I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 40

“… the sales in the last quarter increased by 33% compared with the same period last year, and the holiday promotion combined with e-commerce platform also exceeded the task of clearing inventory…”

Customers passing by in the mall building couldn’t help but frequently cast their eyes at the two men standing together.

Both men are straight suits, tall legs and handsome people. One is like a hybrid, with high eyebrows and deep eyes, and strong facial features. The other looks very elite and gentle. Both are the best in the world. Standing together is even more attractive.

“You don’t have to follow me,” Qin yubai said to the person in charge of the commercial building. “Go ahead.”

The person in charge hurriedly said: “Mr. Qin, you are really joking. You have personally visited the grass-roots level in micro clothes. I have nothing else to do.”

Qin yubai glanced at him lightly, “I don’t pay you to flatter me. You can go home and have a rest if you have nothing to do.”

The person in charge was in a cold sweat and hurriedly said that he would be wrong. He asked President Qin for understanding and retreated wisely.

This mall is not worth mentioning in today’s huge Qin’s industrial territory, but Qin yubai has always attached great importance to it.

This is the “ancestral property” of the Qin family in those years. It is full of the painstaking efforts of the ancestors. It lost a lot in previous years and will be put on the agenda of closure every year.

Qin Yu and Bai Li lined up the public discussion and pasted money to support the commercial building. They have finally improved a little in the past two years.

Today is Friday. In the afternoon, the flow of people in the commercial building began to increase. Qin yubai took the trouble to look at each shop.

The location of the shopping mall was originally very good. Unfortunately, due to the change and development of the city, the prime location turned into a depression in the blink of an eye. The surrounding demolition and construction created a pile of uncompleted residential buildings, and the roads could not be repaired for a long time. Now, it has become an abandoned corner in the drunken city.

Qin yubai refused to give up this ancestral property and found another way to make the surrounding area into an alternative art and cultural creation to attract the attention of young people, so that the commercial building was finally revitalized.

It’s like the incarnation of Qin’s old and broken ship. Walking in this commercial building, Qin yubai can feel the earth shaking changes taking place in his hands.

This is his responsibility and his pride.

“Almost…” Qin yubai was about to ask Wei Yichen to drive down, but his eyes were attracted by the shop not far in front.

Wei Yichen has been following behind him, like a cloud of air without saying anything. At this time, he looked along his eyes and saw a shop selling computers.

The white light in the shop is very eye-catching, and there is a promotional sign at the door.

Qin yubai’s footsteps moved past.

When the salesperson in the shop saw someone coming in, he thought it was a big order. He hurried up and greeted warmly, “Hello, sir. What can I do for you?”

Qin Yu’s white eyes flashed one by one from the notebooks displayed on the counter, his thin lips pursed slightly, and his face looked unpredictable.

Wei Yichen followed him and suddenly thought of a man – Yan Shuang.

Yan Shuang has been out of contact for a week since he went to school.

No text messages, no phone calls, no messages came back.

Wei Yichen’s private mobile phone fell silent again, and no one bothered again.

He is not anxious about this.

He has learned a lot about Yan Shuang’s means. He can probably guess that Yan Shuang’s indifference is another kind of restraint.

His employer obviously didn’t know how his lover played with people’s hearts. He fell into entanglement and greatly reduced his work efficiency.

Now, it seems that his employer is trying to buy a new notebook for his little lover who always holds a mobile phone to study.

Wei Yichen was not surprised.

He knew long ago that Yan Shuang would take over his employer and kill the capitalist from blood to meat.

“This notebook…” Qin Yu pointed to the one in front of him with his finger. “How’s the performance?”

The salesperson immediately gave a detailed introduction.

“Sir, this notebook is the best selling one at present. It is light, thin and durable. The configuration has been top on the basis of notebook.”

Qin yubai gave a “um” sound and looked thoughtful.

Seeing that he couldn’t make up his mind, the salesperson continued, “Sir, what’s your main purpose? Office, games or drawing? You can say whatever you need. I can recommend it for you according to your needs.”

Qin yubai waved, “no need.” His eyes were still fixed on the notebook.

The salesperson was shocked by his condescending attitude. He didn’t dare to say anything. He glanced at Wei Yichen following Qin yubai and thought that these two people didn’t come to visit the store.

Worthy of gold medal sales, speculation is close to the truth.

Qin yubai reached out and touched the smooth shell of the notebook. He picked up the notebook and bumped the weight. After putting down the notebook, he tried the sensitivity of the supporting mouse.

He wasted at least three minutes in front of the best-selling laptop on the market and carefully studied it.

When sales and even Wei Yichen thought he would pay, Qin yubai took back his hand. He turned around, and the erratic and free expression on his face had completely disappeared, “let’s go.”

Wei Yichen drove Qin yubai back to Qin’s house. They got off and just stepped into the steps, they heard the voice from the living room.

The Qin family has a young master who doesn’t like noise and a busy young master. The whole house is dead, and the servants are like mute.

“Really not…”

“Mr. Yan, you’re welcome. Just take it off. You have to wash it anyway.”

“What kind of man is he, sir?”

The grumpy master’s voice sounded. The servant who was arguing with Yan Shuang to take his T-shirt was startled, unconsciously released his hand and hid aside.

