I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 4

St. Peter’s hospital.

The only designated medical institution in this book.

Whether it is kidney digging or corneal transplantation, the technology is quite first-class.

It is also the hospital where Qi Feiyun took office.

According to the timeline, Qi Feiyun is still communicating abroad, otherwise it would be good to brush his face first.

So Yan Shuang really doesn’t want to go to the hospital.

As a cheap victim of five slag attacks, Yan Shuang has strong physical recovery ability, which is commonly known as steel chrysanthemum. He doesn’t need to go to the hospital at all.

Secondly, this is not the plot set in the original book. Second, we can’t brush the emotional drama and plot line with any characters, which is a proper waste of time.

In the original book, on the night of signing the contract, Yan Shuang was sleeping by Qin yubai, and the two virgins made the scene extremely tragic. Qin yubai ended up hastily as long as he Yan Shuang for the first time. The next day, Yan Shuang was only slightly injured and asked Wei Yichen to send him back to the convenience store. Qin yubai didn’t call to ask Yan Shuang about it.

This is the end of the plot on the first night.

It was three days after Qin yubai contacted Yan Shuang again. He sent someone to Yan Shuang’s school and directly called Yan Shuang away from class, which greatly embarrassed Yan Shuang and directly penetrated Yan Shuang’s psychological defense line.

Yan Shuang entered the world and followed Qin yubai to roll the sheets day and night.

Yan Shuang did it on purpose.

Indescribable plots cannot jump and cannot be brushed at the same time.

In order to brush the plot with Qin yubai within three months, in addition to sadistic scenes, indescribable scenes must also be painted. Time is very urgent.

I just don’t know which tendon Qin yubai has pulled. I want Wei Yichen to send him to the hospital. Qin Orc setup can’t collapse.

Is it because we haven’t “made the best use of everything”?

“Mr. Yan, please get off.”

Wei Yichen looked cold and didn’t mean to give a hand at all.

Yan Shuang got off with his legs moved. His face turned white and his legs trembled, but he still stubbornly bit his teeth without making a sound.

Wei Yichen looked on coldly. As long as Yan Shuang didn’t speak, he wouldn’t help.

This is the plaything bought by Qin yubai, just like the famous paintings taken by Qin yubai. No one will touch it without Qin yubai’s permission.

It was a big mistake at the gate of the welfare home.

Wei Yichen followed Yan Shuang and looked at Yan Shuang fighting with the high steps at the entrance of the hospital.

Yan Shuang didn’t ask Wei Yichen to help. He stepped up the steps step by step and stopped at the last step. He turned his back to Wei Yichen and said coldly, “the hospital has come. Can you go?”

Qin yubai’s order is to send Yan Shuang to the hospital, not including follow-up.

Wei Yichen stood on the stairs of the hospital with his eyes up. Yan Shuang’s back was thin and thin, wrapped in a wide white T-shirt, making his clothes empty.

Wei Yichen rolled his throat.

“Whatever you want.”

Wei Yichen sent Yan Shuang back to school.

The back and forth delay was too long. It was too late to go to the convenience store to work. Yan Shuang had to call and temporarily transfer a class with someone to rush back to school first.

On the bus, Yan Shuang took out an orange from his canvas bag.

Oranges sell very well. It seems that they grew up in plenty of sunshine. Yan Shuang peeled off a corner of oranges, and the car immediately filled with a strong aroma of oranges.

This is one of the reasons why Yan Shuang likes this job.

In the real world, the bookshop only supplies essential food, not fruit, which is used to please people’s taste buds. Unless you buy a private planet that can produce fruit, you can enjoy fruit at will.

The planet gkd43 that Yan Shuang likes is rich in fruit.

Yan Shuang peeled the orange perfectly with a grateful heart, then carefully divided the orange into pieces, lowered his head and took a bite, eating very attentively.

Wei Yichen looked at Yan Shuang in the rearview mirror.

Yan Shuang seems very pious about food.

Whether it’s western food for the first time, porridge in the hotel, and packaged fruit.

Yan Shuang’s eating looks are happy and serious.

Wei Yichen knows all the details of Yan Shuang.

Orphans, welfare homes.

