I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 36

The light of the wall lamp was soft, and a shallow halo was played on Yan Shuang’s white side face, and a dazzling light was reflected from the mobile phone screen on his knee.

“What are you looking at?” Qin yubai lies in bed, but he can’t sleep with his eyes closed.

Yan Shuang glanced at him. “Is the screen too bright?”

“Not bright,” Qin yubai asked, “what are you looking at?”

Yan Shuang’s face was light, and his expression seemed to be helpless. He turned his mobile phone and turned the screen to Qin yubai, “learn.”

The dense text on the screen shook Qin Yu’s head. He frowned and said, “why don’t you use a computer?”

Yan Shuang took back his mobile phone and bowed his head.

Qin yubai knew he had asked a silly question.

He was silent for a moment and said, “I have an unused notebook in my study. Take it.”

“No, I’m used to reading on my cell phone,” Yan Shuang looked at him. “Go to bed and I’ll watch.”

Qin yubai is very uncomfortable.

Yan Shuang spoke to him so calmly that he felt very uncomfortable.

“I don’t know what’s good or bad,” Qin Yu said coldly. “If you want to go, you can go!”

Yan Shuang pursed his lips and turned back coldly, “I don’t need your things.”

“You –”

Qin yubai’s chest was stuffy and coughed twice.

Yan Shuang got up. “Forget it, I’d better call someone else.”

“No… cough…” Qin yubai reached out to hold Yan Shuang’s wrist and held his cough. Jun’s face turned red and said hard, “don’t go.”

Yan Shuang said coldly, “you either sleep or let me go. I won’t quarrel with you.”

Qin yubai struggled and said, “sit down honestly.”

Yan Shuang sat down again with a cold face, took out his mobile phone and continued to watch.

Qin Yu’s hot palm held Yan Shuang’s wrist. This man always smelled his face in front of him. He had a stubborn and cold temper, and his skin was cold. It was very comfortable to hold it. His thoughts drifted away slowly. The palm of his hand loosened unconsciously and slid down slowly. He unconsciously held Yan Shuang’s hand in the quilt.

When he reacted, his hands were clasped.

Before he moved, Yan Shuang had made an effort to draw his hand.

Qin yubai immediately squeezed Yan Shuang’s hand in a repressive way, “what’s going on?”

“Don’t pull me,” Yan Shuang said with a bad face. “You’re sweating.”

“What’s the matter with sweating? Last night…”

Qin yubai opened his eyes slightly and looked at Yan Shuang who covered his mouth above. The thin melon seed face turned red from his chin to his cheek. His eyes stared at him fiercely, “do you sleep? I’ll go if you don’t sleep!”

The hot breath sprayed on the palm and returned to the mouth and nose. The palm and lips merged into a small space and gradually became hot and humid.

A vague sense of suffocation and slow breathing.

The four eyes were opposite, the lines of sight briefly collided, stagnated for a second, and immediately dodged and separated with tacit understanding.

The hand pressing his lips suddenly released, and the air returned to his heart again. The hand he held also used his strength to escape from his palm. Qin yubai took a deep breath and subconsciously fastened the hand in his palm.

Sweat has become very sticky in two hands with different temperatures, holding them together greasily.

His heart beat faster inexplicably, his chest was stuffy, and the itching from his throat rushed to his throat. He tried his best to endure, but he still coughed.

Once the cough starts, it can no longer stop.

Qin yubai coughed, turned his face and pressed it on the pillow to reduce the cough as much as possible.

The hand he held escaped.

The palm of his hand suddenly became empty, and his five fingers curled up in vain. Qin yubai had no strength to catch him. His breath was stuffy in the soft pillow, and his whole face was hot.

The quiet room echoed with his repressed cough.

And the sound of footsteps gradually moving away from.

He is his servant, but he will run away whenever he has a chance.

Qin yubai is angry and helpless, and his heart is full of unspeakable anger.

Run away. When he recovers a little, he can catch him back immediately, and then punish him well. It will be settled together with today’s disappearance!

“Drink some water.”

Violent imagination was suddenly cut off.

