I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 39

After class, the professor specially left Yan Shuang.

Yan Shuang hurriedly went to listen to the instruction.

Professor Yu Guang glanced at Ji Yao, who was obviously waiting for him. He lowered his voice and snickered and told Yan Shuang how he tricked Ji Yao into coming to class.

After hearing this, Yan Shuang “looked shocked” and was waved by the professor, motioning him not to expose it.

“The boy is too arrogant. We should treat him.”

Yan Shuang bowed his head and whispered, “the teacher is right.”

“Go,” said the professor cheerfully, patting Yan Shuang on the shoulder. “Good job.”

Yan Shuang returned to his seat and picked up his books. If his eyes seemed to linger on Ji Yao, Ji Yao guessed that Professor Ji Yao told Yan Shuang about their agreement. He didn’t want Yan Shuang to misunderstand anything. His eyebrows wrinkled slightly, “I’ll go first.”

Yan Shuang asked, “where are you going?”

Ji Yao didn’t answer and left with his empty backpack.

After his figure disappeared, Yan Shuang turned his mouth and thought that the slag attack was almost the same. When he was moved, he was abnormal. Two hours ago, he took his hand and ran wildly on the campus to play a youth idol drama. Now he has become that cold look again.

Well, relaxation is more conducive to brushing emotional lines.

Yan Shuang packed his backpack and was about to send Qi Feiyun his daily mail. A message came into his mobile phone. It was a strange number.

“We sincerely invite you to lunch today.”

Yan Shuang: make it clear, brother, who are you.

The other party seemed to see through his mind, and sent another message.

——”South gate, Ji.”

At the South Gate of the school, Yan Shuang sat in a familiar black luxury car. This time, he didn’t see Ji wensong in the car.

This is probably a “formal meeting”?

Yan Shuang sat in the back seat relaxed and calm.

Ji wensong, a big parent with a strong desire for control, asked him to go there today, which is nothing more than accepting the results of “make-up classes”. He told the truth, and he could have a meal for nothing.

The car drove all the way to the expressway to the city.

Yan Shuang wondered, “it wasn’t this way last time.”

The bodyguard in front turned around and explained, “last time you went to another hospital for guests. Mr. Ji is now in the old house.”

“Old house? Is it far away?”

“Not far. You’ll be there in twenty minutes. You don’t have to worry. It won’t delay your afternoon homework.”

Yan shuangtuo’s cheek, a bored look, teased the bodyguard: “can you speak Japanese?”

The bodyguard responded meekly, “I’m in charge of Mr. Wang’s schedule in China. I only know a little English.”

Yan Shuang: “you say everything.”

The bodyguard smiled. He was also very well-looking. The sunshine was not annoying. “Mr. Ji said that the journey took a little long. You may be bored. Allow me to chat with you.”

Yan Shuang lost his conversation, waved his hand and motioned the bodyguard to turn around.

The bodyguard nodded to him, turned around and sat down again.

Yan Shuang held his cheek in one hand and his little thumb unconsciously rubbed his lips, calculating what would happen if a risk factor like Ji wensong interfered with the plot line.

All the plot lines are like three-dimensional lines to build an extremely organized virtual world in his brain.

Yan Shuang was absorbed in his thoughts. He didn’t even notice that the car stopped. It was only when the bodyguard came to open the door for him that he realized he had reached the place.

In front of it is another antique house, a typical Soviet style building, with white walls and grey tiles, high and low roof ridges, simple and quiet. Compared with the deliberate decoration of the previous building, it has a natural sense of beauty and nobility.

The people who came out to meet were dressed normally. They were wearing ordinary shirts, trousers and a pair of cloth shoes. When they walked around, they didn’t say anything, “Mr. Yan, please follow me.”

Yan Shuang followed him into the house.

The buildings inside are more exquisite than what I saw last time. It can be seen that they have been for many years. The words engraved on the pavilions and pavilions are painted with iron and silver hooks, and the small signature hanging below comes from the famous calligraphers.

The servant led Yan Shuang into the circular arch, lifted the bamboo curtain painted with flowers and birds, “please.”

Yan Shuang walked into the room. The whole room was beautifully decorated. There was an eight immortals table in the hall and a chair on both sides. Judging from the color of the wood, we know that this set of utensils is of high value.

Yan Shuang turned back, lifted the bamboo curtain and asked, “where is Mr. Ji?”

“Mr. Ji has a temporary phone call and will come right away.”

Yan Shuang put down the bamboo curtain and had to wait in the house first. After sitting for a while, he felt a little stuffy, so he pushed open the hollowed out window beside the wall. There was an unknown flower tree with yellow top. The aroma was fresh. Yan Shuang pressed his hands against the window edge and took a deep breath.

“… I’m not interested in your reasons for incompetence.”

Yan Shuang heard the voice and looked down. He had a dark head and a faint white on both sides. It was not Ji wensong who was calling under the tree?

It seemed that he was aware of the sight above. Ji wensong turned his face and swept his deep eyes. Yan Shuang subconsciously stretched out his hand to close the window.

Ji wensong saw this, but he stretched out his hand and gave a powerful meal in the air. It didn’t matter. He turned back and continued to negotiate with the person at the other end of the phone.