The combination of these two words does not make a good connection.

Wei Yichen is not an orphan, but he is similar to an orphan.

His parents divorced and remarried. He was like a superfluous burden, thrown around by two people.

He has never been to the welfare home, but constantly depends on others. There are too many uncles, uncles and uncles.

Because I have been starving since childhood, I will become particularly greedy when I grow up.

“Here we are.”

When Yan Shuang finished eating an orange and three strawberries, Wei Yichen drove to the side door of the University, a place where people rarely go.

The trees of Wutong are large and large, and cast a heavy shadow.

Yan Shuang got off and said to Wei Yichen, “thank you for bringing me back.”

Wei Yichen’s face was cold.

After getting off, Yan Shuang didn’t enter the school gate, but stood by the driver’s window, “what I said is still valid.”

Wei Yichen: “what?”

Yan Shuang bent down, folded his arms and gently put them on the half open window. He smiled at Wei Yichen, who was close at hand. His lips were broken and his face was pale, but he had amorous feelings for no reason. “I welcome both Mr. Qin and Mr. Wei.”

Wei Yichen’s face remained unchanged. Without saying a word, he pressed the up button on the window, and the dark brown window slowly rose. Yan Shuang let go. Wei Yichen took a deep look at Yan Shuang through the window, his eyes dark and inexplicable.

Yan Shuang caught Wei Yichen’s eyes from the gap in the last roll of the window, “there are 98 days left.”

Wei Yichen doesn’t move.

“I only sell it to him for 100 days,” Yan Shuang smiled. “If you want, you can book it in advance. If you want to buy it quickly, I’m very popular.”


Wei Yichen said coldly in his heart.

The car turned around and disappeared.

Yan Shuang can finally stand up straight without pretending to be lame.

According to the plot, Yan Shuang analyzed the method of brushing five slag to attack the favor.

Qin yubai walks the kidney and Ji Yao develops it. Qi Feiyun likes playing and training, and Sheng Guangming yearns for pure love.

And Wei Yichen, who watched the whole process.

Yan Shuang gave him an easy to understand nickname – “green hat slave”.

The more Yan Shuang degenerates and tosses between several men, the more he can arouse Wei Yichen’s impulse to get him and redeem him.

The so-called “saving the wind and dust” is basically a mentality like Wei Yichen.

In the plot of the original book, Yan Shuang was almost forced to get involved in those scum attack love games until he was deeply hurt by Sheng Guangming. Yan Shuang abandoned himself and went to the bar. At this time, Wei Yichen, who had been secretly observing, jumped out.

Yan Shuang can’t wait that long.

The simplest math problem is that it takes 30 seconds to cook an egg. How long does it take to cook five eggs? Or 30 seconds.

Cook it together.

Indescribable plot can line up and take your time. It’s good to brush the emotional line as soon as possible.

Yan Shuang turned and entered the Boulevard.

Yan Shuang’s staff has just entered freshman year and the school has only been open for one month.

Qin yubai won’t appear until three days later. Yan Shuang takes a rest in class, quietly waits for Ji Yao, the No. 2 character, to come out, and takes advantage of the three-day gap to put the egg into the pot.

Ji Yao is Yan Shuang’s roommate.

The dormitory is divided into upper and lower bunks for six people. At present, only five people live in it. Yan Shuang’s upper bunk is still empty.

Just one month after school, Ji Yao had no accommodation. After that, he had a conflict with his family and moved into the dormitory.

To tell the story of Ji Yao and Yan Shuang, to be fair, Yan Shuang thinks that Ji Yao line is more high-quality than Qin Yu’s white line.

Yan Shuang and Qin yubai started trading. They were not pure from the beginning. There were more stories of abusing the body and taking the kidney. They broke up before they were distracted.

But Ji Yao is different.

Yan Shuang first liked Ji Yao before he fell in love with Qin yubai.

Yan Shuang’s family is poor and cowardly. In the plot, he is set as an insignificant character in the school.

Qin yubai sent someone to pick him up from class and went to the hotel suite for a stormy night. The next day, Yan Shuang was late for the Counselor’s morning meeting. The counselor saw that Yan Shuang, a poor student with no sense of existence, was late, so he made an example and punished Yan Shuang for standing at the morning meeting.

