I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 35

“Please sign here.”

The crystal chandeliers in the lobby refracted the brilliant light one by one, shining brightly on your son who was signing.

Ji Yao signed with one hand and grabbed Yan Shuang’s arm with the other to prevent him from escaping.

Yan Shuang bowed his head and bored to check the plot line and emotional line of several slag attacks backstage.

Except that Sheng Guangming is empty, the trend of the other four is probably within his plan.

The three almost go hand in hand, Qi Feiyun is the most backward.

For a cold man like Ji Yao, once 10% of the imprisonment is lifted, the emotional line soars to the first, 25%.

In fact, Ji Yao is really a very pure person. His definition of man is rigid, and he doesn’t say it step by step. He determines what kind of person you are and will put you in the corresponding position immediately.

But we can’t take it lightly.

Like climbing a mountain, the progress of the emotional line is the more difficult it is to brush.

“The check-in formalities have been completed here. Please come here, two.”

Ji Yao nodded and pulled Yan Shuang in.

Yan Shuangdun stood in place and fought against Ji Yao’s strength.

Ji Yao didn’t look back. With a little force, he pulled the man to his side. One hand grabbed his arm and the other hand pressed on Yan Shuang’s back, almost pushing the man forward.

“No,” Yan Shuang begged, holding Ji Yao’s sleeve, “I have to go back.”

Ji Yao turned a deaf ear and pushed Yan Shuang forward.

Yan Shuang stumbled and squatted down.

Ji Yao’s long arm was pulled away. He lowered his face and looked at Yan Shuang.

Yan Shuangmei frowned tightly, looked nervous and afraid, and shook his head at Ji Yao.

The housekeeper leading the way has stopped.

There were not many people in the lobby of the hotel. A few sporadic people were all dressed in Chinese clothes. They looked at the two people with vague eyes and restraint.

Being stared at by others like this, ordinary people have long felt embarrassed, while Ji Yao still looks as usual, “don’t cheat.”

Yan Shuang almost didn’t laugh.

We Xiaoji still have a little cold humor.

“I want to go back.”

Yan Shuang’s voice was low and pitiful like a small animal.

“No -” Ji Yao’s words stopped abruptly and his sight shot at the gate.

A group of bodyguards in black rushed into the hotel, led by the best housekeeper beside Qin yubai.

Yan Shuang also heard footsteps. As soon as he looked back, he immediately “wow” in his heart.

A lot of people.

Wei Yichen probably looked for him for a day. His originally very neat and straight coat was slightly wrinkled. His face looked the same as usual, but his steps were a little faster than usual. All the bodyguards behind him looked gloomy and menacing.

“Ji Shao.”

After Wei Yichen stopped, he respectfully asked Ji Yao how he was.

Yan Shuang listened to his voice and was a little dumb. He thought he had disappeared all day. Housekeeper Wei estimated that he had a hard time looking for him.

The bodyguard in black surrounded the two people in a circle.

Ji Yao looked like he didn’t see these people. He bowed his head and continued to talk to Yan Shuang, “get up and go to sleep.”

Yan earned his arms and was pulled back by Ji Yao.

Wei Yichen was ignored and not angry. He turned to Yan Shuang and asked, “Mr. Yan, Mr. Yan is waiting for you at home.”

“I’ll be right back.” Yan Shuang hurriedly connected, and his eyes flashed over him in fear, as if he had been greatly frightened. The look of panic made Ji Yao frown.

Wei Yichen looked at Ji Yao again, “Ji Shao, it’s very late, so I won’t disturb you.”

He leaned over to help Yan Shuang. Yan Shuang obediently handed him the other hand. Wei Yichen calmly lifted Yan Shuang’s arm.

Ji Yao just looked, neither stopped nor let go.

Wei Yichen held Yan Shuang and said gently, “Ji Shao, if you are like this, it is Mr. Yan who is embarrassed in the end.”

Ji Yao looks at Yan Shuang.

Yan Shuang has lowered his head and hid his face deeply to avoid the tracking of Ji Yao’s line of sight.

He has difficulties.