“You must arrive before the Mid Autumn Festival. I’ve given you everything, and the strength that should be lent to you is also lent to you.” Ji wensong’s tone is not slow, but the deep-rooted sense of oppression is stronger than one word. “If things don’t arrive, you don’t have to return home in the future.”

“… don’t let me down.”

The tone is gentle to the extreme, and the sense of oppression is also strong to the extreme.

Yan Shuang listened upstairs and felt that Ji wensong’s patience with the person on the phone had run out. This was an ultimatum.

After the call, Ji wensong turned back and smiled at Yan Shuang. He stood downstairs and looked up. His expression was so natural and relaxed. It was still the kindness of his elders, “are you hungry?”

“OK.” Yan Shuang said casually.

Ji wensong nodded and waved not far away. Immediately, a servant trotted over, handed the mobile phone to the servant, patted the small yellow flowers falling on his shoulder, and Ji wensong walked steadily upstairs through the flower tree under Yan Shuang’s gaze.

When the bamboo curtain was lifted, Ji wensong first said, “I’m sorry to delay for a while.”

“It doesn’t matter.” Yan shuangrou stopped by.

This may really be Ji wensong’s nest. He wears very casually today. He has some old gray shirts, light colored trousers, and a pair of cloth shoes on his feet. His attitude is much more casual than the previous two times. He said with a pleasant face: “it’s about to fall. I asked the kitchen to prepare some warm and tonic dishes at noon today. I don’t know if it suits your taste.”

Yan Shuang’s heart is tucking up, and he would not ask his advice ahead of time if he wanted to agree with him. Dictators make complaints about peace.

“I’m not picky about food.”

“I can see,” Ji wensong smiled. “You are a very sensible child.”

Like Qin yubai, Ji wensong’s food is trustworthy. Lunch is mainly river food. The chef is skilled and delicious. The dessert from the previous dish to the end is impeccable. Unexpectedly, it really suits Yan Shuang’s taste.

Yan Shuang was about to finish eating before he realized something.

Most of the dishes prepared in the kitchen today were eaten outside these days.

The categories of ingredients are the same, but the methods are different.

Yan Shuang packed the fish for Qi Feiyun.

The last dessert is different from the appearance of “Xueqing”, but the taste is very similar and the amount is much larger.

“Do you still like the dishes at noon?”

Ji wensong said gently.

“Yes.” Yan Shuang said quietly.

Ji wensong smiled, his eyes slightly curved with fine lines, “then I should reward the kitchen.”

Yan Shuang said he was very quiet and didn’t want to force more.

“I called you here today to thank you face to face.”

Ji wensong was in a good mood and said, “you did better than I thought.”

Yan Shuang smiled, “thank you.”

“What reward do you want?”

Yan Shuang was silent for a moment and said, “can Mr. Ji donate to Xingxing welfare home in my name as he did last time?”

“It’s not a reward.” Ji wensong said.

Yan Shuang sighed in his heart. Why is it so difficult to collect wool?

“I sent someone to inspect the welfare home. The environment is messy, the facilities are backward, and the greening is not up to the standard, which is not conducive to the healthy growth of the children,” Ji wensong said gently after taking the hot towel in the servant’s hand. “You don’t have to worry, that place will take on a new look soon.”

Yan Shuang’s mood is complex. This long-term arrangement style seems to be comprehensive for you. The actual effect may not be that way.

Ji wensong wiped his hand and said with a smile, “you don’t look so satisfied.”

Yan Shuang thought that it was a good thing anyway. He relaxed and said, “no, I thank Mr. Ji for his kindness.”

Ji wensong handed the towel to the servant, shook his head and said with a smile, “you’re thinking that this man has made his own decision again. It’s really annoying, isn’t it?”

Yan Shuang also smiled and said implicitly, “nothing.”

Ji wensong smiled but did not speak. His eyes lingered gently and sighingly on Yan Shuang’s face for a long time, “it’s a pity that you are not my child.”

Yan Shuang thought that he finally knew who Ji Yao’s temper was inherited.

“Ji Yao… He is a genius.” For the sake of so many children in the welfare home, Yan Shuang comforted his old father.

“Genius?” Ji wensong shook his head with disdain. “I’ve never seen such a stupid genius as him.”

Yan Shuang was not interested in being a family mediator, so he was silent again.

“You haven’t said what reward you want?” Ji wensong turned and asked again.

Yan Shuang knew he wouldn’t say anything. Ji wensong didn’t stop. He thought and said, “can I save it first? If one day I need Mr. Ji’s help, can Mr. Ji do me a favor?”


Ji wensong did not hesitate.

Yan Shuangwei was stunned. Ji wensong said, “what’s the matter?”

Yan Shuang understood that people like Ji wensong must be transparent to him, and all emotions must be explained to him.

“I just thought,” Yan Shuang thought over his words, “you promised so quickly, as if you were not worried about what excessive demands I would make.”

“Of course.” Ji wensong stood up and stretched out his hand to Yan Shuang.

Yan Shuang hesitated for a moment and handed his hand to Ji wensong. Ji wensong’s hand was warm and dry, and there were some irregular thin cocoons in his palm. He seemed to really treat Yan Shuang as a child, holding Yan Shuang’s hand to the door, “you are so sensible, you will be measured, and I think…” he lifted the bamboo curtain himself, looked back and smiled at Yan Shuang gently, “It shouldn’t be too difficult to coax children to be happy.”


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