I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 37

“Did you bring anyone?” Yan Shuang put down his code scanning gun, and his tone and expression returned to normal. “No one can work here. It’s useless for him to pay me several times the hourly salary. I can’t open the skylight in the store.”


Wei Yichen is naturally very considerate.

The Senior Salesperson came in to take over Yan Shuang’s work.

Yan Shuang took off his vest and explained anxiously, “it’s my turn to inventory today. It’s hard for you.”

“You can rest assured.”

Yan Shuang walked around Wei Yichen, looking in a good mood, “coax me again.”

Wei Yichen opened the door, “please get on the bus.”

Yan Shuang squatted into the car and blinked, “is this kidding?”

Wei Yichen sat in the driver’s seat, opened his suit, took out the lined wallet and handed it to Yan Shuang. His action was neat and his face looked indifferent.

Yan Shuang chuckled and took the wallet impolitely. As soon as he opened it, there was an ID card, a black card and three brand-new banknotes.

Yan Shuang took out his ID card, “eh, your birthday is coming… 9.21, just in the Mid Autumn Festival.”

Wei Yichen was silent.

Yan Shuang also knows the details of Wei Yichen.

His parents divorced and formed a new family. Everyone regarded him as an oil bottle. He was kicked around like a ball by a group of relatives since childhood. He almost grew up eating a hundred meals.

It is estimated that few people celebrate his birthday.

Yan Shuang stuffed his ID card back and took away all three banknotes. He threw the wallet on Wei Yichen’s thigh, folded a banknote, leaned over and inserted it into Wei Yichen’s tightly tied shirt collar.

The paper money felt hard and stabbed like a blade in the throat. Wei Yichen glanced at him with Yu Guang.

Yan Shuang laughed at the co pilot, “take it to buy a cake.”


Wei Yichen’s mood also became a little relaxed in Yan Shuang’s too ruthless response.

It’s much better to covet something you can never get than to want something you can get with your efforts.

For example, when he was a child, he wanted to be first and knew he could do it, so he forced himself very hard for that first place.

He sometimes wants a pair of good parents who love him.

It was something he couldn’t get, so his idea was just a flash away and didn’t cause any waves in his life.

Now Yan Shuang is the thing you can’t get.

He doesn’t have to pay any effort for it, because everything is in vain and he’ll just be at ease.

Yan Shuang returned to Qin’s house and was immediately taken upstairs by the servant. He went up the rotating stairs. If his eyes seemed to scratch over Wei Yichen standing downstairs, he suddenly moved and said to the servant in front: “the housekeeper is very handsome.”

The servant walked quietly, heard this sentence coldly, stopped and looked back.

Housekeeper Wei is a real talent. The most valuable thing is his reassuring temperament, so he echoed: “housekeeper Wei is very popular.”

“Oh? Does anyone like him here?” Yan Shuang asked with great interest.

“Of course not,” the servant smiled and stood at the door of Qin yubai’s bedroom. “No one will be delusional.”

Yan Shuang spent two days nursing in Qin’s house and quarreled with Qin yubai almost every day. Qin yubai was ill and had to fight with Yan Shuang. He recovered most of his spirit and taught Yan Shuang a lesson in bed. He sweated all over. Finally, he felt better.

Yan Shuang crouched on Qin yubai’s big bed, gasped for a moment, slowly bowed up, rolled the thin quilt on the bed, and trembled on his legs.

Qin yubai leaned against the head of the bed and looked on coldly. Their roles seemed to be reversed.

When I got out of bed, I pulled out X. the ruthless man turned into Yan Shuang.


Yan Shuang stopped.

There was no light in the room, and the cold moonlight projected from the French window turned him into a milky statue, cold and beautiful.

“Who let you go?”

The sweat wet post in the middle of the eyebrow added a poignant look to the thin face. Yan Shuang said faintly, “you’re not well yet. Pay attention to your body.”

This was originally a good word, but it was ironic at this time.

Qin yubai’s chest stagnated. He thought his self-restraint had been improved to a higher level under the stimulation of Yan Shuang in the past two days. At this time, he was still angry.

Yan Shuang added fuel to the fire, “don’t wait to faint again.”

Qin yubai got out of bed directly and dragged the man back.

In the past two hours, Yan Shuang was served quite comfortably and painted a full plot. He killed two birds with one stone and even wanted to have a cigarette afterwards.

He was so lazy that he didn’t even want to move. His cheek was on the soft sheet. He simply closed his eyes and went to sleep.

Qin yubai was about to say two sarcastic words when he saw Yan Shuang fall asleep and open his lips or close them.

In the night, he gazed at the face for a long time, stretched out his fingers and slowly traced them from his eyebrows and eyes to two plump lips.