Qin yubai turned his head and showed half his face from the pillow. His sick blush floated on his cheeks. His fierce eyes had not been taken back. He looked like a beast with a wounded head.

The committee is wronged.

Yan Shuang felt funny in his heart. He handed the water cup forward. “Do you want to drink? I’ll pour it if you don’t drink.”

Qin yubai coughed and, with a cold face, stretched out his hand to take over the water cup.

The temperature of the glass is just right, warm, just at the entrance.

The water slipped into my throat, my discomfort was barely suppressed, and my head and face were not so muggy.

Yan Shuang silently took the water cup from his hand, “do you want any more?”


My throat is much more comfortable.

Qin yubai turned over, watched Yan Shuang put the cup aside, returned to him and sat quietly at the head of the bed. His eyes stuck to Yan Shuang, like nostalgia and vigilance.

“You sleep, don’t toss.” Yan Shuang said helplessly.

Qin yubai has an inexplicable feeling.

As if he were a child who made trouble for his family in his illness, Yan Shuang was accommodating him.

I can’t think anymore.

Qin yubai closed his eyes, his lips closed tightly, but the eyes under his eyelids were still moving.

“My mother…”

Yan Shuang’s soft voice sounded, and Qin yubai frowned.

The atmosphere tonight is too wrong. Yan Shuang’s behavior is a little abnormal. Is he trying to impress him with his tragic past?

What do you want to say?

Poor life experience, missing my mother, those platitudes that win sympathy?

“She left at your age.”

Qin yubai: ”

“Almost,” Yan Shuang said slowly, “there are probably two or three years left.”

Qin yubai bit his teeth, “shut up, I’m going to sleep.”

When the medicine was effective, the upset thoughts were diluted in the irritability and fatigue of the whole day, and Qin yubai fell into a sleepy sleep.

Vaguely, he noticed a pain in the back of his hand, and immediately a pair of cool hands covered him and pressed him gently.

The hands left so fast that he slept so heavily that he couldn’t hold them.

In the dream, there was a voice that once appeared. He cared about him anxiously and asked him to take care of his body and never have an accident.

Who is it?

Is that Qin Qing?

No, not Qin Qing.

Qin Qing won’t go out that door.

Who’s that?

When Qin yubai woke up, he felt that he had recovered most of his illness. At least the feeling of powerlessness after fever weakened a lot.

The room was empty and an empty water cup was placed at the head of the bed.

Qin yubai stared at the empty water cup for a while, slowly sat up, took the phone and asked the servant to come up.

The servant came up at once.

“Where are the people?” Qin Yu and Bai Dao.

The servant was confused. “Who do you mean, sir?”

Qin Yu’s face was white and cold. His name rolled around his mouth for several times. He was unwilling to say, “Yan Shuang.”

“Mr. Yan said early in the morning that he went out to work.”

“Work?!” Qin yubai coughed lightly and said angrily, “I’m very ill… Go and send someone to pick him up… Wait, call Wei Yichen up.”

A moment later, the loyal housekeeper came up. “What can I do for you, sir?”

“The fake,” Qin yubai naturally called Yan Shuang in front of the housekeeper who knew the inside story, and his face was not worried, “he ran outside early in the morning and asked him to come back. If he refused to come back… Tell him that I pay him double his hourly salary.”

When others pick it up, they can’t pick it up if they don’t keep it together.

Wei Yichen was silent for a moment and didn’t answer.

“If something goes wrong again,” Qin yubai warned, “I’m not Zhang Xudong.”

Zhang Xudong, Wei Yichen’s former employer, is now in prison and will not come out in 20 or 30 years.

Qin yubai personally sent people in, and Wei Yichen also made a contribution.

“Yes,” Wei Yichen lowered his head and said that he had been taught, “I will pick up the people as soon as possible.”

In the convenience store, Yan Shuang is heating breakfast for guests.

Today is the weekend, but many people still go to the company early to work overtime.

He himself is one of them.

Pass the heated breakfast to the guest, Yan Shuang smiled; “Thank you for coming.”

