I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 38

“Classmate, is there anyone here?”

“No, you sit down.”

Yan Shuang got up and asked people to go in and sit down. He turned over the professional book. He took a lot of notes on it. The people around him looked at it and sighed, “Wow, you remember everything.”

“It’s not recorded in class. It’s too late to come up in class. It’s supplemented by shared materials after class.”

“Awesome, don’t you look very messy when you write so much?”

When Yan Shuang was exchanging his learning experience with the students around him, he was keenly aware of an abnormal breath. As soon as he looked up, he saw Ji Yao walking into the classroom.

Ji Yao was still the same, cold, with a black bag on his shoulder. He saw Yan Shuang, and his sight was just a swallow skimming the water.

Yan Shuang stared slightly, followed Ji Yao, watched Ji Yao walk all the way to the classroom and finally sat down.

“Why is he here? He hasn’t been to this class once?” The students around him said curiously.

Yan Shuang turned his face and said softly, “I don’t know.”

Of course it was for him. Yan Shuang’s little thumb was on his lips, and his smile was faint.

At the end of a big class, Yan Shuang deliberately dawdled in his seat to pack up his books, pretending to look back inadvertently from time to time, hesitating and dodging.

Ji Yao sat at the back of the classroom near the window. An open professional book was spread on his desk. His white shirt was so sunny that it was the male master template in the campus text.

The cold eyes under the long eyelashes suddenly caught Yan Shuang’s timid eyes.

Yan Shuang immediately turned his face as if frightened, and his hands shook, and the books that had been packed in the canvas bag fell down.

People around him were startled by the news. Yan bilaterally apologized while picking up the book.


He picked up the last book with both hands.

Yan Shuang looked up.

The crowd was bustling around, but no sound could come in. His sight was occupied by that person. He and his visual image formed a unique space. There was nothing else except sunshine and wind.

The book was handed to him, but Yan Shuang was stunned and didn’t pick it up. A corner of the book held on his chest fell slowly and overburdened and hit the ground again. Yan Shuangcai seemed to wake up and grabbed the book in Ji Yao’s hand and went to pick up the book that fell again on the ground.

He was in a hurry and looked really embarrassed.

The books on the chest were quietly stacked by big hands and taken away together.

Yan Shuang’s situation became relaxed. He paused, then slowly stood up, stuffed the book into his bag, avoided Ji Yao’s eyes, stretched out his hand and whispered, “thank you.”

Three books returned to him.

Yan Shuang turned around with his schoolbag and mingled with the crowd.

Ji Yao stood in front of the window and watched the thin figure disappear like water into the ocean.

“You said to deduct your points, but I don’t think whether to deduct points has any impact on you. Anyway, you are also living in our college.”

“Well, if you promise me a condition, I can meet your requirements without deducting his points.”

“In the future, you are not allowed to miss any class as long as you stay in our college for one day.”

Holding the book in his hand, Ji Yao hung his face and thought: they are clear.


The low voice intruded into his space again.

His eyes swept away, but he didn’t know when Yan Shuang came back. The tide like crowd had gradually dispersed. He stood at the end of the current, one step away from Ji Yao. He looked timid, blushed, and summoned his courage: “can we… Have class together?”

“I know I promised not to appear in front of you in the future, but you came to class today and I don’t want to drop out. We sit in a classroom and we are still a dormitory. You pick up books for me…”

He spoke incoherently, his face became redder and redder, and he spoke more and more urgently, and his breath could not keep up.


Ji Yao interrupted him and easily gave him a clear answer to all his expectations.

“Let’s go.”

Those clean, white hands that had never suffered human suffering reached Yan shuanghuai and carried the old canvas bag he held in front of his chest.

Yan Shuang’s hands were empty. He reached for the belt of the canvas bag, “I can do it myself.”

Ji Yao picked up the bag and turned it over to Yan Shuang to see a corner under the bag.

The milky white cloth was badly worn, revealing the color of the books inside.

“It’s broken.”

Yan Shuang opened his lips and said, “… I’ll hold it.”

“No need.”

Ji Yao put down his bag, stuffed the old canvas bag in, and hung it back on his shoulder, “let’s go.”

Yan Shuang said something more. His head was covered by Ji Yao’s hand and turned to the door, “I’m going to be late.”

There are two big classes in the morning. Although there is half an hour between them, the teaching buildings are far apart. They have to go and grab seats. Most students run.

Yan Shuang and Ji Yao delayed for a few minutes in the classroom. They looked very worried. He carefully said, “I’ll go and take a seat first, okay?”


Yan Shuang ran out for two steps and immediately ran back.

His hair was messy and his face was worried, “will you come? My books… Are all there…”

Ji Yao looked down and glanced over the tall trees on the campus and the students running in a hurry. He suddenly recalled his time in middle school.

At that time, Ji Qin and his family were neighbors.

He didn’t want to go to school, so he turned over the wall from the side door and landed in the garden of the Qin family.

It was the first time he saw Qin Qing. Qin Qing looked very embarrassed. He sat in the flowers and overwhelmed a piece of roses. As soon as he saw him, his beautiful eyes opened wide and showed a bright smile to him.

“Will you take me away?”

His hand was suddenly held. Yan Shuang saw that Ji Yao’s look became soft, “I’ll take you.”

Before Yan duo could react, they were dragged away by Ji Yao.

Maybe Ji Yao’s real temperament is not as cold as his appearance.

He will like underground racing, he will not hesitate to overturn his evaluation of a person, and he will suddenly run around the campus holding Yan Shuang’s hand like this.