Qin Yu came in with a white and black face. Seeing Yan Shuang’s appearance, he stared at him first, “what’s the matter? It’s like this.”

Yan Shuang looked very embarrassed. He splashed a lot of mud from his hair to his shirt, and even the lens was stained with mud.

“Nothing,” Yan Shuang said plainly, pushing the glasses on the bridge of his nose. “I accidentally fell in the garden.”

“What nonsense you’re talking about.”

Qin yubai walks to Yan Shuang.

Greetings and embarrassment disappeared under this strange meeting. It was like seeing Yan Shuang every day. He naturally picked up a corner of Yan Shuang’s T-shirt and said in a reproachful voice: “wrestling? Only the upper body?”

“I’m on my face.”

“Ha, do you think you are quite humorous?”

Wei Yichen silently listened to the bickering between the two people, and soon reduced the problem to the young emotional confrontation of “you dare to talk back to me” and “I can go if you don’t want to see me”.

His employer threw himself into it and angrily pulled his little lover’s hand upstairs.

The other one was skillful and was dragged up weakly. He didn’t forget to turn back and wink at him.

The mud spots on the lens can’t hide the bright eyes. Just one blink is enough to make people’s heart beat faster.

The frightened servant was startled when he saw the faint smile on the housekeeper’s face.

“What’s going on?” The housekeeper also cared about it.

The servant explained, “the gardener accidentally splashed Mr. Yan when dealing with it.”

The fact is that Yan Shuang seemed very interested in the planting of flowers. He was still watching at an unsafe distance in the gardener’s reminder, which led to his splashing of mud.

“Get down!”

“You let go of me…”

“Shut up, what’s the noise? I don’t think I’m dirty enough?”

Yan Shuang was forced by Qin yubai in front of the bathtub.

He is washing the mud spots on his hair.

The dirty water rolls into the snow-white bathtub. Yan Shuang has been struggling a little, making Qin yubai feel like cleaning the stray cat he picked up.

“Move again?” Qin yubai’s tone was tough and his palm clasped Yan Shuang’s neck.

“You…” the water is too big. Yan Shuang closes his eyes and his tone is gradually helpless. “The water is too hot.”

“Many things.”

The water temperature dropped.

The bathroom slowly quieted down again. There was only the sound of water flowing, and the heat gradually diffused, weakening the tense atmosphere between the two people.

Yan Shuang also settled down.

The stray cat finally accepted the reality of being kept by others, put away its sharp claws and began to be manipulated by others. People couldn’t help but want to continue to test his bottom line.

“Take off your clothes, too. It’s so dirty.” Qin Yu said coldly.

The T-shirt was quietly rolled and pushed up, making a fine sound, submerged in the sound of water.

The palm touched the soft skin, and the kitten controlled by him trembled slightly, but still did not resist.

Maybe the heat in the bathroom will make people dull. Qin yubai’s thoughts unconsciously relax. The most real feeling honestly emerges in his brain – Yan Shuang is back. He is very happy.

His fingers were suddenly gripped and the kitten stopped him.

Yan Shuang seemed to have finally endured to the limit. He avoided the water above and twisted his face. His face was steamed red by the hot steam. His eyes were also bright and filled with light water vapor. His tone was cold and said, “if you want to do it, don’t do these strange things.”

Qin yubai stared at those beautiful eyes. He suddenly had a very strange feeling.

They have been in bed many times, but they have never really made love.

At the end of each time, he was only more anxious than the last time.

What is missing? Or does he want more?

The doors and windows of the bathroom are closed too tightly. The lack of oxygen leads to some confusion in consciousness. The person in front of him can’t tell who he is, or maybe… He doesn’t want to distinguish

The hand holding the metal tube loosened. The metal tube fell into the bathtub and was twisted into a snake by the strong water flow inside. The water was twisted and sprayed in the bathtub, drenching both people who were getting closer.

The water drops roll over the plump lips, moist and eye-catching. It has the red of forbidden fruit in the garden of Eden, and it also has the temptation to degenerate.

The movement of approaching was involuntary and uncontrollable. When Qin yubai realized it, his lips fell empty – Yan Shuang hid.

The atmosphere was stagnant for a moment, and the sound of water filled the whole bathroom.

Yan Shuang bit his lower lip. He looked indifferent. His eyes avoided staring at him. Qin yubai looked at the nothingness in the air and said calmly, “don’t you say that only people in love can kiss?”

The drunken memory suddenly returned to Qin yubai’s mind because of this sentence. Alcohol seemed to get into his blood vessels again. The impulse of that night kept shouting.

Qin yubai pinched Yan Shuang’s chin, turned his face and said coldly, “who says we don’t love each other?”

Those eyes, which were always cold and stubborn, trembled violently, and emitted bright light at the same time.

It’s a look Qin yubai has never seen before.

He really fell in love with him.

Crazy thoughts washed back and forth in my mind, sending out a shouting echo.

Qin yubai tried his best to restrain the trembling of his palm. Qin yubai was slow and orderly. What surged in his heart was not pleasure, but the impulse of almost losing both sides.

“I love your body, you love my money.”


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