When the sound of “Ding Ling” came, Yan Shuang looked up, “welcome,” smiled and expanded when he saw the visitor, “… Come.”

The tall figure stood at the door against the light, with a cold and light expression on his face. The eyes behind the lens revealed that he was born sparse and defensive, “Mr. Yan, Mr. Qin asked me to pick you up.”

Yan Shuang looked at him quietly, his smile gradually flattened, his body leaned out of the cashier, and showed a sweeter smile, “Welcome! Please let the guests in front of us.”

The office worker hurried past the person in front of him with an unhappy look in his eyes. He quickly took sandwiches and oolong tea to check out. Fortunately, the salesperson’s warm attitude eased his discomfort a little.

“Thank you for coming.”

Wei Yichen turned sideways to give up his position, lowered his eyes slightly, finally walked into the store and stood in front of the cashier.

Yan Shuang lowered his head and took a rag to wipe the dust that didn’t exist on the table.

“President Qin asked you to go back. He will give you double your hourly salary here.”

Business is business, cold tone.

The rag slid on the table and no one responded to him.

The sound of laughter broke the dull atmosphere in the store. A group of teenagers dressed as students entered the store and crowded in front of the freezer to discuss what kind of ice cream to buy.

“There’s an activity now,” Yan Shuang said enthusiastically as he moved over. “Buy two at half price.”

“Really? What about the other flavors?”

“These three flavors can be mixed and participated in activities.”


The convenience store is full of lively fireworks. Yan Shuangqin sincerely sweeps the code and cash register for the sweet summer of these students.

The students were very dissatisfied with the man standing in front of the cashier who occupied the space, and dared not raise objections because of the other party’s too tall body and cold temperament. They could only get together, look different and talk quietly.

Yan Shuang packed bags for the students and handed them, completely ignoring Wei Yichen standing in front of the cashier.

An idea suddenly appeared in Wei Yichen’s mind.

They ignore each other coldly, like

“Won’t you go?”

Wei Yichen opened his mouth and his tone eased slightly.

Yan Shuang played with the code scanning gun used by the cashier and raised his eyes, “don’t go.”

There was another “Ding Ling” at the door.

“Oh, are you bored? I said I don’t want to eat. I’m losing weight. This oil is dead.”

The girl dodged the pancake the boy held to her mouth. “I want to buy salad.”

“Try it. I added tenderloin. It’s delicious.”


The girl turned angrily and went straight to the freezer.

Male Huan still followed her, “really don’t eat?”

“If you don’t eat, don’t eat!”

“Do not eat pull down.”

“You get up – get away!”

It’s a couple making trouble.

Wei Yichen curled up his fingers in his pocket. He looked back and fell on Yan Shuang playing with a code scanning gun.

“Don’t be angry,” the boy finally compromised, hugged the girl, kissed her on the cheek, and bought a unilateral apology, “baby, I was wrong.”

The girl gave him a coquettish stare, “you’re annoying.”

The two people walked out of the convenience store in a sweet embrace.

The shop was quiet again.

They were silent across the cashier.

Wei Yichen knows that this is a tug of war.

But from the beginning of this tug of war, he lost.

He clearly made the decision to quit, but he was still restless and unconsciously addicted to this dangerous game.

It seems that there is cause and effect in the world.

He was used to being the executioner who sent people on the road, and finally someone eagerly handed him the side of the sharp knife. He hesitated again and again, but he still couldn’t bear the impulse to hold the sharp weapon.

“I’m wrong,” cold words spit out from my thin lips. “Don’t be angry.”

Yan Shuang looked up and still didn’t put people in his eyes. In Wei Yichen’s quiet face, he suddenly bent his eyes. He stretched out his hand and put the code scanning gun in Wei Yichen’s heart, “I won’t forgive you.”

The bad smile was as bright as a rose, and his eyes were full of the joy of mischief – it turned out that he didn’t care at all, but just treated his mood as a joke.

There was a masochistic pleasure.

There seems to be an illusion in the eardrum.

“Drop -”

It was the sound of his heart being swept into the shopping cart.


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