Yan Shuang’s appearance is similar to that of Qin Qinghe. He is extremely vulgar and clean. He is a handsome and cold appearance that can only be viewed from a distance and can not be blasphemed.

But Yan Shuangsheng had two plump and bright red lips. Even when he had no expression, he looked like asking for a kiss.

He was angry, his lips closed tightly, but he had a coquettish meaning that he hated.

When in bed, those two lips are even worse.

Moist and soft, the red is about to melt, and the lips are slightly cocked up and trembling with each fluctuation.

Qin yubai turned and lay down with his back to the person. He was upset. Suddenly he sat up, turned on the wall lamp and pushed Yan Shuang.

Yan Shuang woke up with a start.

“Go back to your room and sleep.”

Qin yubai cold ice path.

Yan Shuang went to bed silently, but his thin quilt was cruelly taken back by a pair of big hands. He sat by the bed without cover. Qin yubai stretched out his finger and pointed to the huge picture on the wall, “push it away and drill through by himself.”

Yan Shuang looked back at him.

In the dark, two pairs of eyes are like animals in the jungle, which clearly distinguish the different levels of carnivorous and herbivorous.

During this time, Qin yubai didn’t take it seriously even if he quarreled with him, and even deliberately quarreled with him.

The steadily rising emotional line backstage also proves this.

Qin yubai is moved.

The motivation of slag attack means the beginning of suffering.

The more they moved, the more they wanted to torture the object that moved them.

How can this man deserve to impress him?

Something must have gone wrong.

He must quickly prove in some way that he is not attracted to the person he doesn’t look up to at all.

Like humiliation.

Yan Shuang silently hugged his arms and rubbed them like self-protection. He tiptoed out of bed and picked up the clothes scattered on the ground.

“Don’t dawdle,” came the colder instruction. “Go back to your room.”

He was white, bent over, barefoot curled up on the dark carpet, like a lost white deer in the jungle.

Unexpectedly, he did not resist, hugged his clothes and walked quickly to the huge painting.

The narrow sky, towering snow peaks and beautiful human body seem to belong to that lonely oil painting.

Qin yubai watched Yan Shuang push open the oil painting and get into the hidden door. It was like getting into the painting and never coming back. His throat stagnated and he had the impulse to drag people back.

He was left alone in the bedroom.

Qin yubai is still restless.

Yan Shuang’s rare softness just now, and his look back at him sitting by the bed

He had already asked Lao Li. He fainted that day. Lao Li gave him an injection and went out with Wei Yichen. Yan Shuang was the only one left in the room.

Then, it must be Yan Shuang who mumbles in his ear and tells him not to get sick and take good care of himself.

Besides Yan Shuang, who else will there be?

He was so stubborn that he was always unwilling to give in. He had to talk back to him from time to time, but he also took good care of him.

Qin yubai seldom gets sick. When he gets sick, he has to carry it by himself most of the time. Naturally, he has no chance to be taken care of.

And he’s almost alone.

The only real person around him is Qin Qing, but Qin Qing still depends on him to take care of him.

Outsiders see him as a young master from a rich family. Only he knows how to support such a large Qin family. He has almost tried his best and sometimes wants to stop. Some people can really care about him without any interest

Qin yubai didn’t sleep well all night. When he got up in the morning, the family doctor took his temperature and found that the temperature was rising again. He was shocked and said, “Sir, are you catching cold again?”

Qin yubai glanced at the temperature, “it’s all right. It’s just a little higher and a low fever.”

“A low fever matters.”

“I said it was all right,” Qin yubai said strongly, twisting his eyebrows and tying his tie. “Just take some antipyretic medicine.”

He was ill for several days this time. He didn’t know what would happen in the company. He was worried and couldn’t stay at home for a day.

Moreover, at home, he always… Wants to call Yan Shuang to his side, or scold, or

Qin yubai rubbed his eyebrows impatiently and asked Wei Yichen, who was driving in front, “what about the fake?”

Wei Yichen replied, “I went to class early in the morning.” he paused and said, “he said that his homework is heavy this week. He lives in the dormitory and won’t come back.”

The back seat of the car was silent for a long time. After about three or five minutes, Wei Yichen heard Qin yubai’s answer.

“Let him go.”

Wei Yichen flashed a light in his eyes and smiled playfully.

“Also, do the people who monitor him want to make up?”

Another long silence.


He didn’t care. Qin yubai looked out of the window and pulled down the hem of his tie. He didn’t care.

In the school office, the professor is making tea for himself while listening to his explanation, a student who is usually difficult to see.

The water fell into the tea bowl along the spout, and the aroma of black tea filled the sunny room. The professor smiled and said, “you mean, this is all your problem. Don’t deduct the points of your team members. You are willing to bear all the consequences alone, aren’t you?”


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