Yan Shuang was worked to death by Qin yubai the night before. His waist, legs and unspeakable parts behind him were sore. An hour’s morning meeting almost made him collapse.

Yan Shuang dragged his tired body back to the dormitory and ran into Ji Yao, who had just come to school.

The two had met the day before.

Ji Yao is cold and handsome. He looks like an ice sculpture. With his deep family background, people in the dormitory are afraid of him.

When Ji Yao came over, he didn’t say hello to anyone, but said “get out of the way” to Yan Shuang in the lower berth.

This is the only intersection between the two.

When he ran into Ji Yao, Yan Shuang hurried to avoid. It was really uncomfortable. He fell into bed and fainted.

When he woke up in a coma, the man covered the quilt, a warm wet towel on his forehead, and the cold boy handed warm water and antipyretic medicine in his confused eyes.

Yan Shuang’s heart missed a beat.

Ji Yao was the first person to be kind to him after he was in deep trouble.

But what Yan Shuang didn’t know was that because he couldn’t help moaning in his coma, Ji Yao impatiently wanted to tell him to shut up. When he got out of bed, he found that Yan Shuang, whose glasses fell on the side of the pillow, had such a similar appearance to his childhood sweetheart and dream lover Qin Qing.

Yan Shuang knew nothing. He only knew that Ji Yao had been kind to him from the first day they met.

In the dormitory life, only Ji Yao occasionally pays attention to Yan Shuang, who is like a transparent person. Although most of them are cold words, sometimes he will help Yan Shuang with some daily necessities.

The Ji family and the Qin family are close friends. Ji Yao can’t help meeting Qin yubai often. When Qin yubai publicly humiliated Yan Shuang at a banquet, Ji Yao stood up and solved the siege for Yan Shuang.

It can be said that for a long time, Ji Yao was the only bright color in Yan Shuang’s gloomy life.

It is reasonable that Yan Shuanghui likes Ji Yao.

Until in the long entanglement, Yan Shuang fell in love with Qin yubai, this faint love for Ji Yao gradually disappeared.

Later, Qin yubai deliberately lost Yan Shuang to Ji Yao at the gambling table.

Yan Shuang was disappointed when he was sent to the person he once liked in the form of gambling booty, or his current lover did it himself.

However, Ji Yao treated Yan Shuang gently. Ji Yao changed his major for him and said that he would not be embarrassed by his classmates because he missed too many classes. Ji Yao personally taught him the piano and said that he had artistic talent. Ji Yao respected and cherished him, making him feel like a person.

That likes to start growing again under the care of Ji Yao.

Yan Shuang thinks Ji Yao is different from Qin yubai. Ji Yao really likes him.

Like Ji Yao, a cold teenager who doesn’t eat human fireworks, there’s no need to give good color to anyone he doesn’t like, so Ji Yao’s love won’t disguise.

Ji Yao is special to him.

Yan Shuang sank deeper and deeper.

Even if Ji Yao asks him to donate a kidney to Qin Qing, he still deceives himself. Ji Yao just doesn’t want Qin Qing to be his childhood playmate. Ji Yao is only family to Qin Qing. For Ji Yao, he can save Qin Qing.

A dose of anesthesia made this love sink into the dark.

It turned out that Ji Yao… Just took him as a substitute

For the evaluation of their plot line, Yan Shuangwei has the word “worry free”.

The whole process is Yan Shuang’s monologue. It’s not easy to roll over. It’s comfortable. Comrade Xiao Ji is really a big son of his father!

“It’s too hot. The school is crazy. It’s 30 degrees. Don’t you get out of the air conditioner?!”

At 8:00 p.m., after the night class, the empty dormitory building was filled with angry college boys. The whole dormitory building seemed to be sweating. All those who came back had only one idea – take a bath quickly.

Each dormitory has an independent bathroom, but it doesn’t supply hot water. It can’t be used in winter. It doesn’t matter for boys in summer. It’s OK to flush in the dormitory.

Yan Shuang’s dormitory also lined up to take a bath, and Yan Shuang was the last.