Indeed, even if he forcibly retains Yan Shuang tonight, Yan Shuang will still return to Qin yubai. Maybe Qin yubai will treat him more harshly because of what happened tonight.

Ji Yao knows the attitude of people like Qin yubai towards playthings like Yan Shuang.

Because his father is that kind of person.

Ji Yao loosened his hand, and his tightly held arm immediately fell powerlessly.

Wei Yichen holds Yan Shuang and turns to go.

“Don’t hurt him.”

Ji Yao’s cold voice came.

Wei Yichen stopped, and Yu Guang glanced at Yan Shuang on his side.

Yan Shuang lowered his head. His hair blocked most of his face, revealing only slightly tilted lips.

He was laughing stealthily. He was not excited about the cold young master’s rare tenderness, even with a trace of ridicule. It seemed that he was laughing at the young master’s easy access as he said.

“No,” Wei Yichen said blandly, “no one can hurt him.”

A group of people left the hotel. Wei Yichen stuffed Yan Shuang into his car and ordered the bodyguards to take the back car.

This behavior is actually somewhat abrupt.

The correct way is to keep at least two bodyguards in the car, so as to avoid suspicion.

Because Qin yubai has tried him once, he should pay attention.

When the door closed, Yan and his wife didn’t sit still, so they were hugged by Wei Yichen.

The space in the car was narrow. They collided with the tip of their nose, and even their glasses almost got into a fight.

Through the thin lens, Yan Shuang looked into a pair of eyes hiding anger.

He smiled softly. “Angry?”

Wei Yichen was really angry.

Of course he likes Yan Shuang’s little tricks.

The premise is that those tricks can add fun to his life – not trouble.

At this moment, Yan Shuang is still creating “trouble” for him.

The soft palm caressed his chin, and the cool temperature seemed to comfort him.

Two plump red lips lifted up and sighed, “you have a beard.”

All day long, Wei Yichen was extremely anxious. He saw Qin yubai out of control, so he couldn’t stand his out of control.

Today’s situation has exceeded the limit he set for himself.

It’s time to stop.

His eyes stared at the two red lips that had naturally grown into the shape of asking for a kiss. Wei Yichen loosened his control over Yan Shuang with great willpower. He turned his face, breathed steadily, spoke calmly, and said, “Mr. Yan, please fasten your seat belt.”

Yan Shuang’s palm was still hanging in the air. He heard that Yan Yan threw it in the air, took back his hand, fastened his seat belt, propped his face with one hand and looked at Wei Yichen with a smile.

The car was silent, followed by several cars of the same color.

Wei Yichen drove very fast and hurried back to the Qin house without speeding.

Yan Shuang looked at him quietly all the time, his head leaning against the edge of the window, his expression and eyes with a gentle smile.

Wei Yichen stopped the car steadily without a second. He went around and opened the door for Yan Shuang.

He is a perfect housekeeper if he wants to.

“Mr. Yan, please get off.”

Yan Shuang sat in the car and heard the sound of cars stopping one after another. Wei Yichen bent down and was obviously avoiding him.

Yan double headed leaned out of the door, and Wei Yichen stretched out his hand to protect his head.

The bodyguards behind him have followed one after another.

“You look angry…” Yan Shuang rubbed his side, and the tail was scattered in the air, “… It’s not cute.”

The servant took Yan Shuang upstairs and whispered to him, “Sir is very angry and smashed a lot of things.”

The two owners of the Qin house are very quiet. Needless to say, the young master, Qin yubai is too busy at work and spends less time at home. The servants don’t have much time to see the master, and usually they are only in a hurry.

Today, Qin Yu had a big fire with white hair and smashed the wine cabinet in the study.

The smell of alcohol will make the whole floor drunk.

Now all the servants knew how much their master cared about the new servant.

Yan Shuang thanked the servant for his information and calmly went upstairs.

The servant led him to the bedroom and knocked on the door. “Sir, Mr. Yan is back.”

Two coughs came from the room, “come in.”

The servant opened the door and winked at Yan Shuang.

Qin yubai is sitting on the bed. There is no light in the house. The wall lights on both sides of the head of the bed are on, illuminating the documents in his hand. A pair of glasses are put on the bridge of his nose and fall loosely.