There was a flame in his heart, which was easily invisible. Occasionally, a flame was enough to ignite the people passing by him.

He was careless.

Until he burned people to ashes, he was unintentional.

“Stop – stop -” Yan Shuang’s backhand grabbed Ji Yao’s arm and pulled the man, “that’s it, that’s it.”

Yan Shuang’s physical strength is not bad.

Sadistic Wen always suffers from no physical strength on his body and can’t get out of bed.

But I still can’t catch up with the slag attack.

He was panting and sweating on his forehead. Ji Yao still didn’t sweat at all. His face was as white as the ice sculpture.

“Not yet,” Ji Yao’s tone was a little higher than usual. “Can’t you run?”

Yan Shuang waved his hand, “I can run. Here, just walk up.”

He let go of Ji Yao’s arm, “give me the book.”

Ji Yao didn’t move.

Yan Duoduo lowered again. His voice was like mosquitoes and flies, “it’s bad to be seen by them.”

Ji Yao still didn’t move. With his bag on one shoulder, he turned straight up the stairs.

Yan Shuang hurriedly followed up, reached for the backpack on Ji Yao’s shoulder, and was dodged by Ji Yao. Ji Yao stood on the upper step, “you go up first.”

“My book…” Yan Shuang stretched out his hands, spread out his hands, and begged pitifully.


Yan Shuang choked on Ji Yao’s calm attitude. He withdrew his hand and whispered, “how can you play a rogue…”

“Say what?”

Yan Shuang raised his eyes and took a quick look, thinking that Xiao Ji had something to hear.

“Go up,” Ji Yao gave way to the stairs, “occupy a seat.”

Yan Shuang lingered past him and hesitated step by step.

Ji Yao looked at him like this, took off the backpack on his shoulder and stretched out his arm. The backpack immediately hung in the gap of the stairs.

“I’ll let go on the count of three.”

Before Ji Yao started counting, Yan Shuang ran up.

Ji Yao retracts his arm.

The stairs echoed with rapid footsteps.

He suddenly envied Yan Shuang.

Yan Shuang has something he wants.

Although suffering followed him in his life, he still refused to give up and persisted in moving forward to the place he wanted to go.

Ji Yao staggered upstairs and found that he had made a great change to Yan Shuang.

Before, he hated Yan Shuang’s cowardice and became dirty because of cowardice.

The stop in the suburban parking lot completely reversed Ji Yao’s impression of Yan Shuang.

He was neither cowardly nor stupid, but fate dragged him into a bottomless trap, which made him unable to break free.

For the first time, the young master who doesn’t eat human fireworks knows that many of the depravities in the world are involuntarily. He can’t resist his own strength. Even if he wants to help him, he can’t start.

The classroom was full of people. Yan Shuang came late and occupied only two middle and side positions. He sat in his position and half of him tilted to his side, as if to protect his achievements. He stretched out his hand and waved to Ji Yao twice.

“Come on, come on.”

Ji Yao walked over.

The scene that appeared a few days ago has reappeared.

The students in the classroom were awakened by highly similar pictures.

“What a Jiyao!”

“Why did Ji Yao come?”

“Oh? It’s the one who opened a room with Ji Yao again… What’s his name?”

“Didn’t Ji Yao ignore him last time?”

“What is their relationship?”

The whispers in the classroom add up to a lot and converge into a big noise.

Yan Shuang’s originally excited expression slowly became uneasy in the discussion. He quietly retracted his body tilted to the seat beside him and twisted his hands on the table.

Ji Yao walked obliquely to the row of seats with his bag on his back and said to the students at the top of the row, “please let me go.”

“Oh, oh.”

As his footsteps approached Yan Shuang bit by bit, the voice of discussion became louder and louder.

The backpack fell heavily on Yan’s knees.

Everything seems to be repeating itself.

Several students in the last row have stood up with a smile and are ready to let Ji Yao sit in.

The chair beside him was opened. Yan Shuang raised his face and saw Ji Yao sitting down. His side face was as beautiful as a picture. The impact of that face was magnified several times in such a close distance.

“What are you looking at?”

Yan Shuang seemed to wake up from a dream. He turned red from his ears to his face, and hurriedly took out his canvas bag from his backpack.

And the moment the canvas bag was taken out.

Tear it.

The worn corner is broken.

Before Yan Shuang could react, the people around him had grabbed the old bag quickly.

“Be careful.”

Ji Yao fished up the broken bag and put it in front of Yan Shuang.

When the bag was put away, Yan Shuang didn’t take the book, and his sight was still fixed on Ji Yao.

Ji Yao couldn’t be indifferent to his focused and eager eyes. He glanced over and saw a pair of black and white eyes, but the circles of his eyes were red, and there was a little water light in his eyes,

“Thank you.”

Simple two words, but it is about to hide the affection.

Although he has never been in love, Ji Yao still understands the meaning of Yan Shuang’s eyes.

He lowered his eyes and refused to receive the signal he could not respond.

But he was facing the man who dared to stop in front of his car, and the remaining words still stubbornly went into his ears.

“Really thank you… Ji Yao.”

There was a faint choking sound.

He is so poor that Ji Yao can’t just ignore him.

Ji Yao didn’t look at him, but reached out to help him find the books he needed in class from his old canvas bag.


Yan Shuang looked at the professional book in front of him with tears and thought that the class effect was really good.

The backstage emotional line has soared to 30%. He really stopped crying in Bengbu!

Thank you, Ji.

Your love line is so good!


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