichen opposite didn’t know what to say. Ji Yao sneered, “what is he? Do you think I’m afraid of him?”

Directly hung up the phone. Ji Yao turned back and said to the dull Yan Shuang, “do you want to go back or follow me?”

His hands were still under his control. A little tears were brewing in Yan’s eyes. He sniffed and said slowly, “I can’t go back.”

Being rejected again, Ji Yao didn’t feel angry.

Although he didn’t want to hear it, he already believed that Yan Shuang did… Have difficulties.

Even have the courage to stop a car, how can you not have the courage to escape from that place?

Ji Yao loosened his hand, Yan looked at him with both eyes, spread his hands in front of Ji Yao and said carefully: “my mobile phone…”

Give him back his cell phone. Ji Yao turns to the driver’s seat and hasn’t started the car yet. Yan Shuang’s cell phone rings again. Ji Yao sweeps his eyes, Yan Shuang shrinks his neck and whispers, “it’s Xiao Qingyang.”

“Give it to me.”

Yan Shuang handed Ji Yao his mobile phone again.

Ji Yao answered the phone and interrupted coldly when he scolded the first word across the street, “it’s me.”

Xiao Qingyang’s anger immediately fell down, “… Oh, Ji Yao, it’s you. I’ve gone back. I’ll clean up the room for you in advance.”

“No,” Ji Yao said, “don’t call again.” Hang up and return the phone to Yan Shuang.

Yan Shuang answered the phone and saw the message Wei Yichen sent him.

Only two words.

“Come back.”

Yan Shuang didn’t return.

Let our housekeeper hurry.

Given so many sweets, how can I do without slapping?

After playing with him for so long, it’s time for the housekeeper to feel a little crisis.

What has been held in the palm of your hand, even if it is fun, will not be cherished enough.

The vehicle gradually drove into the expressway from the outer suburbs and ran to the urban area.

Ji Yao’s speed today is very fierce, and the neon lights outside the window flashed one after another. Yan Shuang brewing for a while and continued his unfinished little white flower declaration.

“Ji Yao, I know you hate me.”

“I just want to beg you not to affect yourself because you hate me.”

“Whether you don’t come to class or do something so dangerous…”

“I promise I won’t appear in front of you again and annoy you.”

Ji Yao, who listened quietly, suddenly said expressionless, “are you going to drop out of school?”

Yan Shuang: “…” Oh, Xiao Ji will hurt others.

Yan Shuang showed his injured expression and silently looked out of the window.

Xiaobaihua won’t talk back. It’s reasonable.

Ji yaoyu glanced at him and his eyes cruised the dark road in front of him for a moment.

“I don’t hate it.”

The three words are so clear that there is no sense of reluctance.

Yan Shuang looked back at Ji Yao.

The light in the car is dim yellow, which warm outlines a handsome side face, making this cold face seem to have temperature at the moment.

This man is too direct.

He was never uncomfortable and disdained to cover up. Even if he wanted to overturn his judgment on a person, he was extremely decisive. He lived wantonly and freely.

Sometimes wealth is not reflected in material things, but a kind of confidence that “the world doesn’t need me to make any compromise”.

Ji Yao has this confidence.

As long as he likes, he can declare war on anyone or anything.

This kind of alternative juvenile innocence can’t help but want to break it.

No wonder even Ji wensong’s biological father wanted to teach him a lesson.

Yan Shuang’s eyes were gentle like water, “thank you, Ji Yao.”

The sports car stopped at the door of a hotel.

Looking at the bodyguard standing at the door, Yan Shuang knew that the hotel must be very expensive. He thought that the emotional line was different. Ji Yao was good to Yan Shuang in the original book. Tonight, he can finally enjoy the treatment that the book always receives!

Ji Yao untied his seat belt and said, “get off.”

Yan Shuang pulled the seat belt, pretended to be nervous and said, “I, I’m going back…”

Already a waiter came up and pulled the door. Ji Yao stepped out of the door with long legs and said, “go back by yourself.”

Yan Shuang: “…” fuck!

that ‘s ok! It’s like a heart abuse scene!

Yan Shuang unfastened his seat belt and got out of the car. He cursed in his heart and wrote a note for Ji Yao.

If Ji Yao doesn’t give him taxi money, he will really make trouble!

Ji Yao gave the key to the waiter to park the car and said to Yan Shuang, “let’s go.”

Yan Shuang gave a “Oh” sound, lowered his head and waved to Ji Yao, “bye.”

As soon as the steps turned, the collar was caught.

Yan Shuang turned back and Ji Yao looked at him coldly, “where are you going?”

“I, i… I’ll go back?” Yan Shuang was confused.

“No.” Ji Yao said coldly.

Yan Shuang: ”

Ji Yao looked away, released his hand holding Yan Shuang’s collar and took his arm instead.

Every time, he gave him a choice.

This time, he stopped asking.

“Come with me.”


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