Hearing the sound of Yan Shuang pushing the door in, Qin Yu didn’t lift his white head and looked down at the documents in his hand, as if Yan Shuang wasn’t in the room.

Yan Shuang stood still at the door for a while, turned to pull the door handle, and heard another cough.

“Where are you going?”

Yan Shuang turned his back to Qin yubai, and the whole person soon melted into the dark night.

“You didn’t want to see me, so I went to bed.”

Qin Yu’s white head is about to crack. He has made a fire in his study, which makes the servants of the whole house frightened, as if he were a tyrant.

“Come here.”

Qin Yu Bai Qiang held back the itch in his throat and said in a low voice.

Yan Shuang moved to the bedside step by step.

The yellow wall lamp showed his reluctant face.

Qin yubai patted his side and said plainly, “sit down.”

Yan Shuang ordered one action and sat down like a puppet.

Qin Yu held the document in his white hand and said calmly, “where have you been?”

Yan Shuang didn’t answer positively and said faintly, “don’t you already know?”

Silence filled the room quietly. The two people who fell asleep hugging each other last night were at war again.

It seems that there can only be a moment of peace between them.

The hand holding the document clenched quietly. Qin Yu Bai Qiang said calmly, “do you really think I can’t help you?”

With that, he could no longer stop the impulse of coughing in his throat, put the documents aside, turned his head and coughed violently to avoid Yan Shuang.

The glasses on the bridge of his nose tossed up and down with his cough and hit him on the bridge of his nose. The body that had not been ill for a long time affected his whole thoughts, and a faint sadness sprang up in his heart.

His life, apart from his work, is terrible.

Keep your loved ones away.

He couldn’t hold on to even a substitute.

Qin yubai coughed and his cheeks were burning with him. He endured his discomfort and stretched out his arm to reach the phone at the head of the bed. The receiver was timely picked up and put in his hand.

Qin yubai clenched his fist to stop his lips from coughing and looked back.

Yan Shuang half knelt on his bed, took the receiver for him in his hand, his face was light, bit his lower lip, twisted his face and avoided his eyes.

Qin yubai looked at him for a while, reached for the receiver and said hoarsely, “dial 1.”

Yan Shuang turns to the other side of the bed and dials 1 for Qin yubai.

“Ask Lao Li to come up and cough… Well, take a drop.”

When he finished, he put down the receiver, his face was tired, his chest heaved with difficulty, and his face was morbid red.

People who are always strong and arrogant seem to be particularly vulnerable when they get sick.

At this time, we should kill him while he is ill.

Yan Shuang helped him put the telephone receiver, and sat down silently by the bed.

The doctor came up quickly and gave Qin yubai a drip according to Qin yubai’s instructions.

“Sir, if you burn badly again, you’d better go to the hospital.”

“It’s all right. Go down.”

Qin yubai propped up the pillow behind him with one hand, sat up slightly, and picked up the documents scattered on the quilt. His glasses slipped a little from the bridge of his nose. He raised his head to hold his glasses, coughed again, and continued to read the documents in his hand.

The family doctor glanced at the quiet Yan Shuang next to him and said to him, “it will take about an hour to hang up. You can call me after hanging up.”

Qin yubai listened, sneered and asked Yan Shuang to stay in bed. He would go to hell without being angry. When he was about to ask Yan Shuang to roll together, Yan Shuang spoke.

“OK, I see.”

Yan Shuang got up and sent the family doctor out of the bedroom.

After the door was closed for a long time, Qin yubai came back. He looked at Yan Shuang like a monster and said hoarsely, “do you want to make up for your mistakes?”

“I didn’t make a mistake. I can’t make up for it.” Yan Shuang said faintly. Before Qin yubai retorted, he stretched out his hand and took out the document in Qin yubai’s hand.

Qin Yu said in a harsh voice, “what are you doing?”

“If you work less than an hour, the company won’t go bankrupt.”

Yan Shuang put the document at the head of the bed, turned his face and looked at Qin Yu’s white and complex face. He didn’t look at him, but reached out to take off his glasses for him, “go to bed, I’ll take good care of it.”


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