“Hoo, comfortable -”

The fourth man came out of the bathroom naked and wearing big underpants. He rubbed his wet hair rudely with a towel and walked past Yan Shuang holding a basin. He didn’t look at Yan Shuang.

Yan Shuang is also very calm.

Don’t ask, ask is the glasses buff.

The magic glasses necessary in the novel world, buff: wearing this pair of glasses will immediately become invisible.

Push open the bathroom door, Yan Shuang takes off his glasses and puts them on the washstand to take a bath.

The traces on the body have been almost eliminated in only two days, and the injured place has been better for a long time. The body that always suffers from sadism is so durable.

Except lips.

The scars on the lips are getting better very slowly. Fortunately, they are not ugly. The broken rose color can attract people’s attention.

Of course, after wearing debuff’s glasses, everything disappeared.

Yan Shuang opened the cold water and took a bath slowly. Anyway, he was the last one, and no one would urge him.

The door of the bathroom is very thin. Yan Shuang can clearly hear the conversation and laughter in the dormitory. The topics that college boys talk about are inseparable from ball games, games and girls.

When the door opened, the boys didn’t realize it. They were still arguing about which girl’s legs were more beautiful. The discussion didn’t stop until the door was closed heavily.

The original lively dormitory was silent.

The young man at the door was wearing a well tailored shirt and straight trouser legs without wrinkles. At night, he was still meticulously dressed, which was incompatible with the messy boys’ dormitory. He had no expression on his face, but people felt that his posture was very high at the moment, and the low pressure released was about to freeze the whole dormitory.

Ji Yao’s face was gloomy. He didn’t say hello to anyone. He put down his luggage, turned and opened the bathroom door first. As soon as he put his hand on the door handle, the handle had already turned first.

For a moment, Ji Yao thought he saw Qin Qing, a wet, Goblin like Qin Qing.

“Is that Zhang Shuai?”

The other party is timid.

“I seem to have forgotten my glasses. Please help me with my glasses.”

Peach blossom eyes narrowed vaguely. The other party seemed to be identifying his identity. Because he couldn’t see clearly, he took a step forward and was about to be exposed in the sight of everyone in the dormitory.

The body reacts before the mind.

Ji Yao pushed the strange boy who was very similar to Qin Qing back to the bathroom and locked the bathroom door behind him.

Hearing the sound of closing the door, the boy jumped back, but kicked the raised baffle behind him in the narrow bathroom. At the moment he was about to fall, Ji Yao stretched out his hand and grabbed him.

Yan Shuang bumped into Ji Yao’s arms and was safely held in his arms by a pair of dry and warm hands.

Yan Shuang glanced at the progress bar.

And Ji Yao’s love line progress is 10%.

Look, what a good man he is. He loves Qin Qing so deeply that he is willing to give 10% progress even if he looks similar.

Unlike Qin yubai, a dead beast.

After sleeping with him all day and night, the progress bar of the emotional line is only 1%!

How fucking stingy!

“Be careful.”

Ji Yao’s voice matches his personal design. It sounds cold and clean, like the impact of broken jade.

“Ah, I’m sorry, thank you… You’re not Zhang Shuai… I’m sorry, I didn’t wear glasses, so I didn’t see…” Yan Shuang blushed, explained incoherently, lowered his head, and looked very ashamed of recognizing the wrong person.

Ji Yao glanced and saw the glasses on the washstand. He picked up the glasses and unfolded them. He gently put them on Yan Shuang’s ears, who was still lowering his head to explain. The explanation stopped like being pinched. Ji Yao saw that the two thin ears were red and about to drop blood.

“Thank you, thank you…” Yan Shuangshan picked up one side of the washbasin, pushed his glasses, and then remembered to introduce himself, “you, Hello, my name is Yan Shuang.”

After a moment of silence, the cold response finally came.

“Ji Yao.”

Yan Shuang nodded, bit his lower lip, unscrewed the locked bathroom door and ran past Ji Yao like a rabbit.

When Yan Shuang passed by, Ji Yao smelled a faint aroma like citrus.

Probably from the cheap shower gel placed in the bathroom.

Ji Yao frowned.

Such a similar face, but his body is full of such a bad taste.

What a blasphemy to that face.


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